awkward idols

Me whenever someone in the US dabs:

Me whenever a kpop idol dabs:


why he had to leave so soon ;;;


- Huh? Fun?
- That’s right! I was talking to Alisa about it. To have as much fun being school idols as μ’s!

The struggles of international kpop fans

*concert announced*

*sees venue location*

*new album released*

*can’t buy it anywhere*

*meets idols*

*awkward silence*

*new interview online*

*no subs*

*talks about kpop in public*

*gets weird looks*

*wants to join fan cafes*

*good fucking luck*

*kpop song comes on*

*mumbles until chorus*

Say You Like Me [Part I]

Part I, Part II

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Kibum [Key] x Original Character [Jae Eun]

Summary: Moving back to Seoul, your best friend Woohyun introduces you to his best friend, Kibum. Falling for boys and friendships have never been your thing, but what happens when Key ends up shaking up your world? 

Word Count: 3238

Credit to gif owner; title is based off the song :D

This was a request! 

So, I’ve never done a song/lyric scenario and I don’t know if this is right, but I hope this is good <3 The way I did this was I listened to the song on loop to create the story [I suck at incorporating actual lyrics]. You can find the song here

P.S. Part II will come out some time later today… Like, I wrote out 10 pages, now I have to type it all out… my poor hands T__T


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