awkward fistbumps


“Captain’s Orders…”

Steve Rogers is a soldier. 

He doesn’t have time for pretty speeches.  He’s left that behind in his chorus-girl days and he wasn’t saying his own words anyway, only speaking lines from somebody else’s script, trying to make it sound as natural as he possibly could, even though he always thought he wasn’t much of an actor.

Steve works best when he’s speaking plain words, getting right to the truth and the truth is harsh, the truth hurts like nothing else and that is a weapon he uses now, calling every last man and woman of SHIELD, every last one of them who had actually believed in what SHIELD originally stood for.  The truth hurts because SHIELD did not just become a mask for HYDRA.  It was just the other side of the coin, with the best intentions paving a way towards the worst hell ever yet seen.  

This wasn’t the way things were meant to be.  This wasn’t the way Peggy Carter or even Howard Stark, misguided and misled man that he was, had envisioned SHIELD would become.  This wasn’t what Phil Coulson had died for. 

Steve Rogers is calling out to each and every person out there with his truth.  That SHIELD had to be taken down.  That it had to be razed down to the ground, salting the earth with it. 

He is calling them to war. 

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