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mchanzo week day 4 - red/blue

i love the contrasting colour schemes of these two, i think thats one of the reasons i love them as a couple so much
doing big coloured/lined pieces is so difficult in a single day! but im loving the challenge

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Allow me to throw my two cents into the mockery of Adam Driver’s looks.

Just don’t. Make fun of Kylo Ren’s asshattery all you want, but leave Driver’s looks out of it. He seems like a thoughtful, awkward guy who has expressed hating seeing or hearing himself in interviews and his performances. He’s a former Marine. He runs a non-profit organization. He did a great job acting wise with Kylo.

“I’m like a sight gag, I have this really big face…I don’t totally get it. I mean, when I read for Girls (2012) I was, like, the script says ‘Handsome Carpenter,’ so someone else is going to get the part. They’ll have someone handsome, not me. I mean, I’m not in any danger of getting leading-man parts”- Adam Driver

Just…leave him be if you don’t like his looks.


Jun was worried for Mingyu.

Hips - part 2 (A Jongin Two-Shot)

Genre: Romance (Fluff / Smut / Angst)

Characters: Jongin X You

A/N: #3 of the 3K Followers Requests - Jongin teaches dance to little kids.

He is surprised to learn that his peculiar new student, who has a habit of collecting things that don’t belong to her, is actually the daughter of his neighbor, a hardworking single mother. When he recognizes the exercise shirt his neighbor is wearing, he finally has to speak up.(3 requests combined)

Hips [M] : Part 1, Part 2

He couldn’t stay away from you forever right?

If anything, Nina couldn’t stay away from Nari forever.

After the dance in your living room, after feeling the tension and his hands and his heart beating frantically inside of his chest once that music stopped, after feeling the undeniable attraction you were certain wasn’t only on your side, he didn’t return to your door for four whole days.

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liz greene said that planets aspected by saturn feel crippled, kind of broken and ugly so that we are ashamed of them and want to hide them and feel awkward expressing them. sun/saturn feels unworthy, insecure and like they have no talents. moon/saturn is an emotional wreck of melancholy. 

It crossed my mind and I ended up with this ^~^ Sorry for my inactivity ;^;


RFA+Saeran As Your Friend

Yoosung – The Friend Who Gets Angry for You

  • Whenever anyone even tries to make fun of you, he’s already glaring at them with fire in his eyes. 
  • Will grit his teeth and growl in attempts to intimidate them, but he ends up looking like an adorable (but angry) puppy. 
  • When he’s seriously pissed, though, even you’re surprised by the coldness in his eyes. His voice low, steady and firm: “Fuck off.” 
  • He rarely swears because his mother had always reprimanded him about it when he was younger, but it slips his mind in the heat of his anger. He only really gets that angry for his friends though 

Zen – The Friend You Vent Your Problems to

  • Any time you need someone to talk to, he’s there for you! 
  • His doors are always open to you,
  • his shoulders ready for you to cry on,
  • his arms ready to hold you,
  • his lips ready to whisper sweet, comforting words in your ears… 
  • And sometimes, he even wants to kiss you but… 
  • He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship, especially when he doesn’t know if you feel the same, and he wants to respect your feelings. As long as you’re by his side, even as a friend, he’s happy with it. 
  • He’ll always try to be there for you, because he wants to be.

Jaehee – The Friend with the Best Advice

  • She always has the most practical solutions to your problems! 
  • And when it doesn’t work out, she’ll quietly sit with you, offering all that she can: her affection, her words and her presence. 
  • Albeit simple, spending time with her really helps you calm down!

Jumin – The Friend Who Always Gives Presents

  • He’ll make use of even the smallest occasion to gift you something. 
  • “A token of my appreciation,” he’ll say—for listening to him, for letting him walk you home, for inviting him over, for lending him notes, for recommending songs… 
  • Anything. 
  • He can be a bit awkward expressing his love through words, so he tries to express it with gifts instead.

Seven – The Friend Who Pushes His Interests onto You

  • No, it’s not like he really forces it, but he’s always sending you addictive songs, tv show recommendations and time-consuming games… among all the memes, of course. 
  • And he never fails to drag you into fandoms. 
  • Putting aside the lighter side of things, however, he’s actually the one you talk to when you feel depressed and burdened with stress. In those moments, he’s always serious. 
  • He appreciates that you’d trust him, of all people. And he lives up to your trust, never bringing up your secrets and/or depressing thoughts afterwards, instead simply trying to brighten up your days.

V – The Friend You Go to When You Argue with Another Friend

  • He never judges you for your decisions, and he always listens about your conflicts with a calm demeanour. 
  • He’s the best person to talk to when you get in a fight with your friends, and he tries to negotiate with the other side for you.
  • But when he’s the friend you’re fighting with, which is rare but it happens, he’ll always apologize first
  • It ranges from seconds to days, or when he’s really, REALLY mad…. a week. It’s not that much, really, but to him, the guilt of hurting your feelings would haunt him everyday and he just feels like he has to apologize to you

Saeran – The Friend Who Protects You

  • Although he doesn’t talk a lot (or as much as the others, at least), he’s always got an eye out for his friends. 
  • When someone insults you or makes fun of you, his eyes will narrow at them, just subtly, setting his target. 
  • And while you’re occupied, he’ll hunt them down and beat the crap out of them. 
  • But if anyone DARES to lash out at you in his presence, Saeran won’t hesitate to hit them. “I don’t care what happens to me. I want to protect you.”
  • Person: you have such a quirky personality, and I think your mannerisms are cute :)
  • Me: thanks, I borrowed them from my coworker, best friend, and the main character of the tv show I've been watching recently.
Also bit sudden but:

Shout out to @edible-opposing-forks, your tags on my works always make me smile so much :’D Thank you so much for always sharing your reactions with me, they’re such a joy to read!

Certainly not just limited to just them, I am so incredibly grateful to everyone for your tags/comments/replies ;A; I read the tags and comments ALL the time (it’s the number one place I turn to when I feel frustrated and am considering ditching a wip) and it makes me so happy when any of you share your thoughts with me <3 Even if it’s just a few words, a rambling spew, shouting, exclamations, anything, it really means a lot to me, so thank you for taking the time to share with me m(_ _)m

So thank you so much guys!!!! You being so awesome reminds me that I’m not just throwing work into a void, that people are reading my comics and feeling something from them, and it motivates me so much to draw and post more ^ ^