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Not Knock, Knock Knocking on (Y/N)'s Door (Castiel X Reader)

After a long night of drinking, laughing and acting like complete idiots, you wished your ‘good nights’ to the boys, the lateness of the hour consuming you into exhaustion. You hummed ‘Bob Dylan’ as you swayed to your room, your voice echoing throughout the large halls of the bunker.

You walked into your room, carefully closing the door, before beginning to peel off your cozy sweater, throwing it into your messy pile of clothes. You opened one of your many drawers, pulling out a baggy grey teeshirt with a very faded Bart Simpson quote on the front.

Your hands snaked behind your back, fiddling with the clasps of your bra. You groaned quietly, looking up at the ceiling and whining in frustration, before attempting to yank the back, but no success. You were just a little tipsy from Dean shoving drink after drink down your throat, in attempt to get you to tell him a story about an embarrassing locker room incident in high school, but you simple refused and began to try and change the topic.

You began to cry out in annoyance with your constricting undergarment, before you finally unhooked the clasp, letting out a little shriek in victory, before your door burst open, revealing Castiel, with a red solo cup in his hand. “(Y/N) I’ll sa-” you quickly turned around, before gasping and turning back around, holding your arms over your breasts. “Cas, a little privacy, please!” You cried, before he began to stumble his words.

“A-Ah, w-well, I though, you were, I don’t, I’ll leave!” He exclaimed, using his large coat to cover his face, before bumping into your dresser, almost knocking it over. You sighed, and quickly grabbed a hoodie, and pulled it over you, before turning back around to help Cas. He was squirming around in your arms, jacket still covering his face and liquor spilling everywhere as he tried to leave your room, but you pulled the coat away from his face.

“(Y/N), my dearest apologies. I did not mean to see your… breasts” you ultimately cringed at him sentence, before releasing a nervous chuckle, you could never be mad at the angel, no matter how frustrating he could be. “It’s okay, Cas. Next time, knocking would be appreciated” you smiled, rubbing his back as he nodded, looking down at his feet, before looking back at you. “They were very nice” he said, in the most monotone voice, before your eyes widened. “Cas. . That’s . .”

“I mean it, well, I haven’t seen many, but yours are better than the ones I have seen” Cas smiled, before you sighed. “Thank you, Castiel. You really know how to make a girl smile!” You forced a fake smile, before he nodded, staying quiet and leaving an awkward silence to hang in the room. “It’s late, Cas. I think, I’m gonna head to bed” you yawned, before he nodded, and turned to head out of your room.

“Wait, (Y/N)” Castiel said. You looked at him, as he began to come closer to you. His face barely touching yours, lips inches apart, expecting Castiel’s soft lips to be placed upon yours, as your eyes began to close, until you felt a soft tap on the tip of your nose.


The Signs As Patrick Stump's Tweets:
  • Aries: Nah, my book would be called "I Suck At Being Famous," and it'd be all my insanely awkward interactions with celebrities.
  • Taurus: Think of a swear. Then, feel obligated to be polite and hold back that swear. Only then does the "Holy smoke," truly happen.
  • Gemini: I was trying to be there for 4/20 bro...but I got like...late.
  • Cancer: Yeah! I'm at least an adult chicken right?
  • Leo: Dear St. Patrick, thanks for the name. I happen to like it. Sincerely, Patrick.
  • Virgo: When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you.
  • Libra: That's really up to the fanfics I think.
  • Scorpio: Don't quit that day job you don't seem to have...
  • Sagittarius: Hey world, hope you're having a good one (and if not, hang in there).
  • Capricorn: The world can suck, sure. Mostly though it's a blank canvas. If you want to see something brighter in it, you might have to add it yourself.
  • Aquarius: CONFESSION: I'm actually kind of glad Pete stopped wearing eyeliner.
  • Pisces: The songs know. I didn't see though. It know. Dark.

maxpowersimpsonskywalkerspock  asked:

And what about lesbian!Charlena? Genderbent or trans Beckendorf? I love the pairing,and the idea of bisexual!Silena,but can't come myself to like Ruegard.

I’m the opposite (I like Ruegard but not Charlena) but I can still conjure up some hcs for lesbian!Charlena!

  • Obviously, Beckendorf is a beautiful butch lesbian who’s trans because I hate ‘genderbent’ shit and Silena is really, really gay for her
  • When they first met, Silena flirted with her 24/7, but stopped after a while since it seemed like Beckendorf didn’t like her back
  • That wasn’t the case at all. The problem was that Beckendorf hadn’t come to terms with her sexuality yet, so having a really pretty girl flirt with her was a bit too much.
  • Silena apologised when Beckendorf eventually told her that, feeling bad for making Beckendorf uncomfortable, but Beckendorf wouldn’t have any of it
  • When they have their first date - a picnic in the strawberry fields - they’re both insanely awkward. They keep on laughing awkwardly and can’t meet each other’s eyes.
  • They both go back to their cabins, thinking it was a disaster But their second date goes by way better. It’s easier when you’ve got some pretty fireworks to distract you from how fast your heart is beating apparently.
  • People talk, they always do, but both of them are very good at blocking it out and don’t let it get to them. Besides, no one’s really going to risk having to face the wrath of either of them.
  • Beckendorf makes loads jewellery for Silena, and the price for every one of them is a kiss. Sometimes, the price will go up if Beckendorf‘s had an especially bad day, or if she just wants a bit more.
  • Silena loves running her fingers through Beckendorf’s short hair, while Beckendorf loves doing the same with Silena’s hair. Over time, Beckendorf also found that she liked braiding SIlena’s hair,and that it calmed her down
  • Silena is a big fan of pda, and it’s not surprising to see her storm over to her girlfriend’s table for dinner and sit down on her lap - Chiron gave up complaining after the third time it happened
  • Beckendorf doesn’t like going to pride - she’s always afraid that something will happen because she’s black, butch, trans, gay, neurodiverse teen, and he’s heard too many stories on the news to not be scared - so usually the two of them will spend it together, curled up in bed watching the gayest of movies while eating chocolate. Silena prefers doing that too, mostly because she has similar fears what with being a bisexual neurodiverse muslim teen, who’ s dating black, butch, trans, gay, neurodiverse teen
  • Beckendorf loves cuddling, although she’ll never admit it, and Silena finds it adorable.
  • Silena is obsessed with cuddles too, so she’s glad her girlfriend is the same
  • They have a soft, sweet relationship that’s filled with lazy days and loving smiles

And that’s all I can think of.

under the mistletoe (ficmas ¼) :: tags; little!dan; rimming; nipple play; christmas puns :: dan buys a new sweater, phil buys a new toy. all adding up to the perfect christmas eve night.

*welcome to ficmas! lets hope i can finish these in time! ^–^ and if you dont celebrate christmas you can still enjoy this wonderful smutty oneshot*


Phil pulls Dan’s shirt down, leaning back up to kiss his smooth cheek and read it.

“Naughty boy.” Phil smirks, poking the area just below the mistletoe. Dan shudders, a short whimper slipping through his lips, his hard cock finally getting contact. “But I guess… per tradition.”

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Klance and Shallura fanfic role swap, where Klance is the domestic, side relationship occasionally there for moral support and Shallura is the main flirty awkward, the fuck are we doing, holy shit I fucked up, relationship.


I got tagged by avatarsarny to show my face. Thank you so much for the tag! (you look amazing btw :3 :3 :3).

Also, yes, I was in a gym when I took the picture, but no, I wasn’t working out like most people do when they take these awkward gym selfies. I was walking past the gym to do my laundry. *shrug* Oh well. Those stick arms are just going to be sticks forever!

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I seriously considered quitting today...

About a month ago one of the older security guards at my work asked if he could give me his number.  I didn’t feel like I could say no.  After a moment of insane awkwardness I took it but never did anything with it.  Before this I had parked on the street and walked into work.  Knowing if I parked in the garage I could avoid this security guard, I started doing that.  That required me to come in a bit earlier but my shift hours had never been concrete just the days i work. 

Last week my boss decided I should come in later…so I finally had to tell him what happened.  

Today my boss berated me for telling him sooner.  He couldn’t understand why I felt I could say no and laughed it off when I said that.  He told me it was a problem that I didn’t say anything.  We went to HR they didn’t have a problem with  it.  When we got back from HR he once again began to lecture me.  I couldn’t help myself I just started crying.  My boss, at first, thought I was upset over the whole security guard thing, but when I corrected him and said it was how he had spoke to…making me feel bad me feel bad for not saying anything. He didn’t apologize, he just keep insisting that was not his intention but I should have said something.  

At the end of it all I wish is that I didn’t say anything.  I wish I had just made up some excuse for why I couldn’t come in later.