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For all those new ToppKlass out there who just wanna know the basic outlines of Topp Dogg… Enjoy~ (tag urselves I’m P-Goon)

Control freak but means well
Will not let you beat up his friends bc he wants to do it himself

Jenissi (former)-
Never sleeps
Lives on coffee
Old af
Kinda drunk
SoundCloud enthusiast
His dog hates him
Hot af
Won’t take his shirt off
Wants to be a chef but can’t cook noodles
Once made a banana pasta
Called it Brnrnr prstr

Can do the Robot
Prettier than you
Best dressed
Better than you

A legit camel (Nakta means camel in Korean)
Real name is Yooncheol
Loves frogs
Really awkward
Probably has killed a man

Gohn (former)-
Voice of an angel
Bruno Mars
Large hands
Loud af but also awkward af
Low key made out with Yano
Very passionate about everything he does
Joined the military

Kidoh (former)-
Potty mouth
Really cute
Bffs with Jin from BTS
Loves Poland
Questionable life choices

Seogoong (former)-
An actual angel
Has the meats
Really cute bottom teeth
Likes jumping on beds
Picks people up a lot

Bipolar little fuck
His laugh tho
Cuter than you
Art freak
Likes mannequins
His dog
Loves B-Joo and nobody else


An actual baby
Swears a lot
Smells bad

Can’t decide on a fucking hair style
Can’t sing
Spits fire tho
Rap god
Speaks pretty good English
Second youngest
Gets pranked a lot
Conceded little shit

So pretty
But also dumb as fuck
Dance prodigy
Likes minions
Aesthetic but not as aesthetic as Hojoon
Barely knows how to read

An actual sweetheart
His smile can cure cancer
Sings lullabies
Sneaky little fuck
Has cute ears
Ashamed of everyone

high school headcanons

ralph: class president, nice, book-smart and friends with everyone (but doesn’t really have close friends)
piggy: that sarcastic shit who doesn’t give a fuck what the others call him anymore. you insult him, he corrects your grammar. actually can out-sass anybody, even jack, but he doesn’t bother bc jack’s a peasant
jack: that headstrong aries jock, no further explanation needed
roger: a really quiet and tbh rather creepy emo prodigy kid. likes writing, music, and art most, but excels at everything except for social interaction. however teachers yell at him bc he’s listening to music most of the time
simon: lil cutie who doodles really intricate patterns on their notebook covers. likes flowers, art, and sparkly gel pens. cried in biology bc they had to dissect a frog
maurice: awkward fanboy with a fondness for memes
samneric: in different classes. quite popular tbh, class clowns. they always switch places to prank the teachers but the teachers get used to it by winter break

Instagram Headcannons

Thanks all go to @puckitall because she’s awesome and hasn’t told me to go finish my ~important college homework~ instead of gabbling about my head-cannons to her and being generally annoying over chat.

Okay so Jack obviously sucks at social media, right? Like he has a facebook and Bitty made him a Twitter at one point and he probably has SnapChat but he doesn’t use it he just likes watching other people’s stories (And he watches the discover stories every day but mostly ESPN and NatGeo and FoodNetwork lets be honest here) but then Bitty shows him Instagram.

And oooooh boy. So Jack likes taking pictures and when Jack starts playing for the Falconers he starts to travel a lot more and his ENTIRE Insta is soon filled with pictures of hockey and his teammates and cool things he sees while on the road and pictures he reshares of fans in his jerseys etc etc. It’s like 90% hockey and the last 10% is his friends and family and fans and cool dogs and his favorite views when he runs and ~ARTSY~ photos of his PSL in the fall and he just loves it. He has full control over it so he’s able to use it to help his anxiety, he can edit and fidget with the filters and settings until he’s happy and it’s something he can focus on.

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Workouts: Training Legs and Core

As a dancer, we spend a lot of time in the studio honing our skills and training ourselves to perform. However, I felt like I could do more. I wanted to take my training to the next level as an athlete — because we are athletes.

Ever since I have started training seriously in the gym, I have noticed a vast improvement in my execution, performance, stamina and confidence. I was training my entire body to perform, rather than just the muscles that were being engaged in practice. I learned to combine them to get the “best of both worlds.” 

I have received a request from claddaghstrong and several others to discuss some of the exercises I do in the gym. I decided to list a few that focus on our legs — the most crucial part of the body in Irish dance.

I’d like to mention that this is a mix between numerous fitness videos created by experts in the industry, dance exercises and, of course, adapting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s own workout (with lighter weights for obvious reasons). So please feel free to do your own research to find exercises and workouts that work best for you


1) Calf Raises - Smith Machine

While some people choose to do these on the stairs to use their own body weight, I choose to do them on the smith machine so I can use much heavier weights in a controlled environment. I do these to help get extra power and height in my jumps.

Quads and Hamstring

2) Leg Press

This is a great way to target your hamstrings, quads and glutes. I was also able to recover from my quad injury after nationals last year by doing these exercises. I would recommend starting at a light and gradually adding more as you continue doing these. Personally, I press about 290 pounds (this includes the weighted bar) and do 3 sets of 10 reps.

3) Lunges

You should never underestimate the power of a good lunge. You can easily add weight to make them more difficult.

4) Platypus Walks

These are a great way to work your inner thighs while perfect your turnout. My mom found these on YouTube from the Victoria’s Secret Angels trainer. It also makes more a great laugh if you are working out with a partner — we have many hilarious videos of us doing these forwards and backwards.


5) Boxjumps

I will warn you now — these are tough. Luckily, you can start these are a lower height and gradually work your way up to increase the difficulty. It’s also an incredible “mind over matter” exercise where you have to focus. If you psych yourself out, you won’t be able to do the jump. That being said, I would recommend having someone stand in front of the boxjump to spot you. Using a spotter can ease your doubts and ensure they grab you if you start to lean backwards.

6) Weighted Box Walk-Ups

Using the same boxjump mentioned above, doing walk ups using weights. This is a lower impact cardio move that still gives you a killer leg workout.


7) Frog Jumps

As awkward as these can be, they are an awesome way to mix a jump lunge with a squat. It also engages your core and forces you to use you center of gravity to balance.

8) Squats

If you have a spotter, you can use the squat racks. If you don’t have a spotter, use the assisted squat machine. Start with a lighter weight and ease into the heavier weights as you get stronger.

Tricks to the Gym

I would recommend having a gym partner to go with you. As partners, you can push one another to succeed and prevent each other from giving up. 

Despite training with two gym partners, I always have music playing in one of my ears via my bluetooth headset. Adding music to your workout can make all the difference in the world… especially when it’s an upbeat and powerful song that makes you want to push through your sets.

For those of you that are attending or about to attend university, I would recommend checking out your school’s fitness facility. It’s a nice way to kill a few hours between classes without losing a chunk of your evening. 

As I mentioned before, these are just a snippet of what I do. I hope this helps! 

Happy 10th Anniversary Wong Fu Productions!
Thank you for the amazing years of inspiring hard work, sharing of creative knowledge & plenty joy you’ve brought to us through your videos, talks & tours. It’s always great seeing you guys grow & achieve your success/chapters of progress in a very humble, yet deserving manner :)

Keep it up with the quality & passionate work & attitudes & we’re sure you will go far, and continue to inspire & touch the lives of many more in years to come! :D

WF4L! ♥

- fyeahweschan (yi thying)