awgaskarth replied to your postI’m hoping this isn’t the case but if this song…

it’s a really…weird choice for a single? like it’s not punky at all???? it’s slow and kinda boring. last album it was something’s gotta give and before that it was for baltimore, both of which are relatively fast, so this one is kinda like “well…okay”

usually singles represents the entire album, or maybe even the best song

so lmao I hope I’m wrong about this being what the album is gonna sound like.. and I would be lying if I said I’m not let down or anything but honestly yes I was also expecting a fast song….or if they were gonna so a somewhat slower song I wouldn’t expect such shit lyrics from them

all time low things that make me happy

- the way Alex says “scream to be heard” and “i’m sorry, i’m sorry” in Lullabies.
- songs off of The Party Scene before the were edited to go on to Put Up Or Shut Up
- the guitar riff at the beginning of Running From Lions (Put Up Or Shut Up version)
- “I think some dude just grabbed my junk” in I Feel Like Dancing
- high pitched singing in the last verse of Jasey Rae
- Remembering Sunday in general.
- Vic’s parts in A Love Like War
- Patrick Stump wrote Outlines
- Jack trying to do hair flips in music videos.
- Jack in the I Feel Like Dancing music video
- the leg thing
- Zack being interviewed
- Rian and Cassadee
- Rian’s perfectly white teeth (like ????)
- “caught up in the moment, but not in the right way” from Poppin’ Champagne
- “preaching down to the sinners” in Heroes
- Straight To DVD
- the Something’s Gotta Give music video
- the picture of Zack in the atl booty shorts
- Jack’s Jack Skellington tattoo
- The fact that all the boys have their “signature skull” tattooed on them somewhere