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Thank you for your most recent post about focusing on Taylor's dancing and not her relationships. I think if she were here she would thank you for that.

I think it’s important to separate what conversation comes from an artist, and what conversation comes from the system.  You can choose where to focus your attention.  

Set your attention on these images right now:

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 feel the delight.  

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I AM STILL NOT OVER THIS.  How are you over this.  It’s still really really funny.

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The tabloids are part of the system with Taylor Swift, but it’s not all that she is.  Why not spend your time with the ample material she has already given the public, not obsessing over the parts of her life where she desires some public distance?

We can make a conscious choice on how we choose to engage with the artists we respect.  If you don’t like the conversation, change it. The conversation that she starts it’s always more interesting and articulate than brainless, invasive, and seixst tabloid fodder.  Did we learn nothing from “Blank Space”?

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Hi! I'm studying art for GCSE and I have to make my coursework look really good but I have so many awkward blank spaces on my pages so I was wondering if there are any posts to make my notes look really pretty with little doodles and dividers etc. like the ones people use in bullet journals. Thank you! Hope you have a good day :)