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ELIAS: We’ve missed you. Have you missed us?
YOUSEF: I agree. What are we gonna play today?
ELIAS: Today.. (gibberish) Chatroulette, just that it’s on Facebook
YOUSEF: Facebook messages, text messages, whatever.
ELIAS: You probably know what it is! Awkward messages, to put it that way.
ELIAS: Okay, then we’ll begin! And next up is Adam!
ELIAS: Amen!
MUTASIM: We’ll see, we’ll see.

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Bedtime Stories.
  • Blue: Gansey!! Stop telling our kids stories about Welsh kings! They are not proper bedtime stories!
  • Gansey: .......okay
  • [some time later]
  • Ronan: Gansey! If you tell my daughter one more Welsh king story...I swear to God I will-
  • Gansey: But-
  • Adam: She gets really bad nightmares!
  • Gansey: ........okay
  • [sometime later]
  • Gansey: wait, you want more Welsh stories?? I would be happy to oblige! Just don't tell your mom or your dads....this is going to be our little secret.
  • Kids: *nod solemnly*

I went to look for the “Alchemist who travels time” and I found reccords of the Count of St. Germain.On the page, they say it’s indeed the man Hoshino was inspired about

There’s some interesting things in the wikipedia page of that man…

The Comte de Saint Germain (Born ~ 1691 died 27 February 1784) was a European adventurer, with an interest in science and the arts. (…)

In order to deflect inquiries as to his origins, he would invent fantasies, such as him being 500 years old


“He sings, plays on the violin wonderfully, composes, is mad, and not very sensible. He is called an Italian, a Spaniard, a Pole; a somebody that married a great fortune in Mexico, and ran away with her jewels to Constantinople; a priest, a fiddler, a vast nobleman. The Prince of Wales has had unsatiated curiosity about him, but in vain. However, nothing has been made out against him; he is released; and, what convinces me that he is not a gentleman, stays here, and talks of his being taken up for a spy”


Walpole concludes that the Count was ‘”a man of Quality who had been in or designed for the Church. He was too great a musician not to have been famous if he had not been a gentleman'”  Walpole describes the Count as pale, with 'extremely black’ hair and a beard. '”He dressed magnificently, [and] had several jewels’ and was clearly receiving 'large remittances, but made no other figure”’.


A mime and English comedian known as Mi'Lord Gower impersonated St. Germain in Paris salons. His stories were wilder than the real Count’s (he had advised Jesus, for example). Inevitably, hearsay of his routine got confused with the original.


“St. Germain gave himself out for a marvel and always aimed at exciting amazement, which he often succeeded in doing. He was scholar, linguist, musician, and chemist, good-looking, and a perfect ladies’ man. For a while he gave them paints and cosmetics; he flattered them, not that he would make them young again (which he modestly confessed was beyond him) but that their beauty would be preserved by means of a wash which, he said, cost him a lot of money, but which he gave away freely.”


“This extraordinary man, intended by nature to be the king of impostors and quacks, would say in an easy, assured manner that he was three hundred years old, that he knew the secret of the Universal Medicine, that he possessed a mastery over nature, that he could melt diamonds, professing himself capable of forming, out of ten or twelve small diamonds, one large one of the finest water without any loss of weight. All this, he said, was a mere trifle to him. Notwithstanding his boastings, his bare-faced lies, and his manifold eccentricities, I cannot say I thought him offensive. In spite of my knowledge of what he was and in spite of my own feelings, I thought him an astonishing man as he was always astonishing me.”


Myths, legends and speculations about St. Germain began to be widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and continue today. They include beliefs that he is immortal, the Wandering Jew, an alchemist with the “Elixir of Life”, a Rosicrucian, and that he prophesied the French Revolution.

[He is still claimed to have been seen since then, up ‘till 2004]

This is fascinating… 


me: Talk about awkward…

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“Are you enjoying your time?”  Adam asked, coming up to stop beside you and observe the dancing guests before you.  “I throw a marvelous party.”  You eyed Adam for a brief moment before turning your attention back to the dancers.

“Shouldn’t you be off dancing?”  You pointed out.  He seemed taken aback by your response, an eyebrow quirking.

“Dance with me.”  It wasn’t a question, but a command.  Smirking softly to yourself you glanced at Adam before shaking your head.

“No.”  Was your simple answer as you spun on your heel and did your best to disappear into the crowd so that he couldn’t follow you.  His ego needed to be kicked down a few pegs, and it was your intention to do just that.

  • James: How do you have so many nice things if you're only a year older than Adam? I don't know anyone your age who has nice things.
  • Warner: Is there nothing you want to add to this conversation, love?
  • James: Why do you call her 'love'? I've heard you say that before, too. A lot. Are you in love with her? I think Adam's in love with her. Kenji's not in love with her, though. I already asked him.
  • Warner: *blinks*
  • James: Well?
  • Warner: Well what?
  • James: Are you in love with her?
  • Warner: Are you in love with her?
  • James: What? No. She's like a million years older than me.
  • Warner: Would anyone like to take over this conversation?
Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 4)

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Part 3

The next morning you woke up in Harry’s bed, but unlike the other times, you were wearing nothing but his shirt and some underwear. You knew nothing happened last night, but it definitely almost did. You sat up in bed and looked over at the clock in the room. Your eyes widen when you saw how late it was. 

All the other times you’d be back in your room by now to make sure no one saw you leaving his room. 

“Shit,” you whispered looking over at Harry. 

He was still sleeping, so you quietly pushed off the bed. You grabbed your clothes and went to open the door when you heard Harry’s voice. 

“Get back in bed,” he mumbled looking at you through sleepy eyes. 

You laughed. “I can’t. I’ve already slept later than normal.”

“Please, come here,” he said pouting. 

You rolled your eyes and walked over climbing back into the bed. He smirked pulling you on top of him. 

“Morning,” he mumbled. 

“Good morning,” you giggled. “You were snoring by the way.” 

“But you think it’s hot right?” he smirked. 

“Eh,” you laughed. “You sound like an old man.” 

“Hey,” he laughed. “You’re not being very nice.” 

You smirked pressing your lips to his. His hands grip onto your waist as he kisses you back. 

“Hm, what about now?” you smirked. “Am I being nice?” 

He nodded quickly before bringing your lips back to his. You deepened the kiss as his hands went up your back under your, his, shirt. You smirked sitting up and pulling the shirt over your head and throwing it to the side. 

“Bloody hell are you trying to kill me?” He mumbled looking up at you. 

“Nope, just thought you’d want your shirt back,” you smirked. 

“You’re a fucking tease you know that,” he said. 

“No, I’m not,” you said innocently. 

“Yes, you fucking are,” he said. “As if last night wasn’t bad enough, I’m going to be walking around with a fucking boner all damn day until I get to the shops.” 

“There are other ways we can help that you know,” you smirked moving your hips against him. 

He shut his eyes and gripped onto your hips while you giggled. “Unless you’d rather not…” 

“Never said that,” he leaning up to kiss you again. 

You giggled wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you started moving your hips slowly. After a bit, his lips made a trail of kisses down your neck before paying extra attention to your chest. You threw your head back and close your eyes. 

The two of you got interrupted when you heard footsteps in the hallway outside of his room. 

“Harold!” Adam said knocking on the door. 

“Shit,” you whispered climbing off of him and hiding under the blanket on the bed. 

“What!” He shouted back. 

“Wake up! We made breakfast,” he said. 

“I’ll be there in a bit,” he shouted. 

Adam opened up the door and saw him sitting up in bed. “Uh, have you heard from Y/N? She’s not in her room and she didn’t leave a note about leaving…” he said. 

Harry’s face blushed and his gaze subconsciously looked down at your clothes on the floor, which caused Adam to do the same. 

“Oh-Oh,” he smirked. “Uh, hi Y/N.” 

You blushed peeking out from under the blanket keeping yourself as covered up as you could.

“Uh, hey,” you mumbled. 

“So, uh, yeah, this is fucking awkward,” Adam said. “But there’s breakfast in the kitchen whenever you two are done doing whatever it is that you were uh doing.” 

Adam quickly left the room and shut the door.  You looked up at Harry and hit his arm. 

“Ow, what the fuck was that for?” he asked.

“Could you not have been more obvious? He had no clue I was in here and now he knows and he probably thinks we’ve been fucking all night,” you groaned. 

“They’re not going to give you shit about this,” he said. “Me, yeah, probably, but not you.” 

“Oh my god,” you groaned pulling the blanket back over your face. “This is so embarrassing. I’ve never been caught half-naked in bed with a guy by someone else before.” 

“Well, I’m glad I could be your first,” he joked. 

You hit his arm again. 

“Ow, really?” He groaned. 

“This is not funny,” you said. “We were supposed to keep things between us private including from everyone in the house, but that’s obviously not going to be the case now.” 

“I know we said we should keep whatever this is between from the rest of the house, but we also have to admit that eventually, they were going to find out at some point,” he said. 

“Well, yeah, but not like this,” you groaned. 

He laughed hovering over you and kissing your nose. “It’s okay, baby,” he said. “It’s not like we were actually fucking when he walked in…” 

“Yeah, well, maybe next time you should lock the fucking door just in case,” you mumbled. 

“Come on, let’s go get breakfast. The longer we are, the more ideas that are going to go through their heads,” he said. 


The rest of the day was a bit awkward for you. Luckily, you were hidden behind a camera for most of it as you shot them all working on a new song. You were sure if Adam went and told everyone what he saw that morning, but you didn’t exactly what to find out either. 

Harry was right for the most part, so far no one has hassled you about it, but that also could have been because that would have been caught on camera. The memory card was full in your camera, so you turned it off and went into your room to grab another. 

And that’s when the boys took the opportunity to ask Harry about you. 

“Why didn’t you tell us you and Y/N are fucking?” Adam said. 

“Because one, we’re not,” he said, which was technically true,” and two even if we were, it’s none of your fucking business.” 

“So, you’re telling me that you had Y/N, naked in your bed and you two haven’t fuck? Damn you’ve got some willpower,” he mumbled. 

“Oh my god, we’re not talking about this,” Harry said. “What’s going on between Y/N and I is between Y/N and I. And you know, you wouldn’t even know about us had you not barged your way into my fucking room.” 

“Yeah, well, I was exactly expecting you to be in the middle of something,” Adam said. 

Harry rolled his eyes. “Look, Y/N and I are just seeing where this goes and she’s already embarrassed enough as it is that you saw what you did, so could you just drop it?” 

“I’m just teasing,” he said. “I’m glad you’re figuring shit out with her. It’s obvious you two have some sort of feelings for each other and according to Jeff it’s nice to see you with someone.” 

Harry looked over when he heard you walking back outside and he smiled. “Yeah, it is,” he whispered. 


After a day of filming on your feet all day, you were exhausted and went to take a nap once you were done for the day. When you woke up, you noticed the house was empty, including Harry. You poured yourself some wine and put on some music as you looked around the kitchen for something to make for dinner. 

Next thing you know, Harry was walking into the house and put a few bags on the counter. 

“Oh, hey,” you said taking a sip of your wine. “I was wondering where everyone went.” 

“I had some errands run and got us some food, while I kicked everyone else out,” he laughed. “Did you sleep well?” 

“I did,” you nodded. 

He smiled. “So, I got us dinner,” he said pulling out some to go boxes. “And uh… some other things for later…” 

You giggled when you saw a huge box of condoms in the bag. “Uh, do you plan on us being in the bedroom the rest of the trip?” 

“That’s all they had,” he blushed. 

“Well, I’m sure we’ll put them to good use,” you smirked. 

He laughed and grabbed the glass of wine you had poured him and you two made your way to the table for dinner. 

“Are you going to be in the studio tomorrow?” You asked. 

He nodded. “Yeah, we’re going to try and get the last couple of songs recorded.”

“And if that happens does that mean we all say goodbye to Jamaica?” You asked. 

“Well, in a way,” he said. “Once the album is finished, I’d love to sort of stay here a little bit after to celebrate.” 

You nodded. 

“I’d love for you to stay too if you can,” he whispered taking your hand. 

You smiled. “I’m sure I can make arrangements.” 

He smiled leaning over to kiss you. You smiled against his lips before he pulled you over onto his lap. You giggled wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“Thank you for dinner,” you whispered. “It was really delicious.” 

“You’re welcome,” he smiled. 

“When is the rest of the housemates due back?” you asked. 

“Not for a few hours,” he smirked. 

“Hmm.. good job,” you whispered. “Wait right here… I’ll be right back.” 

“Y/N,” he groaned. 

“Just wait,” you said getting up off his lap. 

You went into your room and undressed. You grabbed your robe and tied it around your waist before making sure your legs were shaved and your hair didn’t look like a total mess. 

While you were doing that, Harry threw away the trash, when he heard your cell ringing. He picked it up and saw the name “Max” come across with the picture of some guy. He simply silenced the call and went about what he was doing, when you walked back out. 

“I think it’s a nice night for a swim, don’t you,” you said. 

“Really? A swim?” he groaned. 

“Yep,” you smirked walking outside. 

“Y/N,” he groaned following after you. “We can swim later.” 

“Yeah, we can, but I really want a swim now,” you smirked untying your robe. You slowly brought it off your shoulders revealing you weren’t wearing a swimsuit underneath. “But if you don’t want to join, that’s okay,” you said before dropping the robe completely. 

“Shit,” his eyes widen as he saw you there standing completely naked before making your way down into the swimming pool. He quickly rushed outside and tried to get his clothes off as fast as he could. After almost falling a few times, he finally was undressed and joining you in the water. 

“Change your mind?” you asked turning to face him. 

“Damn right I did,” he said. “Had I know you had this planned, I wouldn’t have complained.” 

You laughed when he pulled you close to him. He wrapped his arms around you and put his forehead against yours as he walked you both through the water. 

“I have to ask you something,” you whispered. 

“Okay, what is it?” He asked. 

“Do you see this… do you see us going past here? Or is this just a little fling?” you asked. 

He sighed. “You’re not a fling, Y/N and I’d hope this would go past here,” he said. “But I didn’t know how you felt about it.” 

“I don’t just want to be a fling, so yeah, I want this to be more than here,” you said. 

He smiled. “Good,” he whispered leaning down to kiss you. 

It didn’t take long before that one kiss turned into something more and the two of you were making your way to his bedroom. On the way through the kitchen, he grabbed the box from the counter and went straight into his room. You two didn’t even care that you were getting the house wet. He shut the door with his foot and pushed you against the door as he deepened the kiss. 

“We’re going to get your bed wet,” you giggled. “We probably should have dried off.”

“I don’t care,” he mumbled against your neck. 

You bit your lip as you felt his lips against and his hands working their way around your body. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he brought you over to his bed. He laid you down and hovered over you as he trailed kisses down your body. 

“God, you’re beautiful,” he mumbled. 

You giggled looking down at him. He kissed back up your body before pressing his lips against yours again. You ran your fingers through his hair while his hands ran up your sides before taking their place on your chest. You gasped into the kiss causing him to smirk. 

You brought your hands down his chest and he groaned into your shoulder. 


A while later, you both were hot, sweaty, and trying to catch your breath as you were laying on his chest. His arms were wrapped around you and you were tracing your fingers on his chest. 

“So..” you giggled. “That was…

“Fucking incredible,” he answered. “I’m so fucking glad nobody else was here for that.” 

“Same here,” you laughed sitting up in the bed. 

“Where are you going?” he groaned. 

“I’m going to the bathroom,” you said. “While I do that, why don’t you go grab us some more wine and some snacks… I’m feeling a little hungry after all that.” 

He smirked pulling you in for a quick kiss again. “No, problem, but you better be back in bed by the time I get back.” 

“We’ll see,” you smirked getting up and making your way into the bathroom. 

Harry got up, wrapping the sheet around his waist as he made his way into the kitchen. He poured another glass of wine for the two of you before grabbing some snacks, when your phone started ringing again. It was the same guy that had called earlier and he noticed there were several missed calls from him. 

He looked towards his bedroom to see if you were coming out before he slides his finger across the screen to answer it. 

“Hello?” He asked. 

“Uh… Hey, I’m looking for Y/N,” the guy said. 

“Um, she’s busy right now,” Harry said. “Can I take a message?” 

“Sure, look tell her I’ve been calling her for a few days and she hasn’t returned my calls, so if she could do that, that’d be great,” he said. 

“Okay, and uh who should I tell her you are?” Harry asked. 

“Yeah, I’m Max, her boyfriend,” the guy said on the other line. 

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Never Sleeping Again: Part 1

*A TRC AU (Also on AO3)

Ronan Lynch was in a terrible mood. The hot summer sun was burning his fair skin, leaving his nose, cheekbones, neck, and shoulders tender and pink. And he was sweating, his standard black muscle tee clinging to his torso as he followed Matthew through the crowds at the Saturday farmer’s market. The vendors all knew Matthew by name and they called out to him, asking him to try samples of jam, fudge, and baked goods. They did not call out to Ronan, which suited him just fine. He was only here at Matthew’s request. He had been woken up at an ungodly hour to find Matthew perched on the end of his bed, begging him to go to the market.

“Why don’t you ask Declan?” Ronan grumbled as he pulled his pillow over his face.

Ronan,” Matthew whined, “you have to come!”

“No,” Ronan said.

“But there’s um, something special there. Something you’ll like.”

This was enough to get Ronan to toss his pillow on the floor and give Matthew an appraising look.

“Something I’d like, huh? I really can’t imagine what that would be,” Ronan said. Matthew had a playful but shifty look on his face, like he was trying to not give away the punch line to a good joke. “Okay, fine, whatever,” Ronan growled as he got out of bed and pulled on some clothes. “Just don’t make waking me up this early a regular thing.”

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Something New

Fandom: The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

Pairing: Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish (Pynch)

Warnings: none

Day one of Pynch Week 2017!! The prompt for today is Something Old//Something New. @cabeswaterlovesthem

Adam would never get over the strangeness of being alone in Ronan’s childhood home. The two had been gradually moving in and had spent long hours clearing out various knick-knacks and treasures from the main rooms of the house, which was as interesting as it was tiring. Things had been awkward at first, but Adam was gradually becoming more comfortable–as long as Ronan was present. Now, he faced the daunting task of clearing out Ronan’s childhood room and making it livable for the both of them all on his own. Ronan had decided to keep his parents’ bedroom as it had been left, which meant that Ronan and Adam would take up residence in the old room with sky blue walls. Ronan wasn’t far, of course, electing to work on converting the overgrown fields back into usable land instead of reminiscing with Adam over childhood belongings. Adam knew that it was difficult for Ronan to face all the remnants of life with his family so he was initially happy to accept the task, eager to make this process easier for Ronan, but found himself feeling stranded once the time to work finally came. He was standing in the doorway to Ronan’s room with a large black trash bag in hand, wondering exactly how he was supposed to begin sifting through Ronan’s memories and decide which ones were to be trashed and which ones were precious enough to keep.

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Not Just The Movie

Anon asked: Could I ask for an Adam Driver x Reader fic? I had this idea where the Reader is in a movie with Adam as love interests, and they’re filming a really huge plot point for their characters, and it just ends up being really fluffy both in the movie and out?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I got so happy when I saw this prompt. Adam Driver is pretty high up on my thirst list. ;3)

Plot Summary: You and Adam have been pretty good friends, working on another new movie together. See, it’s always funny when two actor friends are the main love interests. Filming a romance is pretty easy when you actually do feel attracted to your love interest, both in the movie and out.

Warning: Light Swearing

Originally posted by dashii-san

The doorbell rang as you stretched, hopping off of your couch and heading to the front porch.

“Coming!” You yelled, as a muffled voice could be heard from the other side.

“Y/N! Hurry, I want to grab my coffee!” Adam’s deep tone could easily be recognized as you threw on your boots, rushing to grab your purse and open the door.

“Calm down, big guy. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your coffee.” You chuckled, giving him a hug as he leaned down to return it.

“Yes it is. You know how I am without my coffee.”

“Still a functioning human being, only more grumpy and sad?” You noted as he scoffed.

“LIke you’re any different without it!” You pondered on his thought, as you nodded.

“You know what, you’re right. We should hurry though. Studio needs us at 10:30. We’ve only got an hour.” You closed your door, locking it as he held open the passenger side door on his car.

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