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One of my all time favorite things from the Captain Underpants books were when there’d be this big, wordy sign and it would break in some kind of monster fight and read something totally ridiculous like I remember one that read “Billy’s Bread Co. My homemade buttermilk bread smells great! It’s awfully good.” and when it broke it read “my butt smells awful” and that still cracks me up to this day so if they aren’t going to keep that in the movie then what even is the point

“You still love him.

its written all over your face.”

Something in the silence says.

“He broke my heart. I can’t pretend that it didn’t hurt me when he left me to find comfort in loneliness. I can’t let him do that all over again.”

I say

“Would you take him back.?”

“yes, yes. my god, I would take him in a heartbeat.”

he was awfully good at catching my heart and I was always weak to call him mine.

I had to learn how to be a monster
and I taught every lesson myself.

My claws were just nails
before I dug them deep into earth
and they emerged as sharp branches.

My teeth were just teeth,
blunt with river rock polished edges,
until I broke them on the forest floor,
chewed flint like fudge
and spat out the last softness
that sheltered on my tongue.

I took the human being I had been
and shaped her into a shadow, a demon,
a being of power.

My hands forgot to be anything but fists,
holding only strength and resolve,
my mouth forgot what it was to smile,
forgot kindness, but it learned how to bite,
it learned how to bare teeth like knives

My heart was the hardest part,
still weak with each beat,
because even monsters can learn how to love
but you don’t need to hold hands
when you can hold the world at your feet.

I had to learn how to be a monster.


Because the world wanted me weak,
and afraid and ashamed.
It wanted me docile.

And I wanted to prove I was more.

So when even our heroes were bowing to pressure,
I remade myself iron

- i had to learn how to be a monster // l.s.

Romelza FACE 

  • Me: *likes a character*
  • Me: Hmm...I'd say they'd survive for about three more episodes before the author uses them to break my heart...

Elsword Artbook 2016 - Concept Arts

I tried to look for ones not covered by babel and good god Lu THAT’S AN AWFULLY DETAILED CONCEPT ART FOR YOUR UNDERWEAR.

코그 은팔찌 채워주고 싶다 Rated E my ass

Raven 3rd Line  
Design Concept

Weapon Taker 
Intense and destructive, but an experienced mercenary who moves tactically. Raven during his mercenary days (Can feel his years of experience as mercenary. Veteran, Soldier. Stiff and rough personality. Analyzes situation and moves strategically)/ Remnants of Nasod modification: Hysteric under certain conditions. Human rage, hidden madness.

Veteran Commander 
Professional battle commander (mercenary)/ Nasod machinery to uses heavy artillery. Armor/ Nasod, Flame Core: Collision of power(???). Uses his inner rage as military strategy(??????)/ His Nasod arm design should feel like a flamethrower / Coat-style clothes fit for a commander, leader of Blackcrows 

Ok fic please where Jack gets Chowder and Farmer tickets to this, and Chowder gets drunk on too much wine and asks if he can stroke Thornton’s beard and tries to hug Pavelski and goes on to Vlasic about how he ALWAYS buys Vlasic pickles and practically humps Martin Jones’ leg and by the end of the night the Sharks have basically adopted him and Farmer would be mortified but the wine is good and Couture is awfully charming and besides she’s NEVER seen Chowder this happy .

I am 1% person and 99% stress right now but @crossedbeams is doing this brilliant giveaway where she encourages people to do acts of kindness/something positive in order to win Gillian’s books. And the best way to feel better in times of stress is to be of service, make other people happy, help where help is needed, and so on. At least that’s helping me.

Art is the one thing I’m somewhat good at, and you guys have been awfully nice every time I’ve posted something, so… hopefully, this is a positive thing.

Like this post and I’ll draw you a tiny illustration (because I can fit them in whenever and wherever) like the one below. Simple as that. I’ll post it here on my Tumblr and tag you when it’s made. And I wish I could send out drawings but I’m poor (because Christmas and I’m a student) so this will have to do.

Also, Merry Christmas!!

This one is for Rose because she started this thing and she’s magnanimous!

UPDATE: Didn’t expect so many likes! But it’s good! And challenging! Right now, I’m 125 illustrations away from having done them all, which makes me think it has to stop here. If you like this post today, or in the future, I won’t make you a tiny illustration. I’m really, really sorry. But I hope you understand.

Request: Hello! Could you write a fict with number 44 for Scorbus?? Also I was wondering if you could make it slightly smuttier than your other ficts. Btw I just have to say that your writing is amazing😊

Thank you so much! Also, I’ve only written like one other fic with smut before, so sorry if this is bad lol

(just a side-note for requests because I’ve gotten a few sent in like this, please send them in through my ask box because it just makes it easier for me lol)

Warnings: smut, so much smut, also this is very long

My Writing

Scorpius woke up with a yawn and then turned his head to look at his sleeping boyfriend. He smiled before rolling over to face him completely and placing featherlight kisses all over his face.

Albus fluttered his eyes open and gave Scorpius and sleepy smile.

“G’morning, love.”

“Morning!” Scorpius said cheerily.

Albus chuckled and sat up.

“You’re in an awfully good mood. Is it perhaps because we’re having lunch with my parents today?” He asked with a smirk.

Scorpius’s smile fell from his face and he looked at Albus with pleading eyes.

“No, Albus. Can’t we please just have a normal lunch with them today, without…you know.”

Albus let out a loud laugh and then stood up to stretch.

“What’s the fun in that, Scorp?”

Scorpius simply crossed his arms over his chest and pouted, causing Albus to grin at him.

“It’s already ten o’clock, and we’re meeting them at noon, so let’s hop in the shower now, and we’ll have enough time to…get you ready,” he said with a wink before walking over to bathroom.

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Please, I don’t want a Wicked movie that’s just a remake of the musical but with popular auto-tuned Hollywood actresses! I just want a book based live action film that uses Susan Hilferty’s amazing costumes with believable talented actresses who can play up the Gelphie!

However if someone could add an epilogue of sorts with Elphaba finding Glinda in Southstairs (that scene from Out of Oz) and cast Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel for this… Yes that would be great thanks.