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First of all Happy new year everyone!

@ask-theundeadhusbands I worked on this for pretty long… And I still don’t really like it, but I hope you like it. I really like your ask blog so I made this for you. I hope you have a nice 2017.

I wanted to make Alfred too, but I didn’t have time anymore.

his flowers are growing!!


@rhettandlink‘s buddy system is so good i cant believe it!!! so to celebrate i drew some things. i couldn’t decide which version i liked best so i have like 3 other versions too whoops

also all my R&L merch came in the mail today(all at once!!!) so honestly today is just great. i’m so happy

We Can Admit This to Ourselves

Word Count: 3700+
Summary: Iwaizumi comes out of the closet, and it blows Oikawa’s mind, but maybe not for the reason you’d expect.


Oikawa looks up from his phone. Iwaizumi is looking at the star covered socks on Oikawa’s feet. The knit blanket on Oikawa’s bed is being worried under his hands.

“Yeah?” Oikawa looks back at his phone, and tries to relax his posture. He’s learned, by 23 years of life, that Iwaizumi isn’t a person who confides easily. He likes to stew over things in his head, or avoid topics that bother him altogether. Tooru knows that when he has something important to say, the best approach is to sit patiently, and act like nothing is out of the ordinary.

This tactic has gotten him, “Hey, I’m going away this summer but I don’t want to,” and, “I’m worried about my Dad’s work,” and a few years earlier, “I’ve decided on my university.” What Oikawa hears today is,

“I want to tell you something.”

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