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89) Do you get easily distracted?

SooooOOoooooOOo easily distracted. Mostly by my own thoughts and daydreams…it’s awfullllll. I’m never fully present. Which is probably one of the main reasons why I’m so afraid of getting my driver’s license haha

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Hi! What lipstick would you suggest a mid to dark person wear to work, classes or just generally in the day? I'm a newbie at makeup plus my skin has discolouration/eczema-type thing so I can't wear foundation. I don't know how to or find a match to my different skin colours either. Anyway, for lipsticks I prefer dark/bright colours, i.e. 19 insane gorgeous lipsticks, Flo Adepoju, (and other articles) on buzzfeed. But can you wear these colours for the above? Are the latter lipsticks called neon?

Hi!! About the foundation, have you asked your doctor/dermatologist? My little sister had awfullllll eczema since birth but, after many attempts, found the perfect treatment when she turned 14 and it changed her skin so well, it’s better than mine now!! and for the discolouration u should try a gram flour/turmeric facemask, my chin area was soooo dark compared to the rest of my face but continued use of that fixed it - should be gentle w ur eczema too bc natural?? ANYWAY about the real question, deep reds and purples are what u should go for, for a work setting. neons are EXCRUCIATINGLY bright colours, like just google neon pink and you’ll get it, you won’t wanna wear that to work 😂, flo adepoju does beautiful reds and purples you should check out! for everyday you should look into brighter pinks too and gently ease them into ur everyday look so you can wear them to work and school too. liquid lipsticks are deep and pigmented so they’re ur best bet for colour if ur worried about the pigment of ur lip, I recommend Anastasia, but LA Girl rank even higher, I have a red and purple and they’re my lifeeeeee (will swatch if you want?) you can try other normal lipsticks and use a lip primer if ur worried about pigment too X
If ur unclear on what I’m waffling about pls ask xxxxxx