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I like to imagine Shiro just ended up getting sucked into the 80s voltron universe and is experiencing shenanigans


Penelope Bunce and hydrangeas. 

‘“I don’t know,” Penelope said when I asked her how magic feels for her. “I suppose it feels like a well inside me. So deep that i can’t see or even imagine the bottom. But instead of sending down buckets, I just think about drawing it up. And then it’s there for me - as much as I need, as long as I stay focused”’ - Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Thank you for all the lovely comments + reposts on my previous post! Means a lot :) 

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Simon // Penelope // Agatha // Baz

I just had a nosebleed and then I sneezed. It was horrible.

But I was lucky my nosebleed started after I came back in from taking the trash out and running into my cute neighbor. I just couldn’t stop thinking what if I sneezed on him mid-nosebleed if it had started a little earlier.

Oh wait, was he the reason why my nose bled? Because I might or might not have been ogling his butt (Please don’t tell my mom 😂)…


Honestly though Riza he’s got a point >w<

I’m so sorry @theishvalanalchemist your text post deserved a much better comic ;_;