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3/9 happy miku day

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I am piling on the thank you for continuing to write fic for Castle. It keeps the joy of new stories within the character profiles we love. This awkward thank you clearly illustrates why I read and not write. Anyway, thanks again for sharing.

Not awkward at all, anon. Thank you so much for reading and for being so incredibly kind to me. It’s people like you who make this experience all the more wonderful for me. :)


April 1st:
story #16, written by NiaKantorka + CandaWrites and illustrated by rennemichaels

April 2nd:
story #9, written by panicnhysteria and illustrated by fightacrosstheconstellations

April 3rd:
story #26, written by dracusfyre and illustrated by Postapokalypso

April 4th:
story #7, written by oh-my-what-an-awkward-situation and illustrated by rymyanna

April 5th:
story #19, written by a-to-zyxt and illustrated by itsfrostironsfault

April 6th:
story #11, written by kittenworks and illustrated by gamesandgoldenapples

April 7th:
story #18, written by ayapandagirl and illustrated by nonexistenz

April 8th:
story #10, written by to-the-starkcave and illustrated by fightacrosstheconstellations 

April 9th:
story #24, written by last-winter-rose  and illustrated by fightacrosstheconstellations

April 10th:
story #14, written by Officalotpgirl and illustrated by Staubengel

April 11th:
story #23, written by bravosierratango and illustrated by fightacrosstheconstellations    

April 12th:
story #21, written by thatfuturedrummer and illustrated by ValsadoInferno

April 13th:
story #8, written by arabmorgan and illustrated by lomezzo  

April 14th:
story #25, written by silverfyrefly and illustrated by fadesealcat

April 15th:
story #17, written by sparcina and illustrated by tonystarkfucksaround

April 16th:
story #3, written by chaotictrickster and illustrated by ranzdfries

April 17th:
story #15, written by chipmunksallshipklefan and illustrated by massivespacewren

April 18th:
story #13, written by buying-the-space-farm and illustrated by nonexistenz  

April 19th:
story #2, written by last-winter-rose and illustrated by atanau-art

April 20th:
story #5, written by mysticmcknight and illustrated by Lunanecromancer

April 21st:
story #4, written by nightalp and illustrated by lets_call_me_lily

April 22nd:
story #6, written by arvensis5 and illustrated by araydre

April 23rd:
story #1, written by aislingsiobhan and illustrated by nonexistenz

April 24th:
story #22, written by the-impossible-arvari and illustrated by staubengel

April 25th: 
story #12, written by kipli and illustrated by fightacrosstheconstellations  

April 26th:
story #20, written by wicked-mignight and illustrated by nonexistenz 

What happens in Purgatory… stays in Purgatory? =P

(((PSSST!!! if you click on it you can see it full size!!)))

This is the Benny/Cas/Dean drawing I promised to @winchester11 a while ago n.n

I think it turned out alright! I made it in Illustrator and filmed the process, so I might upload the video later n.n

I hope you like it!!


Sweet Meep Morp pals transform into Giant Woman!


-Ok, I am digging the idea of these two having 4 arms; because they both use elemental powers instead of relying on weapons, 4 arms fits their two powers. That’s a set of arms for each power! :D

-Azurite is my working theory for a Lapidot Fusion, obvs. But, under closer inspection, I may have to rethink this though, apparently Azurite gets its green coloring mostly from Malachite?!  So? Awkward??

-I illustrated what looks to be like an accidental fusion, probably when they are just hanging out and feeling rather close and end up just fusing without thinking about it…However I DO believe its going to be different in the show. I think a major point is going to be made of Lapis’s next fusion because of her bad history/experience with a toxic fusion(continuing the analogy they’re making to abuse)…I think Peridot is going to be respectful of Lapis in her own, obtuse way and probably ask “are you sure?” and assuring Lapis’s consent about 10 times before they do it and assuring her in whatever concerns or fears Lapis has(I think her power may play a part, since Jasper made a big deal about it). Since Peridot’s never fused, her first one is going to be significant. Lapis’ arc is likely one of recovery and survival and healing. I think combining these two is a brilliant strategy to bring their arcs together.

-Azurite would be super excited to meet Steven, given Lapis’s joy and friendship around him, and Peridot’s strong friendship with him.

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Is Sebastian the only one that we don't know about yet? Or is there someone else still missing?