awkward christmas card

“Are you cheating on me”-Nate Maloley/ Sammy Wilk Pt.2

“I’m pregnant”,you whispered to yourself starring at the pregnancy test. “Steaks are done baby”,you heard Nate yell from in the kitchen. “Be right out”,you said hiding the test. You washed your hand and freshened up. “Wow, it looks good”,you said walking into the kitchen. “Happy Birthday Sam”,you said handing him a present. “What, you didn’t have to get me anything”,he said smiling. “C’mon man open it”,Nate said hugging you from behind. The smile wiped away from Sam’s face when he saw Nate showing affection toward me. “I picked them out myself”,you said smiling at him. He snapped out of his jealous and smiled at you again. “What, you’re kidding! A guitar? How’d you know?”,he said jumping up and hugging you. 

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I remember how you told me stories about how you used to play. And Nate said you loved to play, so I thought it would be a good idea”,you said. You weren’t gonna lie, you felt a spark with the hug. The hug lasted a little longer then it was suppose to but you didn’t mind although Nate did. “Time to eat”,Nate said walking through us. “I’m glad you like it”,you said to Sammy. You walked near the food and smelled the steak and something else that was putrid. “Nate, did you cook fish”,you said holding your nose. “Yea, I grilled some streak and shrimp”,he said turning to see you holding your nose. “I’ll be right back”,you said running to the bathroom. You made just in time to the bathroom and you vomited everywhere. You felt someone hold your hair back and rub your back. “You feeling sick lil mama”,Nate said rubbing your back. “Yea, the smell got to me”,you said wiping your mouth. “Hey, you okay”,Sam said. “Mhmm, fine”,you said standing up. You brushed your teeth and walked back into the kitchen. “Want me to make you a plate”,Nate said kissing you lightly all over your neck. “No, I’m not hungry anymore”,you said.

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“Why do you feel so bad?”,Sam said placing a hand on your forehead. “Well, why don’t you two sit down”,you said quietly. “Baby, you’re scaring me”,Nate said sitting next to Sammy. “You might be, you might not. So here it goes”,you said setting the test on the coffee table. They both leaned forward and then looked at you. “Is this real?”,Sam asked. “Yea, I’m pregnant”,you said smiling. “Wow, this is amazing”,Nate said jumping off the couch and spinning you around. “There’s one thing though”,you said quietly. “What is it”,Nate said putting you down. You looked at Sammy and raised your eyebrows. Nate turned around and looked at Sammy. “H-he’s the dad isn’t he”,he said looking back at you. “It’s possible Nate”,you said. “So I could be a dad too”,Sam said. “Yea”,you said smiling. “Well we need to go to a doctor and see who’s the dad”,Nate said storming into our bedroom. “I think he knows its me”,Sammy said. “Me too”,you said looking at your stomach. “But it’ll be okay, I hope”you said looking up at Sam. “It will be. I’ll make sure everythings okay for you and the baby. I promise”,he said hugging you. You couldn’t help but hug back.

The next day you went to your doctor to get a paternity test with the boys. You legs kept shaking with anxiety. “Hey, its gonna be okay”,Nate said putting his and on your thigh instantly making you feel better. Sam walked into the waiting room from the bathroom area. “Here, I bought you a water to help calm your nerves”,Sam said smiling at you. “Thank you Sam”,you said smiling at him. You chugged the water while filling out your paperwork. You felt eyes on you and looked to your right to see Sammy’s eyes on you. It wasn’t creepy, well kinda, but it was sweet in a way. You looked back at him and he just started laughing to himself because he was embarrassed. “Miss (y/l/n), your Doctor Gray is ready to see you”,a nurse said aloud. 

“Alright (y/n), lets see how your baby’s doing”,Dr.Gray said putting the gel onto your stomach. “wow that’s cold”,you said cringing. Nate held your hand and looked at the monitor with you. Sammy sat in the provided chair and made sure his eyes never left the screen. “Well, it looks light you’re about to be 9 weeks”,she said showing you your baby on the screen. “Is there any way we could get a paternity test?”,you asked. “Sure one second”,she said. “Will you two please scab your mouths and giving me a hair sample”,she asked the boys. “Thank you, you results will be ready shortly”,she said leaving us in the room. “Babe, will you hand me my clothes please”,you said. Both boys hands went into grabbing the clothes. Nate snatched the clothes and gave Sam a glare. “I’m gonna go get changed”,you said. 

You were walking back to when you heard fighting. You opened the door to see Nate and Sammy throwing punches at each other. “Woah, what is going on here”,you said trying to break up the fight. “This fucker thinks you still love him. He doesn’t understand that we are together again”,Nate said trying to get around you to punch him again. “She doesn’t want you bro, she wants me. I can feel it and see it in her eyes man”,Sam said. The door opened and we saw Dr.Gray holding a envelope. “Here are the results”,she said handing it to you. “Thank you”,you said. You opened the envelope and unfolded the paper.

Mother- Y/n, Y/l/n

Father- Sammy, Wilkinson

Sex- undefined 

9 week checkup

“Congratulations Wilkinson, you’re a dad”,you said smiling. “Are you serious”,he said smiling. “I’m serious”,you said. He hugged you and you couldn’t help from smiling. You looked over at Nate, who was completely shattered. “ okay”,you said. “No i’m not okay. The girl i’m completely in love with is having a baby with my bestfriend. I wanted to be a dad. I wanted to have a child with you baby.”,he said with his head in his hands. “Nate everything is gonna be okay”,you said lifting his head. “I’m not going anywhere, I wanna help you. You may have his baby, but you’ll always be mine”,he said kissing you. “I wanna be apart of the baby’s life”,Sam said. “Of course you will”,you said to Sam. “This is gonna be an awkward christmas card”,Nate said making you laugh.

(who do you guys want to end up together?)

Man I can’t wait to see the Until Dawn fandom around Christmas time. I feel like that’s going to be a great time for awkward Christmas card fan art and head canons about what sort of gifts everyone would get each other and just generally warm fuzzy feelings about a game where everyone can die in horrible bloody ways.