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May or may not do a mini-series of this McHanzo!Au.

I have so many headcanons, some really happy.
… And some really really sad.

But don’t worry, everything’s gonna end well. <3

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Deep Space 9 | Past Prologue | Garak’s Introduction [2\4]

*reinstalls Mass Effect 3 and starts to plays it*
Urgh, why am I doing this to myself? I will cry more from sadness then joy from this game.
*Garrus joins the team*

Ah, right. That’s why.


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Mija  // Jeff Atkins

A/N: This took me forever, and it’s long as hell. Word count is like 2K.

Named after: The fact that I thought it was mad cute.

It had been eleven days since his parents caught you in the middle of…almost sex. Eleven days, and yes you were counting. Eleven days of hugs, hand holding, and everything else that just friends do. Eleven days of nothing. Eleven days since Jeff had at least, kissed you.

It was frustrating, mentally and sexually, the way he was treating you. He made you feel like you had the same sex appeal as the sweaty socks on his feet.

 That’s not to say you didn’t try talking to him about it. You tried on day three, and he brushed it off, as though you made it up in your head.

You stood next to the trunk of Jeff’s car, post-baseball practice, as he was taking off his cleats. He set his slides on the gravel in front of him and leaned back into your ride home.

“Jeff… ” you whined.

He paused for a moment, turning at your tone of voice. “What’s up babe?”

“Is there a reason we haven’t done anything since…you know” you bite your lip looking up at him, nervous for honestly whatever he was going to say.

 "What do you mean?“ He answers, his voice wavers and he turns back to his shoes immediately. More focused on untying his laces than on telling you why he’s suddenly acting like he’s considering becoming a priest.

 At least if he told you he was planning on becoming a man of the cloth you’d understand what was going on. Instead, it feels like…like he doesn’t even care like he’s not into you anymore. And that in itself scares the shit out of you.

 He’s not even looking in your general direction when you prompt him again,

“We haven’t even kissed-”

 The sound of his cleats hitting one another is enough to stop whatever you were going to say. Jeff continues along, clouding out the sound of your voice. As if he was going to die if he didn’t get the dirt off his cleats at that very moment.

 "Yes, we have.“ He asserts, his eyes still on the Nike swish.

 You roll your eyes at him, moving in front of your boyfriend. You grab his wrists to stop the clatter of his shoe wear. “When.” You ask, doing your best to try and make him listen to you.

 He huffs briefly, avoiding your face. “I don’t- I don’t know…listen, I have a test on Thursday and it’s freaking me out a bit so can we just talk about this later?”

 "C’mon…” you start.

 His head tilts to the side, his eyes finally meet yours and his shoulders drop. You knew in your gut the conversation was not going to fall in your favor.

 "Please?“ He enunciates. “Just let me get through this test”

 He pouts and you’re glad he at least still remembers how to make you agree to whatever he wants because you’re nodding. Letting go of his wrists and getting into the passenger seat.

Jeff got through the test, as well as a bunch of other excuses. He was stressed. He had a big game. He wasn’t in the mood.

 You tried again, today, on day twelve, but this time in front of his friends. You knew Jeff was a leader, and despite being apart of the jocks he didn’t really care what they thought. But you were desperate that the social setting it might just make a change.

 You were standing with the whole crew of them, Foley, Dempsey, De La Cruz, and a few more of the football and soccer players. Jeff’s arm was around your waist as you were talking to Justin about the chapters you both didn’t read for English class.

 The bell rang and you knew Jeff had lunch while you had the said class. You turned to him letting him know you had to go, hopeful he would kiss you like he normally did before saying bye. Instead, he nodded at you, with a nonchalant, “I’ll see you after school?” before returning to his conversation with Monty.

 You take a step back out of his grasp and didn’t answer. Jeff turns his head, waiting for your response only to see you fall into step with Justin who’s trying his best to act like he didn’t notice. It’s silent for a few seconds as you turn the corner.

 As you make your way down the hall, Justin bumps into you playfully. “I’m sure he’s just tired.” He offers, trying to dull the blow to your ego.

 "Now cheer up, I need someone to make fun of Mr.K with.“

“Wait they walked in?!” Clay earns himself a ‘shh’ from the librarian with his outburst.

“Yeah! And my dad leaves, but my mom is just standing there, telling me I have to talk to my grandmother in Puerto Rico right then and there!”

 "Wow…that sucks.“ The shy boy offers back.

 What started out as a tutoring session in the library after school with Clay, somehow spiraled into what Jeff considered the most awkward situation he’s ever been in.

 "And then! After Y/N leaves, my mom comes back into my room to sit me down and have ‘the talk’.”

 Jeff pinches the bridge of his nose and Clay is trying his best not to laugh. Truth be told he finds the whole thing hilarious. Jeff, let me change your dollar valentine to get girls Jeff, the founding fathers smoked weed Jeff, the boy who still has girls ready to drop everything for him to so much as look in their direction Jeff, is…embarrassed.

 Clay bites his tongue to hold back just how funny he thought this was and instead says, “I feel like you’re a little too old for the talk”

 Jeff nods eagerly.

 "Yeah, no. This wasn’t the birds and the bees talk, this was the ‘are you prepared to be a dad’ talk!“ he’s whisper yelling now, and trying to keep his voice down.

“Mamá, no necesitas tener esta charla” he pleads to the woman sitting in his desk chair.

 “Mijo ni siquiera has escuchado lo que tengo que decir” she says, laughing at her son.

 “No te gusta ella” Jeff assumes.

 “Eres como tu abuela, más que dramática…I love Y/N, she’s family. Mija. I just want you to be careful. What happens if she gets pregnant?”

 “We are careful, trust me, Mamá. Is that all?”

 She laughs, her son redder than the time he swung and missed at his first tee-ball game.

 Nodding watching him as she gets up, she calls out to him as she leaves the room. “Y no cuando estamos en casa. Por favor.”

 Jeff groans loudly, as he falls back onto his bead, “Yes, yeah I got it”.

“The worst part?” he prompts the boy.

 Clay nods eagerly, trying to wipe the smug grin off of his face.

 "Now, every time I want to do anything with Y/N, I literally cannot not see my mom’s face.“ Jeff deadpans. He finally looks at Clay long enough to realize that his tutor thinks this is funny.

 "I’m glad you think this is a joke, Jensen”

 Clay let’s out just a piece of his laugh now, and Jeff slumps back into his seat way past annoyed.

 "I’m-“ Clay lets out another chuckle, "I’m sorry man, it’s pretty funny”

 "Great, now can you help me? Y/N’s fucking pissed at me. You should’ve seen her face today…“

 Jeff knows his strengths, baseball and girls, and his weaknesses, school, and you. He’s appealing to his highest power of sensitivity and awkward charm.

 "Poor Jeff. His girlfriend wants to have sex with him. Let’s make a go fund me for all your troubles.” Clay says in his best jock voice.

 "You’re the worst, you know that?“

 "I love you too, Mijo.” The smaller boy makes kissy faces at the jock and Jeff throws the first few drafts of his essay at Clay.

 “You’re Jeff Atkins. Right?” Clay asks rhetorically.

 Jeff nods, rolling his eyes. It’s the dumbest shit he’s ever heard and he knows Clay is pulling this Dumbledore wisdom straight out of his ass.

 “So put on your big boy pants, and act like it.”

 There’s a silence that settles between the boys as Jeff takes in what Clay said.

 “Now listen, I need your help. I think Hannah and I are going to…you know” the smaller boy whispers.

“So he hasn’t done anything?”

You were leaning on Hannah’s locker, waiting for Jeff to be finished his tutoring session, filling her in on everything that had happened in the past eleven days.


 "Wow…” she mumbles, mostly to herself.

 "Yeah, and he told me his mom talked to him about it…and it’s only gotten worse. I swear he’s going to break up with me.“

 The last part of your sentence pours out of you involuntarily, as your head hits the locker right next to Hannah’s.

 "He’s not going to break up with you.” she says, as comforting as she can.

 "You don’t know that!“

 She sighs, rolling her eyes as she looks at you.

 "Just get him a little…worked up. If he turns you down, you know. But I’d bet you ten bucks he won’t.”

 "I’m not making a bet about whether or not my boyfriend will have sex with me or not. That’s just sad.“

 "Fine. All I’m saying is, maybe instead of using your words, you should maybe give him some action. Pun intended.”

 You sigh staring at the smirk on Hannah’s face.

 "My parents are…out of town this week.“

 You can’t believe you’re agreeing to what Hannah was implying. Jeff was normally the dominant one in your sex life. Sure you were on top sometimes but he was the one with the experience. He was your first.

 "Even better! We’ll stop by the mall today, we can go shopping” her voice rising a couple octaves. “You can pick out whatever you think will get him going.”

 You raise your eyebrow, suspiciously. You knew she had work.

 "Fine, I was going anyways. I already took off work. I want to look good for me and Clays first time. Sue me.“ she throws in casually.

You walk into the library, Hannah right behind you trying to find both of your boys. You spot them at a table whispering frantically at one another.

 “Mijo!” Hannah starts a smile wide on her face.

 Jeff sighs, shaking his head. “You told her?” he questions.

 You turn instead to Clay as you lean over the table. “Clay, did he tell you?” Clay’s mouth drops trying to form a response, his hands gesturing to nothing in particular. “I thought so”, you concluded.

 Jeff rolls his eyes, clearing his throat. “Fine. Fine, we’re almost done, babe, right, tattle tale?” he asks looking back to Clay. Clay rolls his eyes at the name while nodding in agreement.

 “Actually, Hannah and I are…going to the mall. My house at 10 though. Don’t be late.”  You say to your boyfriend. Jeff knows your parents aren’t home this week. He’d been avoiding it for the past few days. “Actually- I kinda had plans with Clay-” Jeff improvs. “10. Atkins. I’m serious”.

 Jeff is looking at Clay like he was a lifeline. The boy smiles back at him, almost to taunt him. “Yeah mijo, go with her. Hannah and I kinda had plans.” He repeats Jeff’s words and now the baseball player may have to actually kick his ass.

Hannah laughs and you smile at Clay graciously, kiss your boyfriend’s cheek and make your way out. Hannah high fiving once you get out of the school doors.

It was 10 on the dot when the doorbell rang to your house.

TITLE: Your Past Does Not Define You

IMAGINE: It was no secret that Bucky hated his past, how he regrets being the Winter Soldier. What happens when he meets someone that can change his mind? 

[gif is not mine. requests are open. let me know what you think] 

warnings: swear words, brief harassment, small violence. 

word count: 2.4k +

‘He had built up walls for years, keeping everyone out. Then she came into his life and with a touch of her finger the walls crumbled into ashes.’

Everyone knew that Bucky wasn’t one to converse with anyone, to talk to anyone let alone spend a minute in a room with someone that wasn’t Steve. He grunted and nodded, but no actual words ever came out of his mouth. He kept quiet, he kept to himself. No one really knew him, Steve did, but still…There were some things that he kept to himself, things that kept him up at night -waking from his nightmares, knives sheathed out panicking and looking around the room. He hated himself, he hated that he caused a war within a group, forcing everyone to take sides. Even years later when everything was settled, he still felt guilty thus he kept to himself. Maybe, just maybe if he didn’t speak and just did what everyone wanted him to do he could chip away the guilt.

He remembers the day vividly, it’s as if it’s a movie in his head, one that he can replay over and over again. He can pick out the exact moment that he knew in himself that she was going to change him.

“(Y/N), you have to be calm when you meet them, okay kid?” Tony looked over the kid next to him. Granted that she wasn’t a kid anymore, she was still a kid to him. “You can’t embarrass me, I have a reputation to uphold.”

(Y/N) barked out a laugh as she saw Tony puff out his chest, “I cross my heart that I won’t embarrass you.”

Tony smiled at her and opened the door, she instantly saw all the Avengers lounging around -some sitting down, some playing pool and some in the kitchen. He cleared his throat and they stopped and stared at him. “This is (Y/N),” he gestured the awed girl beside him.

She smiled at the group and waved, “I’m his love child,” she waggled her eyebrows and laughed out loudly when she saw the expressions on their face.

“She’s not,” Tony deadpanned. “What did I say about embarrassing me?” She shrugged in reply. Turning back to the group he explained, “She’s a recruit from Isla Nublar, Tony wanted her expertise on something. Plus, I’ve also known her since she was little so she’s like a little sister to me, so if any of you hurt her I will seriously kill you.”

“You can’t just mildly kill them?” (Y/N) teased and she received a jab from him. As they went around the room, introducing (Y/N) to everyone, she was awestruck by just how ordinary they were. Of course she kept up on the details, not hard to really. But it was so different, they were just normal people who were expected to drop everything to fight off the next evil.

After the introductions, she went to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat as everyone was heading to the gym. “For a bunch of superheroes they surprisingly have a lot of junk food in the fridge,” she mused to herself, thinking out loud. “Ooo, lasagne.” She picked out the heavy dish and turned around but bumped into someone.

“SHIT! I am so sorry,” (Y/N) looked at the lasagne and then back to the figure. Their black uniform was covered in red and white sauce. “I got lasagne on you,” she began wiping it off his uniform, after three wipes she realised how awkward it was.

She smiled sheepishly and look up at the man, “Sorry, didn’t mean to awkwardly touch you.” (Y/N) was going to say more but she stopped when she saw who she was talking to. It was Bucky Barnes. She read up on him, fascinated by history as both James Barnes and the Winter Soldier. “It’s not everyday that you get to live the tale that you accidentally dropped lasagne on an infamous assassin.” She tried to lighten the joke being the idiot as the was.

Bucky looked down at her, veiled amusement in his eyes. “Don’t really know the protocol for throwing lasagne at an assassin so forgive me if I don’t know how to act, I’m usually much cooler than this.” She gave him a toothy smile. (Y/N) wasn’t nervous, not at all, nor was she embarrassed.

“It’s okay,” his voice was rough from the lack of use. To his ears it sounded foreign, but to her it sounded beautiful.

“Do you want me to pay for dry-cleaning?” He tilted his head. “Uh, dry-cleaning is like this fancy service that you use when you want something to be professionally cleaned.” She sounded so unsure, but at the same time her voice was gentle and not at all patronising.

“I know what dry-cleaning is,” he gave her a small quick smile.

She found that she liked it when he smiled, he seemed younger and more relaxed even though she saw it for at least 3 seconds. “That’s good, that’s good.” She muttered, then looking down at the floor. “I haven’t been in the compound a day and I’ve already made a mess.” (Y/N) walked to the counter to fetch the kitchen roll, once in her hand she bent down and started wiping.

“Want some help?” Bucky knelt down and ripped some paper.

Maybe it was the way that she didn’t seem afraid of him and she treated him like a normal person. Or maybe it was because she made him laugh -something that hasn’t happened to him for so long. Or maybe it was her small, awkward yet charming smile that made him feel lighter than he’s ever felt before.

From that day on Bucky seeked out (Y/N), he came out of his room more, stayed in rooms longer than before. Of course everyone noticed his odd behaviour, it was hard not to. Bucky didn’t actively participate in conversations, but when (Y/N) asked him a question, flashed him a smile, or tried to include him in the conversation he reciprocated.

They were sitting in the living room, Stranger Things playing on the television. “You’re enjoying this,” she teased as she saw him lean in trying to figure out the scene.

Bucky leaned back nonchalantly and turned his head towards her, “It’s…different.”

“Different good?”

He nodded hesitantly. “It’s nice.”

She smiled triumphantly and leaned back, her arms touching his lightly. She tried not to think of how warmth seemed to radiate of him, or just how nice he smelt.

(Y/N) passed him the pizza, “Thanks, doll.” (Y/N)’s hand froze and turned to him.

He felt his face redden, and his hands clamp up. He didn’t mean to say that out loud, he didn’t mean for that nickname to slip. He didn’t turn to her, afraid of her reaction. It was an intimate nickname for someone, so he wouldn’t be surprised if she got up and left, never speaking to him again.

She made an appreciative noise, “I like that.”

Startled, he turned to her, “What?”

“I like that. It’s cute and it’s very you,” she gave him a grin and a wink. “Doll,” she tried it out, rolling the word off her tongue.

He smiled at her when she clucked her tongue, “Don’t I get a nickname?”

She narrowed her eyes, smiled and tilted her head, “Hm, what to call you. Buckster?” She tried out and she chuckled at his horrified expression. “Buckarro?” He poked her this time. “I know, I’ll call you James.”

This time he chuckled, “That’s my name, not exactly a nickname.”

“Except no one calls you that and that’s why it’s perfect. Everyone calls you Barnes, or Bucky, but never James. The name is something just the two of us,” she smiled at him.

He felt his heart quicken and reciprocated her smile. It was genuine and it was wide. It was the smile that he would have had on his face practically all the time back in the 40s. As they continued watching the show, he realized that he liked it when she said the two of them. ‘Just between the two of them.’ He smiled, contented for the first time.

(Y/N) stood in line, trying to memorize everyone’s drink order. She felt a hand touch her backside and she turned around, “What are you doing?”

The man behind her gave her a lopsided smile. Even under the bad fluro lights she could see that his eyes were glossy and he could hardly stand on his on two feet. “Hey there pretty lady.” He gave her a wink and (Y/N) screwed up her nose in disgust. “Don’t be like that,” he tried to touch her arm but she yanked it away.

“Don’t touch me,” she growled, her arms ready to fight just in case.

“Come on, pretty lady,” he yanked her by the waist and she yelped. (Y/N) hardly had time to hit the man as he was yanked off her. She tumbled to the ground, and watched as Bucky hit the man over and over again. Noticing how hard the punches were she pulled herself up and ran to where Bucky was.

“Bucky!” He didn’t turn around. He held the man’s collar and pulled his hand back to punch him again. “Bucky! Bucky!” (Y/N) ran and touched his shoulder, “James.” This time he turned around. Letting the man go.

She saw how his eyes and his face were different, she tentatively touched his cheek, “James, come back to me darling. Come back to me.” She rubbed his cheek affectionately, “I’m here, just come back to me, please.”

His gaze softened, and he cupped the hand that was on his cheek.

Bucky was sure that (Y/N) would have ran away, fleeing as she saw the side of him he desperately never wanted anyone to see, especially her. But all she did was hold his hand, nodding to Steve and took him outside leading him to the car.

Once they were in the safety of the complex, (Y/N) opened Bucky’s door and pulled him in. “Are you okay?”

He didn’t answer, instead he fell to his knees. (Y/N) knelt down and pushed back his hair, “Buck?”

“I’m sorry,” it was soft and she could hardly hear him but at the same time she could hear it clearly, the emotion; the heartbreak, anger and sadness.

(Y/N) launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, squeezing him tighter as each second passed by. Once they broke apart she looked at him, “Never, ever apologize for that. Never apologize for that James.”

“I let him out, I never wanted to let him out.”

She could have burst out crying at how small he sounded. “No matter what, he will always be a part of you James, you can never erase him but,” she closed her eyes and shook her head. “Don’t ever be ashamed for something that you never did. You needed to be brainwashed, you needed a long time to transfer from James to the Winter Soldier. You’re not him.”

Bucky wrapped his arms around her, never letting her go, “You’re not him. You’re Steve’s Bucky, you’re my James, you’re our Barnes. Never forget that.” She gave him a kiss on the top of his head, “Even if you do, I’ll always be here to make you remember.”


“Always.” It was such a simple word but it was filled with so much more than it could possibly contain. He felt his heart open, and it all it took was one word for his walls to be tore down.

It was a casual day, there was nothing important. She was in her pyjamas, and he was in his gym clothes. Both of them sat at the kitchen counter, each eating their respective breakfast.

“What would you say if I asked you on a date doll?” He didn’t look at her, fear of her rejection.

She placed her spoon down, “I would say that it took you long enough James.” When he looked up he could see her smile, happiness radiating off her face.

He was Bucky before. He was known for charming the dames, being everyone’s friend and always being there for Steve. Then he was known as the Winter Soldier. He was adored. One of the greatest killing machines that HYDRA has ever created. He was feared.Then he was Barnes. Long gone was Bucky (though not for Steve, he would always be Bucky for Steve), buried underneath everything, and long gone was the Winter Soldier. He was Barnes and he was part of the Avengers. He was accepted. Finally, he was James. Her James to be exact. He was understood, loved and adored. She was the one person that managed to find him when he was so lost in the dark. She was the beacon in his life that he longed for, that he thought was long gone because of the atrocities that he committed.

But here she was, next to him, one of her arms carelessly tossed on his stomach, one under the pillow. As Bucky stroked her hair, she softly groaned and lifted her head. “Hey Buck, is it morning yet?”

He gave her a small smile. “No, not yet.” (Y/N) sat up and stretched, then with a grin she straddled him.

She grabbed his metal arm and fiddled with his fingers, “You know we could just etch the ring on your finger, I mean you won’t ever lose it that way.” (Y/N) leaned forward and laid on his chest.

He loved this position, mostly because he could feel her heartbeat. “I’m not you, doll, I mean how many times have you lost your ring?” He felt her lightly smack him, and he started running his hand down her back.

“Shut it, you love me.”

“Maybe I don’t.”

“You’re marrying me.”

“Eh,” he gave her a shrug and sat back up.

“Do I have to convince you that marrying me would be the greatest thing ever?” She grinded her hips against his, and smirked when he groaned.

“The greatest thing ever was meeting you doll,” he sat up and kissed her.

Bucky managed to find someone to break him out of his shell. A person who managed to keep the nightmares at bay, even on the rare occasions he had them she was there right by his side, brushing his hair back and whispering comforting words in his ear. He found the person that managed to love his past even when he couldn’t.

Imagine the kid looks like a tiny cross between Yata and Fushimi too, like it has Fushimi’s eyes and Yata’s hair and it’s a bit grumpy but also has the sweetest brightest smile. When the kid first appears Yata and Fushimi are so confused, like maybe they were chasing the Strain down and it hit them both with its power, Fushimi tries to throw up a Blue shield but he’s a moment too late and they both brace for something terrible to happen. Instead there’s like a the sound of a small tinkling bell and suddenly there’s this small child sitting there in front of them sucking her thumb and being completely calm, just staring at them with big blue eyes. Fushimi and Yata just stare at each other for a moment, not sure what exactly happened here and who the kid is. Yata walks over and kinda hesitantly asks the kid if she’s lost, she stares at him for a long moment and then her eyes light up and she smiles, Yata totally melts. Fushimi comes over looking all stern, like this might be a trap Misaki don’t be taken in so easily but then the child suddenly looks at him with shining eyes and holds her arms out to him begging for a hug. Fushimi clicks his tongue and complains that they should be going after the Strain not playing with kids, but somehow he ends up picking the kid up anyway and holding her.

They take the child back to Scepter 4 headquarters, Yata doesn’t really want to send her there because he’s already having big brother feelings and he doesn’t think Scepter 4 should be treating a kid like some kind of science experiment they need to find out the origin of. As soon as Munakata sees the child he’s highly intrigued, like he looks at her and then at Fushimi and then at Yata and gives this big knowing smile even though all he says is ‘oya, what have we here?’ Fushimi explains the situation, assuming still that the kid must be some kind of weird Strain trick or maybe even the Strain itself transformed. Munakata decides to take the kid to the infirmary for tests, assuring a worried Yata that all they’re going to do is take some blood samples and test her vitals and such. Fushimi says that he’s going back to work in the meantime but Yata finds himself going with the kid to the infirmary, holding her hand while she gets her blood taken and everything. Once the tests are done Yata’s allowed to take the kid with him as long as they don’t leave the building so he takes her to the office to see Fushimi, Fushimi acts like they’re both bugging him with their presence but Yata catches him smiling when the girl holds her arms out to him. Fushimi is trying to act like he’s not enjoying the child when Munakata shows up with this great big smile and an envelope, informing them that they did a DNA test and the results are quite interesting: the child’s genetic makeup is such that she could be the biological child of both Fushimi and Yata. They’re both like what the fuck in perfect unison, Munakata reaches over and covers the child’s ears.

So since the kid is technically their child and there’s no one to watch her until the power wears off Fushimi and Yata are allowed to take her home to their own apartment. Fushimi for his part doesn’t want much to do with the child and Yata has no idea why, like he’s already totally charmed by this cute kid who kinda reminds him of Saru sometimes, especially when she pouts (but her temper is all Yata, as he finds when she tries to grab one of Fushimi’s knives and he takes it away from her). Fushimi spends the entire time just trying not to be won over, like I think more than Yata he would be really keenly aware that this kid is probably going to disappear eventually and he doesn’t want to get attached. Slowly he gets won over though, like Yata makes them both dinner and the girl climbs into his lap, Yata laughs and slides Fushimi the softer foods he made for the kid and suggests Fushimi help feed her. Fushimi clicks his tongue but the girl just turns and looks up at him and he starts feeding her anyway. Then before bed Yata drags both the girl and Fushimi into the bathroom, Fushimi ends up in the bath tub with the girl and a lot of bubbles while Yata helps them both wash their hair. Afterward Fushimi goes into the living room to get some work done, when he comes back to the bedroom Yata and the girl are both asleep on the bed cuddled together. Fushimi steps towards them and he keeps reminding himself that this isn’t permanent, he shouldn’t get attached, but he can’t stop himself from lying down next to them and wrapping his arms around them both. (And then he wakes up with just Yata in his arms and a text from Awashima saying they caught the Strain. Yata’s really bummed that the girl is gone but Fushimi just coldly says it was inevitable wasn’t it, she was a fake person after all. Yata starts to yell at him, angry, but then he notices that Fushimi’s face is turned away and there’s a definite shake in his shoulders and Yata just hugs him instead.)

EXO’s Reaction to You Being Too Shy to Talk to Them


You being too shy to talk to Xiumin would immediately make him like you, as he is a quiet guy himself.  He would gently ask you questions about yourself until you were comfortable enough around him to relax.


Chen would find it adorable how quiet and shy you were, and would try his best to make you laugh to get you to relax.  Honestly, Chen is loud enough for the two of you anyway.


This excited puppy would definitely see it as a challenge to break you out of your shy shell.  He would ask you lots of questions and smile and nod encouragingly at any response you gave, even if it was a single word.


Chanyeol would probably be somewhat confused at first, wondering why you weren’t talking.  However, he would do his best to be friends with you, asking questions that were easy to answer so you would be comfortable.


Like Chanyeol, this unicorn would be confused as to why you weren’t speaking to him.  Nonetheless, he would sit by you and enjoy your company, in comfortable silence.


D.O is just as quiet, if not moreso, than Xiumin, and would be perfectly happy to sit with you in silence.  Interested in getting to know you though, he would eventually start asking questions in his usual soft, soothing manner.


Suho…would definitely be awkward.  Though he has dealt with shy fans before, he’s never had one that didn’t speak–at all.  Luckily, his awkwardness was charming, and before long you too were talking about any topic that came up.


Also very quiet, Kai would simply sit in silence with you.  Unlike Lay, the silence would be a bit more awkward, as you could see Kai was desperate for some sort of conversation.


Sehun would definitely tease you about your shyness, though not maliciously.  After several minutes of him “bothering” you, you would finally speak up, causing him to grin triumphantly. 

New Year. New Me. {Peter Pan Imagine}

Part One  Part Two Part Three

Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay, @ arfrona


Note: Thank you all for being such amazing people and being patient with me! Thank you for loving my slow ass, and my stories, it means a lot that you guys stick with me!

It’s been a while since Y/n had seen him. Never had she thought the time would come that he’d be finally calling her phone, in such a long period of time. Six an a half years is a long time to wait. Especially for an ex. 

“I’m glad you had time to see me, Y/n. It’s been so long.” 

Y/n smiles politely, looking down at the cup of tea her company had ordered for her. 

“Well, I gotta admit, it was quite the surprise when you called, Newton.” 

“Newt. Please, call me Newt. You’re one of the very few that I allow to, and…I miss how it sounds coming from your mouth.” He chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck in nervousness. “S-Sorry, that um..sounded bloody creepy, but you get my point.”

Sighing heavily, her politeness was slowly starting to fade away. She knew what this was, she wasn’t stupid. In the past six years Y/n has gotten not one phone call or text message from this guy, and then all of sudden here he is acting all awkward and charming at the same time. Setting her cup down after taking a short gulp of it, she finally makes eye contact with the man before her.

“Look, Newton. Things didn’t work out between us because you loved your music more than I.” 

“That’s not true-”

“Let me finish,” She holds her hand up, silencing him. “I was understanding, I was fair and actually wanted you to be happy and let you go. I moved on. Which was a mistake, I’ll admit, but it helped my unhappiness turn into something else. I fell in love again. And now that I am once again heartbroken, you decide to turn up, saying sweet nothings to me as if all of what you put me through never happened. Now how is that fair to me? ” 

“Love, I came back for you because I realized my only dream was with you. You were my dream.” 

“Oh, cut the bullshit.” 

Newt’s eyes widen at her venomous tone. Last time he had spoken to Y/n, she had such a sweet demeanor about herself, everything about her was kind and gentle. Earlier on this little gathering she was calm and collected, but now she is speaking to him in such a way he had never heard her speak before. 

“What’s happened to you?” 

“Life, Newton. Life fucking happened to me. You wanna know what I’ve been through? You leave me for your stupid music career, not even returning my calls or emails or letters. Then, when I finally move on to another guy, I find out he’s cheating on me with some bitch for nearly half of the time we’ve been together, then trying to make me seem like the bad guy! And now that I’m somewhat over him, you show the fuck up! Out of nowhere!”

“Love, calm down-”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! I deserve to be fucking mad! I put up with so much, sticking up for guys that don’t deserve it, and I wonder why I end up the same way! Heartbroken!” By now, she was starting to draw attention to their table, alarming a certain few while the others watched with anticipation. Newt stands up slowly with his hands up, trying not to provoke her any further. 

“Y/n, please, I didn’t mean to struck a nerve-”


“Can you please talk to me without cursing at me, for bloody sake?” 

“I just think it’s a coincidence how you show up, right when I start to get out of my funk and feel better about finally leaving that dickhead. Were you just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make your way back into my life? When I was at my most vulnerable? Well, news flash for you, buddy! The only thing you’re getting from me, are these hands!”

Y/n was about to jump right over the table and tackle the poor, confused, Brit. Luckily, someone was able to grab her by the waist at the right time before she could even cross the table. Holding her close to their chest, Newt was able to take a few steps back, while making eye contact with the person behind her. Y/n squirmed against their hold, until the familiar scent of pine clogged her nostrils. Her squirming ceased. For now.

“Who the bloody hell are you?” 

“Oh, you don’t remember me, Newtie? I’m hurt, I thought we had something special.” 

Once Newt’s eyes actually scanned his face, he glared. Lowering his hands from his self-defense stance, he crossed them over his chest. “Very funny, Pan. I see that you didn’t change at all. Except for getting uglier, of course.”

“And you’re still the same after all these years, as well. Except you’re still single.” 

Y/n pushes away from Peter with great force, nearly knocking him backwards. Straightening out her shirt, she huffs in anger. “What the hell are you doing here? Where’s your little sex toy?” 

Peter drew his attention to Y/n, the playful glint in his eyes turning melancholy. 

“Y/n, I know I am the last person you want to see right now, and I understand that. I was a completely asshole, and deserve to burn in hell for what I did behind your back. But, if you give me a moment to explain-”

“So it’s you.” Newt connects, as a grin started to form on his face. “You’re the one who cheated, while you were still in the relationship with Y/n. Did you honestly think you would get away with that?”

“Can we talk somewhere a little more private, love?” 

“No. And don’t call me that. We can settle this right here, right now. I’ve been waiting to actually kick your ass, now that the tears finally stopped. Do you realize how humiliated you made me feel after that night? How absolutely filthy you left me? And you had some nerve to try and blame me! The only person that saw good in you, cared for you, loved you!” Each word spoken was a shove to his chest, which he happily took. He was just glad that she was actually talking to him. 

“I understand that you are in pain-”

“Oh, you can’t even begin to understand! Giving your love to someone who you thought was the one, only to have it blow up in your face, you have no idea what that feels like!”

“I could’ve warned you in the first place, Y/n. It’s your own fault for thinking a bloke like Pan would ever-” Before he could finish his unneeded input, Y/n picked up his cup of tea and threw what was left of it into his face. It was just hot enough to prove a point: for him to shut the fuck up. “Ahh! Mother of fu-Jesus Christ! Shit, shit, shit, shit! Bloody, burning hell!” 

Newt rushes to find the nearest bathroom, a few workers following behind him, as others just stare in shock or gaze in amusement. Placing the cup back on the table, Y/n turns back to Peter, with rage darkening her eyes. 

“Y/n, I-”

“I thought I told you to stay the hell away from me. How did you even know I was here?” 

“That’s not important, what’s important is us fixing this problem that we have-”

We don’t have a problem! You do, and only you! I was perfectly happy being with you, I didn’t care what people said about your past relationships because none of that mattered, it’s in the past for a reason! I didn’t care when they called you bad news, I didn’t care that my parents didn’t approve of you, and I didn’t care how much we argued over stupid shit! What I cared about was you, and how much I loved you. You were there when Newt left, you were my friend, someone I could talk to when I needed it. You listened, you cared…And when you asked me out, I thought moving on was too good to be true, but you changed that. And look where it got us! Five fucking years I gave to you, and this whole time that was just a game to you.”

“It wasn’t a game-” 

“Hearing a lot of bullshit today, you know. You knew exactly what you were doing, Peter. And you knew the person you did it with I despised, yet you still did it anyway.” Tears were starting to form in her eyes, as the heat of the moment was dying down and reality was coming back to her. The man that broke her already bruised heart was standing right there, with the guts to say that he didn’t mean what he did. What does he take her for, a fool? 

“Y/n, what I did was unforgivable, we both know that. But, love, I regret it.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better? Three words that don’t matter at all to me? I regret giving you my time, mind, body and soul. I regret thinking that scum like you could ever change. I regret loving you, Peter Pan. So I’ll say it again, since you obviously didn’t listen the first time. Stay. The hell. Away. From me.” 

With that said, Y/n left money on the table and took her leave. Storming outside the door, she roughly wiped the single tear that escaped her eye before anyone could see. 

She was so over crying.

But, the sound of the door chimes made her stop only for a second. He seriously could not be trying to chase after her, could he? The rapid footsteps confirmed that prediction, making her bite the inside of her cheek, to stop herself from doing anything she’ll regret. Again. 

“Y/n, please! You gotta listen to me, love-”

“I don’t want anything to do with you, Peter. Just crawl back to wherever you came from, and forget we ever existed. Let me move on! Live your own life, so I can get on with mine!”

“Y/n, baby, I’m begging you!”

“Nothing you can say or do will change my mind, Peter-!” 

“ M A R R Y   M E ! ” 

In that moment…everything just stops.

From the noisy traffic, to the beating of her own heart. 

It was silent.

With her covered mouth agape, Y/n stands there in complete and utter disbelief. Seeing that he now had her attention, Peter slowly descended to one knee, staring up at her with eyes that were filling with tears. 

“Y/n L/n. Will you marry me?”  

That half awkward, half charming moment when an author has a fetish and doesn’t know it.

“My gaze was drawn to his long, flowing hair, and like any red-blooded heterosexual woman, I wanted nothing more than to lie naked in front of him while he rubbed that hair all over me.  I could tell at a glance that every woman in the room was thinking the same thing.”

Little Sister

Summary: Based on this anon request-

Can you write one for me? Tony’s baby sister moving to the tower after a nasty break up with an abusive bf and he asks Bucky to help her with some self defense moves? She’s super shy and sweet to ppl. They end up dating and tony approves cause he knows Bucky would never hurt her.

Bucky x reader. FLUFF/BRIEF ANGST. Word count: 1,818.

TW: Reference to abusive ex (not super detailed).

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I kept toying with the ending until I got what I think was the best result. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey everyone, so this is my younger sister Y/N. She’ll be staying in the tower for awhile, so if could all be your usual warm and welcoming, that would be great,” said Tony as he introduced you to the team. They were all sitting around the television in the common room watching a movie.

“I didn’t know you had a younger sister, Stark,” said Sam.

“Yeah, Y/N doesn’t like the spotlight quite like I do,” replied Tony.

“Well, make yourself at home, Y/N. On behalf of everyone, welcome,” said Steve.

“Yeah! It’ll be nice to have another girl around! What brings you here, Y/N?” asked Wanda.

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Eyelet Lace, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: It’s your sister’s wedding and one of the groomsmen is awkwardly hitting on you. 

Word-count: 1,295

Warnings: Like one curse word and mentions of alcohol consumption.

Note: DAY ONE WHEE. This was a bitch to put up because my Internet went to shit yesterday, but it’s here now and we’re all good. Sorry about the delay. 

Now enjoy the pointless Lin fluff. I love you all! xx

P.S.: The gradual change of tone is intentional; by that point, Reader is a bit drunk. ;)

It felt a little bit like an insult, wearing white.

Then again, it wasn’t your wedding, and any comment you had was largely kept to yourself, but god, if anything, you would expect your sister to make wiser choices when it came to the entourage dresses.

The dress was beautiful, though, you had to give it to her; pulled in at the waist, the skirt flowing out softly, lace details crawling up the bodice. The only consolation you had was that your sister’s dress was guaranteed to be much more ornate and impressive (you had seen to that) and that you were allowed to wear a soft blue ribbon around your waist to distinguish who the bride was (in this case, your sister) and who the maid of honor was (in this case, you).

“I still think you should’ve gone with pink,” you said, twisting around to get a better look at yourself in the mirror.  Your sister was beaming at you through the glass.

“It’s not your wedding,” she sang, grabbing another dress (this one decidedly more. More than you were going for. More than you wanted. More) from one of the racks and pushing it forcefully into your hands.

Ah. Right.

You waddled off into one of the changing stalls, although you and your sister both knew that the dress for you had already come and you were doing all of the theatrics was for the sake of humoring her.

(Soon enough, when the seventh or eighth dress had been slipped on and off, your sister placed a reservation for that one, the one from the rack right in the middle of the bridal section, with all the lace? Yes, that one.)

It had taken six months of planning (a whole six months of crying, stressing over floral arrangements, worrying about the most aesthetically pleasing center pieces) the entire thing, but watching your sister walk down the aisle, smiling so wide it surprised you that it hadn’t broken her face open, made the long and tedious process worth it.

It felt like the blink of an eye, how quickly the ceremony wrapped up, and then suddenly you were in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria, dancing to the playlist you and the other bridesmaids spent four hours putting together. The lights were low, and the wine was a simmering haze in your bloodstream. You felt an inexplicable fondness for everyone in the room.

“Great turnout,” someone said from beside you.

You whipped around. It was one of the groomsmen. His name was Lin, if you weren’t mistaken.

“I guess?” you said, raising a brow at the rather odd opener. To your surprise, he groaned.

“Shit, I’m kind of terrible at this? Well, not kind of, more like absolutely abysmal. But I was watching you from my table and you were alone and I thought it would be nice to maybe keep you company—“

“Wait,” you said, turning fully to face him now. “You were watching me?”

Lin’s (admittedly quite cute) face crumpled at once. “No! Not like that, anyway. In a more I’m-observing-things-from-the-sidelines kind of way.” He used his hands a lot as he was talking, and he was not the tallest man you’ve ever encountered but he was long-limbed and in his wild gesticulating, nearly hit a passing waiter in the face. You bit back your laugh and decided to keep his near-mistake to yourself.

He kept looking from you to his shoes to some point beyond your shoulder, at a loss. And then, he began to deflate. “I’m dumb,” he muttered, arms falling down to his sides.

You couldn’t help but laugh then, holding your stomach as you did. You couldn’t help yourself, really. He looked ready to melt down into the cold glass floor, stick himself to the grout in between the tiles and remain there. Eventually, your giggling subsided, and Lin was looking at you with his jaw slightly slack, expression an endearingly adorable mixture of dejection and hopeful. You held out your hand, feeling something well up in your stomach.

“Y/N,” you said. He grabbed it, smiled. The thing in your stomach gave a merciless jerk. (God, he was cuter when he smiled.)

“I know,” he said, shaking your hand. “Lin.”

You grinned. “I know.”

You weren’t too sure when the minutes began to smooth together in a cloudy blur, but you were sure that Lin was to blame for that.

The man could talk, and when he got over the initial veneer of awkward fumbling, he was endlessly charming.

He wrote, you found out as you sat together in a near-empty table, glasses of wine in your hands and inhibitions lowered.

“What do you write?” you asked. The music had long since switched from the fast up-tempos you had hand-selected to the slower jams expected in a wedding.

“Music, mostly. Musicals, if we’re being specific.” Lin said, leaning forward in his seat and voice going down a pitch or two as if he were saying an immense secret.

You leaned forward as well, eyes still on his, and you weren’t exactly sure if it was the wine or it was the company, but you were far too warm.

It was probably the wine.

(It was most definitely the company.)

“You want to dance?” Lin asked you, almost shyly.

The newlyweds were on the dance floor, with a few others, cheek to cheek as Ella Fitzgerald crooned from the speakers. You looked to them, and then to Lin. Without thinking, you had nodded, and your hand was in his, and he was leading you (or maybe you were leading him?) to a less densely populated corner of the dance floor. As Ella passed on to Barbra, your arms were winding around his shoulders, and his were wrapping around your waist.

God he was warm. And it wasn’t just his body too; his eyes were the clearest shade of brown you’ve ever seen, and the light and emotion in them made you feel light on your feet and slightly weak in the knees.

The silence was comfortable, and you didn’t feel like talking when things felt damn-near perfect. Instead, you tucked your head into the crook of his neck, breathed in his cologne.

“I’d like to do this again,” he said into the dewy-eyed evening. You were in the garden, sitting on the rim of the fountain while your feet soaked in the water below. Your heels were in a tangled pile on the grass behind you, having cast them aside carelessly when you caught sight of the fountain.

Your feet nudged at a few cold coins that sat at the bottom. “Me too,”

His hand was still in yours, and you looked at his slightly overlong hair that flopped into his face at the slightest gust of wind, at his shoes that he, too, had thrown aside, the socks stuffed into them lopsidedly. You looked at the suit he was ruining, sitting out here with your feet swishing in the water. (He hadn’t bothered to roll up the pant legs.) The moonlight and distant lights were soft against the tan planes of his face, and you felt like if you looked close enough, you could see all the spare bits of stardust caught in his eyelashes.

“You’re very pretty,” you said without thinking. He laughed, the sound from somewhere deep in his stomach and hitting you like a shot of espresso.

“Nowhere near as pretty as you,” he said.

His face was perilously close now, and you were right about his eyelashes; they were full of things like potential energy and noble gasses. Or maybe you were talking about his eyes.

His lips met yours, and you were filled head to toe with sensation.

Consider: Confused pining Michael

• Like when Jeremy first realises he has a crush on Christine he goes straight to Michael cause he’s freaking out going “OMG MIKE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO DOES SHE EVEN KNOW I EXIST H O W IM JUSTM E WHAT DO I DO”
• Michael tries to give him advice, like the true best friend he is, but finds that he can’t seem to shake off this feeling in his gut
• He’s starts telling Jeremy how amazing he is and how he could totally win over a girl like Christine but the compliments are coming out so easily he’s like “??? Why do I know this”
• He starts talking about his horrible fashion sense but how it suits him anyway and his awkward yet sweet charm which could totally whoo any lady he came across and it just goes on and in until Jeremy has to convince Michael to CHILL
• Doesn’t stop him from adding to the list in his head though ;)
• By the time Jeremy has finished and gone home to sleep Michael has managed to reach no. 57 on ‘My best friend is the best date him’ list
• He tries not to let it bother him and just goes to sleep himself
• A few days later Jeremy tries talking to Christine and asks Michael to help be the ultimate wingman and be on the lookout for any possible interferences in the area or some paranoid shit Jeremy came up with
• But for some reason Michael just doesn’t want it to happen
• He watches his best friend awkwardly wait for Christine at lunch in the background and THAT FEELING IN HIS GUT IS BACK AGAIN
• It’s like a warning light signalling that he should probably be doing something to stop this
• That night he lies awake thinking of all the things that could have happened if Jeremy had actually managed to talk to Christine (he chickened out)
• He starts adding to the list again but this time it’s little things like the way Jeremy sometimes sticks his tongue out during a really hard boss fight or the fact that he plays with this one spot on the back of this neck when he gets nervous
• Michael still doesn’t understand what this is about but he learns to roll with it
• And so there’s Michael, for god knows how long, suffering in silence while he lets his best friend unintentionally slowly kill him
• It’s not until the events of the musical when Michael finally realised what the fluff is going on
• He remembers seeing the ‘boyf’ on Jeremy’s backpack and knowing exactly what Rich had done
• He tries his best to cover his embarrassment over the subject by distracting Jeremy with some news he saw on the discovery channel during his late night binges
• But OF C O U R S E Miss Canigula (don’t get me wrong I love Christine) has to show up and ruin his little talk
• Jeremy gets completely distracted and starts rambling on about how he’s finally going to do it, how he’s going to sign up for the play and talk to Christine
• Michael watches as his best friend slowly walks over to the poster on the wall, grabbing the pen
• The images of him and Christine flood his mind; her laughing at his jokes, his awkward flirting that she thinks is cute, the two of them practicing their lines together after school, Jeremy confessing his love to her, Christine accepting with delight
• Then it hit him. Like a ton of bricks being hurtled towards him
• That feeling in his gut
• It was jealously

Shut up. (Cassian Andor x reader)

anon requested:

I just watched rogue one and I need an 2, 11, and 34 with cassian x fem!reader where he’s recruiting a smuggler (like han solo) so she could be a rebellion pilot and after a few months working together their relationship progresses which leads to some romance pretty please :) thanks!

2. “I’m going to pretend like that never happened.”

11. “Well ‘agent/captain/(title)’ if that’s even your real name”

34. “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness”


Maz’s castle is (Y/n)’s favorite place to be. She offered good advice and there were endless job possibilities. (Y/n) usually smuggled stuff for people and she was popular in the business. She and Han Solo were the best people anyone could get to transport their illegal goods, but the difference is she usually worked alone. It gets the job done easier. (Y/n) never understood why anyone would want a wookie as a co-pilot.

(Y/n) sat on the bar of Maz’s palace and ordered a drink. Today, the castle was not as crowded as usual. She could see Maz in the crowd, enjoying the music performers.

Maz had been running this place for more that a thousand years, and (Y/n) had no doubt that she would run it for a thousand more.

Sipping on her drink, she was greeted by an odd sight. A man in brown leather jacket sitting next to her, accompanied by an imperial droid.


If the empire was here, she must’ve done something to upset them.

“I assume that Corellian ship parked in front is yours,” said the man, and he said these words with a thick accent, but (Y/n) could not make out where in the galaxy did the accent come from, “It’s a nice ship.”

“Thanks,” (Y/n) replied, surprised at how calm her voice sounded, “It’s a modified VCX-100 light freighter.”

The man nodded lightly.

After a few moments of silence, (Y/n) decided to calmly get out of her seat, but that plan backfired the moment she set it in motion.

“The captain said you must not go anywhere,” the imperial droid said, trying to push her back, but she stood her ground.

The man in the brown leather jacket stood up and faced her. He had a grim look on his face. “(Y/n) (L/n), I’m captain Cassian Andor. I’m with the rebellion.”

They know her name. Of course they do, thought (Y/n), They have probably been watching her every move since the last few weeks, if not months.

“Well captain, if that’s even your real name,” (Y/n) teased, trying to get under his skin. “I have a hard time believing that you’re a rebel.” she glanced at the imperial droid, who looked offended, but then she looked back at Cassian.

However, the one who responded was the droid.

“Excuse you, I am not who you think you are. I am Kay-tuesso. I am a reprogrammed imperial droid.”

(Y/n) shrugged wordlessly and looked at Cassian. He was a fairly good-looking man, with dark brown eyes that seems like a void. She crossed her arms at him.

“What do you want?” she asked. Cassian moved closer and said in a low voice, “I hear you’re a smuggler.”

(Y/n) sighed at what he said. “I know what you want. Absolutely not,” she stated. “I am not transporting illegal goods for the rebellion. Han Solo will do it, if you can offer the right price. Me? I am not smuggling anything for the rebellion.”

“No,” he agreed, “You are not.”

(Y/n) furrowed her eyebrows inquisitively. “Why do you want from me then?”

“I came to recruit you,” he said, a smirk playing on his face, “They say you’re a pretty good pilot.”

(Y/n) smiled at the mention of this but the smile disappeared as fast as it had came, “I am not joining the rebellion. Absolutely not.”

Cassian frowned, “Why not?”

“Because I’m wanted by the republic.”

“All your criminal records will be cleared if you accept this offer,” said Kay-tuesso, which had won (Y/n)’s attention, “Which of course includes smuggling illegal substances, the release of bioweapons, unauthorized blaster use-”

“That’s enough, Kaytoo,” Cassian said sternly.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes. She glanced at the droid. “You had me and you lost me.”

Cassian glared at Kaytoo, and the droid responded, “What? I was just listing her records.”

“Don’t you want redemption?” Cassian asked, and his patience wouldn’t last very long.

(Y/n) sneered at him. “I don’t want redemption because I have done nothing wrong.”

“Are you sure about that?” Kaytoo asked, “should I repeat your criminal records?”

“No, thank you,” said (Y/n) said shortly.

Cassian crossed his arms across his chest, “The rebellion could use a pilot like you.”

(Y/n) stood on her tip-toes so she could see Cassian eye-to-eye, “How do I know you’re not lying? That you’re not just going to arrest me once we get there?”

“You don’t,” replied Cassian, “you just have to trust us.”

(Y/n) considered making a run for it, but that wouldn’t do her any good. She has got nothing to lose anyway.

“Alright then,” said (Y/n), “When do we start?”


six months later

(Y/n) opened every cabinet in Cassian’s ship, and she just couldn’t find it.

“What are you looking for?” asked a familiar robotic voice from behind her.

“Hydrazine,” replied (Y/n) shortly. Kaytoo reached out to the compartment above (Y/n) and threw her a metal tube filled with explosives.

“I do not think being in a relationship with the captain brings a benefit to either of you,” Kaytoo mentioned, turning its back on (Y/n)

The girl rolled her eyes, “I am not in a relationship with Cassian.”

Kaytoo did not notice her words, if it did, the droid didn’t care.

“I suppose I could tolerate you,” shrugged Kaytoo.

“Wow,” said (Y/n) with exaggerated amazement, “That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. ever.”  

“Ha ha,” said Kaytoo with a sarcastic tone.

Kay was a weirdly annoying droid, but (Y/n) had gotten used to it by now.

When Kaytoo stepped out of the ship, a certain captain walked in. He leaned against a compartment as he looked at (Y/n) who was packing flammable fuel cells in her backpack.

“Hydrazine, huh?” he asked, “What do you need it for?”

(Y/n) smirked. “To make things go boom.”

Cassian chuckled, kneeling at the same height of (Y/n), helping her pack her bags. (Y/n)  looked into his eyes. She always thought of brown eyes as boring, but Cassian’s were different. The dark tone of his pupils often turn into a warm and comforting shade of gold.

“You know,” started (Y/n), “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness that day,” she teased, smacking his arm playfully.

“So, I’m charming?” he smiled mischievously.

“Shut up.”

For a moment, they maintained eye contact with each other. (Y/n) found herself studying the captain’s facial features. There was a scar below his lower lip. Funny she never noticed it. For a fleeting moment she wondered how he got it.

She noticed that Cassian’s breathing was uneven and that his palms were sweaty. What could he probably be so nervous about?

Without a warning, Cassian crashed his rough lips against (Y/n)’s.


That’s why.

The warmth of his mouth sent a current running through her body. (Y/n)’s eyes closed instinctively. Her once-tense hands made its way to Cassian’s sides, wrapping around it, while Cassian’s hand cupped her cheeks tenderly, glad that (Y/n) melted to the kiss as quickly as he had.

Cassian tasted like fuel, and it was one hell of an addicting taste. (Y/n) found herself wanting more, pushing herself forward so she could explore the taste further.

While (Y/n) preferred tidy yet soft kisses, it was clear Cassian’s style was a little wetter. She gasped when Cassian’ s tongue entered her mouth, but she hummed in satisfaction when their tongues were tangled like vines. 

Countless engines of spaceships roared around them, but they were to astonished to notice anything besides each other. Even the presence of a former imperial droid went unnoticed.

Cassian tilted his head slightly, brushing the tip of his nose on (Y/n)’s rosy cheek, making her chuckle a little.

“I’m going to pretend like that never happened,” said Kaytoo from the entrance of the space ship.

Cassian and (Y/n) yelped in shock as they pulled away.

(Y/n) rolled her eye at the reprogrammed imperial droid, “Shut up.”



Too Close for Comfort (Teen Wolf - Stiles x OC)

Request from anon : Could you do a stiles imagine where you are Scott’s sister and you are secretly dating stiles.

Word count : 7,4k (I feel like I’m making progress, they used to be twice as long!!)

Synopsis : Just the everyday struggles that come with being the twin sister of a true Alpha.

A/N: For the sake of the plot and nothing else, Allison is still alive, although she does not appear in the story (Allison, I’m so sorry for turning you into a plot device). I made Sasha (the OC) Scott’s twin, because it was easier and spared me the trouble of coming up with an age difference. This took me literally ages (read: months), I’m sorry for being such an unreliable writer, I  have little to no sense of priority and I keep postponing everything I’m asked to do. That’s how strong my contradictory spirit is. Here I am, dropping this imagine when everybody least expects it. Surprise!


You know what really sucks when your brother is a werewolf? Everything.

And that doesn’t even come close to reality, Sasha’s life has become so much more difficult since Scott was bitten by Peter. Having an asthmatic twin brother whose main concern in life was to pass his math class was boring, but it was safe and Sasha had the privilege of being the most extra of the two – ah good times ! But then of course Scott’s asthma became a thing of the past, added to his new found super strength and speed, his popularity went from zero to ten real quick, leaving Sasha in the dust, far behind him.

Not that he wanted to leave her behind. Scott was the absolute best brother one could possibly dream of in terms of loyalty and support, but it just happened. He couldn’t exactly fight against the natural course of the events while also learning to control his powers – and trying to win over Allison with his awkward charm. And then Peter happened, which only compelled him to push Sasha farther away for her own safety. At the time, she thought it was the worst thing that could happen, and once Peter was defeated, she thought everything was over and life would go back to normal.

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