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How to avoid an awkward situation by Min Yoongi Genius: Rap Agust D.


I’m so so so so glad he’s back healthy and happy tho I missed him soooo much ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

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SF9 SCENARIO: Them Saving You From A Conversation You Want To Get Out Of

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Dating Hoseok:

Dating Hoseok would include:

  • The first thing he thought when he saw you: “who is this girl?”
  •  He found you interesting but
  • He was going to keep walking, forgetting about your face just as he forgot any other face he saw walking past him almost everyday
  • But that changed when you made eye contact
  • You looked at him
  • And you smiled
  • You just simply smiled and walked away
  • When he got home he was confused
  • The next week he found himself trying to find you in the same place he spotted you the first time
  • He is a confident person but when he saw you again for some reason he just couldn’t move his legs near you
  • Like something was stopping him
  • The next time he saw you was almost the same
  • He couldn’t move
  • But you saw him
  • And when you walked past him you talked
  • “Such a sunny day huh?”
  • He wanted to talk back. He really did. But his tongue had another plan.
  • Great Hoseok. Great. You lost your chance. Again.
  • Back at home he just couldn’t stop thinking about you
  • You were in his mind all the time
  • It was at dinner that he took the decision
  • “Next time. I’ll ask for your name. I promise”
  • “What you said, hyung?”
  • “Noth-”
  • “I think he asked for ramen”
  • The next time he saw you he was ready
  • He didn’t know but you noticed him as soon as you saw him and now he was walking towards you
  • Hoseok, you got this.
  • “Hi”
  • “Hello”
  • “Um, can I know your name?”
  • You smiled
  • “Y/n”
  • Since that day. You guys met at the same spot at the same hour everyday
  • You both always had something to talk about
  • “Awkward silence” doesn’t exist between the two of you
  • Hoseok is always laughing and screaming, it makes you laugh too
  • You guys talk trough imessage when you are not together
  • He was really nervous when he actually decided to ask you out
  • He was sweating
  • Literally screamed when you said yes
  • *lifts you up*
  • “Hoseok no!”
  • *spins you around*
  • When you met the boys they all knew everything about you
  • “Oh, so this is y/n, the cute girl with a beautiful smile”
  • “You mean Y/n the girl who has a dog and two plants?”
  • “I thought you were talking about Y/n, the girl that loves capuccino with vanilla and cinammon?”
  • “Hyung he’s getting mad. Look at his mouth”
  • Hoseok is mad but you are giggling and now he is giggling too
  • He is always calling you to tell you the most bizarre things
  • “I just watched the best comercial ever”
  • “Just ate a mango that tasted like rotten bluberries”
  • “Wich song do you like the most? Skater Boy or What the hell?”
  • “I just remembered that day in our trainees years. I farted and blamed Taehyung. Everybody believed me”
  • He lays his head on your lap when he’s tired
  • Sometimes almost everytime he falls asleep and you can’t help but stare
  • He looks peaceful and beautiful
  • Moving his hair out of his forehead you start stroking his hair
  • He loves it when you stroke his hair
  • At first he would ask you to do it
  • Until you start doing it yourself almost everytime his head is near your hands
  • When you don’t do it, he knows something’s wrong
  • “Y/n? What’s wrong?”
  • *you are asleep*
  • Carries you to his room
  • When you wake up, he’s literally smiling at you
  • “Where are we?”
  • “In my room”
  • “I fell asleep, didn’t I?”
  • “Yup”
  • “… wait… we are in your room?”
  • *You softly turn around to find Jimin staring at you*
  • “Hi Jimin”
  • “Oh, hi y/n. I didn’t see you there”
  • You didn’t feel like staying in your jeans so you went through Hoseok’s clothes
  • You tried to find some comfy sweatpants but all you see are shorts
  • “Y/n, baby, breakfast is ready… are those my shorts?”
  • “Don’t say a word about this”
  • Too late. He’s already laughing at you
  • Actually, everybody is laughing at you
  • Always lays his head on your shoulder when you guys eat breakfast together because he is sleepy
  • You love sleepy Hobi
  • You guys can communicate trough glances
  • Like that day you and the boys were buying clothes and he was trying to tell you to buy a skirt without letting the guys know
  • You looked at him asking him with your eyes if you should take the black or the white one
  • And he gave you the look
  • So you brought the white one
  • Or the day you went to the cinema with the boys and you weren’t sure of what movie to pick
  • “Mmh”
  • “That one?”
  • “Uh”
  • “Yeah, right”
  • “And that one…?”
  • “Well…”
  • “Wait look”
  • “Okay”
  • The boys didn’t know what just happen but somehow you two agreed to watch the same movie without even saying it out loud
  • “Wait. So what are we watching?”
  • “ La La Land, Jungkook. Didnt you hear us?”
  • Always taking you to dance practice with him
  • “I cant practice without you around. You are my hope, Y/n”
  • He would do everything for you
  • But not going in a roller coaster ride (at least not the gigantic ones)
  • “Y/n do we have to do this?”
  • “Well, I’ve been waiting for this for weeks. So I am going. But you can stay if you want. I think Yoongi wouldn’t mind to…”
  • “Yoongi is going in too?”
  • “Yeah”
  • *He sits between you and Yoongi only because he wants to hold both your hands at the same time*
  • When you are doing homework he is either playing with your phone or taking pictures of himself
  • “Y/n what’s this?”
  • *a picture of him sleeping on your lap*
  • “Uh…”
  • Favorite thing to do together: go to costume shops and try on wigs
  • You have an album in your cellphone full of Hobi’s pictures with wigs on
  • “Omg you look like your mom in this one”
  • “Please erase that picture”
  • You guys are always holding hands
  • Or he is always back hugging you
  • There is no in between
  • Cuddling together is a must
  • The first time you fought he cried
  • Wich made you cry too
  • “Let’s not fight ever again”
  • “Okay”
  • The day you found out you loved him you went running to his place
  • You were sure about it and you wanted him to know
  • But when he oppended the door and kissed you. You somehow got scared
  • What if he didn’t love you back
  • So you kept it for yourself. Deciding to wait for him to tell you first
  • Time passed by and you were starting to get worried
  • Maybe he really didn’t love you
  • One day you both were eating ice cream while watching a movie in your place
  • Your dog sleeping on Hoseok’s chest
  • When you looked at them you couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore
  • You had to tell him
  • He had to know
  • Now
  • So you took a spoon of icecream and a deep breath
  • “Hobi?”
  • “Yes, love?”
  • “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with this. But I just can’t keep it to myself anymore”
  • Noticing the seriousness of the manner. Hoseok sat gently placing your dog on his lap
  • “What is it, baby?”
  • Not looking at him anymore. You talked
  • “I love you, Hoseok. A-and it’s weird beacuse I think I’ve never loved someone before. In fact you are the first person I say I love you to that’s not part of my family or my dog. I just feel it, you know? Its like-“
  • Hoseok couldn’t help but kiss you
  • “I love you too Y/n. Since the day you smiled at me in the middle of a park. I knew it was you. It had to be you”
  • After a few kisses he would suddenly stop
  • “There’s something I have to do”
  • *calling Yoongi*
  • “Hello?”
  • “Hyung, she said she loves me”
  • “What the heck? Is that her? Is she with you right now?”
  • “Yeah, she’s next to me. She’s laughing”
  • “Go kiss her or something. Why would you call me to tell me this anyways?”
  • “It’s more romantic that way”
  • “Why are you like this?”
Flail, Ninja Dorks! Flail!

I need to post some writing.  I’m going mad here.

Here’s an AU in which Kakashi was sent on a mission in Suna, and ended up trapped when his mission set off a Civil War.  He didn’t make back to teach Team Seven, so Yamato became sensei instead.

I’m highly tempted to steal @mouseymightymarvellous tag of Ninja Dorks Flailing at Interpersonal Relations to make this the title.  Edit: permission granted!  Mwhahahahhah!

It’s probably going to be a series of outtakes and scenes, posted when I need something to write that doesn’t feel like a mountain.  

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Date Downtown {NCT Mark Scenario}


Anon: Bonjour may i request a Mark fluff? he just dated like 1month so they r so shy and they got together bc his members pressured him to ask his crush out so they went on a date downtown & it was decorated for x mas and they kissed haha hope its pas mal

I’m so sorry that this is so late! You requested this before xmas and I’ve only just got to it - I’ve gotten rid of the xmas bit purely because it’s over, just I still hope that you like it! Please send in feedback! Bisous, Flo :-)

Word count: 1823

Originally posted by nakamotens

“Mark, you need to take her on a date”

“Like, an actual one. Not one in the dorms”

“Are you even dating? Because it certainly doesn’t look like it?”

“Have you kissed her yet? No? What are you doing with yourself?”

Mark, being one of the youngest, was used to the pressures of being an idol being laid upon him. Eventually he could manage them and keep them under control. Even at his age, he had a lot of experience of what being a famous boy group, could be like. He knew that the job demanded his utter devotion and time. It required him to practice his rapping, singing and dancing, all whilst attending school and having a social life.

But starting so young, meant he had little to no experience of girls. The word felt foreign to him, something he was unfamiliar with and frankly, scared of too. Despite having a fan base that consisted of majority girls, it didn’t stop him from feeling awkward and isolated around them. He didn’t know how to talk to them, or act around them. He didn’t know whether if he said one thing, they might think another. Or how to flirt with them. His busy schedule left him little time for a girlfriend.

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two-bitoutlaw  asked:

So today at the library where I work I found a copy of "Darth Vader: A 3D Reconstruction Log" and it's this kid's book with cut-out details that pretty much confirms every horrific thing you've ever written in fic about Palpatine's design of Vader's suit, right down to the organ reconstruction and artificial vertebrae, and I just stood there for a second really wishing that Kadee was canon so that at least there would be a little bit of light in Anakin's asthmatic walking trashcan hellscape.

Yikes. I’m guessing that book is the source of the blueprint images of Vader’s suit I’ve seen floating around tumblr?

Honestly sometimes I make myself sad thinking about XF-53 in canon ‘verse. Because that’s who Vader’s med droid would still be. In the canon ‘verse XF-53 never chooses a name, never chooses pronouns, never claims any identity that lasts beyond the regular memory wipes Palpatine orders. Kadee, with everything that makes her Kadee, never exists.

(#that awkward moment when you get so attached to an oc that you make yourself sad about their life in the canon ‘verse)

anonymous asked:

You should have called me earlier Scully. It's freezing in here and you need to keep warm.... (For the first sentence challenge and can I request msr please but not smut because you do good feels!)

I loved writing this - never done a prompt like this before so thank you anon.  I tried to get the feels in there for you!

WARM (Cancer arc)

“You should have called me earlier Scully; it’s freezing in here and you need to keep warm”

I am careful to keep my tone as neutral as possible despite the way my concern has ratcheted upwards at the sight of my partner standing before me, because wrapped in a blanket she might be, but comfortable she plainly isn’t and even though she tries to hide the tremors that have taken hold of her, I think deep down she knows it’s a lost cause.

“I d…didn’t….want… b…bother you on a s…saturday….esp…especially not to dr…ive’

Her words are almost hidden by the hitching breath that is catching in her throat although whether it’s because of the cold or because she is trying not to cry I just can’t tell right now. Automatically I reach out toward her, my intention two fold - to try to comfort her in my slightly clumsy way but also to check how chilled she actually is. I’m unsurprised though when she steps back slightly, dropping her eyes from mine and shaking her head in a very definite ‘no’ as even standing right there in front of me, she is determined to hide.

Her expression instead settles on the small grate opposite the sofa, where the beginnings of a fire has been laid - loosely balled up newspaper crisscrossed with thin wooden kindling - an attempt to generate warmth in the wake of the winter power-out that the recent ice storm has wreaked on much of this area. No power means no forced air heat which accounts for the chill in the apartment. I’m a little confused though as to why she hasn’t lit it, especially since everything is in place until I suddenly notice the spent match that is still stuck to the small, melted patch of cream carpet just in front of the hearth and I realise that a combination of yesterdays chemo and her current low temperature has weakened her to such an extent that she is unable to sufficiently control her grip on the match to strike it safely. 

Those strong, capable doctors hands that have worked their soothing magic on me a thousand times now temporarily rendered ineffective by the cancer that is slowly but surely taking her from me.

But now is not the time to wallow in my own pathetic self pity because this is wholly about her, about making her immediate situation better. So I drop to my knees and pick up the box of discarded matches, watching as the small flame spreads to engulf the wood and paper beneath, the comforting sound of crackling kindling surrounding me and replacing the awkwardness that exists between us. An awkwardness born of the fact that my partner hates to ask for help, and that her embarrassment to have failed in such a simple task is heartbreakingly evident.

Its for that reason I don’t turn back to her until the fire is established; the logs I finally placed on it radiating a delicious warmth that I know will make things better for her in the short term at least. 

And it’s for the same reason that, as I take her hand and coax her gently to nestle against me, her head resting on the cushion I placed on my lap and her frail body curled against mine, I don’t acknowledge that she is crying.

Instead I simply pull her in closer and know that for tonight at least, she will allow me to be here for her. 

To help keep her warm.

the lee family, from left the right: daughter taem, daughter jong, ex umma kibum, father jinki, smol minho 

father jinki: pretty much the most awkward person to ever exist. he wants the best for his three children but doesn’t actually know how. no one, not even his children (or himself as a matter of fact) knows who his wife is. it was as if she evaporated into thin air and left jinki to support his three equally interesting children. he’s the type of father to drive you to school even if he’s dead tired and call macaroni and cheese a gourmet meal. he does love his children and would take a bullet for them.

ex umma kibum: this lady started randomly showing up at the lee’s when jinki was at work and the kids were at school and discreetly began to eat their food. she was exposed when jinki walked into the house to see her sitting in the corner, snacking on grapes. being the kind man he is, he invited her to stay at their house and became the kids’ unofficial mother. she does have a son (hence the ex umma name) but he moved out when he was six, leaving her alone.

smol minho: the oldest of the lee children and the only boy, he is anything but athletic. he’s awkward like his father but anxious as well. he dislikes leaving the house for fear of social interaction. he likes to practice his ‘cool’ faces in the mirror and imagine a life where he was strong and active. he enjoys reading books but constantly has to look for them because daughter taem is always hiding them. 

daughter taem: the middle child whose personality pretty much parallels ex umma kibum’s. she is cynical, sarcastic and has a habit of roasting anyone at any given time. she likes to avoid daughter jong because she is too clingy and prefers to hang out behind the school in hopes jong will not find her. she is always mistaken for a dude so she avoids using bathrooms during the school days and cannot smile to save her life. on some occasions, she’ll lock herself in her room and write fanfiction for who knows what. 

daughter jong: the youngest and the most dependent on daughter taem. she is more awkward than smol minho and father jinki combined. she has a habit of doing peace signs when she is uncomfortable, which is usually all the time, so she pretty much just walks around flashing peace signs at everyone. she has an incredible singing voice but is so awkward around everyone, she can never perform. she only dreams of doing duets with daughter taem and making it past the vending machine without awkwardly giving it a peace sign 

Dance practice: J-Hope focus

My eyes would always wander off to Jimin and Jungkook dancing because of the split screen. Now, I can fully focus on Hoseok without being distracted.

Bumpin in my trunk uh huh

Twister (John Laurens x Reader)

Word Count: 1467

Genre: Fluff, maybe a little humor but not a whole lot.

Request/Summary: Noise Complaint  (Yes you do have to read Noise Complaint first for Twister to make any sense whatsoever.)

AU: Modern

Warnings: Awkwardness, Cussing, King George exists, that should be it.


A/N-YAAAAYYYYY finally Noise Complaint Pt. 2!!!! I still do have requests to finish and I will, I just wanted to post this… so yeah… 

You laughed. No, you actually laughed. This guy made you laugh. You hadn’t had a date that could make you laugh in six forevers.

“(Y/N)!” A man exclaimed, approaching your table, your smile fell as fast as it had appeared.

“George.” You greeted sourly.

“When am I gonna get that second date?” He asked, his British accent more annoying than ever.

“Hmm… is ‘never’ open for you? It’s about the only time I have free. I’m a little preoccupied.” You reached across the table and took Strawberry’s hand in yours.

“I’ll see you around.” George growled.

“Bye.” You waved, your voice brimming with artificial sugar. As soon as he was gone, you retracted your hand and rolled your eyes.

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An Imagined Scene from season 11 X-files

It is familiar sensations for the two agents. They had worked long hours in stressful conditions to save, if not the world, at least a community from an unexplainable phenomena that only Mulder could explain. They had debated each other, joked, communicated silently with adrenaline high, acted in tandem as a team. Now it is over except for the paperwork which will keep until tomorrow. They are in the basement office experiencing fatigue and euphoria; a little slap happy as they relive the moments, discuss the implications, and finally fall into companionable silence.

The moments at the end are different than they used to be; awkward still, but with a different awkwardness. For years, the cases would end with each of them dreading the end of the day and going home alone; each of them wishing they were going home together. Mulder used to be so desperate as Scully gathered her things and he begged her with his eyes to let tonight be the night she invited him over. He spent years denying himself carnal pleasure because the only woman he wanted was his professional partner and she wasn’t quite ready. He would call her at 11 or midnight just to reassure himself she was safe and to remind himself she actually existed. He thought of her as his long before he had the right to do so.

A lot has changed since those days. They, of course, have had sex. In fact they had a child together. They had lived together. They had been passionate, sweet, bored, angry and routine in their love making over the years. They have been neglectful of each other. They were now each other exes. If awkwardness had existed years before, this end of the day awkwardness since they had returned to the X-Files had reached a different level. Scully would take her shoes off and rub her feet. Then she would look up guiltily thinking of all the times Mulder had massaged her feet after a hospital shift without the thanks he deserved. Or Mulder’s stomach would growl and she would find herself wondering when the last time was he had been to the grocery store. Saying goodbye and returning to the house he had shared with her was a new type of torture. He didn’t even have fish anymore because he didn’t know if she would feed them should something happen to him.

They sit now in the basement office. They are each glad the case is over, but the excited laughter has given way to the dread of the good-bye.

“I guess it’s time to go home now, Mulder.” Scully keeps her tone neutral and begins to gather her belongings.

“Oh, it is time, Scully.” Mulder has two different voices. This first sentence he says in his announcer voice which is smooth with consonant sounds crisp and clean. It is the melodious voice which used to make Scully say, during the in between X-files days, he should work recording books on tape. The next sentence he says in his other voice. It isn’t a voice filled with emotion but, if you knew Mulder, you know it is the voice he uses when he is emotional and trying to hide it. It is a growl like, deep voice which seems to vibrate in his chest before forcing itself out of his mouth reluctantly. It is a bourbon voice: a voice which betrays his soul.

“It is time,” he growls now “ not to go home but to come home. It’s time for you to come back to our home, Scully.”.
He looks at her with all his emotions plain on his face. She can count the number of times he has made grand declarations of loyalty and love and not use all ten of her fingers. She remembers the last time he did so and how it did not keep her from walking out the door. There will be no grand declarations asking her to return. Instead he wills her to look into his eyes. She has always found it hard not to sink into his gaze. As he has so many times before he communicates all he needs to say through his eyes.

She tries to tell herself that she doesn’t remember why she left, but, of course it isn’t true. She wanted no more of aliens or the search for the truth. She meant it at the time, but it seems ridiculous now that she has joined him again, as a part of her knew she always would, back at the FBI. She has not dealt with her pain at his abduction, of his absence after William was born, of her anger at herself and Mulder for her giving up her son for adoption, of her terror of someday finding Mulder dead again in the woods. She had left him in order not to deal with it. She had tried to run away from it, but it had followed her. In returning to the X-files, she had rushed back head first into the only world where, fight it as might, she truly belongs. In her heart she knows it is not the life she would have chosen, but it was the world of the only man she could ever love and so it is where she fits because he has carved out a piece of his world for her. She sees his hunger for her and feels her own hunger for him.

All of those emotions in his eyes and in her heart, but she says only simply. “You are right, Mulder. It is time I came back home.”

She finishes gathering her belongings. He rises and gestures for her to walk out first. He follows with his hand at the familiar spot on her lower back. At the door they stop. He looks down at her with a smile. She looks up at him and raises her eyebrow. He turns off the light and shuts the door to the basement office. Tomorrow they will return to the world of the paranormal, but tonight there is only one truth that matters.

what’s erotic or attractive about naked body?
it is only a hint of nakedness that is erotic, surely. bare body in a luminescent light of complete visibility is but a curious mollusk in absence of its exoskeleton; a messed existence, an awkward object.