ELIAS: We’ve missed you. Have you missed us?
YOUSEF: I agree. What are we gonna play today?
ELIAS: Today.. (gibberish) Chatroulette, just that it’s on Facebook
YOUSEF: Facebook messages, text messages, whatever.
ELIAS: You probably know what it is! Awkward messages, to put it that way.
ELIAS: Okay, then we’ll begin! And next up is Adam!
ELIAS: Amen!
MUTASIM: We’ll see, we’ll see.

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Million Reasons

Adam Cole x reader

(Y/N) is a friendly chick but clueless about when a guy is flirting with her, just thinks he’s being nice. Adam, who’s been trying to get her attention, is at his wits end about how get her to see how he feels, when he overhears another guy hitting on her.

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Drunk in Love

Prompt -  I have a request! Could you do an AU where the reader is really drunk and John Laurens has to come pick her up at the bar and take care of her? And the reader wants to do “stuff” with John but he doesn’t want to cause she’s drunk AF. Thanks! (sorry that’s so specific)


Warnings - Um… drinking. And drunken dirty talk. 

Tags - @serkewen12 @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @small-stars @futureauthor45 @butlinislin @hamilton-gaygod @daveedish @darling-danger @iluvnialljameshoran @getupoffathathang @ruth-hamilton-delrio (ask to be tagged in future fics!)

You finished answering the final question on your exam and sighed in relief. You were done. After at least a month of intense studying, all-nighters, and more caffeine than a normal human should consume, you were done. And on top of that, you felt really good about how you’d done on this one. You’d answered every question to the best of your ability, and you were almost positive that you’d gotten a high score on it. With a confident smile on your face, you grabbed your bag and the exam paper before turning it in and heading out of the classroom. It was all you could do to avoid doing a little victory dance right there on the spot, but you waited until you were outside before letting out a joyful “yes!” You were done with every final, and tonight, you wanted to celebrate. You pulled out your phone and sent a group text to Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy.

(Y/N), 2:30 PM – Guess who’s finally done!

Eliza, 2:31 PM – Congrats, girl!

Angelica, 2:31 PM – Bet you’re happy.

Peggy, 2:32 PM – So now we’re all finished. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

(Y/N), 2:33 PM – Exactly. I was thinking we could go out tonight, have a girls’ night. Let our hair down. I can’t remember the last time we did that.

Angelica, 2:34 PM – It’s been too long. How does 7 sound?

(Y/N), 2:34 PM – Sounds good to me.

Eliza, 2:34 PM – Perfect.

Peggy, 2:35 PM – Can’t wait!

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Not Just The Movie

Anon asked: Could I ask for an Adam Driver x Reader fic? I had this idea where the Reader is in a movie with Adam as love interests, and they’re filming a really huge plot point for their characters, and it just ends up being really fluffy both in the movie and out?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I got so happy when I saw this prompt. Adam Driver is pretty high up on my thirst list. ;3)

Plot Summary: You and Adam have been pretty good friends, working on another new movie together. See, it’s always funny when two actor friends are the main love interests. Filming a romance is pretty easy when you actually do feel attracted to your love interest, both in the movie and out.

Warning: Light Swearing

Originally posted by dashii-san

The doorbell rang as you stretched, hopping off of your couch and heading to the front porch.

“Coming!” You yelled, as a muffled voice could be heard from the other side.

“Y/N! Hurry, I want to grab my coffee!” Adam’s deep tone could easily be recognized as you threw on your boots, rushing to grab your purse and open the door.

“Calm down, big guy. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your coffee.” You chuckled, giving him a hug as he leaned down to return it.

“Yes it is. You know how I am without my coffee.”

“Still a functioning human being, only more grumpy and sad?” You noted as he scoffed.

“LIke you’re any different without it!” You pondered on his thought, as you nodded.

“You know what, you’re right. We should hurry though. Studio needs us at 10:30. We’ve only got an hour.” You closed your door, locking it as he held open the passenger side door on his car.

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anonymous asked:

i love your blog and we share pretty much all of the same fandoms, so i was wondering if you had any fic recs? for skam, the raven cycle, all for the game, black sails, the 100, shades of magic, harry potter, percy jackson, captive prince and shadowhunters, thank you.

oh my god, thank you??? you’re so lovely and polite, anon. i have TONS of fic recs for all of the above (except shades of magic and shadowhunters…i have one for both) so i like, apologise for the amount of fics you’re going to receive. you could check out my fic rec tag instead…there’s a lot in this list. i’m incapable of choosing between things, but i tried to narrow it down? i’m sure there are plenty of more amazing fics, but these are my absolute favourites. (IT’S A LOT.)

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Negan’s Heart

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,116
Warnings: Swearing

Part 4 of Runaway

For the first month of Gabby’s life, Negan stayed in your room. It was a bit awkward, but he was adamant. Not like you slept much anyway. You were up with her a lot of the night. After that, he was back to sleeping in other rooms. You’d never admit that it stung. He’d still check in on the two of you, but he never stayed long. It was clear by the way that he looked at her that he did indeed love her, it was just something he wasn’t used to showing.

You walked around the halls with her, humming, as soon as you felt okay to walk. You’d been extremely sore for the first week or so, but that was to be expected. Considering the circumstances, you had no choice but to go completely natural.

Walking in your room from one of your walks, you froze. It looked like a baby section exploded in your room. “Like it?” Came Negan’s voice from behind you, making you jump slightly. “Had a few of my men, and a couple of the tougher ladies out gettin’ all this stuff the past couple weeks.” He told you, that shit eating grin on his face.

“She’s an infant, she doesn’t need this much, Negan.” You glanced at him.

He chuckled. “Oh, she’s set until she walks, sweetheart.” Your eyes scanned the room. “Any piece of girl’s clothing they could find, is in here.” He crossed his arms over his chest, proud. “There’s also some diapers in another room. Toys, too.”

Your turned and stared at him. “You did all this?” You breathed. “I thought you’d been avoiding us. We barely see you.”

Shit no.” He told you. “Been keepin’ in contact with them. Had them bring all this in when we knew you were out.”

You had no idea what the hell to say. Thanks wouldn’t even be close to enough. Swallowing, you moved over and kissed his cheek. “Thanks.”

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redpensandgreenarrows  asked:

So I just had a thought/head canon: it's post-transformation, the celebration has finished. Everyone in the castle is off to bed. With unspoken agreement, Belle and Adam grab each others' hands and lazily walk to his room. Once inside there is some shyness, but it's not awkward. After a pause, Adam walks over to Belle, just staring at each other. Then slowly Adam's smile turns into a heated smirk. There's a glint in his eye and he says "I never thanked you for saving my life." Then. SEXY TIMES.

mmmmmm yes I like it

my personal headcanon is that they don’t get past third base (ugh I don’t like the baseball sex metaphor but people know what it means) until they get married, but the great thing about fandom/headcanons is MULTIPLE REALITIES!

why daveed diggs deserves 500 more grammys to take shots out of
  • 10/10 would recommend friendship
  • his smile makes you v happy
  • wears glasses sometimes & looks good
  • went to brown what a smart dude to go to an ivy
  • originally recruited to brown for track
  • created a trend where the cast takes a shot out of his grammy while everyone yells SHOTS OUT THE GRAMMYYYYY
  • in a hip hop group called clipping. and looking to release solo stuff later this year
  • likes to eat cheeseburgers shirtless on rooftops via oak 
  • just doesn’t wear shirts too much in general

Originally posted by kinggroff3

  • wrote & performed a rap for zootopia
  • thought hamilton was a bad idea at first but wanted to see it anyway
  • “what shampoo do you use? whatever my girlfriend buys at the store.”


Aaron Burr, Sir

  • came from afar just to say good evening, tell the king to screw off, and claim to be the best its actually me
  • can’t pronounce anarchy but i’d take onarchy too
  • introduces us to a sassy french man

Originally posted by diggstrash

Story of Tonight

  • french accents complete the harmonies 10/10

Farmer Refuted

  • literally pushing ham to fight seabury

Story of Tonight (Reprise)

  • al-exan-derhh
  • “you are ze werhst buhr”

Guns and Ships

  • raps faster than my temper
  • can rap up to 22 words in 3 seconds
  • starts out the show with lack of english experience and is now the best at english
  • actual rap god


  • immigrants… we get the job done
  • *high fives ham and everyone goes crazy*


What’d I Miss?

  • kickin it as the ambassador to france
  • helped himself draft a declaration 
  • blows a kiss to ‘virginia’ MY HEART
  • been meeting ladies in paris, also missing literally everything
  • uh france

Originally posted by fiftysevenacademics

Cabinet Battle 1

  • don’t act surprised you guys cause i wrote em
  • you don’t have the votes *sarcastic laughing*
  • did you forget lafayette? *puts hair back into ponytail*
  • calls george washington daddy

Washington On Your Side

  • has amazing harmonies with leslie

The Adam’s Administration

  • no more mr nice president
  • aids in ruining ham’s rep and marriage

We Know

  • virtue is not a word i would apply to this situation
  • all of we know basically because its an a+ song
  • and daveed literall sounds so good in it
  • so does everyone else but this is about daveed
  • dives in for the whaaaaat

The Reynolds’ Pamphlet

  • hAVE YOU READ THIS??!?!?!
  • shows phillip the headlines
  • especially ‘in his own house’
  • ‘with knowing consent
  • never gon be president now
  • one less thing to worry about

The Election of 1800

  • tells everyone bout john adams’ awkward bowel movements
  • obsessed with france; also knows where it is
  • when you see ham thank him for the endorsement

Who Lives Who Dies

  • tried to undo ham’s financial plan 
  • but cannot bc ham is a legacy holder

this def isnt as good as my anthony post or my jas post but i love daveed and i  can’t listen to the soundtrack all the way through or look at staging posts to see daveed but he is wonderful the end just watch the linked videos aLSO CHECKOUT THIS ARTICLE BC ITS CUTE AND HAS EVERY WHAT HE SAYS IN THE SHOW LOL

(my jas post) (my anthony post) (my renee post) (my pippa post)


Here goes my post-curse headcanon again…

Belle and Adam are cuddling by the fireplace.

Belle then breaks the silence (that has been anything but awkward ❤️).



“Do you–do you believe in Heaven? Trust me, I understand if you don’t, after what you’ve been through.”

“At first, I didn’t. Then my mother passed away, and I thought, ‘Someone as wonderful as her? There’s just no way she could be gone for good. The soul has to be immortal. There has to be a Heaven because if anyone deserves it, it’s her’. So yeah–I do, and I’d to think she’s there. I’ve never told anyone that before…”


“Yeah…You’ve been wondering that about your mother, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” Belle replies. “I’d like to think she’s there, too–that the soul lives on.”

“I’m sure she is,” Adam says with absolute certainty, which makes Belle smile.

After a pause, he adds, “My mother would have loved you.”


Adam smiles at hearing the smile in her voice.

“Definitely,” he says. “I know it…I should’ve told you this sooner, but I’m so sorry you never got to know your mother. Someone as wonderful as you, that’s so unfair…You’re kind, compassionate, loving, intelligent, creative…She would be so proud of you. I know it. I know she would see what I see.”

Belle lifts her head up off his shoulder so she can look at him.

“Adam…” she whispers.

“It’s all right, ” Adam says. “You don’t have to say anything. I’m just telling the truth.”

He gently touches her face.

“I love you,” Belle says.

“I love you, too.”

It’s You


Request: I love your work and was wondering if you would do a readerxadam fic where dean Sam and cas are all overly protective? If not its perfectly fine, I’m sure you get tons of requests, I don’t want to add to much to your growing pile. Love you!!!

Request: Its monday! I love your writing so so much!! and I was wondering if you could do one about adam getting jealous of how close you are with dean then after awhile he just tells you how he feels and can you make it really cute and fluffy! thanks you thank you thank you ^-^

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List of Insults
  • I hope you hit your post limit
  • I hope your gravestone is in comic sans
  • I hope you have to use algebra in your career
  • I hope you loose all your shoes and have to wear crocs
  • I hope your computer crashes
  • I hope you step on a lego
  • I hope your parents found out you went on without their permission
  • I hope they cancel Oprah
  • You saggy armpit
  • Shove a cactus up your ass
  • Go fuck a gorilla
  • Go suck a lemon
  • You pisscouch
  • Unnecessary stock footage
  • Scenery- Chewer
  • Overdone plot trope
  • Missed cue
  • Second- rate prop
  • Over the top translation
  • Awkward silence
  • Adam Sandler
  • Nash Grier
  • Crap coated mailbox flag
  • The sound of your piss hitting the urinal is feminine
  • Your about as useful as Anne Franks drum kit
  • If your asshole had a password it would be “password”
  • You’re the AT&T of people
  • I hope your asshole grows tastebuds
  • I’m sorry. Were you talking? I thought someone just had AM radio on!
  • (must be used with another insult) I’m not insulting you I’m describing you
  • Your just as likable as Monday

  • You should be in a Trojan condom commercial, that should encourage birth control.
  • Netflix buffer
  • You absolute fucking walnut
  • You absolute white crayon
  • I’m no cactus expert, but I know a prick when I see one
  • If I wanted to kill myself, I would climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ level.
  • Isn’t it rather dangerous to use one’s entire vocabulary in a single sentence?
  • cottonheadedninymuget
  • pleeb
list of insults to call people
  • unnecessary stock footage
  • scenery-chewer
  • overdone plot trope
  • missed cue
  • second-rate prop
  • over the top transition
  • obvious dubbed over line
  • awkward silence
  • adam sandler
  • last ditch attempt to win an oscar
  • completely illogical motivation
  • half-finished cgi that somehow still managed to make it into the final cut