I cannot dance. 

What my sign says I’m like flirting: Hey, I just saw you smile; should do it more you’re gorgeous when you do, but looking at you now I think you’re beautiful no matter what.

Me actually flirting: *walks up and nearly trips but doesn’t* So um… hey?

*scratches head awkwardly*
Google, how do you stop being awkward in two days?

Because on Thursday I have to present a 5-7 minute speech about myself. The theater arts teacher could not have picked a more boring topic. A speech about snails would be more interesting than a speech about me. Like ‘My name is Geanda, and I like to read. All I do is read. And draw occasionally.’ That’s incredibly boring.


Why is this seal so awkward though?

cute animal vines?

That INTP Moment When . . .

You don’t even realize you’re sitting all by yourself and being silent when everyone else in the room is standing and talking because you’re caught up in your own thoughts. Then someone comes over and asks you if you’re feeling okay, and you think, “Well, I was …”