awkward ben

when u walk past an awkward situation and think “glad thats not me”

I think the reason that people ship problematic ships is because you want to believe that even though they arent good for each other at first they’ll figure everything out and finally be happy together. It lets you believe that love can conquer all.

Descendants Headcannons

- Mal and Jay always feel the need to protect Evie and Carlos, because they’re the cinnamon rolls in their group

- Carlos forces Chad to apologize to Evie, because he doesn’t want his best friend to feel awkward around Chad

- Ben and Mal both learn how to play instruments. Ben the guitar and Mal the piano

- Ben and Mal write songs together

- Occasionally, Jay and Carlos would untune Ben’s guitar just to mess with him

- Chad and Evie end up being really good friends after he apologizes

- Chad always get evil glares from Mal, Jay and especially Carlos and they remind him to never hurt Evie

- Jay and Audrey have double dates with Ben and Mal after every tourney game

- Since Evie and Carlos are both single and have spare time, they usually help each other make dresses and build cool robots

- Chad and Ben prank Carlos and Jay one time. BUT NEVER AGAIN

- Jay stopped stealing, but after every smile he gave, he stole the hearts of the single and the taken

- Carlos is really good at scoring goals since he is really good at math, he can quickly estimate where the ball’s going to land


The trashy AU nobody asked for! I present you Hux the… pole-dancer?!

and now I’ll ramble a bit about the details:

- Hux is the average unhappy rich kid, being raised to live up to expectations and all of his life being decided by his parents to the smallest detail. He’s fond of dancing so his parents sign him up for ballet classes (the only socially acceptable form of dancing in their eyes).

- Hux likes ballet but yearns for something less conventional. He likes clubbing. He’s fond of drag makeup. He likes high heels. He goes to try pole dancing. He loves it.

- His father is horrified. It becomes unbearable so Hux calls it quits and runs from home. He quits school, the ballet classes, everything connected to his old life and finds a job at a club where he dances himself to oblivion every night (and gets paid for it).

- One day, Rey drags her awkward cousin Ben to the said club. Ben didn’t want to go, but he very quickly develops a crush on a certain red-head at the pole.

- Romance happens? Probably yes.

- And also very important!!!! Hux is a kinky asexual.

Warped Tour...

So Asking Alexandria was doing a signing so, since the line was 1,843,345 years long and I knew I wouldn’t meet them I decided to take a few pictures.

My friend Gabby got in the way of one…

But still normal until…