fuck this post tbh
“tumblr: school is dumb I don’t need math
tumblr: the speed limit is 720 mph”
honestly I h8 this post so much bc it makes me feel even worse abt myself 4 not knowing how to do this. ppl who think this this a good post r rlly something …………..
like u do realize tht this post is calling ppl who can’t solve this “dumb” , right ???? and u do realize that some ppl can’t do math or understand numbers well right ???????? this post is awfullllll and I hate seeing it on my dash like seriously fuck off.

anonymous asked:

It still looks like short shorts and a bandeau top with some sheer sort of fabric over it. I've never seen a dress like that.

It’s awfullllll!

I had a fucking awfullllll night at work and then a hilarious lyft driver made up for it.

I need more black people in my life holy shit

10 minute car ride with a random black dude is the blackest interaction I’ve had all week.

I would post the story but idk if t translates to text well, if you have my cell number call me or something and I’ll tell you.