awh little babies

“Get a damn room for fuck‘s sake“

Words: 228

You‘re hanging out with Mark at his set, as Tyler and Josh wrap up their SoundCheck. “(Y/N)!“ Josh yells running towards you with open arms after stumbling off stage. 

“No, go away, you‘re sweaty as hell“ you say hiding behind Mark, using him as a human shield. Josh reaches out and captures you in his arms, your back against his bare chest. “Ewh gross!“ you squeal. “Too bad, you‘re not going anywhere“. Just the moment the drummer tries to turn you around, you somehow manage to escape his grip, leaving him crossing his arms across his chest and pouting like a little child. 

“Awh, baby, what‘s wrong?“ you ask mimicking his face expression while pinching his cheeks.

“I just want some love from my beautiful girlfriend but she does‘t like me back“ he answers standing up about to walk away, but you quickly pull him back down onto one of the black boxes and stand between his legs. “I‘m sorry, babe. Hugs?“ he remains silent, still arms crossed. 

“Kisses?“ you offer putting your hands on each side of his jaw. A smile slowly creeps onto Josh‘s face, meaning he finally gives in. You both lean in for a kiss, which gets more and more intense. 

I‘m sill standing right here, get a damn room for fuck‘s sake“ Mark groans grabbing his stuff and leaving the two of you.

Other writings


“You’re my world, sweetheart” Dean said out of the blue as you walked through the park your hand in his, “I mean it”

You squeezed his hand back and smiled, “And you’re mine”

“Have I told you how how beautiful you are?” he whispered in your ear, “How beautiful you always are?”

You giggle and kissed his neck, “Why don’t you show me?”

You looked out at the sunset, sand between your toes, the water making you shiver. Dean watched you, the way the fading sun made you smile, and he turned your attention to him, leaning down to capture your lips,  “I love you” he mumbled, a small smile touching his lips.  

“I love you too, Dean”

hey-bae-bae  asked:

Can you do a written imagine where y/n is on her period and is super hormonal and calls Justin and asks him to come over. Justin tries his best to comfort her but something goes wrong and then they get into an argument and make up and it's all cute. I want it to be super cute and mushy, tight hugs, please NO daddy kink. Thanks love! I love your blog, I'm just not feeling the daddy kink.


Y/n POV:

Cramps, cramp, cramp!!!
All I need right now is ice cream and justin

I picked up my phone and dialed his number

“What’s up baby ?”

Jay I’m like dying…

“Baby… Are you crying”

No…. Maybe a little

“Awh baby I’m on my way I’ll get you some Advil and candy before I come give me 10 minutes okay ?”


“I love you”

I love you too

••••end of convo •••••

I groaned.

It felt like eternity before justin came.
I heard a knock downstairs so I walked downstairs and opened the door.
As soon as I opened the door Justin pouted at me.

“I’m sorry” he whispered kissing my forehead

“For what” I asked confused.

“That Mother Nature is doing this to you” he replied putting the things he bought on the counter and pulling me into a tight hug

He leaned down and pecked my lips 10 times really fast making me smile

“There’s that beautiful smile” he smiled

“I love you” I whispered

“I love you too now let’s go cuddle and catch up on vampire diaries” he rolled his eyes with a smirk

I looked over at him unamused “I saw that”

We climbed it my bed and got comfortable while I signed into my Netflix and streamed it to the TV.

I got a cramp and I groaned.
Justin kissed my cheek and soothingly rubbed my tummy which seemed to help.

“Well atleast we know you’re not pregnant” he laughed

My head snapped towards him and I glared at the side of his head

“You think that’s funny?” I snapped

He looked at me confused

“No babe I didn’t even mean it like that”

“Yes you fucking did justin, get out” I stood out of my bed and walked to my bedroom door.

“No infact why don’t you just break up with me now, you shouldn’t have to be with someone you know you would never want to get pregnant” I spat

He sighs and gets up out of my bed
But instead he walks over towards me

“Y/n you know I didn’t mean it like that
Are you fucking kidding?! If I had kids- no not ‘if’ WHEN I have kids with you, we’ll be the sexiest family ever! Don’t you ever think I don’t want kids with you I love you baby” he leaned down and kissed me

“I love you and I’m sorry for snapping at you … You know hormones” I sighed intertwining our hands

“I know” he sighs “ I was saving this for your birthday but I think this is the perfect time”

Justin gets down on one knee and looks up at you
“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I love you with all my heart, you’re my A to Z ; it started with you and I want it to end with you.
Y/N will promise to marry me when the time is right ?” He smiled

You looked at the promise ring and than at justin while crying
You smiled through your tears

“I Promise”
I hope you liked it boo ❤️😇