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so during history class we were allowed to listen to music while doing our work and I was about to listen to sincerely me, but the thing is i didnt know my headphones weren’t in so i turned up the volume and out blasted “i rUB MY NIPPLES AND START MOANING WITH DELIGHT” and I quickly shut off my phone and people stared at me for a moment then I ran out the room in panic

my fav scene from Turn ep. 310

aka peggy is a Queen and washington’s sons can’t handle anything bc they’re a dysfunctional mess as narrated by me:


I think the reason that people ship problematic ships is because you want to believe that even though they arent good for each other at first they’ll figure everything out and finally be happy together. It lets you believe that love can conquer all.

I. AM.DYING. at the newsies+ instagram story's from shmackarys today oml

casey’s might be my favorite, but adam is a close second

Imagine Sirius inadvertently talking about how he has a thing for you without noticing you were sitting down next to him.

S: “I don’t know, Prongs… She’s just.. have you seen her? I mean her eyes,     and god that smile I’m just-”
Y/N: “Who are you talking about?”
S: “Ehh.. Y/N! Hey! I uhm.. we were talking about… Remus”
Y/N: “But uh you said ‘her’”
S: “Hah, silly Y/N, why would I say ‘her’ while talking about Remus?”
Y/N: “Yeah I was asking myself that too”
S: “And it’s such a great question, really interesting. Good talk”

Imagine your Dads, Rafael and Sonny, getting protective when they find out you’re going on your first date

Imagine your Dads, Rafael and Sonny, getting protective when they find out you’re going on your first date

There were three times in your entire life that you knew of where you had rendered your Dad speechless.

The first time was when you said your first word which was ‘Dada’. You think it meant so much to him because he barely got to spend any time with you at that point and it just reminded him that his world wasn’t centered around work anymore, it was centered on you. Or least that was Sonny thought. Your Dad denied it profusely. The second time was when you beat him in an argument for the first time when you were ten. He had no argument for the point you had made. He just stormed off angrily and he was annoyed about it for at least a week afterward.

The third time was when you mentioned maybe too casually that you were going on your first date.

“I’m sorry…what did you just say?” Your Dad finally spluttered after two minutes of confused expressions and breathing in as if he was going to start talking but stopping himself.

“I said,” You began, shooting Sonny was sitting and watching from the couch a confused look, “I can’t watch movies with you and Sonny this Saturday because I have a date.”

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Disney Descendants + Text Posts: Evie and Mal feat. Prince Ben