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KP- I'm crying omg, Ignis almost fighting the stranger in his bed 😂 I imagine Noctis is adamant that he's too comfy to leave and says he has nowhere to go anyways because SOME asshole named GLADIO kicked him out. Ignis softens a tiny bit but is still reluctant to let Noct stay, tho he looks harmless enough he supposes, just too sassy for his own good. Cue awkward bed sharing maybe? ;) Bonus: Ignis stretching out before bed and noct pretends to be asleep but he's watching like ?! DAMN! I'M GAY!

I’m sorry this has taken so long, but at last it’s time for a side-Ignoct catch up post!! These two are almost as bad as Promptio when it comes to being totally obvious-slash-oblivious about their mutual crushing. So I hope you enjoy this post featuring flexible Iggy and Noct’s Big Gay Awakening :3 

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(idk where this gif is from but it’s too appropriate not to use…?????)

Noct appreciates the view under the cut! v v v 

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Igncot Skater. When does Ignis fall in love? You said when Noct fell in lust. Does Noct do something sweet? Does Ignis think Noct is just cute then Noct shows his support for Prom and Ignis is hit with the feels?

Good question!! I’ve stuck to Noct’s POV for most of the side story so far, but Ignis’ side is coming soon :) It should help to explain just how Iggy feels about Gladio’s adorable friend, but until then, here’s some insight:

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consider: jack always thinks his parents are gonna be disappointed in him but really theyre already so proud of their son and they just want jack to be happy!!
like, some of my fav fics include jack coming out to his parents all anxious and scared theyll be so mad, how is he gonna play in the nhl, what if he’s outed, this could ruin his career!!!!! but then dad bob plays the “we just want you to be happy, and we’ll be right behind you when youre ready to come out” card, and fuck, jack is floored. he’s been bottling all these Feelings up for so long, and his parents are just. okay with it???? he still doesnt wanna come out, not yet, but he could, and yeah, that feels pretty good.
i still like to think that jack takes for-fucking-ever to realize that he’s heart eyes over bitty, and you better believe the realization takes the lid off a fresh new stew of anxiety and dread, but i still like to imagine that his parents are helping him out every step of the way. somewhat clumsily, cuz theyre both straight and theyve never had a gay (bi? pan?) son before (or any other son ofc), but they try their best.
imagine jack talking to alicia about ~*boy problems*~ exactly One Time. alicia is So Excited but also So Bad. she’s only talked boy problems with bubbly female models, not big awkward hockey players. emphasis on the awkward. “no, mom, stop trying to show me cute boys, crisse, im not a teenager, yeah bittles nice i guess, good team mate, soft hands.” jack doesnt even bother talking to bob, what the fuck, no.
i just…love this family of softies…the zimmermann parents try So Hard……..