I skipped all the letters that I didn’t have so thats why some letters are missing. Okay. I’m sorry if I missed anyone. 


Hey, I’ve finally come round to making my second follow forever in time for New Year!

Here’s a quick shoutout to all the following blogs who make my dash worthwhile and sexy.. Without you my blog would be nothing and I want to thank you all for being such fabulous people! 

Hope you all have a great new year and here’s hoping that 2015 treats you well!

Also if I’ve forgotten you it’s bc I’m a piece of shit

*Please come talk to me whenever bc ily a lot  ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


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Hi guys!!! :) So I’ve been on tumblr for a little over two years now and I have been following some really amazing people! You all inspire me and I literally can’t get enough of all your blogs! I’m a pretty shy person on here and I decided to break that a little and show my love! This list is going to be pretty long (sorry!!) So please have fun browsing all these awesome blogs!! Thank you so much and this took me SO long to do! So much work has to be put in all this so everyone who does this all the time, you got skills.

Bold is for my top faves and who I most reblog! :)



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been meaning to do this forever and i’ve finally gotten around to it haha so here it is: my follow forever!

lots of love to everyone tagged and all of my followers, have a safe and happy holiday season :*

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Hey, so this is my first ever follow forever ever and I’ve finally thought to make one! 

Thanks a ton to all of you for making my dash extra sexier with your posts, u da best! You’re all fabulous and amazing and you have A+ blogs!

If I forgot you on here I’m so sorry it’s because I’m a piece of shit & also credit to yolisten for the fab edit x

[ You should all follow these blogs bc they all fab (◡‿◡✿)  ]


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Also I’m going on a semi-hiatus so I won’t be as active anymore! I love you all x