awkward idols

The struggles of international kpop fans

*concert announced*

*sees venue location*

*new album released*

*can’t buy it anywhere*

*meets idols*

*awkward silence*

*new interview online*

*no subs*

*talks about kpop in public*

*gets weird looks*

*wants to join fan cafes*

*good fucking luck*

*kpop song comes on*

*mumbles until chorus*


- Huh? Fun?
- That’s right! I was talking to Alisa about it. To have as much fun being school idols as μ’s!

I can’t believe netizens are calling Sowon “rude” for a 5 second clip of her facial expression after getting greeted by WJSN’s Dayoung. Sowon just has awkward facial expressions. There’s a GIF where she even had that same facial expression when being hugged by one of her own members, so that’s proof that her smiles tend to be awkward. That’s the problem with netizens–your smile isn’t big enough or awkward when greeting other idols? “rude!” Your smile is too big? “fake!“