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Ginny Weasley is the ultimate rarity of an amazing, fleshed out, ACTUAL HUMAN BEING female character who is fiery (who taught herself to fly at 6 by sneaking out at night and breaking into the broomshed and you bet she’s the FUCKING BEST FLIER OUT OF THE WHOLE FUCKING FAMILY) but also has vulnerabilities that she isn’t afraid to recognize (“Who here is the only other person that’s been possessed by Voldemort?! Forgot, did you? Wish I could”) and is basically all around amazing and ISN’T EVEN ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS and so the movie went “oh she’s not one of the main characters we’ll just reduce her to a barely-seen love interest of the main character” and FUCK YOU KLOVES

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I’m allergic to dairy.

NOOOOOOO Bella my poor baby let me hold you. *rocks back and forth whimpering* (Troo fax I was vegan for over a year but pizza, man. Pizza broke me) 

Cupcakes at Noon

            Elena takes a dainty bite out of her lemon cupcake and lets out a tiny purr of pleasure at the taste. Rebekah giggles at her, licks some frosting from her fingers, and then dives in for another cupcake; strawberry this time.

            “This is the best idea you’ve ever had Bex,” Elena moans. The two girls are sprawled on Rebekah’s bed, two boxes of cupcakes between them. The afternoon sun spills across their faces, warming their cold skin. Rebekah giggles.

            “Why thank you, Elena,” Rebekah coos, her head propped against Elena’s thigh. Elena’s propped up on one hand, and she smiles down at Rebekah.

            “This should become a once a week kind of thing, just you, me, and cupcakes,” Elena declares, finishing off her lemon cupcake. Rebekah moans in agreement.

            “Absolutely, yes!” Rebekah agrees as Elena reaches for a double chocolate cupcake. Rebekah takes a massive bite out of her cupcake and lets out a low moan of delight. Elena begins to giggle and Rebekah gives her a questioning look as she chews.

            “You’ve got a little bit of,” Elena gestures towards her nose, “frosting on your nose.” Rebekah haphazardly swipes at her nose and misses completely. Elena rolls her eyes. “No, here let me,” she pronounces indulgently. She sits up and leans over Rebekah. Cupping the blonde’s chin, she raises her nose towards her and slowly licks the buttercream frosting from her nose.

            “There, all gone,” Elena says huskily. Rebekah stares up at her with wide blue eyes. The air is tense and neither girl knows what will happen next. Suddenly Rebekah swipes her finger through Elena’s cupcake’s frosting and dots it onto the brunette’s nose.

            “My turn,” she purrs as she flips Elena under her. Elena lets out a surprised squeal of laughter.

OMG Bella wrote me cupcakes Becklena fic brb crying

hey so bella and I are gonna open a cupcake shop and we’re gonna have fandom cupcakes.

one of our specialties will be the “petrova fire lava cake” which is a molten chocolate lava cupcake: yumminess with an ooey gooey center filled with passion, just waiting and waiting until it’s finally ready to burst and be eaten.

just like kelena

But I Loved to Read the Words You Used

“I love this place

But it’s haunted without you

My tired heart

Is beating so slow


Our hearts sing less than

We wanted, we wanted

Our hearts sing ‘cause

We do not know, we do not know


To light the night, to help us grow

To help us grow

It is not said, I always know


You can catch me

Don’t you run, don’t you run

If you live another day

In this happy little house

The fire’s here to stay…”

-Amanda Seyfried

“Little House”


Damon learned a lot about Elena Gilbert because of her childhood home. Through the pictures on the walls, the books that line her bedroom wall, and all the spaces in between, he learns little things about her that she would never say out loud. Things that Stefan would never know because he didn’t bother to look. Stefan wasn’t interested in Elena’s life before him, only her future with him.

            The pictures are Damon’s favorite. Pictures of an Elena barely tall enough to see over the couch, her dark hair spilling around her, her adorable face scrunched up with laughter. Pictures of an even tinier Elena hovering protectively over a baby Jeremy in their playpen. Elena and Bonnie and Caroline in their cheerleading uniforms, fresh-faced and grinning. Matt and Elena, age thirteen, covered in mud from head to toe (he never got that story out of them.)

            Pictures of Elena at every age and she smiles in every one of them. But in the ones after her parents’ death, her smiles are not half as bright. And Damon is one of the ones who understand that Elena’s smile was never the same after that.

            The hall is filled with pictures of Elena’s accomplishments. Cheerleading competitions, horseback riding, the fourth grade science fair, junior miss Mystic Falls. But Damon’s favorite is the picture of sixteen-year-old Elena at a piano recital, her hair pulled back, head cocked to the side, eyes closed in concentration, her graceful hands resting on ivory keys. He’s never seen her look so peaceful, not even in sleep.

            It’s not just the pictures that he learns from though. The books. They’re everywhere. Bookshelves stuffed passed capacity. Dog eared copies with sticky notes on every page, Elena’s loopy scrawl noting the use of prose, of setting, of characterization; the observations of a writer.

            Her much loved copy of The Secret Garden is his favorite. The notes she took are not half as neat, and not as thorough in their investigation, so he suspects it was her first one. Her copy of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones is the most heartbreaking. Scrawled on the title page is a note from her mother, dated only a couple days before the accident. The book is only half done. Elena never finished it.

            Jeremy always had one of his sister’s annotated books on his bedside table, so Damon knows he’s not the only one who admires her contribution. He’d even caught Ric reading a couple at some point. Ric liked her copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the best. Caroline liked A Little Princess, and Bonnie liked Arabian Nights. Matt had his own special copy of Treasure Island, and Tyler had a copy of The Jungle Book with the telltale signs of Elena’s work. From what Damon can tell, she stopped after her parents died.

            But the most interesting thing he learned about was the attic. He’d never actually been up there, but he’d seen it, from the through the doorway. It was one of those attics that you could walk around in, with high vaulted ceilings, and large windows. There was a staircase that lead up to it. It was the place that Elena spent most her time with her dad.

            Jeremy had told him more about it than Elena had, the old Oriental rug that always smelled like cognac and cigars, and their father’s cologne. (He once saw Elena sprawled out on it like a cat, her nose pressed to the rug, silent tears streaming down her face).  The upright Baldwin piano painted olive green by Elena when she was eight. The record player and the speakers that were once bigger than her. The collection of records that Elena loved more than life itself because they reminded her of her father. (Sometimes late at night Damon can hear the strains of the Beatles heartbreaking “Yesterday” resounding through the house, Elena’s sobs barely covered by John Lennon’s voice.)

            The music sheets all piled on top of the piano, the half-finished sonata that Elena had been composing since she was thirteen but hadn’t touched since she’d gotten home from the accident. (Once he heard the piano music coming from the room and his dead heart almost stopped, but then he recognized the famous notes, Fur Elise.) The old red velvet chaise that Grayson would sit on as he listened to his daughter play. The ancient afghan that Elena always wanted when she was sick.

            The attic was Elena’s place, but he stole his way up there that fateful night, to scope the half-completed masterpiece into the back pocket of his jeans, her copy of The Secret Garden already pressed to his chest, the pictures of her and Jeremy tucked into the pages. He pulled his jacket over the music and hurried down the stairs, the smell of smoke thick in the air.

            Later that summer, when he presents his salvaged treasure to her, she cries and presses a kiss to his mouth, breathing her thanks against his mouth. He smiles into the kiss and knows he choose the right things to return to her. 

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Perchance, did you smile?/ Because the world has exploded/ with color and life,/ angels are singing, children dance,/ the birds add to the symphony.// They sing your name,/ a hymn of truth and beauty,/ the sky weeps at the beauty of it,/ the sun bakes your glow into the earth,/ and mortals bask in it's warmth.// The only probable cause of,/ such a celebration: your smile.

Awww!!!! Thank you!

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Top 6 Elena quotes

NO THIS IS HARD. These are just the ones that come to mind, but you know I love everything that comes out of her mouth.

  1. “No, I’m not okay. But I’ll get better” - 4x21
  2. “I don’t want to be saved” - 2x10
  3. “People die around you. How could it not matter? It matters, and you know it.” - 1x07
  4. “We need to do this, ok? Breathe, eat, sleep, wake up, and do it all over again until one day, it’s just not as hard anymore.” - 2x22
  5. “Like I said, consequences. That’s one body you’re responsible for. If you keep trying to fix me, there’ll be a second, a twentieth, and a hundredth. It’s your choice.” - 4x18
  6. “You mean me. The only way to fix me. You don’t have to love me like this. This is who I am now. The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go.” - 4x07