It’s really nice when Sunnis speak up for Shias and I mean Sunnis who awknowledge exactly what Shias go through even if it goes against the beleifs of their community and you can also really feel their anger/annoyance in their speech. 

when i make posts saying i don’t like something and people comment saying im offended by it???? no??? not everything offends me, there’s just stuff i dont like? like i dont like seeing clothing styles or costumes called “g*psy.” im not personally offended by it but i know that it’s really disrespectful and people shouldnt use that word? thats not taking offense that’s just awknowledging and respecting boundries that other people have requested/set. im not offended, i just dont think people should use slurs or be dickwads?????

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✋ Edmond wanna fite now... it's NOT A GOOD IDEA EDDY

Masuyo’s not even go to awknowledge this, but Florica just got smacked and the superhuman looks down at mortal male. “Are you ready to die?” She asks before cracking her knuckles. “So you’re the worm that’s been bugging, Masuyo? I’m going to make you hurt.”