awkward laughing is the best

boyfriend!tom accidentally tells an interviewer he’s dating

bc homeboy is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets

- okay so you and tom met through zendaya

- so you tagged along when the cast + haz went out or hung out @ the house in atlanta 

- so basically you and tom got along real quick and after a few weeks of spending a lot of time fEeLIngS were developed

- and omg tom is not one to get flustered easily but when jacob joked about you and tom his face would get so red and he’d be all

- “shut up, man” 

- *cue blushing*

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-completely unrelated but just wanted a backstory

-moving on

-so tom jacob laura and z were on a late night talk show

-lets say it was james corden bc that interview has yet to happen

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You and I, 你和我

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→ Reader x Baekhyun

→ Fluffy, a little angsty, smutty, friends-to-lovers vampire AU

→ Warnings: Brief mentions of blood and rape. Smut.

Word count: 4,9K

Legend has it that there were six original families of vampires, whom all now living vampires originate from; the family of Kim is the most common kind with a normal thirst for blood. The family of Byun who exclusively drinks animal blood. The family of Zhang, who’s thirst for blood is humongous and almost unquenchable. The family of Do, a family who very rarely needs to feed. The family of Park is a kind that doesn’t limit their diet to only blood, but very often eats the organs and skin of the human they’re draining as well.

And so far, the mentioned families only have one difference: the diet. But the last family, the small family of Hūn Náo, is described as passionate, turbulent, restless and violent when their thirst is awakened. Hūn Náos have stronger senses and reflexes than the other kinds and their diet is limited to “bad blood”: the blood of extreme sinners. Because of their nature when exposed to the scent of the rare bad blood, the Hūn Náos became a feared kind, and further on, the kind turned shy and held back to avoid keeping the negative label. 

As a Hūn Náo, you always used to turn heads with your strong and sassy personality, and maybe it was exactly that which attracted Byun Baekhyun to you?

It was odd, you and everyone knew it - no, forget that; everyone would have thought so if they knew.

Yet, somehow it had come to be. Your relationship with Baekhyun, that is.

One day, as you were walking down the hallway of the school building, your whole body itching to return to your dorm, rip off your bra and exchange the short checkered skirt for a pair of nice, comfortable sweats pants, when a shoulder lightly bumped into yours. The owner of the shoulder was no passerby, rather, he was walking right beside you. Your schedule let you leave school earlier every Wednesday when most of the other student still had one class left, and because of that the hallway was not crowded at all, but somehow this boy still chose to walk so closely with you. 

So, you had looked over at him and scoffed. “Come closer.” Earning a surprised laugh from the boy, which at a closer, a more focused look was beautiful. He had dark, hooded eyes, a small pout and light brunette, tussled locks that gracefully fell over his cold forehead in a way you couldn’t quite describe. And then, he had had this rectangular grin to add onto his dazzling features.

A sniff of the air had surprised you, your stronger senses revealing the identity of his wonderful boy who found your sarcastic tone funny - a Byun. Along with the discovery came a clump in your stomach, and you swallowed, preparing to tell this Byun that you were a Hūn Náo and therefore probably not the best vampire to associate with. But just as you opened your mouth to tell him, your body tensing at the disgusted look you were sure you’d receive, the Byun had stuck his hand out into the air in front of you.

“I’m Byun Baekhyun, and you?” 

You had reluctantly taken his hand, your mouth open wide as you told him your name, quickly and awkwardly followed by;

“I’m a Hūn Náo, Baekhyun, you may not want to speak to me.”

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2AM - part 1 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Romance / Angst / Future Smut

Characters: Minseok X You

Description: You have been continuing a secret friends-with-benefits relationship with your best friends older brother Minseok, who is idol group EXO’s Xiumin, for two years now, while secretly concealing the very real growing feelings you’ve always had for him. A sudden blind date for you and for him suddenly forces you to face those feelings or end the relationship entirely.

A/N: so the Drabble game inspired this (anon submitted minseok+wet) and I finally got around to the final 1k followers submission which is Minseok FWB. This will be a series and you might be mad at me a little bit. :D

2AM - [M] part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

“Why don’t you come over for dinner? My brother’s in town and he asked if you were coming over for dinner.”

He asked if you were coming over.

You stared down at your lit cellphone with the text from Minhee, your best friend since elementary school, a familiar rush of nerves bursting through your belly as you read it over and over.

He asked.

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Orange Skies and Blue Eyes

I haven’t posted in like forever but since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to finish all my requests and will open requests again when I’m done doing so. 

Also Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was awesome 💚 I loved it and cried so much when I watched it. 

Can you do a one shot where Draco places his head in your lap? Kinda like when he did that with pansy but you know, cuter -Anonymous

“Leave me alone, Parkinson” Draco sighed, quickening his pace to get away from the dark haired girl. She had been acting extremely clingy today and seeing as Draco was already having such a stressful day, he couldn’t handle the way the pug faced slytherin’s obsession with him was an all-time high at the moment. Pansy was like an animal during mating season every once a month. There are times when her love for him was at a minimal and there are times (like now) where her hormones blast like fireworks waiting to burst.

“But Drakey….” Pansy whined, trying to make her face puppy dog like but ended up making Draco visibly disgusted “You promised to help me with Potions! We can watch the sunset too once we’re finished” Her hands had created a death grip on his bicep, disabling the boy from getting away. Draco mentally cursed at how he couldn’t just push her away. He was a Malfoy, he still had a reputation to keep.

“I don’t recall that” He squinted at her. The day couldn’t have gone worse for him. He had gotten detention from McGonagall because of his little banter with the Golden Trio during their Divination class and the fact that he had a tiring quidditch practice this morning. He looked up and prayed to any god there was up there to help him.

And just like that.

“Draco!” He turned his head to find his favorite pair of (E/C) eyes and (H/C) hair. You stood behind the awkward duo, holding back a laugh. You and Draco had been best friends since you were children. You fathers worked together in the ministry and were delighted you were both sorted in the same house.

“(Y/N)” He breathed, happily. Relief flowed through him as he stared at the smiling girl in front of him. You tried your best to hold back your laughter due to his obvious discomfort. Parkinson on the other hand looked at you with uttermost hatred. During the sorting in your first year, you were nervous as to where the hat would place you. Draco knew of your uneasiness and held your hand the whole time until your name was called. From then on, she swore to make your life at Hogwarts hell. That plan never went accordingly since you never visibly shown you were affected.

“I’ve been looking for you all over the damn place” You smiled, sweetly as Pansy scoffed not caring if Draco heard her. Your smile disappeared, feigning a hurt expression. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten…” The blonde gave you a baffled look.

“It’s Sit under a tree with your Best Friend Day!” You hollered, raising your arms for extra emphasis.

“That’s not a thing” Parkinson exclaimed, exasperated.

Draco slowly understood what you were trying to do and decided to play along.

“Oh yes. Of course I haven’t, love.” He grinned, scratching the nape of his neck. He looked down at the clinging girl next to him before he spoke “Sorry, Parkinson. It seems my schedule’s booked. Maybe on the 30th of February?” Pansy smiled, squealing in joy as she hugged Draco one last time. “You promise?” She batted her eyelashes making you gag.

“Yeah, I promise” Draco said, sliding his hand from her grip and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled realizing how dim witted Parkinson was. Well, they say love makes you blind but you didn’t recall that it also disintegrated your intelligence.  Pansy stuck her tongue out at you as if to say ‘I won’. You shook your head and giggled under your breath.


You made many happy memories in Hogwarts with Draco. Your first casting of a patronus, first duel and even your first skinny dip –that’s a story for another time. You’ve done everything together well except snog of course. Friends don’t do that. You sat down on your favorite tree to sit on. It had the perfect view of the castle and had the perfect shade to protect you from the sun’s rays. Draco sat next to you, sighing contently as he lent his head back against the tree. You looked at him with concern as he noticed how tired he looked. You knew he wouldn’t admit it but he does get tired of acting this way from time to time. It wasn’t easy having his kind of title; The Slytherin Prince.

“You should rest, Draco…” You insisted, gently nudging his shoulder with yours. He opened his eyes to look at you, his signature smirk evident as he noticed the concern in them. “You could my lap as a pillow” You suggested, smirking as well “It’ll calm you”

“I’m not a child (Y/N)” He scoffed, noticing your teasing manner.

“I never noticed” You whispered, giggling after “Please?”

He could never resist you. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t. You had a way of controlling the him that had no need for dominance or violence; physical or verbal. He’s always seen you as more than a friend and if you were someone else, he would have asked you to be his from the start but you were you. He was afraid of you. Afraid of what you truly feel and how much it would affect him. The girl with (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes. There are numerous girls with these colors but only you can bring out true beauty. God, he hated himself for sounding like a girl.

He shuffled rather messily to get into the right position. You couldn’t help but laugh at the way he looked so happy to be able to rest his head on your lap. He enjoyed it, especially at the way you caress his blonde locks between your fingers.  You knew again that this was something he wouldn’t admit to anyone –well except you.

“I told you it’ll calm you….Drakey…” You teased, looking down at him to see he was cringing at the name. You laughed, continuing your hand movements on his hair. “Don’t ever call me that” He groaned, placing an arm over his eyes.

“You should tell her the way you feel, Draco. Who knows what she’ll do next” You spoke in a joking manner but he knew it was laced with concern. He knew of what Parkinson tries to do to you when he wasn’t around but you’ve assured him countess of times that you payed no attention to the pug-face herself.

“You think she’ll try to get me to marry her?” He joked, trying to make you smile again. It mildly worked as he saw you had given him a half-smile. You looked up at the sky above you as it started to turn yellow-orange. The sunset in Hogwarts was always so beautiful to look at. The blonde removed his arm to stare at you. As cliché as it sounds, he thought you were more beautiful than the sun, moon and stars.

“(Y/N)” You tore your gaze away from the sky to see a better view of blue. His eyes were an ocean that you drowned in countless of times. He sat up, surprising you as he held the back of your neck with his hand. Your heart was beating rapidly unsure if he was going to do what you thought he was. He leaned in, capturing your lips in his. For once in his life, he actually felt something when he kissed a girl.

“You’re more radiant than whatever the sunset could bring” He said once he pulled away. You returned to your original position; His head on our lap whilst you relaxed against the tree, fingers wrapped around his soft blonde hair.

“Rest, Draco, my love. I’ll see you in a bit”

Girlfriend! Rosé

~For anon!~ I’m so excited to write this omg

  • UltimatE biAs alertttttt
  • okay here goes asdfghjkl
  • she would sing in the shower and it wouldn’t even be annoying
  • like, you’d appreciate it so much cause she’d sound like a freaking angel
  • she would leave you cute lil notes on the bedside table
  • letting you know that she will be at work longer than usual
  • and that she will miss you
  • ok ok
  • snapchats, lots of them, almost constantly, no matter how busy she is
  • ‘lisa says hiii <3′
  • ‘jennie just called me a potato im so shook rn help me’
  • weird shiz like that
  • but it would totally make your day 100x better knowing that you’re always on her mind
  • because of her busy schedules, she’d make the most out of every minute you guys have together
  • you would be in her arms a lot, intertwining fingers and listening to her releasing the stresses of the day
  • she would confide in you a lot, and would listen to you because you always come first. 
  • to her, you are no exception

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  • she is no jamie oliver, that’s for sure
  • the microwave is her best friend most of the time
  • ‘rosé you’re supposed to take the packaging off before you put it in there’
  • she’s so clumsy like wowww
  • grabbing onto you when she trips in the street
  • instantly laughing afterwards cause she’s an awkward bean
  • OH
  • she’s the best kisser
  • period
  • whether its a peck on the cheek or a full blown make out session, she knows exactly how to turn you on
  • its insane
  • you can’t keep up with her most of the time, it almost feels like she knows you better than you know yourself
  • she’d buy you cupcakes and leave them on the kitchen table as a surprise
  • usually with a cute lil note (this is a thing ok) saying
  • ‘just a reminder of how much i love you, but dont forget to leave me one ok. dont be a greedy bitch’
  • so yeah
  • i’m just gonna go and dig my own grave now
  • rosé is a blessing

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Just Be Yourself

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Request: Anonymous said: May I please request a Jay x Reader where he really likes her and flirts with her, shows off his athletic abilities… But Reader tell him that if he likes her he just have to talk to her and be himself ? Thank you !!

A/N: this one is short and sweet, i hope you like it!

The halls of Auradon Prep were buzzing with activity as students rushed to and from their lockers and classrooms. Y/N stood at her locker, pulling out her textbook for Fairy Godmother’s class next period. She was thinking about the big project due next week when someone’s ‘Hey, angel face’ interrupted her thoughts. 

There was Jay, one of her best friends, leaning against the locker next to hers. She took notice to his obvious attempt to flex his muscles.

“Hey Jay, what’s up?” The girl asked as she closed her locker and made her way to class.

Jay walked beside her, “Oh, nothing, just got back from a long, hard tourney practice,” He made sure his best friend knew how hard he worked at practice.

“I can tell, you smell,” Y/N teased and smiled at him.

Jay rolled his eyes playfully, “You know you like it babe,” He winked.

It was her turn to roll her eyes, “Bye Jay. I’ll see you at lunch.”

Y/N walked into class and sat down in her usual seat in the front. She was re-reading last night’s chapter that was for homework when she felt a tap on her back.

“Hey Y/N! I saw you talking to Jay. He’s super cute, right? I would die to talk to him,” The girl giggled as she put her chin in her hands and had a dazed look sprawled across her face.

Y/N let out an awkward laugh, “Yeah…”

Jay was one of Y/N’s best friends, and Y/N had liked him since they were kids on the Isle. However, lately she had noticed that Jay had been acting super weird. She noticed that he’s always bragging about how athletic he is and showing off. She realized that she had to figure out what was going on. Y/N missed her best friend.

After the school day was over, Y/N was walking with Mal and Evie and decided it would be the perfect time to ask them about Jay.

“Hey guys. Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, Y/N. What’s up?” Evie questioned.

“Well, recently Jay’s been acting really weird and I don’t know why,” Y/N confessed.

Mal and Evie shared a look. Even though she never admitted it, the girls knew Y/N had a crush on Jay. They also knew that Jay felt the same way. The look didn’t go unnoticed by the confused girl, however.

“What?” Y/N asked.

Evie sighed, “Jay has a crush on you. It’s kind of obvious, Y/N. That’s probably why he’s acting so weird.”

Y/N blushed and shook her head, “Jay doesn’t like me.”

Mal groaned, “Yes he does! It’s fairly obvious that you both like each other, why won’t you two just admit it?”

Y/N sighed, maybe her best friends were right. Maybe Jay did like her. Maybe she did have a chance with him.

The next morning, Y/N awoke with a million thoughts running through her head. She decided to take a walk, that had always helped her clear her head.

As soon as she stepped outside, she was greeted with a dozen shirtless tourney players running across the field. She had forgotten that tourney always practiced on Saturdays. She quickly walked past the tourney field, hoping to not get noticed by Jay. She wasn’t so lucky.

“Hey sweet thing, how’s it going.”

Y/N turned around with a tight smile plastered on her face, “Hi, Jay.”

He placed his hands on his hips, drawing attention to his abs, which were glistening with sweat. He smirked at seeing blush creep up on Y/N’s cheeks.

“Like what you see?”

Y/N rolled her eyes. She realized that now was probably the right time to confront Jay.

“Why are you acting like this, Jay?” She blurted out, grimacing at how harsh her words came out.

“What?” He asked, getting defensive and crossing his arms.

“I don’t mean to be harsh, but why are you acting so…cocky?” She searched for the right word, “You always brag about being athletic and strong. I love you Jay, you’re my best friend, but you sound arrogant.”

Jay sighed, he knew what Y/N was talking about. He sat on the nearby bleachers and the girl followed his actions.

“Look…I-I’ve been acting this way because I want to impress you,” He mumbled, looking at his feet, “I like you.”

Y/N’s heart skipped a beat at his words.

She smiled, “Jay, you don’t have to show off to get me to like you. Just talk to me and be yourself! I like you just the way you are!”

Jay looked up and smiled, “Really?”

“Of course!” The girl replied.

Jay’s smile grew and Y/N pulled him in for a hug. She breathed in his scent. She could get used to this.

Kinda Hot

Summary: When you accidentally bump into your brothers at a strip club, you didn’t expect to be able to enjoy yourself with their presence. You also did not expect to end up going home with your favourite act. 

Words: 4.7k

Pairing: Stripper!Ruby x Sister!Reader

Warnings: (probably very terrible) f/f smut, mild alcohol mentions, my inability to obey the rules making this not entirely au

A/N: so i decided to take part in @teamfreewill-imagine​’s birthday celebrations and spat something up randomly… it’s ruby so not many people will read it but it’s also not specified which ruby (i think i managed to refrain from hair and eye colour) so you can have all the fun you want with it. hope it’s ok, idk i kinda miss writing and this was really fun. oh, and i apologise for the pathetic attempt at writing smut…

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I’ll Always Choose You | George Weasley

Words: 831

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: George Weasley x Hufflepuff Reader

Request: Could you possibly do a George Weasley x Hufflepuff reader? 

A/N: The request was anonymous, but still thank you so much for the idea! I love the Weasley twins and it was so much fun writing about Georgie. I’ll also have to make one in the future about George in the Yule Ball! Anyways, I hope you liked it! 💖

You were sitting in the Hufflepuff common room with your nose buried inside a book when you heard faint noises in the background.

Immediately knowing who it was, you didn’t let your attention get distracted. “Don’t you ever worry if someone sees you in here?” you giggled and flipped a page.

George immediately came out of the shadows of the dark room and hopped on the coach next to you. “Hello, peaches.” He kissed your cheek and ruffled your hair a little.

“What are you doing here?” you immediately folded the page and put the book down, turning your full attention to the redhead next to you.

He simply shrugged. “I missed you.” You raised a suspicious eyebrow. “Alright, I was bored. But I sort of missed you too.” He smirked.

“I’m sure you did. Where’s Fred?”

He went on to play with your hair, twisting and admiring your locks. “Pretty sure he’s sound asleep somewhere.”

You simply hummed in response, letting out a small yawn and he couldn’t help but admire how angelic you looked, your eyelashes fluttering slowly as you struggled to fight the sleep.

Desperate to spend more time in your presence, George summoned all his courage. “I’ve been thinking-“

“Ooh, dangerous!” you whispered jokingly and he laughed.

Still, he continued with a preppy voice. “Will you do me the honor of escorting me to the Yule ball, my lady?”

You froze for a little, never in a thousand years had you expected that. Blimey, you were so close to the twins it seemed like you had known each other forever but George had always been something more. You cared for him very deeply but you’d always thought he only thought of you as a friend.

And then immediately the thought crossed your mind that this could be a joke, which of course you should have expected from someone like him, but the very thought hurt.

“Are you being serious?” you shifted a little on your seat and the hurt was evident in your voice.

“As a heart attack.” He did his best to wear a confident smirk.

And then the color drained from your face once you remembered you had already agreed to go with a boy from the seventh year from your house.

“Georgie, I…” you could see the disappointment and hurt in his eyes as his face dropped and perhaps for the first time ever, you witnessed him lose any sign of confidence.

“You know what? It’s alright, it was stupid of me to think you would actually. I’m sure you had much better prepositions.” His voice drifted off and he got up to leave in a hurry but you grabbed his arm to stop him.

As he fell back on the couch, his shock was written all over his features and you couldn’t tell if it was because of your action or the fact that someone as small and delicate as you managed to overpower his large build.

Feeling braver, you took both of his large hands in yours and moved so close that he could actually see every single detail of your face he loved so much, despite the dim lights of the room.

“Georgie, I did agree to go with Eric, but I promise I didn’t know. I’m so sorry, of course I would choose you if you had told me earlier. I am so terribly sorry.” You whispered, your gaze never leaving his.

Suddenly, his face broke into a smile again. “So if you could, you would choose me over that guy, the prefect from your house with the perfect hair?”

Seeing his reaction, you giggled and nodded vigorously. “Of course, you dunderhead! His hair is not that perfect anyway.” You shrugged your shoulders and smiled.

“And…would you choose me in any case?” the smug smirk remained on his lips and he toyed with your hair.

“In what case, Georgie?” you decided to play along, which probably unnerved him a little because he suddenly found himself at a loss of words.

“Well, I don’t know. As your boyfriend, for example?” he stumbled a little over his words and held his breath.

You did your best not to laugh at how awkward he was. The great George Weasley losing his words over a girl, it was truly sweet to say the least.

Grinning from ear to ear, you pecked his lips and took him by surprise but before he could respond, you pulled away to look at his shocked expression. “I’ll always choose you, Georgie.”

With that, you rose from your seat and moved around the couch to leave but before you did so, you left another sweet kiss on his cheek at which you could swear you heard him let out a content sigh. “Sweet dreams, my Georgie.” You whispered in his ear and made your way back to your room.

His skin still tingled where your lips had graced him and thank Merlin you couldn’t see his face for he was blushing madly. “My Georgie.”  He smiled to himself remembering your words.

(I’m sorry, but I just had to add this one. I mean look at that adorable dork! 😍)

Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Spell

This chapter was inspired by the song “I Put a Spell On You” by Annie Lennox. I highly suggest you listen as you read. Enjoy!

We turned in part one of our project and now we had the weekend to finish it. Allegra thought it’d be best to wait until then, so we could really focus. Not sure how much focusing I can handle, memories of Mr. Leto from Monday night were still swarming in my mind like hornets in a nest. Nevertheless, she’s decided to spend the night at my house this time because her dad has to go on his routine real estate convention once every other month. Like that’s what I need, a break from Mr. Leto.

Saturday couldn’t come any sooner. The week absolutely dragged. It felt like an eternity since I’d seen Mr. Leto, not to mention, it’s getting harder to look Allegra in the eye at times.

But this Saturday was particularly special; it was our Fall Festival. Every year, our neighborhood throws this big bash in the evening to celebrate fall with a parade, hayrides, magic acts, singers, candy apples, you name it! My mom, my brother, Allegra and I plan to go once her dad drops her off.

I looked at my outfit in the mirror; I had on a cream-colored mid-drift, some earth green slouch pants and a green checkered-pattern shirt.

*Ding Dong*

“Coming!” I yelled. I put my last finishing touches on my messy bun and skipped to the door.

Mr. Leto greeted me holding Allegra’s overnight bag. Forget my outfit, he emulated rugged hot: his faded blue jeans hung from his waste with a fitted white t-shirt was snug around his abs and an open an unbuttoned plaid shirt hung from shoulders, interlaced with brown, red and tan stripes. He looked at me through obscure aviator shades.

“Hey, Kerri. Wow, look at you…” he said huskily as he gave me the elevator eyes, taking me in. The grit in his voice roused my senses.

“What was that dad?” Allegra asked as she ran up to the house as she swung her book bag over her shoulder.

“I was just saying that I didn’t know a rock star lived here!” his voice boomed as he recovered quickly and stepped into the house. The whiff of his cologne tickled my nose as he passed me. He was absolutely intoxicating.

“Yeah, Kerri, you look so hot. Any special reason?” curiosity rang in her voice. I knew she was alluding to Derek. I tried my best not to make eye contact with Mr. Leto.

“It’s the fall festival. I gotta look good!” I paced my hand behind my head and fashioned a pose.

We burst into laughter instantly.

My mom came around the waved Mr. Leto in the kitchen. Their conversation became murmurs as I got Allegra’s bags settled in the living room.

“You know, I was thinking, Raquel…” Mr. Leto began as he entered the living room. “I’ll take the girls and Nico to the festival. Take them off your hands a bit. Before this convention I could clear my mind a bit with some…festivities” He spoke that last word with a resounding firmness before shooting a seductive glance in my direction. His too familiar smile slowly crept on his face.

I could feel my body temperature rise at the speed of light. My face felt flushed. I quickly turned my attention to Allegra’s bags to try and distract myself.

“Oh… well, sure, Jared. Thanks!” She finished tucking in Nico’s shirt and kissed him on the forehead. “And Kerri, I’ll bake start on the first couple batches of cookies you made while you’re out. You all have fun!” She hugged me and vanished into her favorite room of the house, the kitchen.

There were people gathered all throughout the street. The festival stretched five blocks down, but everyone was gathered at the main attraction was the parade.

“Hey Nico, look! It’s Spongebob.” Allegra went ahead of us to get a better view for Nico. I trailed behind them with Mr. Leto behind me.

There was a tug at my shirt. I shrugged it off it because there were so many people crowding around, it was hard for all of our bodies and bags not to graze each other every now and then.

I felt it again and looked to see it was Mr. Leto’s hand sliding against my opened buttoned up shirt. My head made a sudden turn in his direction but that didn’t stop him. His hand found my right side and stoke it gently. His hands were so soft and cool against my bare skin. I looked around, worried someone would see, but everyone’s eyes were fixated on the show before them.

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[Hyung line + Mark] Reaction to their best friend flirting with them

A/N: Since I hadn’t done a reaction for a while, this is one for all of you :-) I’m only doing this for older members because it really feels weird for me to imagine 15/16-year-olds boldly flirting I-

Word Count: 1,738
Style/ Genre: Reaction/-
Date posted: 8 Sept 2017

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I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

Asa Butterfield Imagine (ASAnators)

Anon asked, “heeey, could you write an Asa Butterfield with 39 and 53 pleaaase”

A/N: Of course! This was fun to do in class, because pshhh who does their actual work in class. Not this girl! (eh sometimes lol) Anyway- I hope you enjoy it! Reminder: Reader could be male or female.

39. “How long have you been standing there?”

53. “I’m flirting with you.”

Word count: 605

I slept over Asa’s apartment… I kind of got into an argument with my parents about stupid stuff, so I called Asa asking if I could hang around his for a while. “For a while” ended up being the whole night. I didn’t really wanna be at my parent’s house.

I had a crush on Asa too, he was just- the best. He was my best friend too, and he was just so great, how could I not like him!? His voice is so soothing and beautiful. His eyes? Precious. Everything about him, is so good…and I just- like him a whole lot.

In the morning I woke up in Asa’s bed. He wasn’t next to me which means he probably slept on the couch, leaving me the bed. I got up out of his bed, and went to the bathroom to do the casual morning routine or whatever.

When I got out I went to the kitchen and happened to pass by the living room and saw Asa sleeping on the couch. I smiled softly. He looked all cuddly and warm and adorable, and just…he looked perfect.

I saw a paper on the table, and in his handwriting it said, “make yourself @ home, stay as long as youd like” I smiled again and left it at the table and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Might as well, right?

I decided to make beans and some toast. That’s Asa’s favorite. Beans on toast. That would sure make a nice morning. I put some music on. It wasn’t so loud, just in case I would wake him up or anything.

I started making everything, and I just do this naturally I guess…but I started singing quietly and dancing to the music that was playing. When I turned around to get a plate I saw Asa standing there next to the door way.

My eyes widened as a deep blush grew on my face. “How long have you been standing there?” I asked with a worried voice. Of course I was worried! That i so embarrassing, oh my gosh…

“Long enough.” he said walking to get the plates I was going to get IN THE FIRST PLACE. “Was that supposed to be cute or something? Intentional?” he asked. Yes Asa. I dance like an idiot to look cute. Duh.

“Yes. I’m flirting with you. Can’t you tell?” I say sarcastically. He laughed and put the plates down at the table. I laughed as well trying my best to not seem awkward. Thank God, I didn’t burn the toast…

I put some breakfast on his plate, and some on mine, and I kept the music on. “You don’t mind, right?” I asked about the music. “No, no, it’s fine.” he did say to make myself at home so, that’s what I’m doing. I nodded, and we both started eating.

After breakfast he looked at me and asked, “So when are you going back to your parent’s?” I sighed, “If you wanted me out that quick you could’ve just said so.” He shook his head and a smile showed up on his face, “I’m kidding. Come here.” he said holding his arms out and I received them.

This hug was amazing…it felt like all the bad things in the world no longer existed. I mean- that sounds stupid, but it’s true. “Thanks Asa. For letting me stay here and honestly everything.” I said. “No problem. It’s what friends do.”

Oh, friends. Right. Yeah, I doubt this is going any farther. So I nod and smile, hoping this hug lasts forever, even though I know it won’t.

Baby, Rock On - ft. Jimin & Hoseok

Summary: Jimin followed the company’s orders about not having a relationship while being an idol, and ended it with you even though he was still in love with you. Everywhere he goes, he gets reminded of you and misses you even more. He’s tried to move on, until you showed up at the dorm one day with, which took him by surprise.

Song: Rock On - Tucker Beathard

Word count: 5695

I guess a Jimin angst, and Hobi fluff

Originally posted by jihope-less

Girl I really did mean it when I wished you the best

“Jimin get away from me!” You slapped his hand away right before it was about to land on your shoulder. He flinched at your loud words, and actions. He was hurt to say the least, he didn’t want to do this, but the company was making him.

“Babe,” he brought his hands to his sides and licked his lips, his eyes were glistening, showing you that he was ready to cry at any minute. “I don’t want to do this.” You could hear the break in his voice, as it became a whisper.

“Then don’t do it Jimin.” The tears were falling down your cheeks, as you used the back of hands to wipe them away. “Tell me to stay Jimin!” You let out a little sob as he shook his head.

“I can’t Y/N.” You turned your head to the side and nodded, then sucking in a great amount of air to hold your tears back a little more. “I wish I could babe, I wish this isn’t how it has to end.” In his 3 years with you, he never thought that he would have to do this. You were both in love with each other, sharing an apartment, motivating each other to chase their dreams. He always told you that you will always be there with him, through thick and thin and not even joining BigHit would make you leave him. That was until they told him he had to get rid of you otherwise he wouldn’t debut.

“I’ll have my things moved out in a few days.” You said it so coldly. You slipped on your jacket, and grabbed your car keys. Jimin was right behind you as you were walking to the door. This was it, this was goodbye.

“I still love you Y/N.” Were his last words to you, as you shook your head and slammed the door. Once you got into your car, you broke down. The love of your life was chasing his dream and you were standing in the way this whole time.

While back inside, Jimin sat on the couch in complete silence with his head in his hands, the tears falling down. He looked up to see all of the pictures you two had taken together, and all of the memories that were created along the way. He wanted you to be by his side for so much longer, but the company wouldn’t allow it. He chose his career over you, and it’s going to haunt him until the day he dies.

Good to hear you’re killing it way out west

You never kept up with Jimin and what he was doing. You would hear his name every now and then on the TV, from talking about music videos to tv shows to radio interviews. But, you always ignored him, and stayed away from listening about him and hearing how he was doing. He promised you forever, and you didn’t receive forever.

In the meantime, you wanted to focus on college even more. You studied as much as you could to get your mind off of him, and after another long 2 years, you finally became a doctor. One of the top students to graduate your class, and you couldn’t be more proud. Your life was just getting started, and even though you were doing it alone, you felt accomplished, and on top of the world.


Jimin always wondered what you were up to everyday. He didn’t have much time to check up on you, but he always thought about you and it made his heart ache even more. What would happen if you two stayed together and he hid you from BigHit? The endless amount of ‘what ifs’ hit him every single day, because he misses you, and is still hopelessly in love you.

While getting his hair done before they went live that night, he was scrolling through twitter when something caught his eye. A university tweeted a picture of their graduates from Med school. He clicked on it because something, or someone looked all too familiar.

And there you were, in your white jacket with your hair pulled back, smiling at the camera. ‘You did it Y/N.’ Jimin thought to himself. All of those night studying at your desk instead of going to bed, all of those nights falling asleep at the library and all of those nights that 2 pots of coffee were consumed, they all paid off.

You got your dream, and he got his.

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You Belong With Me - Bae Jinyoung Requested Scenario


Genre: high school!Jinyoung

Message?: this is based off of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me!


It was 12 years ago. 12 years ago when I moved into my new house, just next to a family exactly the same as mine. Two parents, two kids, one on the way.

There was me, 5; my brother, 2; and my two parents, one of which was pregnant.

Next door there was Jinyoung, 5; his brother, 3; and two parents, one of which was pregnant.

I’m not sure whether it was a blessing or a curse living next to them. Jinyoung became my best friend and we played together for years. We protected each others siblings and we protected each other.

We learnt from a young age that we couldn’t speak through the window without getting told off, so ended up writing with pads and pens.

Me and Jinyoung have always been together. As best friends that is. We’ve always been to school together and are usually in the same class, Jinyoung’s smarter than he seems. There’s just something that he can’t see…

I heard shouting outside of my window and looked across to see Jinyoung on the phone. Oh yeah, he also has a girlfriend. A bitch. A stupid bitch at that. She’s head cheerleader.

He hung up the phone and threw it across his room before looking at me and giving me a fake smiling. I got out my pad and started writing as he got his.

‘You ok?’

He smiled as he saw it, writing a reply.

‘Tired of drama’

‘Sorry :(’

He shrugged and I went back to my pad but when I looked back up, his curtains had been drawn. I still held it up.

‘I love you’

I turned on my music and began dancing around my room, singing into my hairbrush. When the song finished I flopped onto my bed and looked over at Jinyoung’s room to see the curtains just being drawn.



As the bell rang to signal that school had ended, I pretty much ran out of class, heading to the bench in the sun right outside the library. I pulled out my favourite book and began reading, moments later Jinyoung appeared next to me.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, sitting casually next to me.

I zoned out as he spoke to me about all the trouble of being on the school football team and I just nodded.

I looked at him, studying all his features. He was wearing a jumper and worn-out jeans.

“Ya! You’re not listening are you?” he asked, laughing slightly.

I smiled at him, “not at all!”

He began laughing.

“Jinyoung oppa!” a shrill voice came from down the street as Jinyoung’s girlfriend pulled up in a convertible, “get in.”

His smile immediately faded as he bid me a goodbye and got in her car, she pulled him into a hug, giving me a death stare before pushing him back roughly.

I shook my head, watching them drive away.

Why does he do this?


“Y/N!” Jinyoung exclaimed, motioning for me to hurry as I walked towards his Mum’s car.

“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, trying to fit myself and my instrument in the car.

“Why do you need that?” Jinyoung’s mum asked from the driver’s seat.

“Mum she’s in the band,” Jinyoung groaned.

Jinyoung’s mum pulled a face, making me laugh and Jinyoung moan.

“Why doesn’t your girlfriend have an instrument Jinyoung?” Jinyoung’s mum asked.

I felt my heart drop.

“Because, mum, she’s the head cheerleader,” Jinyoung explained, fiddling with his helmet.

“I think it’s much better to be in the band,” Jinyoung’s mum said in a matter-of-fact voice.

I chuckled, “well it’s what she wants to do.”

“Hey mum, can you drop me off here?” Jinyoung asked.

“What?” his mum asked, seeming a little taken-aback.

“I’ll see you after the game, yeah?” he said, turning to me.

I nodded, smiling as he got out and walked away.

“I’m telling you Y/N, that girl. She has changed Jinyoung,” Jinyoung’s mum said, “and not for the better.”


I sighed as the game neared the end, I was so happy for Jinyoung as it was the final game and he was definitely going to win but I could see her. I could see his girlfriend giving someone else the eye.

The final whistle blew and Jinyoung’s girlfriend continued playing all over some other boys chest as Jinyoung ran up to her.

I saw his mouth moving, his hands waving, his face gradually getting angrier and angrier.

“Jinyoung!” I shouted as he stormed off, his hard work and happy ending ruined.


I put down my phone as I saw the endless snaps about prom and continued studying. I had a dress, I had make-up, I knew what my hair was going to be like, but I couldn’t face anyone.

Not without Jinyoung.

My curtains remained open and soon he appeared in front of his, all dressed up in a suit, hair done, holding up his pad.

‘You going tonight?’

He had a pathetic look on his face telling me that he didn’t actually want to go.

'no, studying’

I scribbled, holding it up.

'wish you were!’

I chuckled, looking at his pad but as I looked back up, he was walking out his room with his jacket hung over his shoulder.

I threw my book across the room, revealing the one piece of paper that had the words 'I love you’ written across them.

“Mum!” I shouted, “mum! Where’s my dress?! I’m going to prom!”


My heart thundered in my chest as I walked through the doorway into prom. I declined all the offers of drinks, determined to get to Jinyoung.

As I walked through, loads of people stopped, turning and staring.

I noticed Jinyoung from across the room and he noticed me too, starting to walk over.

His, now, ex-girlfriend appeared behind him however, meaning he had to stop in his tracks and tell her politely to fuck off. I laughed at the sight and how awkward my best friend looked.

When he finally reached me, he took a breath, ready to say something but didn’t say anything. Instead, he reached into his jacket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper.

As he unfolded it, it revealed the words 'I love you’.

I smiled, unfolding the piece of paper in my hand, mirroring exactly the same words.

He let out a breath of relief before looking back at me and slowly, slowly, brought his face towards mine.

Finally, he placed his soft lips on mine.


He pulled away, breathing heavily, “you belong with me.”

Lucky Winners

Originally posted by falling-rainbow

Request: Hi! I absolutely love your writing. I was wondering if you could do one where the reader wins some kind of contest and gets to visit the set of The Flash for a few days. She and Grant really hit it off and keep in contact after. Then they meet up again at comic-con or something and he ends up telling her how he feels about her. Basically lots of fluff haha. Sorry this is so long!

Notes: So really it wasn’t the request that was long, it’s now more the fic. Honestly I have no idea how this ended up at 10 pages but here it is. I’m just sorry it took forever for me to write, but I hope you like it! :)

RPN- random person’s name

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My Best Friend’s Brother Part 16

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 16


Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

A/N: Hey guys so there are only going to be 2 more parts to My Best Friend’s Brother thank you all so much for being so supportive and wonderful all the time. I’m already working another Dean x Reader story that i’m super excited about and also a Bucky x Reader that will probably get posted this week. Love you all and i hope everyone is having a great week <3

Pairing: (MOC,Demon)Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, smut, angst, fluff


To say that the last week had been hell would be an understatement. You and Sam had successfully brought Dean back to the bunker and were able to turn him human again, but he still had the mark and so much guilt that he wouldn’t even look you in the eye. Whenever you entered a room he would shut down and pretend like you weren’t there. You had even taken to sleeping in your old room again because the first few nights of him being human again you found him sleeping on the couch just to avoid you. You knew that he felt terrible about the things he did and the way he treated you but you wished he’d just talk to you so that you could tell him you forgave him and loved him, but you also didn’t want to push too hard and push him even further away so you waited.


“Mornin’ Sammy” you said groggily walking into the kitchen. Sam was making breakfast and handed you a cup of coffee as you sat down. The two of you talked and laughed together as he cooked. As much as you loved Dean you felt a twinge of guilt for letting your friendship with Sam be put on the back burner. As the two of you were laughing Dean walked into the kitchen and you gave him a soft smile, this time his eyes lingered longer than usual and you realized why. You were wearing one of his sweatshirts, boy short underwear and your glasses and nothing else.

You walked into Dean’s bedroom ready for a movie and bed when all of a sudden you felt hands grip you from behind. You giggled as Dean trailed his hands up your body and began kissing your neck, “Baby whats got you going?” you giggled out. “You sweetheart, nothing sexier than this outfit” he groaned into your neck. You laughed not believing him, “are you serious? I’m a mess, I’m in one of your huge sweatshirts and my glasses and look exhausted”. “You look sexy as hell baby girl, this might be my favorite look on you…” and before you knew what was happening he had you pinned to the bed.

Your cheeks burned red at the memory and you quickly looked away. Dean took a seat next to you and you snuck a glance back at him and noticed him eyeing you with a smirk. You smiled at him feeling  hopeful that he’d finally decided to let you back in. Your attention turned back to Sam who was finishing up the bacon.

“This brings back memories doesn’t it?” he asked laughing.

“Me and Jess used to make you cook for us all the time” you giggled stealing some bacon earning a glare from Sam.

“yeah and I always offered to teach you two but you always said no” he said as he gave you and Dean your plates of food.

“Why would we learn when we had you?” you said playfully.

“God I swear sometimes it felt like you and Jess were in a relationship and I was the awkward best friend” he laughed and you threw a piece of bacon at him.

“Who are you calling awkward?” you asked and Dean and Sam laughed. You beamed at hearing Dean’s laugh for the first time in a while.

“ You two were impossible sometimes I would come home to the two of you in our bed and there would barely be any room for me” he responded.

“Dude why would you complain about having two gorgeous women in your bed?” Dean asked mouth full of food and you laughed.

“I wasn’t getting anything out of it they were always eating pizza or ice cream in my bed and then would fall asleep watching movies”

“Hey we sometimes let you cuddle with us!” you responded which pulled a laugh out of Sam and Dean

“You two sure were something” Sam said smiling.

You’re smile fell a bit as you remembered, “yeah, she was my person” Sam reached across the table and gripped your hand and you smiled at him before getting up to get more coffee.

“That’s the first time I’ve really heard you two talk about her” Dean said from the table.

“yeah I guess up till now it was too painful” Sam responded

“But now we can talk about her and laugh and smile at the memories. God we have so many memories” you laughed as you came behind Sam hugging him. You placed a kiss on the top of his head and sat back down to finished eating. Sam was talking the two of you through a new case. As you were talking you felt Dean’s hand grab yours in your lap. He intertwined your fingers and began rubbing his thumb along your hand. You looked up to try and meet his gaze but he was completely focused on Sam listening intently so you simply just squeezed his hand and then went back to listening trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach.


“Ok well I’m going to go pack up lets leave no later than 2” Sam said as he got up, he gave you an encouraging smile as he left and you understood that he was trying to get you and Dean to talk. You and Dean nodded but remained seated. Once Sam had left the room you turned to face Dean who was already looking at you.

“Y/N, I don’t even know where to start… I am so so sorry” his voice cracked as he spoke and you could tell he was holding back tears, he placed his face in his hands as he tried to settle himself. You got down on your knees on the floor in front of him and ran your hands up and down his legs trying to comfort him. He lifted his face to look at you and you placed your hands on either side of his face.

“Dean I forgave you even before you did those things. There is nothing you could do to make me stop loving you. And that wasn’t really you, you were a demon, I don’t blame you for anything” you said with your forehead pressed to his.

“But I did do those things, I remember the things I did, I was cruel and I cheated on you and said horrible things, and used you-“

You cut him off as he spoke, “Dean, I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do, you weren’t forcing me to do anything, do you understand?” you said sternly and he nodded, “it probably wasn’t the healthiest thing to do but there was no way in hell I was going to leave you no matter what you did, but even as a demon you never forced anything, I can promise you that everything we did I wanted too…” you trailed off feeling slightly embarrassed, because you had been very attracted to demon Dean and you couldn’t really explain what happened. You were beyond happy to have your Dean back, but you couldn’t deny that there was a weird connection with the demon version that you were scared he’d judge you for.

And to your astonishment Dean started laughing. You looked up at him with a questioning look, “even as a demon I couldn’t scare you away, god you must really love me” he chuckled and you started to giggle too. Dean pulled you up into his lap and held you as he laughed and you placed kisses all over his face.

“Nope nothing will scare me away Dean, I’m yours” you smiled. Dean pulled you into a tight hug trying to convey all his feelings. You placed a kiss on his forehead and pulled back to look at him.

“Wanna go get some junk food and lay in bed all day eating and watching movies”

“Mmm maybe in a few hours baby girl, I want to spend some time loving on this body of yours first…” he mumbled out between kisses and you giggled nodding your head. His face turned sad again for a moment and you looked at him wondering what was going on in his head, “I want to make love to you baby girl, to make up for how- for how I treated you…”

“Dean-“ you started but he cut you off

“I know you forgive me, I know that you don’t blame me, and that ya know all that sex was consensual, but I just, I want to love on you, be sweet with you, and just worship every inch of your body just because I need to baby” he said his gaze wavering from yours for a second and you understood.

“Ok Dean, I love you”

“I love you” and with that he leaned in and kissed you in a way you hadn’t been kissed in a while.

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congratulations to @lawlietsjustice for finishing The Mihael Factor~🌿

it’s been an exciting journey and it’s so incredible that you’ve completed it. thank you for bringing this amazing fic into our lives ^-^