awkward idols

female kpop idols who have blessed us with thick thighs in a society where thigh gaps and thin body types in general are idealized:

  • bestie’s dahye
  • mamamoo’s hwasa
  • red velvet’s joy
  • snsd’s yuri
  • sistar’s hyorin/soyou
  • wjsn’s cheng xiao
  • aoa’s seolhyun
  • brave girls’ hyeran/yuna
  • twice’s dahyun/jihyo
  • secret’s hyosung/hana
  • ailee
  • 15&’s jimin
  • oh my girl’s arin

feel free to add more if you please & continue to support these girls!!!

Me whenever someone in the US dabs:

Me whenever a kpop idol dabs:

half thank-you and half get well soon feralmau5 doodle thing for my art dad @s-quallos!!! I’m still fawning over that beautiful art you did for me ; ; and I hope everything with your transition goes well!!! Chin up!!!

When you try to talk to someone and they don’t hear you / don’t notice but someone else does and you try to save face by pretending you don’t feel awkward:

The struggles of international kpop fans

*concert announced*

*sees venue location*

*new album released*

*can’t buy it anywhere*

*meets idols*

*awkward silence*

*new interview online*

*no subs*

*talks about kpop in public*

*gets weird looks*

*wants to join fan cafes*

*good fucking luck*

*kpop song comes on*

*mumbles until chorus*