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Okay, ladies and gents, fellow Jonsa shippers, and hell the haters too! Y'all know me! I did a short run over the episode when it aired, hitting points here and there, but nothing extravagant, nothing lengthy. So, I’m here to make amends, and remedy that.

Epic Euron bow.

Moving along. So, I’ve seen some others on here saying that Jon’s affections look like they’ve disappeared.

No. No. And I’ve pointed out in JUST two clips how that is not the case.

Now, the argument scene in the Great Hall was a GREAT red herring, don’t you think? Jon was trying so hard not to throttle Sansa. I like how he didn’t however, he made his point, and specified that it was indeed final. However, when the Karstark girl and Umber boy pledged to Jon, I saw a flicker of shame cross Sansa’s face. I honestly DO NOT think she meant offense to Jon, she’s honestly just trying to make SURE he makes the right decision.

Now, during this heated exchange, the camera panned to LF, he had a smirk on his face, meaning he saw a way in. He saw a crack…a means to tear them apart.

However, to ME, their exchange was RIDDLED with sexual tension. The camera was on THEM. As if we were back in that tent before battling Ramsay.

Moving forward here, LF was smiling at the end of this scene, because he saw what he THOUGHT he could use.

A red herring is what I think it was. It was a set up for us to think they’ll Stark bowl the hell out of season 7. But, that’s not the tension I saw…

Looking above at those gifs, you’ll see what I mean.

First one is Sansa grabbing his arm to stop him from walking. Now, we know Jon doesn’t care if she touches him, or if he touches her. Ex. Hand holding in 6x04, and the forehead kiss in 6x10.

Now, when she stops him from walking, and turns him to look at her, he looks…surprised. Almost haunted date I say. He looks down at where they’re joined, then looks up at her, his eyes still haunted.

I swear to God it’s like he wants to say…

“Please, Sansa. Just don’t touch me..”

It also looks like he wants to back away.

Now! Throughout their ENTIRE talking scene, Jon is ducking her eyes. Whether it’s him CONSTANTLY looking away from her, or its him CONSTANTLY walking off from her. He did it…twice.


She doesn’t REPULSE him. That’s a given.


Now, the second gif set… Sansa compliments him, and his ruling skills. She’s being effectionate, sweet with her words. Jon smiles slightly, turns his head, and his eyes trail up her form, before hauntingly landing on her face.

This whole time, he looks out to the courtyard. He glances back a few times… But he’s glued to the courtyard, not looking at her. ESPECIALLY when she’s complimenting him. He finally does when she leans a little closer, and he looks…lost almost.

Now, I think Jon is coming to terms with…something. He seems to not want her close, or to touch him. Or look at him with those beautiful blue eyes of hers. He seems also more…cold? To her. I guess that’s the best way to put it.

I think it’s for an important reason though. Jon seems to be coming to terms with something important.

Hence why he slams LF into the wall next episode and almost strangles the life out of him.

Sounds platonic to me? Not.

Kit did say his uncontrollable emotions get him into trouble this season. He also said that Sansa challenges and gets to him like no-one else can. Hmmmm….sounds a lot like a parallel to Ygritte.

But, again, I think Sansa means no harm, she just wants him to listen to her, and to keep him safe. She does not want to steal his crown, or take over leadership.

The scene between her and Baelish said it all.

Starkbowl is a no go!!!!

Theory time:
When Jon slams Baelish next episode, Baelish will know immediately what ales our young King. And how to get to him through it. If the leaks are correct then Jon chokes LF because he confesses his love for Sansa. And he loses it. Now, when Ned choke Baelish, it was not THAT serious. It could be seen as a humorous scene.

When JON chokes Baelish, he looks on the verge of completely snapping his neck. Jon’s face is kinda scary as well. I wonder what stops him?

I think Sansa does. I think she realizes that Baelish gets to Jon, and Jon needs to be out of the picture if she’s going to get rid of him. I think she consoles Jon as well.

Well, that’s my six sense. Let me know what you think!!

Their S/O’s Pet Not Liking Them


Hello, i am wondering if you could please do bts reaction to their mate getting a pet and the pet doesn’t like them (bts). Thank you have a nice day/night.

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Jin/Seokjin: Buys tons of treats and feeds it table scraps to win it over.

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Suga/Yoongi: Gives it treats and toys, when that doesn’t work he growls at the animal when it gets near you “How does it feel huh?” Secretly cries though because he wanted a cuddle buddy for whenever you weren’t around.

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Jhope/Hoseok: Sticks tongue out at pet and snuggles closer to you, but also uses you as a shield because it’s still “small and vicious” Honestly, lil sunshine is sad he isn’t loved back </3

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: Reads up on how to make pets like you, but pulls out the Alpha male aura when that doesn’t work.

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Jimin: Tons of whining and trying to slowly creep up and love on the animal. Tries to make it like him in both human and wolf form. Exposes his tum, licks them when in wolf form, submits to them really. This backfires and your pet rules your boyfriend. “Yahhh, they don’t rule me! *pet makes a noise* Awhhhh, you’re so coot lil baby I love you so much~ *looks back at you* Hehehe… maybe a little?”

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V/Taehyung: Thinks he can become friends with them in wolf form. Whines and gentle paws at them with his ear all pointed and perky. Would be the one to pout and curl up to you whenever it doesn’t work.

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Jungkook: Insists you don’t need a pet when he can satisfy all of your needs (also winks or licks his lips every time he says “satisfy your needs”)

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I am in flippen tears watching the videos because I missed seeing them like this. Like they went on hiatus for a year and I’ve been okay with that since it gave me time to focus on my school work and the rest of the members were busy with their army service but seeing this video really hit me with feels and how much I actually miss them. And it’s not just the music but the members interaction with each other that I miss the most. Yesung’s video is so precious!

The whole time I couldn’t take my eyes off of Sungmin because he’s been gone to army for so long and when he came back we barely saw moments of him with the rest of the members so it was almost surreal watching him in the video because I couldn’t believe he was with them again since I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever. I can’t explain the feelings. It’s just too much to handle.

I REALLY needed this so much!  I love my boys and nothing is ever going to change that. Watching them play with each other makes me the happiest.