awfully indecisive

Burning Ink (00qad)

Prompt: 00qad soulmate au. They still don’t know but they need to complete the quad to see all colours, understand their tattoos or something like that

Thank you for the lovely prompt, Nonnie! This turned into a monster so, it’s going under the cut

When the three letters had appeared on the thin skin of his left wrist, Q’s mother had squealed that his soulmate would certainly be someone from royalty, while his father had muttered something about awfully indecisive parents who couldn’t even name their poor kid – silently, Q had added to the list the extremely rare possibility that he could have more than a soulmate and proceeded to hide the tattoos under the strap of his favourite wristwatch where he could peacefully ignore blue ink marring the expanse of his skin.

When the three letters had appeared on the tanned skin of his right underarm, James’ already had no one in the world he could show them to and ask for an explanation so, he disappeared into a library and researched the anomaly for a whole afternoon on dusty old books that made his eyes and nose itch and his heartbeat quicken in fear – silently, James hid in a bathroom and with a straight razor that had been his father’s he proceeded to erase with neat scars the harsh black ink shining on his skin.

When the three letters had appeared on the delicate skin stretched taut on the arch of his left foot, Alex’s mothers had glanced worriedly at each other and explained to him that for no reason ever he should let people see his soulmarks or they would harm him – silently, Alex had cried himself to sleep that night, rubbing with the toes of his right foot the bright red ink decorating his pale skin under the soft woollen sock.

When the three letters had appeared on the bruised skin of his right hipbone, Danny’s parents had tutted at him reproachfully as if it had been his fault he had been cursed with having more than a soulmate in his life and had carelessly handed him a tube of foundation to hide them – silently, Danny had vowed he would never reject his soulmates only because it was abnormal to have so many and spent the following years buying foundation only to keep his parents at bay, never trying to cover the pretty dark green ink.

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