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Hugging with the Zodiac Signs

Aries: Their hugs are short and very tight, and after one, they’ll stand near you for a while, maybe looking at you fondly.

Taurus: Taurus hugs are long, warm, and leave you feeling sleepy. As they don’t give hugs often, hugging a Taurus is a unique experience.

Gemini: They give hugs often, and hugs with them are comfortable, but short lasting, leaving you wanting another one.

Cancer: Their hugs aren’t particularly long, but they are warm and will leave you feeling happier than before.

Leo: They give long hugs while smiling at you brightly, which makes it difficult for you to want to step away.

Virgo: These signs like hugs, but are awkward when giving (or receiving) them. They’ll hug you tightly for 1-2 seconds and then step back quickly, leaving you surprised that they actually went in for one in the first place.

Libra: Libra hugs are longer and more commonly given. The recipient will often be startled by a Libra’s arms wrapping around them from the side or back.

Scorpio: Their hugs are sudden and slightly stiff, and they will hold you for a while, forcing you to sink in and hug them back. Their hugs can be surprisingly nice, if you get past the demanding manner in which they are given.

Sagittarius: They don’t give hugs often, but their hugs are surprisingly warm and comfortable. They’ll grin at you, but by the time you smile back, they’ll have already stepped back and gone elsewhere.

Capricorn: Their hugs will be short and somewhat uncomfortable, and when they step back (which they will do first), they’ll nod at you.

Aquarius: Their hugs are average length, casual, and warm. They are gentle with no awkwardness.

Pisces: They’ll hold you tight and nuzzle into your neck. Their hugs are long, and hugs when standing can be awkward for the other party.

Stolen Clothes - Peter Parker

Prompt: Reader is afraid of thunder/lightning and there is a freak thunderstorm, and her best friend, Peter Parker, has to comfort her.

Words: 2,499

Warnings: None- fluff mainly.

Bolts of bright light cracked across the dark sky. The constant breakouts of lightning flashes through your thick curtains. Booming of ground shaking thunder shook your dead apartment unevenly. 

You were curled up in your bed eye glued on the TV screen out of fear. The storm knocked out the satellite being the reason you were staring at a frozen screen for the last half an hour. You hid your body from the horrid weather under a mound of warm blankets fresh out of the dryer.

Fuzzy socks covered your feet and a steaming cup of hot chocolate rested untouched on your nightstand. Paralyzed with fear you didn’t dare move a muscle. Even though you hated thunder storms you couldn’t bring yourself to look away from the rain pounding against your window. It was like the scene of a car crash, the best thing was to avoid the mess but it was almost impossible to think about anything else.

A loud crash hit your window earning a screeching yelp from yourself. The stray branch from a tree outside blew in the wind knocking the glass continuously. You parents fell asleep in pure bliss to the tempest leaving you to wallow in your lonesome. 

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Nct Dream Reaction: When Yuta and Jaehyun have “The Talk™” with NCT Dream

Requested? Yup!

Summary: Yuta/Jaehyun/Yuta and Jaehyun would witness the Dream members’ outward display of affection towards you and in turn decide to prepare them for future intimacy.

Y'all this is long brace yourself. Admin Starburst helped me with most of this so it’s by both of us!!! I hope you don’t mind that I shortened the prompt anon! -admin nine and admin starburst

(In no way is this meant to sexualizes our babies, this is simply out of interest to imagine their reactions to this embarrassing topic I’m sure we’ve all had to discuss.)


Jaehyun would find out about Mark’s new relationship when he had introduced you to the members at the NCT dorms. The two of you would be connected at the hip for the entirety of your visit, holding hands and every so often kiss each other’s cheeks. After you left, Jaehyun would try to be a responsible hyung and would sit down with Mark to have “the Talk”. Trying his best not to embarrass Mark, Jaehyun would speak rather quickly about the in’s and out’s (pun intended) of safe sex. Surprisingly, Mark would handle this talk very maturely, yet with slight remorse. Never the less, he would hold on to every word, making sure to remember how to make sex as comfortable and safe as possible if the event ever occurred. He wouldn’t have any ulterior motives other than to make these future intimate moments with you as special as possible.
“So that’s actually how you ‘do it’? Ugh this is so gross why are you teaching me this…”

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Yuta would be getting coffee at a local café for the hyung line when he spots you and Renjun laughing in one of the corner tables. Enjoying your pleasant conversation with your boyfriend, you reach your hand over the table and grab Renjun’s, putting the back of his hand to your lips and placing a soft, loving kiss upon it. When Yuta encounters Renjun back at the NCT dorms later that night, he would sit him down on his bed, and slowly explain “the birds and the bees”. Renjun’s face would light up at the realization of what was happening, and mentally agreed with himself to get out of this conversation ASAP. With his face bright red, Renjun would continuously shake his head, exclaiming “I don’t understand what you’re saying, Hyung”, quickly exit the room, and rant about his embarrassment later to Chenle.
“CHENLE I CAN’T STOP BLUSHING HELPPPP! Yuta hyung won’t stop talking about dirty things aHHH.”

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[ couldn’t find a good gif :(( ]


You and Jeno would be at the mall, shopping for Jaehyun’s birthday present while holding hands. Jaehyun would spot Jeno’s face from across the store and walk over to say hi, just within earshot of hearing what exactly you were going to get him. Knowing the surprise would be ruined if Jaehyun had heard, Jeno hurriedly pulled you into an awkward kiss, startling both you and Jaehyun. He would later drop hints about how fast Jeno and you were moving in the relationship, signaling that he would give him the baby talk soon. To avoid the long, awkward, and embarrassing talk™, Jeno would research scientific facts about sex so he could get it over with as quickly as possible. When the time finally came, Jeno would blurt as many facts as he could, as quickly as he could, and dashed out of the room.



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You would be teasingly kissing Haechan in front of the NCT 127 members to try and embarrass him. When you were somehow able to pin his hands together so you could successfully kiss him, his face would suddenly turn from embarrassed to stoic, looking at you with slight wonder and affection. After a short pause, Haechan would slowly move his face towards yours hesitantly, as if he was about to kiss you, before he instead gently head-butt your forehead. To see if you were alright and make sure you weren’t mad at him, Haechan would move over to you and plant a sweet kiss on the sore area, whispering (so unintentionally loud that the other members could hear) that he loved you. When Yuta realized that you would be withHaechan for a while, he decided to prepare Haechan for a deeper relationship. Yuta had prepared a small essay to make sure he had covered all the bases about responsible sex before finally confronting Haechan. Before he could truly educate him, Haechan had laughed with a noticeable voice crack, showing his slight discomfort, and explained that Taeyong already talked with him at the beginning of his relationship. Haechan would be slightly condescending, but thankful to Yuta none the less for being a responsible “Dad”.

“HA! Who do you think I am? Jisung? Of course I know what this is, hyung. I’m a mature adult now!”

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Jaemin would be gushing about how adorable you were to Jaehyun. He would rant for hours on end about how perfect and special you were to him. After their third conversation, Jaehyun would grow bored and think of a way to stop the conversation. An imaginary light bulb appeared over his head, and a small sly smile grew on him face. Interrupting Jaemin, Jaehyun began to ask if he knew about the more intimate parts of a relationship. Before Jaehyun could start talking, Jaemin would say he knew all about THAT for a number of years. With Jaehyun’s smile turning into a disappointed frown, Jaemin began the flow of his adoration once more, and continued on throughout the night.

“Hyung, I’ve known about this for years. Anyway so Y/N was so cute today…”

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Chenle would have invited you over to the NCT dorms for a dinner and movie date. Unfortunately for him, Jaehyun and Yuta would be hidden in the kitchen, eavesdropping and occasionally butting into your conversations. When they emerged from the kitchen during your dinner date, they had discreetly witnessed your “Lady and the Tramp” moment with Chenle. Right before you could complete this romantic moment with your boyfriend, two extremely high pitched squeals echoed from inside the kitchen walls. Excitedly, after you left, Jaehyun and Yuta would drag in Renjun (from who knows where) and hastily tell him to translate everything they said. Renjun would blush profusely, shyly repeating in Chinese this intimate concept. Chenle would laugh nervously, a big awkward grin on his face. It wouldn’t be too long before Jaehyun and Yuta would talk at the same time, making translating impossible for Renjun. Instead of translating, Renjun and Chenle would talk about mundane topics, trying to erase the massive blush on both their faces.

“So uhh, how do you say ‘Get me out of here’ in Korean again, hyung?”

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Jisung would have brought you to watch him and the NCT members’ dance practice for “Black on Black”. During one of their breaks, Jisung would play a romantic song, and invite you to a slow dance. You danced clumsily, every so often moving your foot the wrong direction and collide with his. Jisung’s loving smile would turn into embarrassment once the other members began to coo at their maknae’s cuteness. Later that week Jaehyun would show Jisung a rather detailed PowerPoint. Jisung would be so flustered that he would shut down his ears, staring at the ceiling blankly in horror. When Jaehyun asked if he understood the basics, Jisung would nod his head quickly and walk out of the room, bumping into things every so often.

“Thank you for the, uh, interesting conversation, but I think I’m just going to go now.”

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“Caught Up” (Yugyeom Smut)

Originally posted by wonshu

Title: Caught Up

Featuring: Yugyeom (GOT7) X Noona Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After giving Yugyeom an eyeful of your slinky undergarments, you use the incident as fodder to tease him, but the tease might have gone too far this time.

Requested by anon! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this, but here we go!


That sing-songy voice rang out across the room and sent a cringe through your body. You absolutely hated when Yugyeom called you that, even though it was accurate. You were older than him, sure, but he had a way of teasing you about it that dug at you. You wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face when he said it.

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Walnut (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW: SMUT, really smutty, like use of the word boobs and condom

Words: 2,176

Requested: Nope lol

Disclaimer: this is my very first smut… ever. if i am absoloutley garbage - please tell me. seriously. i will stop lol. anyways, this is a super fumbly/nervous smut thing bc lets be real… evan would not be the most confident in this region. 

Yours and Evan’s relationship seemed to fall into a format that could be related to English literature: repeated and rhythmically patterned. The moment you two start doing something, you couldn’t stop. After your first kiss, Evan would not stop pecking you on the lips. After your first time holding hands, Evan couldn’t bare not capturing your fingers and intertwining them with his. Just last month, you and Evan had your first make out session.

It was strange at first. It took a while to getting used to. It would start off with a kiss, standing up. Then Evan would have to break away to control his breathing from excitement. It took a while to find a sitting position where you were both comfortable to lock lips. A few fumbles and bumped heads later, it was decided that the best spot was if you straddled Evan’s lap whilst he sat on his bed - leaning against the wall.

The make out session would include straddling and hair pulling at the bare minimum. It was so new to both you and Evan that you had to make a code word. Every time one of you got a little too excited, you would murmur the word walnut. That would give you or Evan time to calm down before continuing in kissing. At the beginning of the month, it was quite rare that the word would need to be used. 2-3 weeks into the make out month, Evan had used it 6 times and you twice. Now, at the end of the month, Evan needed a break every 10 minutes.

           Today was like every other day of the month. Evan greeted you after last period with a kiss. You two would walk to his house, holding hands. Stepping through the door, he led you upstairs. The two of you giggled like children. Evan’s mom was rarely home. Which could give you the range of make out spot possibilities, but Evan didn’t like change. Evan liked security and being able to know what goes on around him. Because of that, each afternoon snog would be in his room, with the door shut.

           You reached up onto your tip toes and grabbed Evan’s face in your hands. Smiling widely, you connected your lips together. Evan immediately placed his hands on your hips, pulling you into his lanky frame. Smiling against his warmth, you slowly led him to the edge of his bed so he could scurry against the wall; for you to get into your regular seating position. The moment you swung your legs around his hips and sat on him, his eyes grew wide.

           “Walnut,” he whispered, as if the world could hear him.

           “Already?” you question curiously.

           He nodded quickly, swallowing hard. You nodded with a small smile, obviously respecting his wishes to take a quick breather. After a few moments passed, he gave you the nod to keep going. You pressed your lips back to his, moving your mouth in sync. Your hands brushed up his blue polo and into his sandy locks. He let out the smallest of whimpers. It left butterflies in your stomach. Evan’s hands ran up and down your sides. Pulling away from his lips, you looked into his sunken eyes.

           “We are going to try something a little different, okay?” you searched his eye for approval. He gulped and nodded slowly.

           You continued to kiss him, then slowly trailed them down his neck. About two inches away from his ear, he seemed to become weak. You applied the smallest amount of pressure, and you felt his body stiffen.

           “Walnut,” he stammered.

           You kept going. Taking his hands in yours, you slowly guided them north – up to your breasts. 

          “Walnut,” his eyes flew open and watched intensely as to where you set his hands. You held his hands there, making them apply pressure to the new destination. 

          “Walnut, ohmygod, walnut,” he pracitcally hollered. 

            You pulled away quickly, looking at your loving boyfriend. His hair was sticking up, his lips were swollen, eyes were wide, and a small tent forming in his khakis. 

             “I-It was a really close call this time,” he breathed out, blushing like a mad man. 

              “Evan, we should really talk about this,” you looked at him with wide eyes.

               “Ohmygod, you think I’m so weird, don’t you? I-I can try my best, next time? I will try and last as long as I can without saying it-”

               “No, no, Evan. It’s not that,” you chuckled. You could hear him sigh with relief. “I’ve been thinking about this whole thing. You have been saying the code word so often, that it’s just- I don’t know-”

           “W-What is it?” he scrambled to hold your hand, running his thumb over your knuckles.

           “You’ll find it silly,” you laughed sheepishly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

           “Me? F-Find it silly? No way…José,” he gave you an awkward, toothy grin.

           “Okay, okay, I was just thinking – God, I don’t know, - that it’s silly how we go so far and you get so worked up and then we never… I don’t know… finish?”

           “Y-You mean, you want to-“

           “Only if you want to-“

           “W-Well maybe we could-“

           “Oh my gosh, Evan, i-it’s okay-“

           “No,” he took both of your hands in his, looking up into your eyes. “I want to. I-I really want to.”

           Evan’s mom was coming home in an hour. So you and Evan decided that tomorrow evening would be the best.


It was the next morning; you had just gone to the guidance counselor to ask for a condom. You asked Evan to pick up a package of them at the corner store, but he was afraid that somehow – they would end up telling the whole town.

The entire day was filled with excitement. Yours and Evan’s face stayed a shade of firetruck red all afternoon. During lunch, Evan rested his hand on your thigh, which only made your blushing worse. Of course, Jared picked up on it and made an obnoxious comment. Something the along the lines of being “fucking gay”, and calling Evan a “weird sex freak”.

The final bell had rang and you practically ran into Evan. You giggled at each other, knowing that he had rushed to meet you too.


Evan closed his bedroom door and suddenly got nervous. You frowned when you saw him fumbling with the material of his shirt.

“What’s wrong, Evan?” you asked softly. You sat him down on his bed, sitting next to him. Running your hand up his arm, you tried your best to comfort him. He shrugged in response. “We don’t have to do this,” you reminded him. “I’m more than happy to wait. This is a consensual thing. I love you, you know that, right?” you cracked a smile, and saw him crack one too.

           “I-I want to do this. I-I’m just scared. What if I mess up? What if I…” he began to trail off. He looked up at you and whispered, “what if I cum too early?”

           Your face turned red to match his. “It’s okay if all of that happens. This is a learning experience for the both of us. We can go slow,” you kissed him gently on the cheek. You waited for him to respond. Obviously, you would never pressure him to do something like this.

           Evan turned to you, “can we still use walnut?”

           Giggling, you nodded, “Of course.”

           Evan scooted to rest his back on the wall, pulling you up onto his lap. “I-I’m ready,” he whispered against your lips.

           You two started out as per usual. Evan didn’t use the code word once. You were kissing his neck, until he pulled away, gesturing to his shirt.

           “Should I take this off?” he asked very calmly.

           You nodded, helping him remove his polo. You were breathless at the sight. His pale form was structured like a sculpture. Every muscle, vein, and freckle was beautifully scattered on his flesh. Birth marks, moles, and little chest hairs dusted his torso. You ran your fingertips along the stretch marks that had been placed there from his middle school growth spurts.

           “You, Evan Hansen, are beautiful,” you reminded him. Evan turned an even deeper shade of red.

           Taking his hands, you guided him to the hem of your sweater. You allowed him to pull it off of you, revealing your bare skin and plain push-up bra.

           “Wow…” he breathed out, absoloutley mesmerized. You began to feel the familiar tent beneath your lap.

           “You can-um, you can touch me,” you reminded him nervously, with a small giggle.

           He reached up shakily, cupping your bra in his hands. He felt you cautiously, as if he could easily break you. He was speechless. It was the first real pair of boobs he had ever seen.

           You giggled at his expression, reaching behind you unclasping your bra. As Evan kneaded your skin, he gasped as the material fell off of your breasts. His tent grew tighter and his eyes became wider. You guided his hands to your nipples, letting him touch the sensitive nubs. You threw your head back with a whimper. Evan was shaking. 

W-Walnut, ohmygod, shit, walnut,” he whispered between his teeth. 

You nodded, watching as his eyes shut tight and his hands froze in place. You could tell that he was trying to calm his breathing. You were surprised at his sudden colourful language. A few moments passed, and your boyfriend slowly opened his eyes. 

“Did you-”

“N-No, I’m still- um- full,” he mumbled back quickly. 

You giggled at his word choice and placed his hands on your hips. You pressed your lips to his, trying to give him a feeling of familiarity. Evan soon became comfortable, taking the slightest bit of control. His fingers traced down to the hemline of your jeans. He popped open the button. Climbing off of him, you laid down beneath him, watching him hover over your body. He slid your jeans down your legs, placing the material to the side. His eyes gazed over your body, drinking the sight before him. 

Walnut,” he whispered. 

You sighed, leaning your head back on the pillow as his eyes shut tight again. 

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that- You’re laying there- fuck- you just look so good. And holy hell I don’t know if I can-” 

Giggling, you stopped his rambling. “Ev, it’s okay. I will wait as long as you want me to.” 

After the second walnut calling, everything went smoothly. You were finally fully bare, and Evan was left in his boxers. 

“A-Are you okay for me to take these off?” you asked him, placing your hand on the band of his underwear. He nodded quickly, watching your every move. 

Carefully, you pulled the white cotton off of his pelvis. His length sprung out of his boxers, hitting his stomach. You looked at his newly exposed flesh, then back at his face. “You’re doing great, Ev. You really are,” you whispered to him. Slowly, you reached out your hand and stroked him once. 

“S-Stop, or I’ll-” he whimpered out. 

“Okay, okay,” you nodded, reaching over to grab the condom before he stopped you. You raised an eyebrow to give him a questioning look. 

“I-I want you to cum, too. And I… I won’t last that long,” he mumbled sheepishly. You smiled at his concern, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He was doing so well, and you really admired that he thought of you and your pleasure. 

“Is there any way to get you, um, closer before I… ya know…” he asked quietly. 

Nodding slowly, you guided his hand to your heat. You let him rub you in a repeatitive motion. Soon, Evan got the hang of things, letting you put your hand on his shoulder - rather than guiding him. His thumb found your most sensitive nub. 

“What does this do?” he asked in a whisper, lightly tapping it. 

You inhaled sharply. “That felt really good,” you admitted with an even bigger blush. 

His continuous tapping brought you closer and closer to a high. You stopped him when you were almost at your breaking point.

“O-Okay, I’m ready,” you whispered up at him.

Evan opened up the condom, rolling it on to himself. He looked at you once more for permission. You gave him a nod, smiling. Before he entered you, he whispered against your lips.

“I love you.”

He slid into you, neither of you lasting more than 15 seconds. Evan hit his orgasm first, absolutely melting in your hands. His whole body shook. Then it was your turn, grappling your finger nails into the flesh on his spine.


Hedi came home around 10pm that night. You and Evan were cuddled on the couch, bones aching and hearts swelling. She opened the door with bags full of groceries.

“Aw, my two little lovebirds,” she mumbled. Putting down the grocery bags, she pulled out a plastic container. “Do you guys want some candied walnuts?”

Evan turned red.

(un)deniable. | taeyong

Member: Lee Taeyong / Reader
Group: NCT
Word Count: 2,400+
Genre/Warning(s): college!au, romance, fluff
A/N: requested by @perrpfoudre Thank you for being so specific with your request, it really helped a ton. I also apologize for taking ages to post this, I know this has been sitting in my drafts for awhile, but thanks for being patient. I hope you enjoy, darlings!

Originally posted by taesyong


Late in the evening, just before dusk breaks, water trickles between the spaces of your soapy fingers to run along the ceramic plate. The silence wrapping around your frame seems oddly comforting, despite being accompanied by another with little to no words. At least he’s assisting you while washing the dishes from the dinner your family had devoured.

And yet, even as he stands next to you and rinses the dishes you pass him, there’s a space for conversation that neither of you care to fill. Many would call it awkward or perhaps even rude for a guest to remain so quiet, unwilling to offer some kind of casual chit-chat, but you’d beg to differ just this once.

Lee Taeyong is an exception, for his silent nature isn’t disconcerting.

In fact, it’s compelling.

You give him fleeting glances, like a child filled with insatiable curiosity toward something new; something fascinatingly unusual. That something for you is Taeyong.

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O Mama Don't You Cry - Zach Werenski

Originally posted by goldanklebonecups

Notes: look its not a smut for once (and ima wait on a few smuts, write a few non-smuts for you all then post bc :) ) but yeah, here’s a sUPER cute Zach Werenski one and its a lil fluffy with a bit of a grumpy zach so be excited!! also i feel like my titles have nothing to do with the story and im sorry

Warnings: Mentions of underage drinking

Mentions: Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel, Auston Matthews, Noah Hanifin, Charlie McAvoy, a few more

Requested By @werenzki (also check out her imagines bc if you have time to binge-read, would definitely recommend!!): I’d love who when the reader is at some party or something and she’s interested in zach werenski but he thinks she’s into Dylan Larkin so he gets sort of awkward and jealous but by the end of the night she turns her attention to Zach and it’s all cute and stuff..

Up Next: idk its a surprise y’all

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AUTHORS NOTE: i currently have 586 things in my ask box. 124 of those asks were for a sequel to my fic ‘Walnut’. SO HERE YOU GO KIDDOS

TW: all of them. smut mostly.

Words: 2,503

Requested: hell ya           

You were slammed on the mattress that was now hibernating beneath your spine. Your head hit a pillow, and your boyfriend’s body was hovering over yours. His torso found its way between your thighs. His lips latched onto the flesh of your neck. The room swarmed with sensuality and familiarity. Layers of cotton and denim were strayed on the hard wooden floors of Evan’s bedroom. The sheets that protected his twin size mattress were thrown carelessly. It was a battle of flesh against flesh, in hopes of winning dominance and sweet harmony.

           The feeling of Evan’s racing heart was caught between your fingers. Your hands roamed his exposed skin, drinking in the image of his radiance. His brunette eyebrows were lifted as his eyelids fluttered to a close. Your touch was like fire, burning down deep into his soul. His skin was soft. Your hands traveled to his blue boxers, slipping them down the hip bone that poked the surface of his skin. With a soft growl, he opened his eyes, staring at your anatomy once more.

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the-bookish-soul  asked:

I meant to ask Feysand fluff fic I'm made you a cake

See my favorite thing as a writer is to write something totally off base of what might be expected from these prompts… I think I did that with this one… hope this is fluffy enough, friend. I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Feysand + “I made you a cake”


“Mor, have I ever told you how much I completely and totally loathe you?”

“Oh quit being dramatic,” Rhys’s cousin snapped from where she stood between him and Azriel, her hand in his. “You’re the one who said you wanted a night out downtown with all of us!”

“I meant a night out drinking, Mor. Drinking. Alcohol. The cheap kind. And lots of it, preferably.”

“There will be alcohol!”

“Yeah Rhys, didn’t you read the pamphlet?” Cassian sauntered up to his friend, hooking an arm around his shoulder. “‘Wine and Canvas Painting.’ Sounds delightful, right? A real party. I mean I personally am gonna get so– ow! Quit it!”

Mor leaned over and pinched Cassian in the side to which he yelped.

“Don’t make fun,” Mor hissed. “My friend Feyre is still in the early stages of starting her own business, and I want to support her. And you guys support me, thus, we’re going to drink wine and paint some damn canvases or so help me you two will–”

“We’re here,” Azriel cut in smoothly.

Mor gave Rhys and Cassian one last glare that would have sent other men running before sauntering up the steps and opening the door to a little shop with an overhanging sign that read, “Velaris.”

“That’s a weird name,” Rhys grumbled to himself as he followed after his friends.

Once they were inside and had taken off their coats, Rhys glanced appreciatively at the space inside. It was… nice, he would give it that. Spacious and warm and full of light.

Mor’s friend - Feyre - apparently owned this little studio and taught art classes all throughout the week. And every other Friday she taught a 21 and up class where they served wine while doing canvas paintings.

And Mor, being Mor, thought it would be a great idea to do that this very weekend instead of going out to their favorite bar, the Illyrian, like they usually did.

“Well where is this friend of yours?” Cassian grumbled. “And where is the wine? If I’m doing this I need to be drinking.”

Rhys and Azriel laughed, but quieted instantly when Mor glared at them.

“She’s probably setting up or something. But her sister and Amren are over there, come on.”

“Amren’s here?” Azriel paled. Mor ignored the other two as they snickered and walked ahead.

“Amren! Nesta!” She called out. Two girls in the back row whipped their heads around.

Rhys recognized Amren, the terrifying woman that Mor had introduced him to a few times. The other one, Nesta, must be Feyre’s sister.

Amren just looked the boys up and down and huffed before turning back around in her seat.

Nesta rolled her eyes at Amren and gave Mor a forced smile. “Hey,” she said without much enthusiasm.

Mor went to reply and sit in the open seat next to Nesta, but the next thing they knew Cassian had practically shoved her aside and was careening to sit beside the young woman.

“Well hello there,” he said in his charming voice. “I’m Cassian. And you are?”

Nesta just stared at him, completely unaffected.

“You literally just heard her say my name,” she deadpanned. She looked back over at Mor. “Mor, who the hell is this guy?”

“I’m sorry.” Mor just rolled her eyes. “I told them to be on their best behavior, but I only have one of them trained.” Azriel narrowed his eyes at her but she only giggled and moved to sit down beside Amren and Azriel followed suit on her other side.

“Oh I can be on my best behavior,” Cassian continued, clearly not taking the hint. “I can be on whatever sort of behavior you want, sweetheart.”

He leaned in close to Nesta, giving her his best seductive look.

She was thoroughly unimpressed.

“Get your face the hell away from my face before I break it.”

Cassian’s brow shot up in surprise and Azriel and Rhys both snorted in laughter. His surprise soon turned into wicked delight.

“Oh just wait sweetheart, you’ll learn to love my face. In fact I’ll bet you’ll be painting it before the night is over. Or perhaps if my charm really sways you, you might even be s–”

“Do not finish that sentence and do… not… call me sweetheart,” Nesta seethed.

Rhys was just about to go sit on the other side of Azriel to avoid all of… that, when someone bumped into him from behind.

“Oh, oh I’m so sorry! I just… well I can’t really see right now so…”

Rhys turned to the voice only to be met with a stack of canvases stacked way too high for one person to be carrying. The stranger’s face was hidden behind the stack and it was clear she couldn’t see anything in front of her. He chuckled.

“Do you need some help there?” He offered.

“Nope!” The female voice chirped brightly. “Nope I am perfectly fine. Just fine.”

“Really?” He drawled. “Well then by all means, continue your trek.”

The person froze.

“Right. Yes. Continuing now.”

The woman turned slightly to the left, then slightly to the right. She took a small step forward only to bump into Rhys’s other shoulder.

“Dammit,” she hissed under her breath.

Rhys laughed openly, reaching forward to take half the stack off of her hands.

“Here, allow me.”

When the stack was considerably lowered, Rhys finally saw the stranger’s face - and felt like he had been sucker punched.

With her eyeline free now, the girl blew a stray strand of messy hair away from her face. Her eyes were blue-gray and absolutely stunning. She had a single purple streak of paint on her cheek that he had a feeling she had no idea was even there.

And then she smiled up at him.

“Thanks,” she said, clearly not noticing that he wasn’t even breathing. “Are you here for the class?”

“I uh…” he stumbled, unable to tear his eyes from hers.

What the hell was wrong with him, he didn’t get nervous around girls? Especially not ones with paint on their face and a stubborn attitude to boot.


“Feyre!” Mor shouted suddenly, and the next thing Rhys knew his cousin was shoving him out of the way to give the woman an awkward hug over the canvases she held.

“Hey, Mor,” she said in a strained voice, giving Rhys a look that said ‘save me’ over Mor’s shoulder.

“I told you we would come.” Mor pulled back with a grin. “I brought Az, who you know, and then Cassian is the one over there about to get his balls ripped off by your sister, and it looks like you’ve already met my cousin, Rhys.”

“Yeah we… ran into each other,” Feyre said, smiling over at Rhys.

He could’ve died a happy man right then.

“Well I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got to get the class started,” she continued apologetically.

“Oh it’s fine,” Mor said quickly as Feyre started to make her way up to the front of the room. Rhys followed awkwardly with his half of the canvases. “Oh and happy birthday!” Mor shouted suddenly.

Feyre froze, whirling towards Mor but running into Rhys yet again.

“It’s your birthday?” Rhys asked, his head cocked to the side.

Feyre paled. “Yes, but don’t say anything else please. I hate celebrating my birthday, it’s just so awkward.”

Rhys grinned, his earlier awkwardness melting away and turning into his usual suave because now he had an in with this girl.

“My lips are sealed Feyre, darling,” he said softly as he sat down his stack of canvases and stepped closer to her. She looked up at him a bit nervously.

“Allow me to formally introduce myself since my cousin thought she needed to do it for me,” he said smoothly, extending his hand. “I’m Rhysand.”

He noticed her shiver and grinned a bit wider.

“Feyre,” she replied, taking his hand. “Feyre Archeron. And please don’t call me darling.”

Rhys laughed, walking backwards towards his seat.

“Whatever you say, Feyre, darling.”

“You know if you keep calling me darling I’ll have to come up with a name for you too. How about prick?”

Ohhhh, he liked this girl already. His smile said as much.

He finally made it back to his seat, plopping down next to Azriel. Cassian and Nesta were still at each other’s throats.

Rhys was watching Feyre as she set up her own easel when Mor leaned across Azriel and pinched his arm.

“Ouch! What, Mor?”

Mor grinned like a fox.

“I knew you two would hit it off.”

“You… you planned this?”

Mor only laughed, leaning back in her seat and grabbing the glass of red wine in front of her as she spoke to Amren. Rhys looked at Azriel incredulously.

He just shrugged as if to say, ‘what can you do?’

The class started, and Rhys found himself captivated by Feyre yet again. She spoke about painting reverently, it was clear this was her passion. Her eyes lit up and her voice took on a tone he could listen to for the rest of his life.

Then when the actual canvas painting began, she walked around the room and answered questions, helping here and there. She stopped by Rhys’s row a couple of times, but only long enough to chat with her sister, Amren, or Mor before skittering off to another place in the room.

Rhys huffed as she avoiding his gaze for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

Mor giggled. “The chase not working out how it usually does for you, cousin?” She teased.

“Neither is his painting,” Azriel murmured.

Rhys cursed his brother, elbowing him in the side.

“What do you mean?” Mor asked. “What’s wrong with your… Rhysand!” She shouted, leaning across Azriel and smacking him in the chest. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Stop hitting me!” Rhys hissed. The rest of the class - and Feyre, he observed - was watching them. “And mind your own business. I know what I’m doing.”

“Oh do you?” Mor drawled. “Well then by all means, show us your wooing skills.”

Before Rhys could say another word, Feyre had sauntered up right next to him.

“Everything okay back here guys?”

“Oh yes,” Mor said before Rhys could get a word in edgewise. “Az and I were just observing how wonderful Rhys’s painting is.”

Oh Rhys was going to kill his cousin.

“That’s great!” Feyre said enthusiastically, meeting Rhys’s eyes finally.

“Yeah, super great. Go ahead, Rhys.” Mor propped her chin in her hand with a sly grin. “Show her.”

“Well, Mor,” he seethed, turning his easel so Feyre couldn’t see his painting. “I actually wanted to show Feyre darling here my painting when the class was over.”

“Oh but it’s just SO good Rhys, show her now.”

“Yeah, show me,” Feyre jumped back in. Rhys melted at her soft smile, feeling a bit like a prick now. “I bet it’s great.”


“Oh for goodness sake.”

Mor leaned across Azriel for a third time, turning Rhys’s easel towards Feyre herself.


Feyre’s jaw dropped when she saw that Rhys had painted a… cake.

A terrible looking cake with blue frosting and candles that looked like sticks. And in black paint he had written across the top, “Happy Birthday, Feyre Darling.”

She was silent for a few seconds and Rhys thought she might have stopped breathing.


“I made you a cake,” Rhys finally said. It sounded infinitely stupider when he said it out loud. “Since it’s your birthday and I just thought… you’re smiling. Is that a good thing? Did I do something right or are you showing me pity?”

Feyre snorted, covering her mouth with her hand.

“I love it,” she said in between her laughter. “I mean it looks… utterly horrendous–”

“Hey now, this is exquisite.”

“But it’s very sweet of you,” she said, meeting his eyes with a genuine smile.

Rhys felt his own lips tilting upward at the corners of their own accord.

“Anything for you, Feyre darling.”

Feyre’s smile dropped and she rolled her eyes.

“You had to go and ruin it, didn’t you, you prick. Call me darling one more time tonight and I won’t go out with you when you ask me after class.”

“Oh I’m asking you on a date now, am I?” He asked, mouth turned up in wicked delight.

“Well you better. You already made me cake,” she gestured to the painting. “Now you have to buy me dinner.”

He met her teasing eyes and realized he was already in deep shit and he didn’t mind at all.

“Anything you want.”

- the moment in PP3 when Aubrey tells Chloe about Beca's toner...

[Aubrey stands before the large mirror of the dressing room, putting the finishing touches to her lipstick. The Bella’s are all bustling around her, getting ready for the final performance of their USO tour. Tonight was their final night together. They all returned to their respective homes tomorrow.

Aubrey sees Beca in the mirror’s reflection. The brunette is quiet, leaning her back against the wall of the room, looking over at the door of the dressing room miserably. In the doorway stands Chloe, chatting to Chicago, who has stopped by the dressing room to give her a rose as a form of good luck before tonight’s final performance. Aubrey thinks it’s odd to see the tables turned. To now see Beca pining secretly for Chloe who seems completely oblivious.

Beca glances at the mirror for a fleeting moment and, upon seeing Aubrey watching, clears her throat and takes hold of the gold jacket she would be wearing for their final performance tonight. Aubrey realises this is the first time she has ever felt sorry for the petite brunette.

A bell rings out, notifying the performers that the show is about to begin. They are not first to perform, but they still need to be in the wings of the stage ready for the moment they were to perform. The Bella’s file out, including Beca who leaves with Fat Amy, but Aubrey hangs about. Something that is uncharacteristic and enough to grab Chloe’s attention, so the redhead stays behind too.]

Chloe: Everything okay Bree?

Aubrey: Huh? Oh…yeah, fine.

Chloe: Are you sure? Because you’re usually the first to get to the stage when it’s time to perform?

Aubrey: Well I’m more laid back about things now so…

Chloe: Aubrey Posen. I’ve known you for ten years. I know when something’s on your mind. Spill.

[Aubrey turns to Chloe]

Aubrey: Okay, I don’t want to ruin things between you and Chicago…

Chloe: Sure you don’t.

[Chloe folds her arms. It wasn’t the first time this trip that Aubrey had shown her disapproval of the troop she had begun seeing.]

Chloe: Aubrey I don’t want to have this conversation with you. Chicago is a decent guy. We’ve had some nice dates! I’m enjoying seeing where it is going, and nothing is going to stop that.

[Chloe turns on her heels and makes to leave but Aubrey calls out to her]

Aubrey: Beca has a toner for you!

[Chloe stops in her tracks and waits to hear more before deciding whether to turn to look at her best friend or not]

Aubrey: I’ve seen it all through this tour. And then she told me herself last night. Beca really likes you Chloe.

[Chloe turns to look at Aubrey and tears begin to form in her eyes. A look of disbelief is on Chloe’s face and Aubrey cant help the small smile that tugs at her mouth. She knows this is something Chloe’s wanted to hear for years.]

Chloe: *whispers* She likes me?

Aubrey: Really likes you.

[One of the USO stage directors appears at the door]

SD: Bella’s you’re on in 10, hurry up!

[Aubrey walks out of the dressing room with Chloe and they make their way down the corridor to the wings of the stage. They approach the rest of The Bella’s who are watching Dew perform for a packed audience.

Chloe isn’t watching the stage. She’s watching Beca, who glances over at her and gives her a sad smile before looking back at the stage again. And Chloe suddenly feels upset that she hadn’t noticed the way Beca had apparently been looking at her over the weeks they had been on this tour. That she’d been right when she’d accused Beca yesterday evening of being jealous, even though Beca had denied it. Beca liked her!]

Aubrey: Alright gather round Bella’s. Let’s do this one last time.

[The Bella’s circle up and place their hands in the centre. Aubrey counts and they all raise their hands on the count of three. Chloe approaches Beca.]

Chloe: Um, Beca? Can I have a quick word?

Beca: Uh, yeah, of course.

[Chloe and Beca step a few paces away from The Bella’s. Aubrey and Fat Amy watch in anticipation from their position by the stage. Both Beca and Chloe look at each other with awkward grins.]

Beca: Everything ok?

Chloe: Yeah, fine. I…um…I just wanted to say I’m sorry…about last night. I shouldn’t have got so defensive. You were just looking out for me and I appreciate that… I appreciate you.

[Beca nods slowly and Chloe screws her face up slightly, trying to find the right words to tell Beca that she knows about her toner. Beca nudges Chloe’s arm, smiling reassuringly.]

Beca: It’s okay Chlo. We’re best friends. We fight sometimes because we care. I care…about you…so…

[Chloe smiles softly. It’s likely to be the closest thing she’d get to Beca confessing her feelings for her. She’d take it as that.]

Chloe: Beca I-

[Chloe is interrupted by one of the Stage Directors who hustles them towards the rest of The Bella’s. Calamity and the rest of Dew walk off the stage, wishing The Bella’s luck and Aubrey leads them all out onto the stage for their final performance of their USO tour.]

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Part Two

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: not really, except Jughead may be slightly ooc but just a little

Summary: Jughead is reunited with (Y/N), after meeting her in juvy six years previous.

Part One

“Max, you can’t just pick all the vegetables out,” (Y/N) scolded, as her brother pulled a ketchup-soaked lettuce leaf from his burger and dropped it onto the side of his plate, where it fell with a wet splat.

“Wa-watch me,” Max stuttered smugly.

(Y/N) didn’t force the issue. She watched him take a huge gulp of his milkshake then screw his eyes shut against the brain freeze. In the soft neon glow of the diner, Max couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else’s brother, with his (Y/H/C) hair falling in his (Y/E/C) eyes, he was (Y/N). Minus the criminal record.

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"H-hey, I'm n-new here and I j-just wanted to s-say I really l-love your artwork an-and jokes *awkward grin*" -- ask-twitchy-bendy

[ Hello, welcome, and thank you (a million years late) ! I hope you’ve been enjoying the ask blog scene ]



Summary: congrats on the 1k!!! could i please get a bucky x reader thing where the reader has been feeling anxious all day and bucky helps them feel a little better? (can it please be where bucky and the reader aren’t together yet?) thank you :)

A/N: Here’s a short and sweet one for the 1K asks!! I’m still accepting prompts but I’ll do the one’s I feel I can execute well first

Word Count: 1218

Warnings: anxiety, mainly just fluffy and cute Bucky being all adorable xx

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Your heart was pounding. Your palms were sweating and you couldn’t think straight. Your mind felt like a jumble of a thousand emotions and feelings that were all warring with each other and your stomach churned in response to the turmoil in your brain.

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Request of Harry and y/n after dating for years hooking up in a car and getting caught by paps after they have sex and him getting dressed and going off on them because Y/n was nervous in the first place to do anything with him in public. Lots of daddy *dirty kind Harry and protective Harry. Long hair. Rings on. I'm trying to make this make sense. >.<


This is set in the Lemon Curd verse, but it’s pretty fungible! And it really leans on the daddy!kink with the sex in the car part of this rather than the paps part, but… I think it works? Happy reading. x

Gentle Reminder: requests are closed and new requests will be posted immediately and catalogued! 

055. Leather and Cars

“We should go out.”

Your smile stretches almost lazily over your face as Harry licks softly over your neck. Your head lolls to the side and his hand offers a cradle for it to lean against as he eagerly attaches his mouth to the new expanse of skin that he’s allowed to access.

You smell like a bakery, he’s sure of it. You can’t possibly as you haven’t worked there in ages, but he thinks the smell has managed to cling to you in a way it hasn’t to him. You smell like warm bread and hot coffee and those lemon curds that the two of you had been fond of sharing together and that he still brings home sometime for you two to indulge in when he thinks of it.

“Why?” you ask him with a fluttering breath.

“Done with your first year, aren’t yeh?” he murmurs.

“I am,” you agree. Harry’s arm is wound around your waist and you cover it with yours, digging into his skin with your fingertips.

“An’ correct me if I’m wrong, pet,” he starts. “But do you live here now?” he says of his home that is just a little more crowded with the two of you and your things that have been slowly finding their way in amongst his.

It’s been “official” for a month now, but Harry has spent the better part of that being out of your hair while you revised.

“Do I?” you ask and Harry frowns instantly before opening his mouth and biting with gentle warning. You squirm out of the hold of his jaws.

“We should go out,” he repeats.

“I don’t know that we should,” you reply.

“What?” he asks with pinching brows. “Why not?”

“Because something always happens,” you say.

“Like what?”

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little prompt for you if you want: how about instead of being an awkward baby gay coming into her gayness alex is just plain awkward and very very gay and maggie basically has no gaydar to speak of? like maggie goes "i didn't know you were into girls" and alex is like "uh, i thought the leather jackets and the bike and the boots and everything were like neon signs" or smth like that you get my point right? anyways i love your writing!

She leans against her cop car and stares up at Alex with skepticism and maybe a little bit of hope in her eyes.

“I think I read you wrong.”

She hopes, she hopes, because her entire body is smarting, aching, reeling, from the pain of what her ex had said to her, the things she’d accused her of.

And Maggie, self-esteem shattered, is sure her ex had been right about all of them.

She is hard-headed, insensitive. Obsessed with work. Borderline sociopathic (well, that wasn’t her exact diagnosis, but hell, her ex wasn’t to be expected to know all the right terms, right?).

And she knows her ex was right, too, when she’d accused Maggie of having eyes for that damn FBI agent.

She’d tried not to, and she would never have done anything about it  – she was nothing if not loyal – but she couldn’t help the feelings. Alex was…

Alex had rescued her, Alex had walked into the line of literal fire for her.

Alex had cared

So she didn’t have words for Alex.

Except, now, maybe – because it really feels like Alex is asking her out, and hell, she thinks now the word might be gay – the word she hadn’t dared to hope for, because anyway, if she was straight, Maggie couldn’t be tempted any more than she already was.

“What do you mean?” Alex is tilting her head and smiling confusedly and her voice is nervous, nervous, nervous.

“I… I didn’t know you were into girls.”

And the nerves seep out of Alex’s body, now, because suddenly, Alex is laughing. Maggie blinks and furrows her brow, crossing her arms defensively across her chest, because she’d thought Alex was straight, sure, but she’d also thought Alex was just fine with her being a lesbian.

“Problem, Danvers?” And suddenly Maggie’s voice is hard, cold, defensive, protective. The voice she’d honed in Blue Springs. The voice that served her well on the force. The voice that didn’t feel like her at all, and yet felt like her whole life.

Alex reaches out and touches Maggie’s elbows, shaking her head now. “No, no, Maggie, no, I’m sorry, no, no, nothing’s wrong. I just… how could you not have known? I thought the leather jackets and the bike and the boots and the, like, everything, were kind of neon signs.”

Her grin is awkward, now, but with just a twinge of confidence, and her eyes flit down to Maggie’s lips, and Maggie’s gulps, because oh. Oh. Oh.

“So… you wanna keep each other company, Danvers.”

“You don’t wanna celebrate singledom, fine. You can be all sullen and quiet, that’s okay, or you can drink as much as you want and I’ll make sure you get home okay, or you can vent as much as you need to, or all of the above. I’m a good listener, Sawyer.”

Maggie tilts her head. “And… venting is all you want?”

Alex smiles softly. “You’re still hurting, obviously. So for now, yeah.” Her eyes flit to Maggie’s lips again. “For now.”

Maggie loses her breath because Alex wants her, and Alex wants to take care of her.

Of all the things she’s used to, this isn’t one of them.

“So what’d you say about a great pinball bar?”

Alex smiles, and Maggie swears she might be blushing. And it feels… like life might be beginning again.

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okay. i gotta know. whats the weirdest thing you've done in bed?

Draco: Just when you thought they were satisfied with everything they know so far–

Harry: I doubt that’s going to happen so–

Draco: *awkward shifting*

Harry: *sheepish grinning* We…er… We tried– like role play?

Draco: *flaring up* It’s not a big deal, alright?! Lots of people try it!

Harry: Yes, they do. So would you relax? Yeah, so we sort of… enacted some… like fantasies?

Draco: Don’t go into the details.

Harry: Silly stuff really–

Draco: Dooon’t!

Harry: Randy professor and naughty student–

Draco: *smacks self on the forehead*

Harry: Evil boss and a innocent new employee–

Draco: *desperately* If you stop talking right now, I will– *whispers furiously into Harry’s ear* I promise, we can do it! Tonight if you’d like!

Harry: *grinning like all his dreams have come true*

Harry: *clears throat* That’s– that’s all we did.

Draco: *exhales in relief* 

elevators [moonbin]

request: getting stuck in an elevator with Moonbin and the elevator stopping may or may not be a prank pulled by Astro to force Moonbin to talk to the backup dancer he’s been crushing on

word count: 1473

warnings: none

“Y/N-ah! Are you coming?” Your friend Joosung asked from the doorway of the practice room. You both had met at Fantagio, where you were currently working as backup dancers for one of their pop groups, ASTRO. They were a very energetic group, and you always had a blast with them.

“I’m going to do a couple more stretches then head home. See you tomorrow, Joosung!” You waved to her as she went into the elevator with a couple other backup dancers.

Your legs were aching, but you still forced yourself to touch your toes, then go even further and place the palms of your hands on the ground. The feeling of the tension in your tendons releasing as you stood back up was relaxing. Next you stretched out your arms, then gave your neck a final crack before moving over to your bag.

The ASTRO boys were still in the corner, and you hadn’t even noticed them whispering and talking as you walked to your gym bag.

Pulling out your water bottle, you took a long swig before shouldering the bag and waving to them. “See you all tomorrow!”

“Mind if Moonbin hyung and I ride down with you?” The youngest, Sanha asked, pulling his friend behind him.

The older boy seemed disgruntled at being dragged along, trying to get his arm out of his friend’s grasp.

“Of course not.” You agreed, going to open the door, but Moonbin beat you to it, holding it for you as you walked out. “Thank you.”

Giving the other four a final wave goodbye, you walked down the hall with the two boys, pressing the down button. As it dinged and the door opened, Sanha looked as if he suddenly remembered something.

“Oh! I forgot my phone! I’ll get the next one, bye Y/N!” The pink-haired boy said, pushing Moonbin and you into the elevator before dashing away.

“He’s a very… energetic kid, huh?” You chuckled, pressing the button to close the doors, then the lobby button.

“That’s one word for it.” Moonbin said quietly, looking down at his gym bag in his hand.

“And how would you describe him, Moonbin?”

“Annoying. And you can just call me Bin, if you’d like.”

“Okay, Bin.” You smiled to yourself at the fact that he requested you call him by something more personal. Maybe he was finally getting more comfortable around you. Just as you were about to ask him another question, the elevator jolted to a stop.

“What happened?” You asked aloud, knowing that you weren’t yet at the lobby. The doors hadn’t opened, and the screen said you were still only on the second floor.

“I don’t know.” Bin frowned, pressing a few buttons, but nothing happened. He then pushed the emergency call button.

Someone at the front desk answered, saying they would have to call the fire department, who wouldn’t get there for another hour or so.

“Well, I’m sitting down.” You declared, dropping your bag and sitting down, leaning against the wall of the elevator. “My legs are tired enough.”

“Oh yeah, you had all those spin jump routines today.” Bin commented after he hung up, standing across from you. “You looked great.”

“Nearly twisted my ankle a dozen times.” You snorted, unscrewing the cap on your water bottle. “Kept messing up. You, on the other hand, Bin, you’re an incredible dancer.”

“Woah, hey, definitely not better than you.”

“Are you kidding me? All those complicated dance moves Rocky comes up with? You get them in one go!”

“Don’t put me on a pedestal, I live in the same dorm as him, we practice together all the time. You only get to practice when we’re in the room, and you wipe the floor with your moves.”

His praise was causing your face to heat up, and you hoped that you were still flushed from practice so he wouldn’t notice. “Thanks, Bin.”

There was another pause, and you took this opportunity to take out your phone to call your roommate.

“Hey, it’s me. Could you feed Brownie for me? Yeah, I’m going to be home a little late. Alright, see you tonight. Bye.” Once you hung up, you saw Bin looking at you with interest.

“Brownie?” He questioned.

“My dog. I usually feed her after practice but-” You gestured to the fact that you were still stuck in the elevator, then opened up the gallery on your phone to find a picture of your pup. “I was asking my roommate Mijin to feed her for me.”

“Oh, roommate.”

“Who did you think I was calling?”

He focused on your screen as you showed him the chocolate brown dog you owned, curled up sleepily on your lap. “Your boyfriend.”

“Hard to call someone that doesn’t exist.” You laughed, tucking your phone back into your pocket.

“Oh, okay.”

Thirty minutes later, and you were still in the elevator with Bin. You had been mindlessly scrolling through your social media for the past ten minutes, and he was on his phone as well, furiously texting someone.

With a groan and a sigh, he put his phone down, and you raised a eyebrow at him curiously. “Y/N, could I tell you something?”

“Well, of course, Bin.” You gave him an encouraging smile.

“I, I really uhm, I really like you, and I wanted to know if maybe you’d like to get dinner with me.”

The smile on your face turned into an ear-to-ear grin. “Yes, I’d like that a lot.”

“Tomorrow night?”


“Great.” Bin was smiling brightly, and you turned back down to your phone to add it happily to your calendar.

He spoke up again, awkwardly asking, “Could I maybe get your number as well? So you can give me your address for me to pick you up?”

“Oh, yeah!” You quickly opened the Contacts on your phone, and swapped with Bin, who had also opened his Contacts.

After inputting your number, you snorted when you got your phone back. Bin had put himself in as “🌙🚮”, which made you chuckle. Just as you were about to comment on it, the elevator jolted back to life, the electricity humming around you.

Both you and Bin let out various sounds of elatement, ecstatic that you were finally moving again. The elevator dinged, signalling that you were at the lobby, and the doors swooshed open. You stumbled out of them, reveling in the cool air conditioning against your skin, it wasn’t very well air conditioned in the elevator.

“Freedom!” You yelled, garnering a few weird looks from the front desk attendants.

When you looked over to Bin to say your goodbyes, you saw that he was surrounded by all the other ASTRO members, smug smiles across their faces. They were all teasing him about something, which he didn’t seem to appreciate. Clearing your throat, you caught their attention before speaking.

“I’ve got to go home, see you tomorrow.” Giving Moonbin a smile and small wave, you shouldered your bag. “Bye, Bin.”

As you walked towards the doors, you could hear the members in a roar, and suddenly footsteps sounded behind you. “Mind if I walk you home?” Bin had appeared at your side.

“Not at all.”

He again held the door open for you, and you thanked him before stepping onto the busy streets.

“I just want to apologize.” He suddenly said, and you turned to him with a perplexed look.

“For what?”

“Apparently the other members stopped the elevator as a prank, to get me to talk to you.” Bin explained, tugging at the hem of his tank top nervously as he continued. “Because I’ve had a crush on you for a while.”

You couldn’t help but flush and smirk a little bit. “I’m flattered, I guess.”

Your apartment wasn’t very far from the Fantagio building, thankfully, so your walk to and from work was always fairly short, no more than fifteen minutes. At your door, you turned to Bin to say goodbye.

“Thanks for walking me home, Bin.” You said, squeezing his forearm appreciatively for a moment. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Can I text you tonight?” He blurted out, and you nodded.

“I’d love that.”

“Good. See you tomorrow, Y/N.”

With a final exchange of awkward grins from the both of you, you closed your apartment door behind you. Immediately greeted by Brownie, you picked her up and carried her towards your bedroom with you. Your phone buzzed when you were just barely in your room, and you saw that it was a text from Bin.

[🌙🚮: hey y/n]

[you: miss me already, bin?]

[🌙🚮: maybe]

With a chuckle, you fell onto your bed, ready for the night of texting that would ensue. Maybe the other members stopping the elevator wasn’t so bad, after all.

Swore I’d Never Come Back Here Again (Part 2)

A/N: I’m so so sorry this took forever to put up! I lost inspiration for a moment but now it’s back so don’t worry :) If you want to read the first part, you can find that here! This is not the last part so don’t worry! I think there will be one or two more! Enjoy! 

Dean x Reader, Jax Teller and rest of SAMCRO

Warnings: swearing, fighting, slight fluff, angst

Word Count: 1700

Tags: @bokkie92 @thetigersclaw @blackdjpink @andreiaafaria @utterlyhopeful

“Hey- we don’t have to stay long, alright? We can get back on the road after this and head back home, okay? Whatever you want,” Dean assured you, his fingers intertwining with yours as you stood in front of Gemma Teller’s front door. Too many memories of a time that you hardly associated yourself with anymore, flooded through your mind. You were completely different from the Y/N Y/L/N that SAMCRO adored and cherished. She was long gone. With a grateful smile, you leaned up and planted a soft kiss on those annoyingly perfect lips of the handsome Winchester and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

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