awkward fist bump

Can I have an alien who is genuinely eager to learn human gestures since they already have an Intergalactic Translator strapped on so talking in each other’s languages is no problem but THIS ALIEN. THIS ALIEN WANTS TO BOND WITH US AND AT FIRST THEY OBSERVE FROM AFAR BUT THEN THEY COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND APPROACHED US AND GREETED US WITH A SUPER AWKWARD YET HELLA CUTE FIST BUMP THEY SAW US DO WITH ANOTHER PERSON AND A N D–

That moment in Gloria when Colin...

Makes a harried hurricane of an entrance. Is a complete, sodden mess. Almost didn’t recognize him. It burned my eyes. That hair, though.

Leans his cheek against Ani’s arm and drools / slobbers on her a bit. But it’s okay because he wipes it off.

Splashes water all over his face, hair—and the floor. Sprays the audience? Please tell me someone felt some spray…

Jiggles his legs and feet fitfully when sitting in his swivel chair.

Scrubs his face. With papers. From his desk. Belatedly inspects them and finds they were important. Smooths them back into some semblance of okay.

Rolls over more papers with his chair. Pulls them back up to his desk to see if these need saving.

Crumples up paper after paper and chucks them into the wastebasket. Misses more often than not. Kicks around paper wads later.

Fights not to ralph after carrying a bag of actual ralph. Bends double and taps one wood-soled shoe on the back of the other. 

Daintily rubs hand sanitizer under every single one of his fingernails.

Drips hand sanitizer onto his crotch. Paws at it a few minutes later when he notices.

Sniffs his pits. Applies female (?) spray deodorant to both.

Lifts his arms and exposes that tantalizing sliver of belly. Like in every fanfic ever.

Has a bit of a belly.

Runs his hands down his butt and the backs of his thighs before crouching in front of the printer.

Mauls his glasses. Can’t seem to keep them on for more than a second. Rubs them all through his hair and all over his face.

Is subtle gay. Doesn’t pander to the usual stereotype. “We all know each other.”

The look on his face when he lies to Kendra about who’s editing the article. Giggles when he’s caught out in his little white lie.


And then of course, this and this and this.

Where he flails all over his desk. Curls into a pitiful ball on the floor. Begs.

That desperate moan / gasp / gurgle.


Then in the second half, he:

Stares dead-eyed at some barista going on and on about famous look-a-likes. For like five minutes.

Is so vulnerable and soft. Broken. Like a breeze could shatter him.

Until he’s not and he slaps a girl in the face. Or it was more of a push of a fist at a face.

Re-appears in a ridiculous get up, replete with a ridiculous wig. Skater boy shoes with striped dress socks.

Hardly moves his arms when he walks.

Has long, wiry arms and skinny wrists. And chicken legs.

Sits and does nothing for waaaaaaaay too long. Typing, please. Our boy doesn’t know how to type. But then when he does something, it’s awesome.

Like rolling his eyes. His pretty, pretty eyes.

Storms off in righteous indignation. Practically rips the door off its hinges as he leaves.

Has a girlfriend.

Softens for one second, for just one second, letting us see beneath the gruff exterior into the human that lies beneath.

Makes it so awkward. Goes for a fist bump or maybe a hand shake but gets neither and so ends with a limp thumbs up.


Through all the moments, he:

Doesn’t falter. Doesn’t break. Is a complete and utter pro, all the way through. Not even a glimmer of a reaction to the audience or when someone else on the cast biffs a line. He is Dean. He is Devin.

Through it all, he shines bright, bright, bright. 
A true star.


Requested by anonymous

“Hey [Y/N]” Peter greeted you with a smile. You had to say you were surprised to see him here, pleasantly surprised. This was Avengers headquarters after all but then again Peter did visit every once and in while.

“Hey nice to see you Pete” you replied with a smile. You liked seeing him, you talked to him a lot ever since Tony recruited him. Peter gave you an awkward fist bump.
“What are you doing here?”.

“I’m just here to visit Mr Stark. Nothing special really… so ah are you working on anything important”.

“Not really” you admitted “but I guess that kind of a good thing because it gives me time to talk to you. Want to hang out or something, since you’re here?”.

You swore Peter’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
“Y…yeah s…sounds good. I love- I mean I like spending time with you”.


this was the most realistic episode of the walking dead, thanks tara 

  • “I’M COOL” 
  • “okay or we can just keep doing this”
  • attempting a thumbs up while handcuffed to an air conditioner 
  • aggressively slurping stew 
  • “are you sure a larder isn’t a boat?” 
  • awkward not-quite fist bumps 
  • wearing pink stunna shades all the way home to ya homies 
Being Namjoon’s sister means
  • you’ll call him before you go to bed to say goodnight and end up falling asleep with the phone to your ear and him still talking pondering the intricacies of the universe and the complexity of life
  • and the next day he’s like “i can’t believe you fell asleep”
  • but still you’re there for him when he needs it so whenever you see him start to get sad or you know he’s had a bad day you come over
  • and you sit and listen to him to talk about whatever he needs to get off his chest just so he knows he has someone who cares about him unconditionally
  • says i love you in the most awkward way like he’ll fist bump you and say i love you and you’re like “???” but it’s namjoon so you also sort of expect it
  • somehow manages to break all your shit even when he’s away on tour like you’ll be on the phone with him and be like “my computer’s making a weird sound”
  • and he’ll be like “try turning it off and on again” and somehow through the miracle and madness that is namjoon that’ll be the thing that puts your computer over the edge and it’ll die 
  • and you’ll be like “HOW?????”
  • unwarranted fashion advice like you’ll get dressed to head out for the day with him and he’ll be like “are you sure you wanna wear that? because i’m wearing this and you’re gonna look kinda…eh…next to me”
  • protective only on days he’s paying attention like if he’s engrossed doing whatever and jimin says you look cute and winks at you then nothing happens
  • but god forbid someone should say that you look beautiful and namjoon catches him because he’ll go off like “that’s mY SISTER DONT BE GROSS”
  • “i didn’t–”
  • “namjo–”
  • thinks you look weird with face masks on but also insists on joining you every time he catches you with one
  • sends you music and expects you to listen and love his recommendations but whenever you send him something he won’t listen to it until like three months later if at all
  • your favorite moments are when you can make him really really laugh and he smiles super wide and his dimples show and his eyes crinkle because he looks so purely happy that it reminds you of when you two were little

anonymous asked:

with all this (fake) drama that is going around do you think you could lighten the mood and do a either why niam is adorable, why lilo is adorable, or why larry is real and adorable masterpost?

oh friend.  friiiiiiiiend yes.  yes i can.  i’m a particular softie for lilo, so if you don’t mind that’s the one i choose for today.  come back later and i’ll defo do the others for you as well hehe!

okay, so my search only brought back three pages and i have TONS of lilo tagged, so this is sadly only a sampling of what i could give you, but everything can be found here!  and i’m warning before we get started there’s no cohesion to this other than lilo.  ha!  here we go…

let’s start with some baby lilo.  how adorable are they?  do you see how liam just slides his hand into louis’ waist and louis just leans into it?  i’m telling you if larry didn’t exist my otp would defo be lilo.

i mean, look how cute they are!  they’re sooooo adorable!

and you sometimes wonder what their dynamic together is like behind the scenes…

but i really think…

they give us a fairly decent idea…

even when they’re being filmed.  that’s kinda an awkward yet sassy fist bump.  how do they even work that?

look at that?  they are too much sometimes.  and liam totally loves that titty twist a little too much.

so anyway, they are cutely snuggly

and playful

but ultimately i love how they hang all over one another

and then are idiots directly after.  i mean, this photo basically seems to sum up their relationship, does it not?

louis goes and is an idiot to liam, who absolutely loves the attention, and we just swoon.

watch how they are a team…and then you see the moment it crosses louis’ mind…

watch out, leemo!

but in the end they love each other so much.

look how tight louis is holding on to liam.  look.

that right there says it all, i think.