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Write something about Shiro and Keith adopting animals?

Shiro was a dog person and Keith was a cat person. They were polar opposites in that aspect.

Unfortunately for Shiro, he always seemed to lose arguments with Keith. This was no different.

“But it’s so cute!” Keith said, bending to pick up a black cat with white paws.

“Ohhhh no, we are not getting a cat.” Shiro said.

“But please??” He held the feline to his face, peering between the animal’s ears at his boyfriend.

“Adopt me, Shiro! I love you and you should love me too!” Keith moved it’s little mitten paws.

“But cat’s shed so much, and I was wanting a dog, not some fuzzy– mleeehhh thing!” He said, making an awkward hand gesture at the little creature.

Keith put down the cat, giving Shiro his innocent eyes: going for the kill. “But I’m a fuzzy –mleeehhh thing and you still want me??” He said, his voice raising slightly in pitch.

Oh god, Shiro was screwed. How could he say no to him? He glanced down at the black cat that was weaving through his feet. He crouched, picking it up slowly. It purred, licking his face with it’s tongue.

“Alright I guess we can keep him.” He murmured, much to Keith’s excitement. “What are we going to name him?” He asked.

“Mmmm. How about… Lion? ‘Cause he looks like Black!”

Shiro glanced down at the feline now resting in his arms.

“Lion? You ready to come home with us?”

The cat gave a soft meow, Shiro smiling before he let out a sneeze. Keith stared at him with wide eyes before laughing hard, Shiro sneezing again. “That was so cute! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you are allergic!”

“I told you, I’m not a cat person.” He murmured, handing the feline back to Keith as they went to pay the shelter.

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Jen did the pap walk with Henry to show how familiar and comfortable they are together, which means they did not just meet like the gossip media wants us to believe, they've actually spent a lot of time together since August. His body language shows that, and how he tries to hold her hand. He's not scared with her. It shows her relationship is real because they've spent enough time together that he trusts her. Are you convinced yet? (Wouldn't this break his trust though? I'd feel so betrayed.)

Jen did that pap walk with Henry to show that Darren trusts her with his son. She’s a responsible adult and he has no misgivings about her character. I don’t see any significant connection between the two. There’s one awkward hand hold in 35 pictures.

If you want to believe this relationship is real feel free but you have to also accept that Jennifer is using her private life for publicity, she has no problem whoring out her relationship for attention and both Jen and Darren are fine in using his 10-year old son to push this narrative. Jen 100 percent knows she and this kid will be photographed. That was the purpose of their outing - not to spend quality time together but to be seen with this child and have it documented.


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day


*cough,cough* don’t you think you’ve got too touchy with Winwin from the beginning?😂

So He Tian probably thought about this gift for a while…. why??? Well

A) where the fuck do you get a giant sandwich ???
B) He had to think long and hard about what to give to Mo (long and hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
C) He had to buy it and arrange the delivery (BTW how the fuck does He Tian know where Mo lives???)

Also extra headcanon He Tian is actually a fucking awkward loser that gets nervous before calling Mo so he had to rehearse his line like 30 times before calling :^)