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SHE NEEDED A HERO (SO THAT’S WHAT SHE BECAME): A mix of empowering songs for all the amazing women in webseries. (Listen) 

1. Single Ladies, Beyoncé // 2. Skyscraper, Demi Lovato // 3. Brave, Sara Bareilles // 4. ROAR, Katy Perry // 5. Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Pat Benatar // 6. Fighter, Christina Aguilera // 7. Stonger, Kelly Clarkson // 8. Defying Gravity, Kirsten Chenoweth & Idina Menzel // 9. New Romantics, Taylor Swift // 10. What The Hell, Avril Lavigne // 11. Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj // 12. You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing, Halestorm // 13. Take A Hint, Victoria Justice & Elizabeth Gillies // 14. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper // 15. So What, P!nk // 16. Run The World (Girls), Beyoncé 

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awww!!!! i love little vampire PL so so so much!! augh he probably loves cuddling his big warm boyf and nibbling on his shoulder and neck and fingers and anywhere else jules will let him get his mouth on. PLD's probably pretty careful at not leaving hickeys bc if he wasn't, they would be EVERYWHERE and that would be awkward. jules doesn't mind bc PLD's mouth is warm and wet and plush and feels more like a kiss than anything else (it's also super cute bc sometimes PLD does it w/out even noticing)

It’s mostly the shoulders and neck that get covered in little bites. PL doesn’t usually leave marks, sometimes he does indulge in a bit of suction but that’s mostly bc oral fixation and the fact that he likes watching Julien’s skin pink under his mouth before fading. AND YES CUDDLING IS GOOD. Julien really gives the very best hugs bc he’s so ~large~ (no seriously, anyone else thinking about that time they hugged during the super series and my soul ascended)

(How do we know that Jules doesn’t have hickeys all over his chest tho hmm?)

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That awkward moment you realise Jules and Emma are most likely the ones who will have to give the younger Blackthorns the "Birds and Bees" speech. *cracks up trying to imagine Ty's face* Think you could write a drabble or a short fic about it?

A/N: Oh dear god, that’s emotionally scarring… Here, have a drabble. ;)

I don’t know when most parents give the birds-and-bees speech, but since the Wonder Twins are so smart, I’m going to say that they were curious when they were younger than normal (that’s what happened with my sister and I).


“Where do babies come from?” Eleven-year-old Ty asked Livia from across the table in the library.  "I mean, I know they come from a mom, but how are they created?  Is there a rune or something?“

"I dunno.” Livia shrugged. “Let’s ask Julian.”  The twins ran up to their big brother, who was pulling demonology textbooks off the shelves.  "Julie!“ Livia yelped, dodging a falling book from Julian’s arm.  Julian carefully set the remainder of the texts on the table and picked up the book he dropped.

"Sorry, Livvy.” Julian apologized, squeezing Livia’s shoulder.  "What’s up, Wonder Twins?“ He asked.  Ty squinted up at him.

"Where do babies come from?” He asked bluntly.  Julian looked shocked for a moment, then schooled his features.

“What do you mean?” Jules asked carefully.

“How are we formed?  What’s the process?  Is there a rune or a series of steps?” Julian looked helpless, and Livia was afraid for a moment that he’d get mad at Ty.

“Okay, I’m going to explain this to you now, but this is a man-to-man thing, so Livia, if you wouldn’t mind…” Livia exited the library, leaving Julian to his own devices.

Maybe I’ll ask Emma… she thought, trailing up to her surrogate sister’s room.  She knocked on the door, gnawing on her lower lip.

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