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Cute things about the signs

Aries: When you ask them about their fave thing and they get super excited and lost in detail about how amazing it is to them

Taurus: After teasing for like 50 yrs they go nd love you just to make sure you know it wasn’t a mean tease

Gemini: Watching their reaction when they learn something new like a theory of their fave show/game, new movie releases of their fave trilogy, random cool facts, ect.

Cancer: When u tell them a cheesy joke that makes them laugh until they can’t breathe bc they appreciate U and the way you can make things seem funny

Leo: When u randomly surprise them w/something like a meal, affection, gift, they act so grateful nd are rlly happy you thought about them (but they try too hard to act lowkey about it)

Virgo: How appreciative they get when you remember little things about what they like and don’t like, also just the fact you take small things about them into consideration (especially when u go shopping and get something that reminds u of them)

Libra: When they get lost in telling you stories and they’re using a lot of hand motions and sound effects

Scorpio: When they lowkey roast you about smthing really small but it makes them laugh bc it’s SO small it’s pointless but still hilarious

Sagittarius: How they get pumped about making plans to go places and do things that they’ve been waiting to do for agesssssssss

Capricorn: when they laugh cry over something you said/did because you messed up words or maybe messed up smthing in a “funny” way

Aquarius: when they tell you “look I’m not good at comforting people” nd they give you heartfelt advice followed by awk hug/pat on back then laughing

Pisces: how they do little things for you (like always get you you’re fave drink, send you pics of your fave things, tag u in a certain meme they think would make you laugh)

“Swift says there’s been talk of jostling, rib-touching. Says she’s experienced endless amounts of awkward jostling.” *flashes back to repressed memory from 2013 of not knowing there was a cut out in the back of her dress and both of us feelin awk af when I hugged her and touched her back*

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I have like 10 followers so I thought I would share this with someone that has a lot? Dylan Everett, teenage Dean, costars in "The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story" with Alyssa Lynch. Aka actress!dean, aka Siobhan.

omg r u serious

The cute couple: The photo soon begins with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffanie-Amber Thiessen, who played the roles of Zach and Kelly, but are now portrayed by Dylan Everett and Alyssa Lynch [x]

omg u r, okay, a few things. #1. Hair. #2. Eyebrows. #3 Hair and eyebrows and that smile and that awk prom half hug and that ill fitted jacket and i just- #4 oh MY GOD they are playing Zach and Kelly that is HILARIOUS talk about deancest go watch this show and you can see two different reincarnations of Dean date.