Since I recently hit 500 followers, and since I’ve said from the early days of this blog that I would do a follow forever when this happened, here it is!

Mutuals are bolded.

The squad:

halsiemusic​: Courtney, my dear. To think it all began with a ship and me ranting about this one preference I just couldn’t quite get right. No matter how much (or little) we talk, you will always have a special place in my heart. I lub ya.

5secondsofequality​: Tori, you’re not just “some friend off the internet”. You’re my beta-reader, my co-band-slut, my sister and one of my best friends. Never ever EVER forget how fucking proud of you I am. I love you.

lowthesleeping5​: Jeanette, my favorite ginger! Thank you for your endless support of my writing and singing, and letting me rant and ramble when the feels get too much. You’re amazing, love ya!


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