awkward color

My buddy @survivor-vivian2289 loves this ship and I came up with Yakuza!Hanzo and Ballerina!Amelie AU because why not?

☆I do not ship this but I do not mind seeing content of this ship☆

viv reached 100 !!

thank you to everyone single one of my followers!! im hella lazy and too tired to be trying to do blog rates (that im sure my five active followers would participate in) so i’m just gonna roll with this! tagged below are any hp mutuals (with a couple exceptions:)). friends or anyone i’ve actually talked to are in bold :))

okay please ignore the title idk what im doing i just started this blog less than two months ago just ignore me 

oh and my awkward spaces its 12am and i havent done hw this is my way of procrastinating..

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