awkward encounters of the third kind

About VidCon and meeting Mythical Beasts in Amsterdam

It’s been a week since VidCon EU happened. Isn’t that crazy? What a wild concept! Now that I’ve mostly overcome my VidCon hangover (because nobody warns you about that happening) I feel able to actually report back to you guys! 

TL;DR: It was a journey about instant friendships and Mythicality!

I’ll be as candid as possible even though it is embarrassing and probably awkward~. Also I’ll highlight the Rhett & Link part for the sake of you not having to endure most of my personal rambling.

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“Don’t you kids ever knock?” - fragile banshee

fragilebanshee you all should know we’ve been plotting this for a week. 

So of course, she texts him saying they need more condoms and of course she had a specific kind in mind. Which, of course, were in a sex shop all the way in the Bronx. The most awkward encounter in his 25 year old life. Driving back to his apartment in the heart of New York city, he was face palming the whole back. It was cringe worthy. Walked up the stairs to the third floor, where the large, two story apartment lay. 

Unlocked the door and walked in. Placed the bag in the kitchen and went to the living room, texting somebody back. “Hey Lyds I got those cond- condo registration papers, you wanted,” he stuttered as he looked up to see a group of her students sitting with her, working on quadratics or something stupid like that. It was just like her to forget to tell him that she was having a study group, in their apartment, on the one night he got home early. 

And now he had 15/16 year old girls gawking at his slightly undone state (tie loose and hair slightly done up from his nervous fingers viciously raking through them.) The boys were glaring and he knew it was because they had some weird thing for his gorgeous wife. He could see that they weren’t all originally friends, probably hated each other or at least avoided each other when they were with their cliques. Stiles couldn’t help but remember how much he hated highschool past its traumatizing force of supernatural drama.