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Happy Ace Story

thejehanne submitted: 

 Hi there, I’m Jehanne, a non-sex-repulsed asexual with a happy (and hopefully funny) story to share. After dating my current boyfriend for almost nine months when I lived in Ireland, we are currently doing long distance as I had to go home for the summer. He is wonderful and has always been supporting and accepting of my asexuality even when his own libido is over 9000!! Although I have no problem (most of the time) sexting and sending certain kinds of pictures at one point I wondered: “What’s in it for me though? What do I get out of it?”. So I told my boyfriend it felt kind of unequal but that i knew it was difficult because I don’t really want dickpics or other such things and he said he’d be happy to do something too, although at the time I didn’t know what exactly that was (and was slightly skeptical if he’d actually come up with something). So the mood struck (for him) and I said sure, kind of curious what he’d send back. The best thing happened, this guy who is utterly camera awkward in real life (like the moment you point a camera at him he will walk away/be awkward) sent me back pictures of him in pin up poses (in the most unsexual way you can imagine). It made me smile and laugh so hard I nearly peed myself (to which he said: mission accomplished). God, I love my life so much and I wish all of you people an equally awesome life in all the ways you want it to be <3