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Mean Girls x the @taylorswift school of dance.

Those awkward moments when 6 demonic/evil bishies are professing their love to you while you have a pair of scissors up to your neck by a vampire… And they’re singing it. O.o Hahahahahahaha!!

Don’t be afraid

Word count: 2165

You and MF gang share your opinions on Kai

You stumbled over your own feet, walking into the Salvatore’s house and closed the big, old door behind you, your feet taking you into the living room where you stopped, completely befuddled because everyone was there and it looked like they were having a deep conversation about something, and you were about to find out about what they were talking.

‘Hello, guys’ you muttered and jumped over the back of the couch, plopping yourself on the sweet and soft cushion and on the free spot, next to Elena and Bonnie. Everyone looked serious, as they were afraid to tell you what the conversation was about. This was the first time, because they used to share everything with you, without being afraid something would go wrong if you accidentally over heard what they were on about.

'What’s this all about? Why are you all so quiet? It’s me, you can tell me what you’ve been up to.’ You acknowledged, waiting for any of them to answer you. Bonnie shifted in her seat, looking over to Damon who walked to the fancy table where he kept all of those expensive drinks and poured some bourbon into the specially carved glass.

'For god’s sake, guys, we’ve been talking about Kai.’ Elena stated, looking towards you as you looked at her wide eyed, not because you were shocked when she said they were talking about Kai but because everyone acted like you were suddenly the big enemy. You’ve always been extremely close with all of them, so this was something new to you.

'Really? And you didn’t want to tell me because?’ You talked back at them, Damon’s gaze meeting yours.

'We know you’re a little bit closer with Kai than all of us, so we thought maybe you would, I don’t know, freak out or something.’ Damon stated, his voice a bit raspy as he took another sip of the bourbon that was in his glass, wiping the corner of his mouth with his thumb.

'Seriously? And? What do you think about him?’ You stated the question and shifted in your seat, pulling up your legs on the couch and placing them underneath your butt, sitting on your heels.

'I think he can’t be trusted.’ Bonnie said abruptly, making you role your eyes at her comment. She was always like this and a part of you understood, but part of you didn’t. She was acting like a child and it was kind of annoying.

'Oh, wow, Bon Bon. I totally agree.’ You said it sarcastically and rolled your eyes at her, making her turn her head away from you and look into one spot in front of her on the wall.

'So, what? Do you want to say that I’m overreacting and that we should all be besties with him?’ Bonnie said with obvious anger in her voice, her eyes piercing through your skin as you refused to look at her in the eyes. 'Of course she’s quiet. It’s because she doesn’t think the same and she never will.’

'What do you want me to say, huh? Oh, let’s all start hating Kai and shut him out of our lives, or, wait wait, even better, let’s throw him back into the prison world where he belongs. C'mon, Bonnie, don’t make a fool of yourself.’ You answered her, unable to hide the sarcasm in your voice.

'So you just expect from me to work with him? Go on trips together and stuff like that?’ Bonnie stood up from her seat and took a few steps towards Jeremy, who was standing next to the fireplace, his hand placed on the brick surface of it.

'No, I just expect you to try to give him the second chance. He’s done n-’

'Nothing wrong? I almost killed myself because of him and don’t even make me start on what he did to me when I was stuck in there with him.’ Bonnie stated, constantly repeating the same story about prison world and all the things that had happened there.

'I know that by heart, Bonnie.’

'And should I mention how he killed Jo on her wedding day or did you forget about that? Everything happened beca-’

'Because you didn’t want to give him a second chance and you left him in 1903 prison world all alone. You weren’t so good yourself Bon Bon.’ You bursted out, running your fingers through your hair roughly, unable to hide how angry you were and how sick you were of the same thing happening over and over again. You loved Bonnie, but sometimes she was wrong and she never wanted to admit that someone else might be right.

'He deserved that.’ Bonnie uttered out, raising her voice.

'He wanted to change!’

'So did I. And I did and it helped me, while he-’

'He ended up alone again. You left him there without and explanation and he just wanted a chance. He wanted to help you all.’

'Ok, that’s enough.’ Damon stated, grabbing onto your arm and pulling you back a little bit, the grip on your arm getting tighter as all you wanted to do was get closer to Bonnie and tell her everything you had in you right into her face.

'It’s not enough! Bonnie he saved you. He helped Jeremy and Elena and Damon to bring you back and you should be thankful, but no, you just stabbed him in the back. Literally.’

'You know what, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I have to go.’ Bonnie trailed off and took her jacket of the big couch and walked into the hallway with dimmed lights as she twisted the door knob and let herself out, the silence unbearable in the living room when she left. Everyone was lost for words or everyone was scared to say anything after the fight you just had with Bonnie.

'Well, that was something.’ Stefan claimed and came closer to you, his hands placing on yur shoulders and squeezed them lightly, the tension in your shoulders obvious under his touch as he kept massaging them. You sighed deeply and furiously scratched your forehead and placed a lock of your hair behind your ear.

'What is up with you and Bonnie lately? Or more accurately, what is up with you and Kai? You seem to be pissed off everytime someone says something bad about him or does something you don’t like. I think there’s more of a story here than you lead us on. What’s going on really?’ Elena asked you, her eyes focused on you as she sat closer next to you on a big couch, pulling her legs towards her body and hugging them with her arms.

'Nothing. And there really isn’t anything more here. I’m just angry because if I could give him a second chance, then so can Bonnie and he’s in fact a really nice person when you get to know him. He is a little tough and everything, but he has a good side in him and I’m not gonna throw that away just because he made mistakes in his past.’ You claimed and stood up, fixing your hair and taking the glass out of Damon’s hand, taking a sip of the cold and refreshing alcoholic beverage.

'Yeah, but his mistakes were merciless and it’s not like he didn’t have a choice, right? And all the things he did to me, kidnapped me and then practiced his magic on me, I can’t get over that thát easily. Maybe you’re right about him, I don’t know.’ She stated and looked in your direction, her face not moving an inch, as if she was waiting for you to react differently.
You gave Damon an empty glass, placing it on his palm and took a deep breath before you slowly started walking towards the front door, but before you reached the hallway, you turned around on your heels and ran your fingers through your hair, everyone in the room shooting their gaze toward you.

'Just give him a chance. You won’t regret it.’ You claimed and turned around again, walking through the hallway and letting yourself out. You spent the entire afternoon walking around Mystic Falls, just to clear your mind and almost forgot you and Kai were supposed to hang out. You quickly ran home, stumbling on the couple of stairs that led right to the porch, a single light burning above the front door. You reached out your hand and twisted the door knob, finding a dark hallway and a light breeze coming through the window next to the front door. You took your shoes off and threw them next to the small table where you kept some of the things that were kind of irrelevant. You walked through the narrow hallway and reached the doors of your room as you opened them slowly and turned the light on, throwing your jacket on the chair next to your bed but right at that moment, you saw Kai sleeping on your bed, curled up in a little ball, his hair perfectly messy and looking soft as usual, his lips lightly parted, him altogether looking peaceful and so soft. You turned off the light and reached into your closet, taking out the softest blanket you had and spread it, placing it gently over Kai’s body, making sure you were being careful enough not to wake him up. You looked at him one more time and smiled as you walked out of the room and closed the doors, heading to the guest room, plopping yourself onto the bed. It didn’t took you long enough as your eyes started closing, your eyelids getting heavier and heavier with each second. You jumped under the covers, tugging on it light as you pulled the covers up a little bit, covering yourself up all the way to your chin and drifted off to sleep.

You woke up around 7:45 am in the morning and looked around, realizing you were in the guest room and not your own, remembering that Kai fell asleep on your bed. A smile appeared on your face at the thought of that, making you happy for some reason. You got up and headed to the kitchen, making some pancakes, your stomach growling from the emptiness. Your phone was in your pocket, headphones plugged in and your favorite song playing loudly enough for you to get into the rhythm and start dancing. You completely lost track of time and got into dancing, loud music blasting through the headphones stopping you from hearing anything that was happening around you. You suddenly turned around and saw Kai standing in front of you, wearing only his jeans as his upper body remained shirtless, making your breath hitch.

'Good morning!’ Kai muttered as you took off your headphones, stopping the music and placed your phone on the kitchen counter, still close to you. You swallowed hard, deep down knowing Kai has seen a lot, including your awkward dancing which you always did when you were alone.

'Morning.’ You said and flipped the last pancake, putting it on the plate and placed the plate in front of Kai. His toned torso was distracting you from focusing on his words, but somehow you managed to snap out of it.

'Did you sleep well?’ You finally asked him, a smile lighting up his face.

'Like a baby. Although, I don’t remember covering myself up last night.’ Kai said, putting a small piece of pancake into his mouth, his eyes never leaving yours.

'Yeah, about that. I covered you with that blanket.’


'Because I thought it was a nice gesture.’ You replied, sitting next to him on one of the stools, view of Kai’s bare torso distracting you again.

'And you didn’t want to wake me up, even though I did  hear when you walked in and when you covered me up.’

'Why didn’t you say anything?’ You asked him, his eyes looking directly into yours.

'Because I- I was afraid. No one’s ever done something like that and it was new. Everything is new to me and I’m just trying to fit in.’ Kai stated and showed you a weak smile, cutting the pancake into dozens of pieces but didn’t take any of them.

'Well now you have me and I’ll always take care of you. I’m gonna help you, ok? That’s what friends are for.’ You trailed off and hugged him, his strong arm wrapping around your body.

'Thank you. For being my friend. It means a lot.’ He said and smiled at you again.

'Always.’ You said and kept looking at him until he looked away as you tried to calm your heartbeat a little bit. You were happy to have a person like Kai in your life and you were ready to do everything to make the others see what a good person he is and how much he actually cares about people who also care about him.