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Trying to become friends with dudettes/peeps with very femme traits makes me 99994791283703% more nervous and antsy and awkward than becoming friends with dudes/ non feminine traits and I’d really like to get over that thanks 

You came to me today, with the eyes that always want to know more about my world and a kind hand on my shoulder. Is it weird for you to touch me like that? I remember when it used to be. As a matter of fact, I remember a lot of things about who we were. I just never really thought that you could be remembering them too.
—  🖤

the saddest thing to me about lucretia is that she was so quiet and kind of anxious at the beginning of the century like she didn’t talk a whole bunch and she was so nervous on the mic and just kind of kept to herself and wrote

and as a person who used to barely fucking talk i can tell you with 100% certainty that the thing that helped me out the most was finding a good group of friends to get me to work through that social anxiety to the point where it doesn’t actually kill me spiritually to hold a conversation

so that means that over the course of the century they must have all gotten so close, and lucretia especially must have changed so much, growing to the point where she could really goof with the others and start working with them as an equal in her mind and starting to get to that point where she could be the leader we’ve seen over the course of the podcast, steadfast and sure and capable

and then it’s gone. she’s the only one left, just her and the shell of her captain, two of the party dead and three more not even knowing who she is, and she’s still changed, she can still lead and be strong and take charge, but it’s all because of them, these people who are gone but still right in front of her, and that has to hurt so much, especially when they’re self-deprecating like that one quote where she tells them to give themselves more credit anyway i’m emotional

oh, another random thing about me: I’ve read all of lord of the rings exactly once. it took me a year to do, because i’d get bored during descriptive parts and put it down for a couple months. I loved it, but as much as it’s an amazing story, i’m probably not gonna read it again because it’s just too flippin long and i’d rather draw.

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Anthony and Lin and fan fiction

Well, dearest, hmmm…when I think of Anthony fan fiction I think of freckle covered cheeks,  baby girl, blueberry condoms, not-so smooth pickup lines, and cute smiles

When I think Lin fics I think of pianos, awkwardness, illegible writing, and journals

Or perhaps that’s just what I think of when I hear their names.

Send me a word(s) and I’ll reply with the first thing that pops into my head!


Issa Rae: From ‘Awkward’ to ‘Insecure’

The star of ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ on YouTube makes the leap to her own HBO show

“If anybody says they’ve never felt insecure, they’re lying,” says Issa Rae. She has built a career on that feeling. Ms. Rae, who first found fame on YouTube with her comedy series“The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” is about to launch the show “Insecure” on HBO. But even now, she says, she finds herself wondering, “What am I doing? Why does everybody else have it figured out, but I don’t?”

In “Insecure,” Ms. Rae, 31, plays a woman named Issa (like her real name, pronounced EE-sa) Dee, who lives in South Los Angeles. The show chronicles her and her friends as they struggle with delayed adulthood, difficult relationships and being black in America. Ms. Rae’s character works for a nonprofit group that helps underprivileged children. In the first episode, the children make fun of her clothes and her voice, implying that she looks and acts too much like a white person. She imagines her co-worker telling a group of colleagues about her low chances of getting married.

The show shares some similarities with Ms. Rae’s YouTube series, which launched in 2011. She made 24 episodes, ranging in length from about 2 to 25 minutes, and they have attracted millions of views. In one, she cuts off all her hair after her boyfriend breaks up with her—and then after he reconsiders and they get back together, he breaks up with her again because he doesn’t like her lack of hair. And her character is constantly exasperated with her colleagues at Gutbusters, a fictional diet-pill company where she is a telemarketer; she eventually gets sent to anger-management counseling. Last year, she wrote a book with the same title as her YouTube series.

Growing up, Ms. Rae attended both public and private schools, mainly in Los Angeles. She didn’t quite feel that she belonged to any group: She felt that she was deemed “too white” by some black students, yet she felt out of place at mostly white schools. Her mother is a former teacher from Louisiana, and her father is a doctor from Senegal. The family briefly relocated to Dakar, Senegal’s capital, when she was young, and when they returned to L.A., she attended a magnet high school for medicine and science.

Ms. Rae went on to Stanford University, where she majored in African and African-American studies and directed and wrote plays on the side. One day, she was procrastinating on Facebook during a particularly busy semester and decided to make a video of what it was like to be black at Stanford. That idea turned into a video series called “Dorm Diaries,” a faux-documentary in which she recruited her friends to ridicule archetypes of black students.

Read more at  The Wall Street Journal

Bujo spread for the last week 🐶
Sorry for being inactive for like who knows how long 😅😂 Gg to add in bits of pretty tapes here and there, and I’m done 🙌🏻
Been a productive week and hell week at the same time, with consecutive tests everyday (?!) But thank goodness, managed to pulled through the 1st hell week and off to face the 2nd hell week 😭
Loving the new motivational stickers 😍

ft. my ultra-awkward fingers

My list of goals goes in my bullet journal and what they mean to me goes in my personal journal. In other news, I can’t believe April is over already. Last awkward pairing of journal and bullet journal, I promise! Day 30 of the April challenge by @journaling-junkie