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Allow me to throw my two cents into the mockery of Adam Driver’s looks.

Just don’t. Make fun of Kylo Ren’s asshattery all you want, but leave Driver’s looks out of it. He seems like a thoughtful, awkward guy who has expressed hating seeing or hearing himself in interviews and his performances. He’s a former Marine. He runs a non-profit organization. He did a great job acting wise with Kylo.

“I’m like a sight gag, I have this really big face…I don’t totally get it. I mean, when I read for Girls (2012) I was, like, the script says ‘Handsome Carpenter,’ so someone else is going to get the part. They’ll have someone handsome, not me. I mean, I’m not in any danger of getting leading-man parts”- Adam Driver

Just…leave him be if you don’t like his looks.

Friends with Benefits (M)

Pairing - Taehyung x Reader 
Genre - Smut 
Word count -2270

It was supposed to have been just you and Taehyung playing video games at the dorm because the rest of the boys were out and they weren’t keen on the volume that Taehyung insisted play them at, saying that they weren’t as good without the full experience.

You knew you had been off form for the past few rounds and whether Taehyung had noticed or not didn’t seem to matter because he was suddenly beating you and you didn’t think he cared for a reason why.

There was a reason though.

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liz greene said that planets aspected by saturn feel crippled, kind of broken and ugly so that we are ashamed of them and want to hide them and feel awkward expressing them. sun/saturn feels unworthy, insecure and like they have no talents. moon/saturn is an emotional wreck of melancholy. 


bangtan member meme: (1/7) jeon jungkook 

I’m still awkward with expressing myself but I hope ARMYs understand my honesty.  Uh..and I get really nervous when I sing on stage.. It’s because I want to show everyone a cooler side of me but I’m still lacking in a lot of areas.. I want to practice more and show a better side of me next time. –– 130727 handwritten letters. 

死神の求愛 (Hades no kyuuai)

Chocolat Blanc has announced the newest addition to their lineup!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

One day, after being betrayed by your lover whom you had wanted to marry, you impulsively throw yourself in front of a moving car.

When you open your eyes, by your side is death himself—in the form of a man who calls himself Hades. Hades is taken by you, and tells you of his intentions to bring you to the underworld as his bride. 

From that day onwards, you are subject to his forceful desires every night, and eventually succumb to the constant pleasure.

While you resisted at first, you find yourself gradually growing fond of Hades’ awkward way of expressing kindness—and you learn of the true feelings in his heart as you spend more time with him. 

But during this time, your former lover asks you to come back to him.

Due to your attachment to Hades, his proposal leaves you troubled. In response, your former lover is enraged, and reaches for a knife…

How exactly will the forbidden love between a god of death and a human unfold…?

CV: つやまろ (Yamashita Seiichirou)

Release Date: May 19th, 2017.


Tertiary functions tend to be (or be painted as) quite immature or vulnerable and come out childishly or childlike, whether to throw a fit or to find comfort, but they can also bring a much-needed force or shelter. And when not indulged too terribly but often consulted and refined, they can be quite polished and sophisticated in their realms. So I also want to give them credit because, honestly, it can be tough work to get them into the equation and, consequently, take much more into account with them to be constructive.

So here’s what I appreciate about all the tertiary functions when they are acting in healthy integration and moderation.

Tertiary Se in ENJs
You make it happen. Dreams won’t only be dreams. You may be too pushy at times, but often, it’s worth it afterward because you made it an experience we would have otherwise missed out on from having. You know that when you really want something, you go and get it - and you don’t let others to easily give up on what matters, either. May you have some mercy on what stands in your way and work with it or around it if that’s for the better!

Tertiary Si in INPs
You have the sort of enchanting sentimentalism for details that’s often in sappy romance. What you love or interests you, you get to know thoroughly and you cherish what you’ve learned about it. And while your memory for day-to-day matters may fail you, you are able to recall specifics that most miss or deem irrelevant - which goes to prove that at least someone was paying attention to them and considered them significant. You can make a mess look perfectly put together and beautiful. And you hold on to those you care for, which, if you’re able to let go when it’s due time, can help save worthwhile relationships from easily being given up on.

Tertiary Ne in ESJs
Your managing and multitasking skills are impressive. You prepare for contingencies and handle the unexpected like the adult we all need. You keep things in check but are also flexible and open to readjustments. You are slow paced in trying out several different things and that can make the process of discovery much more enjoyable. I wish I was more like you so that I can have my life together and make steady progress!

Tertiary Ni in ISPs
You may seem impulsive and reckless, but there’s an order to your chaos. Your measured spontaneity can beat being calculated as it takes you into, through and out of your works and experiences slickly or with grace. You may be outside the norm as you detach to go further and delve to go beyond what’s apparent. There’s a sort of mystery to you that is subtle and intriguing, making others wonder more about how you see things as you move through life.

Tertiary Te in EFPs
For better or for worse, you can be unstoppable. And when it’s for the better, I’m thankful afterward even when it was nearly unbearable in the process. When you’re not insisting too badly on what you believe is best, you can be that extra push we need to get us to try and give things a chance. You get to it and do what has to be done, finding your way around and across it whether you have the most appropriate approach or not. You’re not terribly fond of preestablished methods (especially when they are too strict) and at times shake things up a bit for everyone’s benefit.

Tertiary Ti in IFJs
You put it concisely. Huge amounts of information come together in neat, logically consistent statements. You may even sound quite cryptic because of it and have the rest of us wondering more about where you gathered the wisdom from. You search for underlying laws and rules governing phenomena and see how they operate in various different contexts. You can make the complex sound simple when you put it elegantly and make it easier for us to understand. You can also come up with unlikely answers that, if nothing else, are mind-stretching or amusing to ponder.

Tertiary Fe in ETPs
Your excitement and enthusiasm can be greatly uplifting and contagious - and might fill us with the confidence we need to face a crowd. You have little trouble with making a fool of yourself to lighten the mood of others and can even pull that off with charisma. You can make uncool look cool. Or just be cool. When not too argumentative, you are able to engage others in discussions they’d usually shy away from and make it rewarding. Sometimes your offensive humor is exactly what we need. Sometimes.

Tertiary Fi in ITJs
Maybe you’d rather not care, but you do - at times terribly and inevitably so. You may be awkward at (or feel awkward) expressing your feelings and sentiments, but you have plenty of emotional intelligence that allows you to tell when there’s something else or off going on beneath the surface. You can be stubborn with what’s important to you and, while you may be wrong at times, you may be right about it being something worth protecting and fighting for. In such cases, it can take A LOT to convince you of otherwise. This makes you less likely to be swayed by unfounded opinions and more loyal to what you believe in.

it gets faster | newt scamander

prompt: Hey boo, could you maybe do one with a tall person? Ya girl here is 5'9 and wants love too! So, if you decide to do this, I was thinking the reader could be Newt’s illustrator for the book and theres just a lot of unintentional relationship goals, and everyone thinks you’re dating but you two always brush it off embarrassedly until one day you maybe have a convo about marriage (“at this point we may as well be married”) and ahhh fluff! Totally cool if you don’t! Much love, x

theme: this is fluffy my children

warnings: none

author note: yes, the title is a meme reference :-) i know you guys love it

Originally posted by thesafesthands

It is, without a shadow of a doubt, painfully obvious that the two of you are in love. You two, being not so experienced in the way of love, have everyone that knows you well enough to know you aren’t together on the edge every time you enter a room together. And for everyone who doesn’t know you well–they can’t seem to figure out why Newt hasn’t proposed to you yet.

You both have, and will continue, to insist that you are just friends and nothing more. Never more. It’s simple, you suppose. You probably weren’t really his type–being borderline six foot, considerably serious, and despite your friendship–his colleague. It didn’t overly bother you though–you were content with what you had.

Newt on the other hand, he wasn’t very pleased with how the two of you were. And everyone was constantly reminding him about how cute you both were together. Calling him out for opening the door for you and pulling out your chair and sometimes complementing you–which you deserved. You are, in his opinion, an extraordinarily smart and beautiful person. And all of you illustrations were never less than perfect. And when people called you both out it always made him sweat more than necessary and his face decidedly go red all on its own.

Usually the ones to say anything was his mother. Mrs. Scamander was an amazing and spirited woman who always had something to say to her son when he came around.

“Why don’t you marry her Newt? You’re always together and she makes you so very happy!” She used the same line often and she really had a point but Newt didn’t want to brooch the subject because you weren’t even together. It was be strange–not that he was normal.

Whenever she did this his talking just got faster and faster until he was babbling about who knows what. He really didn’t want to talk about marriage or being with you because it made him nervous.

And his brother–it was always a joke about how you were practically eye level with him and then something along the lines of she’s quite beautiful though and you’re both in love, what’s stoping you?

“Newt!” He was called out of his thoughts to come attend to whatever reason you needed him.

He walked, somewhat slow, to where you sat. Hesitantly watching as your eyes drifted over a paper with scrawled out letters and his mother’s very large signature. Laughter tainting your voice and you turned to him, a wide smile crossing your face as laughter erupted passed your lips making it hard to speak.

“Your mom seems to believe that we’re engaged, wrote to congratulate us,” you paused for a moment to compose yourself and looked at Newt’s awkward expression, “don’t worry! I’m sure she’s just joking.”

Glancing up he nods, “I don’t know why she thinks we’re together. It’s ridiculous”

You turned back to your desk and picked your pencil up. Beginning to re-sketch what you had saw the unopened letter. A smile still on your face and you rolled you eyes at the thought. She was really a character.

“Maybe not, we are always together. Have been since the beginning of your book.”

Newt sits down beside you. His legs knocking yours as your chairs were much too close. Eyes watching intently with every stroke of your pencil. He really knows he shouldn’t continue the conversation but he knows he probably won’t get another opportunity like this for a very long time.

He starts laughing but you can hear it from the tremble in his voice he is most certainly serious, “at this point we might as well get married! Everyone thinks we should be anyway and we are always together.”

You look at him and he’s horrified that he just said that out loud but you smile and look back down at your paper. The nymph coming out nicely, “Well Newton Scamander, at least take me out to dinner first.”

more reasons to love seto kaiba

1. his dedication to his aesthetic despite being the president of a multi-billion dollar international corporation (blue eyes white dragon themed everything)

2. the fact that he put his pre-teen brother in the position of V.P. of said corporation and no one seems to have a problem with this

3. got himself adopted into money by winning a chess game

4. survived years of childhood abuse to protect his little brother and came out of it way less of an asshole than he could’ve been (with varying success)

5. relatable awkwardness about expressing real feelings 

6. so smart he could probably do anything but still prefers to invest his time and money into children’s card games (and dragon-shaped jets)

7. probably gay

8. no chill

Ankle Biter | 03

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 4.1k

Playlist | 01 | 02 | 04 | 05

You looked down at the little boy, who was jumping excitedly up and down at the sight of you, the Pretty Coffee Girl and his dad together somewhere that wasn’t the shop.

“Pretty Coffee Girl? Does she have a name?” The woman asked accusingly, looking you up and down with a judgemental look on her face.

It was obvious who this was: Taeji’s maternal grandparents, and you vaguely remember the day you ran into Taehyung that he mentioned something about how they thought he was unfit to be a parent. At the thought, your blood boiled and your face flushed with regard for Taehyung over all.

“My name is Y/N,” you spoke with a discerning glare at the woman, turning ever so slightly to look at Taeji and crouching to his level. The little boy grinned at you, black bouncy hair shiny in the sunlight. He looked so much like Taehyung, there wasn’t anything you could pinpoint that made him look anything like his mother. You’ve never met Minsoo, and maybe the fact that her son didn’t look anything like her was a blessing. Taeji belonged with Taehyung, but it was obvious the kid’s grandparents didn’t think so.

“Hm. Well, we must be going. Oh, Taehyung, expect a call from my lawyer today after I speak to him about your…” Taeji’s grandma said, shoving a finger in Taehyung’s direction then slowly moving it to point at you, “…little situation you have going on here.”

Just as the three of you thought you were free from Grandma Choi’s intense glaring, she popped her head back in the room and said with a menacing smile, “Good parents don’t have one night stands.” Then disappeared down the hallway.

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Stiles Stilinski Imagine- Let Me Talk

Anon- Could you do a Stiles imagine where he keeps trying to tell the reader that he loves her but he keeps getting interrupted by school bells, friends or any distraction you can think of and he eventually he gets so frustrated that he just yells it in front of all your shared friends aka the pack? I feel like this would be really cute and pretty damn funny😂

Authors Note- I was in the middle of a shit ton of homework when I saw this, but I loved it too much to wait, so I hope you enjoy x


Scott and Stiles stood waiting at their lockers, as they did every morning for you all. “Everytime I see her, my heart does the thing” he exclaimed. “I know” Scott nod his head. “It’s like I can feel my pulse quicken” he continued. “I hear” Scott claimed. “I think I love her-” Stiles cooed, but before Scott could reply you turned the corner. “You love who Stilinski?” you asked with a smile. “Oh erm ermm- the lunch lady” he lied terribly. “You think you love the lunch lady?” you asked with raised eyebrows. “Oh erm yeah” he said, his voice breaking half way through. Scott kept pretending to turn around, to stop himself from laughing. “Y/n thank god! Kira’s having a little girl trouble in the bathroom, I need your help ASAP!” she said in relief. “So I’ll see you later I guess” you said awkwardly, before following Lydia down the hall. “Yeah, we have first period together, remember?” he called after you. Scott finally burst out laughing, after watching his best friend’s pathetic excuse of flirting. “You knew she was coming, you complete dick” he said, punching Scott playfully in the arm. “Come on lover boy” Scott laughed, putting his arm around his neck and pulling him down the hallway along with him.

You walked into your English class and sat at your usual desk and Stiles soon followed, taking his next to you. You reached into your bag and began to sift through all of your notebooks to find a pen. “Y/n, Y/n!” he whispered, while the teacher was still setting up the lesson. You sat up and turned to face him. “About what I said earlier-” he began. An automatic smirk crept across your lips, at the thought of Stiles fancying the 60 year old, married lunch lady. “So you don’t love the lunch lady?” you asked, as you tilted your head. “No, in fact I was talking about someone else” he began to explain, his voice getting quieter. “Can everyone turn to chapter five please” your teacher finally spoke. You did as instructed, but you still felt Stiles’ eyes on you. “We’ll talk about it later, it’s okay if you fancy older women” you brushed it off. You promised to improve your grades and attendance this year and that also included reducing your detentions and improving your behaviour in class. “I don’t fancy the lunch lady” he accidently raised his voice, causing the class to laugh. “Thank you for that Stiles, but not relevant” your teacher commented. You bit back a laugh as he slowly sank into his seat, looking like a puppy that had just been told off.

After first period Stiles planned on telling you his true feelings, just to get it over and done with, he didn’t have the time for romance. He waited for you to gather your things as he stood and waited for you. You noticed how his foot tapped at an alarming rate. “What’s the hurry?” you asked with a smile. “Come on” he said. grabbing your arm gently and pulling you out of the classroom. You gave him a weird look as he finally let go of you as you reached the bottom of the stairwell. “You’re being really odd today, are you feeling alright?” you asked, half amused half concerned. “I’m fine, there’s just something I need to tell you” he exclaimed, speaking at 40mph. “Shoot” you said casually, not thinking anything of it. He took a deep breath but before he could say a word the school bell rang loudly. Students began to pour into the hallway. Someone bumped into you, drawing your attention away from Stiles and then more people began to bump into the pair of you as you were blocking the way to the stairs. Before you knew it, you had drifted away from one another in the masses of eager freshman and large groups of students from other grades. “Tell me later!” you shouted into the air, no longer knowing where he was. “It’s kind of important” he shouted back, but you couldn’t hear him, you had already travelled half way down the hall somehow. Stiles felt someone grip onto his shirt and pull him out of the crowd. “Don’t say anything” Stiles huffed. “That was pathetic” Scott told, having watched the whole situation. “Maybe you should wait to tell her, maybe not at school?” Scott suggested. “It’s now or never, otherwise I’ll overthink and might never tell her” Stiles explained. “She likes you Stiles. Her feelings aren’t going to change overnight, why don’t you wait and make it special?” Scott asked rationally. “You’re right, I guess I can wait a day” he agreed. Scott smiled and patted his best friend on the shoulder as they walked to lesson together.

“I cant wait any longer” Stiles whispered. It was break and you all decided to go to the library because it was cold and the only place with any good heating, considering not all of you had wolf heat. “It’s literally been an hour since we agreed on you doing it tomorrow” Scott said, putting his head in his hands. “I know, but look at her” he said in admiration, staring over at the table you were on. Lydia was helping you with your homework and you’d never looked more beautiful, you sat with a furrowed brow staring down at your paper with your hair tucked behind your ear. You glanced up and felt your heart flutter as you caught eye contact with Stiles, his brown eyes looked wet and he had such an adoring look on his face that made you melt. With all you were feeling all you managed was a simple wave, which he returned. God you fucking idiot. Tell him how you feel. “I’m doing it now” He stood up from his chair and began to walk over to you slowly, shaking his sweaty hands and not looking away from you as you scribbled onto your paper. He was about half way across the library when suddenly he felt something hard hit him as he fell to the ground. Books and sheets of paper flew everywhere and there was an eruption of quiet giggles and hushes. Stiles pealed the paper that was covering his eyes to see Liam lying on top of him with an awkward expression on his face. “Get. Off. Of. Me” Stiles said so calmly. Liam lifted himself up and offered his hand out to help Stiles up, “I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going and I didn’t see you walking towards me and-” he barely finished his rambling before Stiles became distracted and rushed off. “ Where’s Y/N?” he asked, half out of breath. “Oh she had to rush off, she told me to ask if you were okay though” Lydia said, packing her own books away. “Great” he said with an eye roll. “Honestly you’re making this little crush of yours so obvious, why are you so desperate to talk to her?” she asked with a smirk. “I’m telling her that I - Wait, you know I like her?” he asked, completely shocked. “Yes Stiles, I’m surprised she hasn’t figured it out herself” she shook her head with a smile. “Whatever it is you need to talk to her about you have two hours because she’s going home early after lunch” she added, before walking away to her next optional AP class. “Two hours, you can do this” he breathed.

He wasn’t in your next lesson and time couldn’t have gone slower. Malia watched, shaking her head as he sat there looking at the clock with a stupid expression on his face. The sound of him clicking his pen to the noise of the clock ticking echoed in her head for the whole period. As soon as the bell for lunch went up he practically ran to the school cafeteria. He was the first on your usual table, Malia followed swiftly behind, confused as to why he didn’t walk down with her. Kira and Scott then followed and took their seats. Liam and Mason sat on the edge of the table, he was still embarrassed by the whole falling on him thing. Finally you walked over with Lydia. You took your seat in the other end of the table, opposite Stiles. You ate your lunch while you all talked as usual, beside Stiles who stared down at the table. Hayden had also joined you all at this point. “Are you okay?” you asked, breaking away from the conversation. “I need to tell you something” he tried to say quietly. “Oh yeah, sure” you smiled. “I lo-” he began for what seemed like the 100th time that day. “Y/L/N, did you forget about your detention today for skipping class you little delinquent?” Coach asked, blowing his whistle. You took a sip of your coffee and turned to look at him, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” you said innocently. “Now!” he called, but before you could reply someone interrupted. “Coach…Shut up” Stiles said sarcastically. “I have been trying to say this all day and I have been interrupted for the last time!” he said standing up. “I love you Y/n, there I said it. I am completely and utterly in love with you” he said a little too loudly, only focusing on you. Half of the students in the cafeteria where staring at you, including all of your friends; who were sitting there with huge grins, smiles and smirks on their faces. You almost spat your coffee all over him. You had a shocked expression on your face for a second, before a bright smile formed. For some strange reason you weren’t embarrassed, only wrapped up in the though of the boy you had liked forever liking you back. “I love you too” you blushed, never thinking this would be the first time you’d say that to him. “Right that’s enough, come on” Coach said with a disgusted look on his face. You were practically pulled out of the room but your eyes remained fixated on Stiles’.

Later on someone knocked on your front door and you knew exactly who it was. “Did you really mean it?” he asked without hesitation, walking in. “Of course I did” you smiled shyly. “So what now?” he asked with a grin on his face. “People who love each other, should be together” you implied. “I guess you’re right” he agreed. After the hectic day he’d had, you thought you may as well give him a hectic end. You wrapped your arms around his neck and felt his around your waist as he leant down and pressed his lips to yours in a long awaited kiss. The passion was something you’d never change about the two of you and it was something you’d never lose. You loved him and he adored you. As much as he had hated that day, he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sorry its kind of rushed but I waned to get something out before I do my school work. I love you guys but requests are closed so I wont be doing any that are sent to me for a while x

Signs of a Fangirl Attack

• Heavy breathing/Wheezing
• Uncontrollable squealing
• Flailing body parts
• High pitched banshee screaming
• Rocking back and forth, whispering the chant of the fandom
• Awkward/disturbing facial expressions
• Eyes the size of the moon, even when it isn’t nine in the afternoon
• Running around, either screaming ‘yes’ or ‘no’ repetitively.
• Crying/Dying