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3/9 happy miku day

Awkward Anime Episode 6.1: Wolf Children - Promotional Poster

I love that the personalities of the family are perfectly put across in the promotional poster:


- Holding on to her Mother tightly, never wanting to let go of the one who raised her. You can see the courage in Yuki’s eyes, as if she’s saying “This life will not hold me back in any way. I will handle it”



- His Mum is holding him up. That perfectly puts across him as a person. Those eyes are wary of what’s in front of him as a human, scared of that side of the world, knowing he’ll never fit in.

Notice the difference between the three characters eyes…


- Smiling. Looking head on with her children in her arms, ready to fight for their happiness. She wants them to be humans and live happily, she’ll always be there for them. The smile, is however, not as convincing as you would normally think. A small stern smile, could be seen as forced? I see it as a strong “Fight through pain with smiles” but with the feeling of the unknown in the back of her mind. A remarkably relatable character. Whether you’re a parent or not.

Ame and Yuki’s tails are in no way the same. Yuki’s is smooth, wavy whereas Ame’s hair is ragged and messy.

The young brother’s eyesight also is an indication as to what will be the conclusion of his story. Those eyes, wandering from the sight his Mother and Sister are focusing on. “why are Wolves always the bad guy?”

Yuki wants to fit in, clinging on to her Mother as if she never wants to lose her. Kids don’t like the Wolf Yuki, so she changed her mindset to the point where she does not see herself as a Wolf during her first school year, rather a Human with a defect…

Ame and Yuki are barefoot, being held aloft by their strong-willed Mother who’s feet (that I assume are bare) are proudly planted in the grassy land, wanting to find out more about the wild side of the world, wanting her children to live happily yet diligently as humans…

You see the young boy? Dangling? As if to show that his young innocence will slowly fade as time passes. Even Hana isn’t sure about his Son, not strongly holding him up, hinting at her final grasp on him is slipping…

I will analyse anything 😅 I will also post my full essay on the movie 😅

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