awkward fashion

Fuck me but do I love werewolf AUs. Werewolf!McCree is still a thing that people like and do, right? Right.

He wakes with a head full of cotton fuzz, wrapped around a dull pounding behind his eyes – like one might have after a night of heavy drinking. McCree wishes it was just that; it would be far preferable to what had actually transpired. He blearily forces himself into wakefulness, tongue dry, stuck to the roof of his mouth. It makes him grimace with distaste. His entire body is sore, and eyes still closed and aching, he forces himself into a sitting position and attempts to take inventory of where he is and what could have happened under this most recent full moon.

The second of three nights has passed, and it makes him thankful to already be halfway through his monthly transformations with little issue. He’s even more thankful for your presence, since admitting to his… condition, and you’ve spent the last several cycles with him (despite his insistence to the contrary), keeping him company, keeping him calm. He doesn’t often like to admit it, but he wishes he had better control of his lupine side. He’s often jumpy and irritable during the days of the waxing phases, transformations aside, and it irks him to have his moods yanked around by the moon.

You keep him calm. You keep him controlled.

…You aren’t there.

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okay jack zimmermann is a nerd but you cannot tell me that he is not a TRADITIONAL nerd like you know that for their first real date he showed up at the front door with flowers for bitty (“i know it’ll look a little weird but you can say you bought them to spruce up the haus”) and that when they ride in cars together he insists on doing the whole open-your-date’s-door thing (except this poor boy is determined to do it before bitty can get there so he fcuking SPRINTS around the car and almost dies like 3 times trying to get around to the other side as fast as humanly possible) and when they go get coffee at annie’s bitty has not pulled out a chair for himself in like 2 years okay jack is cheesy and awkward and old fashioned and i love him