awkward draco hugging

in the wake of the Cursed Child

I thought I would make a post of all my personal Next Gen Headcanons for anyone else who might be looking for something to replace what I’ve just rejected as canon in the Harry potter world

so here we go

  • Albus is a Hufflepuff
  • Albus becomes friends with Scorpius
  • Rose tags along with Albus and also becomes friends with Scorpius
  • Scorpius thinks Rose is his Queen
  • She is
  • Harry works as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts (inspired by this post please read it)
  • Christmas is spent with the Weasley clan
  • James, Albus and Lily never ever doubt whether they are loved
  • Hermione works in a department of the Ministry called: Committee for the Rights and Protection of Magical Beings and Creatures
  • Ron occasionally helps out with Fred and- no George and- I made myself sad we’ll come back to this
  • Draco comes to Harry’s doorstep one day and is like “I grew up with two parents who loved me and you didn’t…. and I’m sorry for like everything” and it’s kinda awkward maybe they hug?
  • Draco loves Scorpius fiercely, like his parents loved him (because they did love him, why else would they run through the Battle of Hogwarts screaming for him at the end of the last book?)
  • After Albus and Scorpius become friends, the Malfoys get invited over for Christmas and are accepted as part of the clan (eventually)
  • When Harry’s kids are younger than 11 Harry sometimes brings them to Hogwarts and runs around with them on his shoulders etc, so they always feel like Hogwarts is a second home
  • Maybe Harry’s family lives near Hogsmeade, so when in 3rd year the kids are really excited to take their friends to all their favourite places
  • Albus Rose and Scorpius become a trio just like Harry Ron and Hermione
  • James picks on Albus sometimes because they’re siblings but in the end they love each other
  • When they’re on holidays and Albus is struggling with his homework, James sometimes comes in and sits on the end of his bed to help him (pretending he’s just being annoying by obnoxiously pointing out mistakes Albus has made so he can fix them)
  • (^ Albus knows what James is doing but never mentions it)
  • Rose and Scorpius are the brainy two of the trio
  • Albus is really good at Herbology and Neville feels like a proud father even though Albus isn’t his
  • Even though Rose is friends with Scorpius, she also took to heart ‘beat him on every test’ from Ron and they have a friendly rivalry which she continuously wins
  • Ron helps George with Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and occasionally brings home treats/toys for Hugo and Rose
  • Modern Muggle Technology is becoming bigger and more widespread and the kids want to have things from both worlds
  • Albus Rose and Scorpius have an excursion into the Muggle World one day and thoroughly enjoy themselves, taking photos that don’t move with a Muggle camera
  • They put all their photos in a scrapbook and it’s fat and happy and full of smiles
  • Harry doesn’t always know what to say to his kids to cheer them up, but they know he’s there for them and that thought comforts them
  • Ginny is much better at knowing what the kids need and helps Harry love and look after them
  • If there are any rumours about Scorpius being the son of Voldemort, Scorpius started them himself
  • Rose almost believed the rumours when she first heard them, until she realised Scorpius has exactly the same nose as Draco
  • James still believes them