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Who do you consider as your friends here on tumblr

Every single one of my followers are my friends tbh ! I really love all of them and even if we don’t talk, please know that I’ll be here if you ever need me okay ;-; !! @myghcst & @yourmomsaname are my tumblr friends whom I spent with most of the time OFF tumblr too. <3 ( even if they’re not really part of the fandom I’m currently in now, they’ve been very wonderful friends ! ) Well, I’ve been talking / interacting with some people and there are some babababaABABBAYS that I love very very much !!! 

@achahakyeon , @smilange , @starlight-vixxen@saltykong , @royalbins , @starlightingly , @brekineee , @burnt-enough-starlight ,@reila-ravkong , @nxnight , @vixxeroni , @dyeob@chained-up-taekwoon , @sprouthyuk@bigseuegsobtob , @chasassyeon , @ildinim , @chyogi , @hakyeon-go-go , @narcissisthyeyeon , @cactus-bin , @tvixx , @hansanghyuked , @hongpeenus , @rapperravioli , @calemiel , @taekswoons@hongbln , @taekwooniverse , @sugodemic , @sangshik , @thisfeeling-of-forever , @chkyeon , @fxck-vixx , @wonsiks-hamster-taek  & EVERYONE ;-;;;;

I’m sorry if I didn’t include you but I really want to interact with every single one of you in the future ;w;… <3 Thank you for sticking with me and you guys are amazing.

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name: emma


me: do i have a nickname
allie: …..
allie: i don’t think babe counts


zodiac sign: cancer

height: 5′ 6″ (Bitty’s height!)

orientation: bi

nationality: american

favorite fruit: peaches

favorite season: fall. i really like spring because of the flowers, but fall is just such a good time. it has a good vibe? i like being around the leaves and i like the weather and i like when the sky is overcast and bright and cold. when i was in school the beginning of the school year always felt refreshing too. idk. i love fall.

favorite book: uuuuuuuuuuhmmmm. tithe by holly black is a really good book that i’ve liked since childhood. also persuasion by jane austen is the best austen and you need to read it.

favorite flower: if i’m planting them in the yard, purple coneflowers and black eyed susans. if they’re cut flowers, tulips are pretty great. they’re just so lovely? such good colors?

favorite scent: the ocean. or maybe just water in general?

favorite color: green

favorite animal: cats probs

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee!!

average hours of sleep: in a perfect world between 8 and 9 but realistically like. a bit less than seven.

cat or dog: i have a cat!

favorite fictional character: jack zimmermann is my fave

number of blankets you sleep with: it varies. there are three on my bed rn but i have only been sleeping underneath one. it was hot last night and i haven’t put my window ac unit back in yet so i slept without a blanket for most of the night.

dream trip: idk!! there are a lot of places i want to go. i’d love to go to ireland, though. i went when i was pretty young with my family but i want to go back as an adult real bad.

blog created: this specific one last feb, but i’ve had my main since 2010 (lol).

number of followers: Too Many

i’m tagging @omgpbandj@bshittyknights@des-zimbits@asideofladies@yoursummerfrost

Rhythm of Love

An AU where Danny’s a singer and Jack is a drummer, and they just happen to be in the same band. Also, in love. What can you do, though?

None of these pictures are mine (except the screenshots lmao) and credit goes to the rightful owners.

OK basically in my seminar there’s this boy who genuinely looks like a Kagehina lovechild with a bit of Suga, Noya and Oikawa thrown in?! I sat next to him after coming in late and just omg. 

Seriously, I can’t do his face justice but he’s really really pretty ok

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Hello alison, may i req more of jikook with flight attendant!jimin au? Cos i swear they are so kyuuuut i imagine jimin angrily bristles everytme jungkook teases him (but jimin looks more like an angry puppy) lol thank youuuu

(omfg i can’t believe someone even remembers this au but yeah sure thing)

it’s that customer again. “he keeps asking for you,” his coworker teases and jimin scowls. 

“only to make fun of me,” he pouts. 

“he keeps telling you you’re cute, i’d call that a compliment,” she grins and jimin glares at her. 

“i’m a guy.”

that he thinks is cute,” she says. “see? compliment. now go see what he wants.”

jimin grudgingly makes his way over to first class. and there he is, jeon jungkook, in all of his first-class, businessman, sexy-ass motherfucker glory. not that jimin would ever say it to his face because he doesn’t like jeon jungkook one bit. not. at. all. definitely not his stupid sexy shoulders or his stupid cute smile or his stupid stupid self. 

oh you’re here,” jungkook grins and jimin rolls his eyes. 

“so what would you like, sir?” jimin says. 

“just water,” jungkook says. “you could get yourself some milk too while you’re at it. maybe you’ll grow.”

compliments his ass, jimin thinks. “i’m of perfectly average height,” he hisses and jungkook laughs. he’s so attractive it’s annoying. 

“you’re so cute when you’re angry. you’re like a puppy,” jungkook grins and jimin huffs.

“i’ll be back with your order,” he says and stomps off. 

“when you’re done come back and sit with me!” he hears jungkook call. 

as if, jimin thinks even as his heart gives a traitorous thump. 

“you gonna sit with him?” his coworker asks as he fills a glass with water. 

“gotta please the customer,” jimin grumbles and she laughs. 

“it’s okay if you like him and want to sit next to him,” she says knowingly



happy 6 years of phan

here is a phan song to celebrate


Your left shoulder always got so wet. I hang my head with the weight of the memories and all thats next to me is the rain and wind. Not there is a person that will hold my umbrella for a while and I cry.

for 5shixun (aka stravv-berries)

Hello everyone!! I would just like to thank each and every one of you for all of your love and support ❤(。☌ᴗ☌。) Although it’s only been a few months since I started this blog, I have found so many wonderful people to follow, and made so many lovely friends! Thank you all so much for following me, sending me kind messages, and reblogging/liking my edits (even the bad ones). I seriously appreciate you all so much!! Thank you all for filling my dash with your beautiful edits/quality posts, thank you for inspiring me, and most importantly thank you for making my tumblr experience so wonderful! I love you all so much  ♡ ♡ ♡

Bold: loveliest mutuals

Italics: my graphics inspirations/goals (note: I love everyone’s edits, these are just people who have particularly inspired me/helped me out)


@akutakawa | @aobajohsai | @aobajohsei | @asaiis | @ashitakkas​ | @astreas | @ayumiko | @bakaashi | @bkatsuki | @bokouto | @bokuaka-s | @boukutos | @boxuto | @daburupurei | @daichis | @daichisawamura | @dazaaiosamu | @dazaiosamu | @dazaious | @dazaye | @dcku | @dekq | @ebizumi | @edwarddelrics | @erinakiris | @flamefly | @fujiiwara | @garekiz | @gay-swimmers | @genoza | @gurens | @haiyse |  @hanae-ichihara | @hanavmaki | @handas | @handda | @hharukas | @higekis | @hissoka | @hitouka | @hiwazumi | @ichimatsus | @ikumitos | @ikuse | @inoukas | @izayas | @jerzas | @jouiichirou | @juunko-s |


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I tried to include all of my mutuals on here, but please let me know if I forgot anyone! 

is it the thunder in the distance you fear/will it help if I stay very near/I am here

*shifty-eyed* @newandold here
(this is my third fic in three days, I’m in BNHA hell)

Summary: Because One For All gapes, is hungry and insatiable, has sucked away the strength and will of generations as the torch was passed down. The power is less of a gift and more of a roaring flood; he remembers how it ripped through him, can see it ripping through Midoriya, and finally says no.

He will not lose another to the maw of One For All. 

(aka I’m in Dad Might BNHA hell and there is no going back)

Rating: Gen; T for the nightmares and slightly gory imagery. Fluff alert. Centered around chapter 95.

(Note: the title is from Peter, Paul & Mary’s “Day Is Done,” which I related to BNHA thanks to @toastyhat‘s BNHA playlist here *nervously tags someone I follow but have never talked to)

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