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consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

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Leggings L.H

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warning: smut ;) ;)

word count: 1800+

summary: y/n wears super tight leggings out and Luke can’t help but get horny and drag her home to fuck.

requested?: yes, I hope you like it Anon! I actually loved writing this so much, I got it done in a day which is a lot quicker than some of my other smuts. I can be working on one for a week sometimes but I loved this concept so much, and I promised that it would be up today so here you go :) Don’t forget requests are open and I respond to all !

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“Luke you’ve been staring at my ass since we left the house, can you stop?” I asked, looking up at Luke with a hint of a smile. He smirked and placed his hands on my waist, pulling me into him.

“but you look so hot in those leggings, mmh your ass” he hummed, creeping his hands down to squeeze my bum. I squealed and slapped his hands away before grabbing the shopping trolley and walking in front of Luke. My cheeks flushed as I passed an old lady who had seen the whole encounter, averting eye contact.

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Can that whole thing where he died be a horrible dream that Dorian had because I'm bout to cry so please make it all a dream.

I mean…you can headcanon this if it makes you feel better hehehe

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Can I request little Morgan having a nightmare and going to see papa Lon'qu?

(Want to change the name? Use this!

Lon’qu was already having trouble sleeping. That in and of itself made him more irritated than usual. It was when he finally found solace, listening to your steady breathing, that he was slowly beginning to fall asleep.

His eyes barely fell shut before he heard the sound of Morgan’s cries. His gaze snapped to the door, mildly annoyed by the door slowly creaking open.

“Mama? …Mama, are you awake?” He heard Morgan whisper fiercely, his warbling fear evident even to Lon’qu’s tired ears.

“What are you doing up?” Lon’qu asked gruffly, peering over your snoozing form. Morgan squeaked, jolting back to look up at his father, who loomed over him like a shadow in the night.

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Off The Menu

The kitchen was too small for two chefs: especially when one was an arrogant flirt who was after HER job.

Also on FF.NET and AO3

@chasingawaythefoosa wanted a chef au. Part of my series of tropey fics that I’m currently working on (open for more prompts for a little longer).

I got totally carried away and this ended up 4.7k. Oops.

Killian Jones had a lazy smirk, perfectly disheveled hair, questionably tight dark jeans and a way of undressing you with his eyes that was all too appealing when one’s guard was down. Not that Emma Swan ever let her guard down around him. From the moment she met him she saw him for what he was: an arrogant skirt chaser who was also chasing her job.

When Archie Hopper, head chef and owner of ‘Archibald’s’ had announced that he would be taking on a another sous chef, Emma had been furious. She’d spent three years working her ass off to climb the hierarchy at Boston’s best French restaurant, sacrificing anything resembling a social life to achieve her dream of culinary success. Six months ago when she had been promoted to second in command she’d been elated.

The next step would be her own kitchen. She knew if she continued to show her dedication that Archie would notice; he’d already hinted about opening another restaurant and she knew she had a shot at the head chef position.

But when Archie had formally revealed the opening of another outlet on the other side of town, instead of looking to hire (or promote) another executive chef, he instead employed a second sous chef to work at the original restaurant and began to split his time between the two businesses. Which was completely demoralizing when she was the one who should be in charge. To make matters worse her new ‘co-chef’ (as Archie had called them) was an arrogant Brit who thought he knew everything about French cuisine;‘I’m European, darling,” he would drawl.  In addition, he was an incorrigible flirt and he spent far too much time with the waitresses - and waiters.

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one of those days | neighbor!jinyoung drabble

park jinyoung | "It’s 2am and I’m drunk and I need some salt for my fries and I know your awake so OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR" | 1,914 words. | fluff. for this request from this prompt list.

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Blind By Your Side/Part 1

Nightmare’s steps echoed through the hallway, the goopy skeleton walking back and forth with a worried look on his face. The bad sanses were a little worried too, but most about their boss. They’ve never seen him like this before! Not even when one of the bad sanses “accidently” knocked out Dream.

The way the lord of nightmares was acting right now was making them all concerned.

Nightmare himself was also concerned. But not about himself. For the first time in ages, he was concerned about someone else. And that person was Cross.

The thing is… Earlier that day, the evil sanses group were reunited on an AU to make a trap for the Star Sanses so they could, finally, end their stupid group.

They didn’t really care about what AU they were going, so they went on random. Actually, Nightmare was totally against that idea, since it was obviously dumb, but when he looked again, the sanses were gone and a portal was open.

Since he apparently didn’t have any other options, he had to just roll with it and follow the others.

That was a huge mistake.

Out of all the AUs possible, they fell just on Possessiontale, an AU where Flowey gets to possess other people and control their bodies as his own.

Just as Flowey stumbled across those sanses, he didn’t even hesitated. Using his dimension Sans’ body, he attacked them at all force, beginning a fight.

During the fight, Flowey went on attacking Nightmare, but just at that time, he was distracted and didn’t see the attack coming. But when he noticed the attack, he also noticed it didn’t exactly hit him, but Cross instead.

The goopy skeleton growled in low tone remembering Cross’ painful expression. Feeding from negative feelings was supposed to make Nightmare feel good, right? So why Cross’ pain made him feel so… Awful?

A door opened, catching everyone’s attention. Dream slowly walked out, his face showing some concerned expressions. Before anyone could do anything, Nightmare ran to his brother’s direction with a serious look on his face.

“Dream! Tell me how’s Cross, now!” he shouted, gripping tightly on his shoulders.

“B-brother… It hurts!” the shorter one cried out, the grip getting tighter by the second.


“WE HAD SOME COMPLICATIONS!” Dream shouted back. Nightmare’s eye widened, his grip on Dream’s shoulder loosing up a bit. He frowned, throwing the young guardian to the side and running as fast as he could into the room.

Once he came into the room his eye widened once more. On the bed Ink was sitting right in front of Cross. They were talking normally, like nothing happened.

But something was different.

Even though Cross was acting like he was ok. He didn’t look exactly ok. He looked fine, except for one thing.

He was wearing a blindfold.

‘Oh my god…’ Nightmare thought assuming the worst.

His presence was soon noted by the protector, who sent a friendly smile on his direction, his attention going back to Cross.

“Hey buddy, looks like you have a visitor.” Ink said. Cross turned to the right, even though he couldn’t see anything.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“It’s your boss mah man.” he joked, trying to lighting up the mood a bit.

“Oh!” the lord of the negative feelings took a deep breath, feeling a little nervous. He walked on their direction, trying to keep his serious look.

“So, what is the situation?” he asked.

“Well, I healed what I could… But it appears there wasn’t much I could do about…” Ink’s voice died, as he couldn’t finish his sentence.

“Much you could do about what?” Nightmare asked, his voice changing into a brute tone.

“The damage to his eyes were beyond of what I could do. I healed all of it, but his vision didn’t show any signs of actually working.” Nightmare’s eye widened. “I’m sorry to tell you that… He’s blind. I’m sorry, but I did what I could.” Ink was saying some more things but at that point… Nightmare wasn’t paying attention.

“There wasn’t much I could do, I-”

“You have 10 seconds to leave this place before I kill you all” Nightmare demanded. Ink widened his eyes, but soon sighed and got up.

“Right. Take care of yourselves. DREAM! GET YOUR STUFF, WE’RE LEAVING!” he shouted, walking to the door’s direction. Just as he put his hand on the doorknob, he pronounced himself. “Just one more thing. Cross is in a pretty weak state, so you might wanna find someone to take care of him. Of course, if you don’t want to, we could take him with us.” Ink offered.

“…3 seconds.” was all Nightmare said in response. Ink walked left the room and left alongside with Dream.

Nightmare sighed. He turned his head to Cross’ direction, whose head was facing the window. The lord of the negative feelings walked towards him, sitting by his side and facing the window alongside him.

“So… Guess that’s it, huh?” Cross said.

“What do you mean by that?” Nightmare asked.

“Well, I’m blind now. I don’t think you need any dead weight on your team. I just need to manage to open a portal and so I can go back to my AU.” Nightmare’s eye widened.

“What the fuck are you talking about? You are not leaving!” he turned his head to the goopy skeleton’s side.

“But you heard Ink. On my condition I would need someone to take care of me, and I don’t think any of those guys outside would want to waste their time with someone like me.” Nightmare looked down for a bit, some thoughts wandering through his mind. He frowned, blushing a little with a dumb idea he had. He quickly turned to Cross’ side, taking his hand on his.

“I can take care of you.”


English is not my first language!

Also this is my first Nightcross fanfic. Hope it doesn’t turn out awfully bad it already is

Nightmare and Dream/ @jokublog

Cross/ @jakei95

Ink/ @comyet

PossessionTale/ ???
If anyone knows the creator of this AU please tell me

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I’ve always wondered to myself, with the changes of the season,
What it is I could be doing wrong that I am simply missing.
For Summer has it’s Days of Heat, cooling down, soothing sights.
Autumn has its coming chill, as cool winds begin to rise.
Then Winter holds you in its spell, through dark and endless nights.

But Spring…

I awaken in the morning and the cold chills me to the bone.
It buries me deep in a comforting of which I never want to let go.
The days grow slightly longer, the time it turns ahead.
But still I want nothing more than this cold to end.
It won’t give any reason, though, so I turn myself, instead.

Oh Spring…

While splendor grasses grow in fields, flowers rise in bloom,
My allergies grow worsening, still I fight throughout my day.
Misery does not love company, so, I sneeze and cough, again.
While running through my mind, my nose goes simply out the door,
I wish this medication, would kick in instead, I have to go to work.

Cry Spring…

I have no ill feelings for you, no matter if I complain.
While I’m feeling misery, outside of me, congestion deep within,
I prefer the knowing of the coming day, in middle May, when I grow
Yet another year older, another year less bolder, reminded
That I’ve nothing yet to show for all that I have done!!!

Damn, Spring…

I can’t believe that I have loved you, not as much as Summer, true,
While you bring me achy chests, short shorts come in June!
Why can’t you be nicer? Why can’t you be as sweet?
So many things that can be enjoyed, I can’t enjoy with you.
The rain comes down, and it’s too cold, to skinny dip in pools.

Sigh Spring…

Fine!  You have your goods coming, too, it’s true, a Yankee fan
Knows opening day, comes and gives us reason to hope and pray,
But, before this team, we hope and dream, leaves us devastated, again,
We’ll worship you, and promise to, sing our hopes and praise.
Until after the All star game, reminds us to root for our teams.

Poor Spring…

I’ve painted you so awfully bad, when all you want is a chance.
To show your love and keep us safe, with midday Sun’s soft embrace
With tender winds and loving arms, with lighter jackets and sweet songs,
Lovers embracing, kissing deeply, touching wildly, squeezing tightly,
Maybe you’re not so bad, Spri…ACHOO!!!

-H. Murcia       12:23AM       4/9/2017


4:20: *rips out heart* *stomps on it*

Just like in 4.19, Dean’s first instinct after discovering Cas has left Jimmy is to protect the human, return him to his family, get him back to his “normal life.” And just like in 4.19, there’s no more normal for Jimmy to ever go home to.

SAM : Dean, back there, that was angel-on-angel violence. Now, I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s big. And we can’t just let the only lead we got just skip out.
DEAN shakes his head.
SAM : What?
DEAN : You remember when our job was helping people? Like, getting them back to their families?
SAM : You think I don’t want to help him? I’m just being realistic. I mean, hell, we’re doing him a favor.
DEAN : How?
SAM : Dean, if we want to question the guy, you can damn well bet the demons do, too.

And there’s the rub, because of course the demons want to talk to him.

Meanwhile, we see just how compromised Sam is, fully addicted to demon blood, but Ruby’s not answering. In his desperation, he’s distracted enough for Jimmy to escape.

Anna pops in while they’re driving to find Jimmy… Dean feels obligated to say something because of their previous “relationship,” and it falls so flat on both sides. How awkward is it to have to work with your “last night on earth” one night stand? :P But she also notices the difference in Sam, which he also awkwardly tries to brush off (not a haircut, demon blood).

ANNA : It’s Cas. He got sent back home. Well, more like dragged back.
DEAN : To heaven? That’s not a good thing?
ANNA : No. That’s a very bad thing. Painfully, awfully bad. He must have seriously pissed someone off. 

All the while, we’re seeing Jimmy’s relationship with Amelia falling apart, because she believes he’s delusional about talking to an angel. She was on the verge of leaving him because he’d refused treatment, and that’s what drove Jimmy to say yes to Cas in the first place, along with the promise to keep his family safe.

And they would’ve stayed safe if only Jimmy hadn’t returned to them. He tries to put it all behind him, lying to Amelia about the entire last year, telling her he’d been in a psych hospital. Because he really thought he could just walk away from “the life.” But like it always does, it eventually catches up with him. Like it did for Dean at Lisa’s, like it did for Sam at Stanford, and at Amelia’s in s8. Like Mary tried to do when she married John. There’s no way to protect your family if you’re lying to them, because the truth will always catch up with you.

The demons inevitably show up, but Amelia is in no way prepared to deal with them, and just thinks Jimmy’s gone off the rails again.

She catches him beating their friend, trying to lock them in a closet behind a salt line, but Amelia doesn’t believe her until she sees the demon’s eyes, and by then it’s too late. Sam and Dean show up just in time to save them all.

(but also Sam’s powers are on the fritz, because he’s run out of Ruby’s blood to power him up with… and Dean notices…

DEAN : Well, you can call it whatever you want. Point is, you used to be strong enough to kill Alastair. Now you can’t even kill a stunt-demon number three? SAM : What do you want me to say about it, Dean?
DEAN : Well for starters, what’s going on with your mojo? I mean, it’s yo-yoing all over the place. I’m not trying to pick a fight here, okay? I just – you’re scaring me, man. )

They have to have the Big Reality Talk about the true gravity of Jimmy’s situation, that he can never go home without putting himself and his family in danger.

JIMMY : How long? And don’t give me that “cross that bridge when we get to it” crap.
SAM : Don’t you get it? Forever. The demons will never stop. You can never be with your family. So you either get as far away from them as possible or you put a bullet in your head. And that’s how you keep your family safe. But there’s no getting out and there’s no going home.
DEAN : Well, don’t sugarcoat it, Sam.

(gee, Sam, you were even nicer to Ghoul!Adam than this… guess you’re jonesing for the demon blood? is that putting you on edge or something?)

So Jimmy tells Amelia the same “cross that bridge when we get to it” story and sends her and Claire away for their own safety, but of course it’s already too late. Amelia’s been possessed and she has Claire.

But Cas hasn’t abandoned them. Jimmy begs for Cas to take him, to trade himself for Claire. But the Cas that comes back is different– he’s been tortured back into obedience to Heaven:

DEAN : Cas, hold up. What were you gonna tell me?
CASTIEL: I learned my lesson while I was away, Dean. I serve heaven, I don’t serve man, and I certainly don’t serve you. 

Oh, right! The opening scene, the whole point of why Dean had been trying to get in touch with Cas in the first place… Important Information. But suddenly the Cas who doubted his mission in 4.07, doubted where his orders were coming from in 4.16, and who understood the angels’ true mission was to watch over and protect humanity is gone, replaced by the obedient soldier that Heaven wanted him to be.

*resumes stomping on my heart*

Dean had just begun to truly trust in Cas in 4.18, and now that trust is shattered. Just like his trust in Sam. Because Dean and Cas both finally understand where Sam’s powers are coming from when they watch in horror as he drinks a demon’s blood. It’s like Dean lost both of them in the span of five minutes there.

Not because of the demon blood, but because of the lies.

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Like snowbarry shippers are out here erasing Iris, a black woman, in westallen scenes and replacing her with Caitlin. When we say something about it we're the ones in the wrong? Hell nooo. I don't think it's okay to paste a white woman over a black woman so they can make their ugly manips. I'm gonna say something about it, call me a bully, idc.


I honestly don’t care that much about manips, every single fandom does it. Like whenever I come across them on my TL I only RT to laugh because 

  1. 99% of them are AWFULLY bad (I’m sorry but they are sklksqds)
  2. It’s funny they say WA is boring / cliche / has no chemistry etc… yet steal all our scenes/quotes replacing Iris with Caitlin.

The song however is a different story entirely. It was written FOR WA and it was sung to Iris, I’ll be damned if I let their ugly asses use it for their ugly ass fanvideos.