awkward draco hugging

-I love this hug because it reminds me of those awkward hugs you get from a relative that you’ve only just met at someone’s funeral.

-I also wonder what’s going through Voldemort’s head. ‘Well I haven’t done this in a while’.

-‘Hug me I’ve just sent thousands of people to their deaths and no one blinked an eye that most were children. At 16 this was exactly what I wanted to stop!’

-'I’ve just said there will be a place for all and I’m basically sorry for spilling magic blood I have to look at least a bit caring!’

-'Awww look he looks like a
kicked puppy. I must hug.’

-'I literally just had a bit of my soul ripped from my body killing that brat I think I deserve this one small thing.’

OK I’ll stop with wondering what’s going through his head.

Why is no one talking about Draco in TCC??

Draco who was worried for his son.
Draco who was a grieving mess.
Draco who would not - could not - accept that Voldemort was back.
Draco who was defensive about his Dark Mark.
Draco who lost the love of his life.
Draco who defied his parents to be with her.
Draco who would sell his soul to have one more minute with her.
Draco who didn’t care if the Malfoy name ended with him.
Draco who once used to wear that name as a crown.
Draco who had a time turner but never used it to bring back his wife because he understood the consequences.
Draco who went to talk to Harry because Scorpius was upset.
Draco who couldn’t understand his son but desperately wanted to.
Draco who hid away his son to protect him.
Draco who was and is lonely.
Draco who was envious of the golden trio’s friendship.
Draco who had a tentative understanding with Harry.
Draco who wasn’t happy in the alternate reality.
Draco who hoped that Lucius liked a world without Voldemort.
Draco who gave Scorpius awkward one-armed hugs.
Draco who slipped but picked himself up.
Draco who mostly just wanted to be happy.

Draco Malfoy.
Harry Potter.
They were both incredible aurors.
Incredible partners. Everyone thought they were incredible to put their differences behind them and be mature. In the office however…
“Potter!” Came Malfoys voice when Harry walked in 2 minutes late.
“Good morning to you too” Harry mumbled and sat at his desk, looking through his folders.
“Why the hell are you always late? We start at 8, not 8:05 so when you decide to show up I’ve already done everything you’re doing and now I have to wait around for you because you’re always late!” Draco shouted.
“Malfoy, fuck. Okay. I’m sorry. I stopped to get us both coffee. But I guess you don’t want yours.” Harry said, looking up at Draco.
“Why would you get me coffee anyways?” Draco asked in a more relaxed tone.
“Gee I dunno because I want you to be in a good mood?” Harry mumbled, looking through his folders and pushing Dracos coffee towards him.
“Oh.. Er… Thank you” Draco mumbled, he took it, then went to his desk.
Harry smirked a bit.
He replayed the last few years in his head while he looked through the folders. After the war, Draco Malfoy left the Death Eaters side and came out as gay to his family, which made them disown him. He didn’t care back then. He wanted to be true to himself. And if that meant being on the opposite side from them, so be it.
Harry was so famous though and didn’t feel like having everything he says documented. So he hasn’t come out yet. But he was very very gay. And had a very big crush on Draco, which he covered most of the time by fighting with him.
“Malfoy and Potter!” Their boss walked in.
They both stood up. Their boss gave them a job they walked out together. Everyone knew the pair were the best aurors in the building. They walked beside each other out of the building. They had a specific way of taking care of things and, despite the fact that they fought constantly, they were incredible partners when it came to taking down bad guys. It took them less than an hour to take care of it.
They got back to their office and each of them shouted at each other. “You messed up with the spell!” Harry took a step towards Draco.
“You got in the way! I almost shot you with a spell!” Draco said, stepping towards Harry.
They kept at it until they were just inches apart Harry’s breath hitched. He looked from Dracos eyes to his lips, back to his eyes. Draco did the same.
Next thing either of them knew they were kissing, hard.
Harry got backed up to his desk and lifted on it.
Eventually Harry pulled back and looked at Draco with surprise, while panting.
Draco was most likely more surprised. He didn’t even know Harry was gay.
“” Draco stared at Harry.
“Shut the fuck up.” Harry whispered as pulled Draco back to kiss him.
It wasn’t until they desperately needed to breathe that they pulled away.
Harry stared at Draco.
“Shh” Harry said when Draco opened his mouth to speak. “Yes I’m gay. Yes I like you” Harry whispered.
Dracos pale cheeks tinted pink. “Really?” He whispered.
“Yes. Now get off me and do your report” Harry shoved Dracos shoulders, hopped off his desk to go around and sit on his chair. He started writing his report, but he and Draco kept staring at each other. Near the end of the work day Harry asked Draco if he wanted to go out to dinner soon.
After a very sexually tensed day at work, Harry went to have dinner at the Weasleys. When he got there, he said hi to Ron then went to see Hermione. She was pregnant. And he wanted to talk to her about it.
at dinner, Hermione was asking Harry if she could set him up on a date and stuff because he’s been single since Ginny. They were still best friends, but she found out he was gay, so that’s why they broke up. She didn’t tell anyone, but she kept encouraging him to tell Hermione and Ron. They’d accept it.
“Um.. Actually, uh.. I have a date uhm. Tomorrow” Harry rubbed the back of his head.
“Oh! What’s her name?” Hermione asked.
“Uh.” Harry blushed and picked at is food, not answering.
“Or.. His?” Ron said, he knew Harry couldn’t be straight since their 3rd year.
Harry blushed more and choked on his food. “W-what did you say?” Harry looked at Ron.
“Is it Malfoy?” Ron said, ignoring what Harry said.
Harry froze. What the hell? How could Ron know. “Uh”
Ron nodded. “Knew it. Since our 3rd year mate.” Ron chuckled.
Harry laughed awkwardly. “Aha.. Uh..okay yes.. It is.” He said.
“Have fun” Ron smiled.
Hermione was staring at Ron like he had 2 heads. How did he decipher that?
The next day at work was very very awkward and tense. They didn’t have any run-out jobs to do. So that’s good. They had lots of desk work to do. As Harry was writing something, he felt Malfoys eyes on him. So he looked up at him. “Get back to work!” Harry sighed.
Malfoy smirked and got up, walking over to Harry’s desk. “Or what?”
Harry looked up from his desk. “Don’t do this, just work” Harry wasn’t playing this game right now.
But honestly, Draco looming over his desk like that was really sexy and it was kinda really turning him on.
“Make me.” Draco said.
Fuck. He was doing it on purpose.
“Malfoy, this is very unprofessional of you! Get to your own desk and work” Harry tried to sound firm, but hid voice came out huskily.
Draco smirked at Harry and walked back to his desk, satisfied with knowing he was making it difficult for Harry to concentrate.
Eventually it can time for their date.
They were both nervous.
They went out to dinner. Afterwards they walked down the road, Draco grabbed Harry’s hand. “So does anyone else know that you’re gay?” Draco asked.
“Ginny, Ron and Hermione” Harry nodded, lacing his fingers through Dracos. “I think I’ve shared enough of my private life with the world. Doesn’t matter that I’m gay, doesn’t matter that I went on a date with an incredible guy. It’s my life. It doesn’t need to be exploited” Harry shrugged.
Draco smiled and nodded. “That’s really inspiring actually.” Draco said, but he was blushing at the ‘incredible guy’ bit.
They walked and talked until they got to a beach. It was too cold to do anything on the beach and actually Harry was cold. “Can we walk elsewhere?” He asked.
Draco nodded. They walked for a while until Harry decided he should probably head home. “So uh.. Thanks a lot for tonight.” Harry smiled.
“You’re so formal, Potter” Malfoy laughed and put his hands on Harry’s hips.
“Well I had fun! Sue me!” Harry laughed.
“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” Draco blurted out.
Harry stared at Draco. “What?” They’ve only had one date.
“I mean we see each other every day anyways and I have fun picking on you all the time anyways. So why don’t I do it in a boyfriend-like way” Draco said.
“Nice, is that how you ask people out? Because it’s pathetic” Harry said, he was smiling though.
“Seriously, Harry, just answer the question” he mumbled.
Harry was laughing now. “Yes, I’ll be your boyfriend” he laughed and kissed Draco again.

A few weeks after they started dating, things in the office didn’t change, they still bickered. But usually they ended the day in one of their apartments, cuddling while watching a movie, or…. Cuddling… In bed…
Today though, Draco was the one that was late. “Why are you late?” Harry asked.
Draco looked nervous.
“Draco?” Harry asked.
“Do your friends like me? Because they said you have this routine of going to dinner at their place on Thursday nights and Ron called me and asked me to come and I don’t know if it was some sort of sick joke or if he actually wants me to come but I don’t know if I should, I mean that’s your thing and I don’t want to-” he got cut off by Harry’s lips.
He noticeably relaxed at Harry’s touch.
“I asked them to invite you” Harry, put his arms around Dracos neck.
“Why?” He asked.
“Because you’re my boyfriend and I want them to accept us.” Harry smiled.
Draco nodded.
“So you’ll come?” Harry smiled.
“Of course I’ll come!” Draco smiled.

So that night, they headed to the Weasleys, “don’t be nervous, you’ve known them since you were 11” Harry whispered, walking up to the door with Draco.
“Yeah but they hated be then.” Draco said.
“So did I” Harry squeezed his hand. “Don’t worry, Draco.” They walked in.
“Ronald! They’re here!” Hermione said. She walked over.
“Harry!” She hugged him.
“Draco!” She hugged him too.
Harry had to stifle a laugh at how awkward Draco looked. Harry hugged Ron hello, and Ron shook Dracos hand.
When it was almost time for dinner, Draco still looked awkward and stiff.
So Harry sat on Dracos lap. “You can relax you know. They don’t bite.” Harry said, then whispered in Dracos ear “but I do” as he nibbled Dracos earlobe.
Draco flushed bright red. “Harry Potter, stop that!” He giggled like a girl.
Harry laughed and kissed Dracos cheek. “But honestly, you can be yourself, they’ll like you. Don’t worry” Harry got up, but Draco pulled him back down.
Harry laughed. “I’m gonna go help Hermione. Talk to Ron.” Harry kissed Draco softly, then got up again and walked to the kitchen.
Ron and Draco talked for a while until dinner. Harry set the table.
Ron walked over to Hermione so Draco walked to Harry.
Harry turned around and smiled at Draco. “So does he hate like you thought he would?” Harry wrapped his arms around Dracos neck.
Draco scoffed.
Harry laughed and pressed a small kiss to Dracos cheek, then went to sit down. Draco sat beside Harry.
Hermione asked a bunch of questions about techie relationship.
Harry had put his hand on Dracos thigh while they talked.
Near the end of the night, Draco had decided to head to Harry’s after the Weasleys because that had that was on his thigh kept inching upwards and making Draco need Harry.
When they got back to Harry’s apartment, Draco practically dragged him to the bedroom and tackled him.

Now, 2 years later, auror Potter-Malfoy and auror Potter-Malfoy are still partners, but they’re not just partners, they’re husbands. They still bicker constantly but they love eachother incredibly.


Because this is fucking fantastic. 

in the wake of the Cursed Child

I thought I would make a post of all my personal Next Gen Headcanons for anyone else who might be looking for something to replace what I’ve just rejected as canon in the Harry potter world

so here we go

  • Albus is a Hufflepuff
  • Albus becomes friends with Scorpius
  • Rose tags along with Albus and also becomes friends with Scorpius
  • Scorpius thinks Rose is his Queen
  • She is
  • Harry works as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts (inspired by this post please read it)
  • Christmas is spent with the Weasley clan
  • James, Albus and Lily never ever doubt whether they are loved
  • Hermione works in a department of the Ministry called: Committee for the Rights and Protection of Magical Beings and Creatures
  • Ron occasionally helps out with Fred and- no George and- I made myself sad we’ll come back to this
  • Draco comes to Harry’s doorstep one day and is like “I grew up with two parents who loved me and you didn’t…. and I’m sorry for like everything” and it’s kinda awkward maybe they hug?
  • Draco loves Scorpius fiercely, like his parents loved him (because they did love him, why else would they run through the Battle of Hogwarts screaming for him at the end of the last book?)
  • After Albus and Scorpius become friends, the Malfoys get invited over for Christmas and are accepted as part of the clan (eventually)
  • When Harry’s kids are younger than 11 Harry sometimes brings them to Hogwarts and runs around with them on his shoulders etc, so they always feel like Hogwarts is a second home
  • Maybe Harry’s family lives near Hogsmeade, so when in 3rd year the kids are really excited to take their friends to all their favourite places
  • Albus Rose and Scorpius become a trio just like Harry Ron and Hermione
  • James picks on Albus sometimes because they’re siblings but in the end they love each other
  • When they’re on holidays and Albus is struggling with his homework, James sometimes comes in and sits on the end of his bed to help him (pretending he’s just being annoying by obnoxiously pointing out mistakes Albus has made so he can fix them)
  • (^ Albus knows what James is doing but never mentions it)
  • Rose and Scorpius are the brainy two of the trio
  • Albus is really good at Herbology and Neville feels like a proud father even though Albus isn’t his
  • Even though Rose is friends with Scorpius, she also took to heart ‘beat him on every test’ from Ron and they have a friendly rivalry which she continuously wins
  • Ron helps George with Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and occasionally brings home treats/toys for Hugo and Rose
  • Modern Muggle Technology is becoming bigger and more widespread and the kids want to have things from both worlds
  • Albus Rose and Scorpius have an excursion into the Muggle World one day and thoroughly enjoy themselves, taking photos that don’t move with a Muggle camera
  • They put all their photos in a scrapbook and it’s fat and happy and full of smiles
  • Harry doesn’t always know what to say to his kids to cheer them up, but they know he’s there for them and that thought comforts them
  • Ginny is much better at knowing what the kids need and helps Harry love and look after them
  • If there are any rumours about Scorpius being the son of Voldemort, Scorpius started them himself
  • Rose almost believed the rumours when she first heard them, until she realised Scorpius has exactly the same nose as Draco
  • James still believes them