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So i don't think i've seen you do this (i might be wrong so if I am, feel free to delete this lol) but headcanons of the paladins + reader as their best friend? (i haven't seen much non-romantic stuff for the paladins and. i crave it.) (also love your blog!!!)

I haven’t done this yet, so thanks for asking!! <3 I agree, there should be more platonic paladin x reader stuff! (these hcs include your bff memes)


  • you guys are workout buddies! you always go to the gym or on runs together
    • you hate working out/training tbh but he makes it fun and more bearable
  • when you guys can’t sleep you’ll text each other links to awful 80′s music videos and memes (which is often bc shiro never sleeps)
    • you send him this all the time and he HATES IT but never fucking recognizes the link so he always sees it
    • “Massive Combing Robo” becomes your inside-joke with him and no one else understands it (see link above to understand)
  • loves giving u piggyback rides


  • you guys marathon 80′s mecha/fighting anime together no matter how fucking terrible they are
    • some shows include Star Blazers, Battle of the Planets, Combattler V/Combattra, Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troppers (lots of generic shogun anime tbh)
  • your favorite inside joke/meme with them is when you say shows that clearly aren’t anime are good anime
    • Pidge: “Blues Clues is clearly the best anime, it was voted #1 in Japan in 1999.”
    • You: “Um, ex-fucking-cuse me, Cory in the House is the best anime in history because it stays true to the manga.”
    • Pidge: “Please, everyone knows that even Johnny Test is better than that.”


  • every time you guys go to a new planet for stuff y’all need, you both go out of our way to find the weirdest “souvenir” possible
    • hunk likes to bring you weirdly shaped rocks and you love them
    • nothing you find can ever beat his weirdly shaped rocks
  • LOVES making super overly-complicated handshakes
    • similarly, likes making you do those weird patty cake games everyone knows from elementary school as a “good luck” thingy before missions (ex: “lemonade *clap clap clap* ice tea *clap clap clap* coca cola *clap clap clap* pepsi *clap clap clap*)
  • loves cuddling (platonically; tbh he cuddles with everyone but he loves cuddling with u the most!!! bc ur his bff)


  • You train together but you never get far bc u always bring up some awful memes/jokes that makes Keith lose focus and die laughing
  • can’t sleep? you’re ‘bout to send Keith about 10 new “We Are Number One” remixes
    • in response he sends memes of people getting slapped to the beat of “holla back girl” or the gamecube start-up animation followed by someone getting fucking punched
  • you made friendship bracelets for the two of you
    • Keith: “I’m not much of a jewelry person.”
    • You: “that’s fine, you don’t have to wear it-”
    • Keith: “no stfu I’m wearing it everyday for the rest of my life”
    • he wears it all the time he literally WILL NOT take it off, it’s super frayed and damaged but it shows he really treasures it


  • whenever you ride in his lion w/ him he tries to sing the thomas the tank engine theme
  • you created a secret handshake that involves a LOT of dabbing
  • you guys watch a lot of monster factory and game grumps together (you’d think Pidge would like them the most…but ur wrong…IT’S LANCE HE’S THE SECRET GAME MEMER)
  • you guys cry a lot together. just. crying.

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idk if ur into other ships but if ur up for it!!! seungchuchu singer-songwriters au

I love seungchuchu as much as I love soft blankets and that’s a whole heckin lot

1. While Seunggil is the writer, he’s really good at singing, but this boy won’t get any louder than a mouse. (Phichit likes him singing when they’re going to bed because it’s very calming when you’ve got the prettiest boy on earth and the prettiest dog in existence on either side of you.) Especially during storms, since I hc as Phichit hating them.)

2. Phichit finds it fun to sing horribly. Like just loudly screeching the boppin’ bangers of 2007 while sweeping or wiping down a counter. Sure, nicely singing is also fun and rewarding, but letting yourself loose to off-key belt My Heart Will Go On can also be ten times better.

3. After Phichit convinced Seunggil to be his roommate (”We’re downtown, and rent is 4k a month” “Phichit, you make literal millions of dollars” “Okay, so we’re downtown”) he finds mini-concerts in the living the best way to spend every Thursday evening.

4. Despite being able to play a bajillion instruments, Seunggil is absolutely horrid at Guitar Hero and Phichit believes in Corrective Fake Guitar Classes (AKA An Excellent Reason to Hug Him for Absolutely No Reason)

5. Phichit swears to never post them, and he never does because he treasures this boy, but he’s got three 32gb flash drives with every early demo, studio version, practice session, and video he could get his hands on of the other. Seunggil’s got just the same and some old home videos he got from Phichit’s mom when they went to Thailand for a music video.

Aw sick another incoherent headcanon set that I hope you enjoy

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"Give me one good reason" by blink-182 reminds me of you and your friends so much. It's one of my favorite songs atm. I'd highly recommend a listen💕

Wow. That is loud. But also I can definitely see why you thought of my friends and me. The first thing I thought of while listening was Melchi. Good recommendation, my friend! Anyone else got song recommendations for me? I’ve got all day, pretty much. 

Yours truly,
Georg Zirschnitz. 

P.S. If we’re recommending songs that remind us of my friends, I’d have to say this one right here  (you have to watch the awful music video to get all the charm). 


Tech N9ne - Aw Yeah? (interVENTion) - Official Music Video

The producers from this big Hollywood movie had asked Johanna and Asher to collaborate on the theme song that would be used in their next TV spots. She was hesitant at first, considering the history of both bands, but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus, she thought she wouldn’t have to work with him, considering they had recorded the song separately. Little did they know, they’d be stuck together for a few days to shoot the music video for the song that was #1 on the Billboard charts. Being the most friendly of the group, she decided to bring coffee to set as some kind of peace offering. When she saw the taller man sitting on a set chair by himself, she took a deep breath, hoping he wouldn’t snap at her. ‘’Hey…’’ she said, before she handed him one of the cups, a soft smile on her features. ‘’Coffee is always awful on music video sets. Just wanted to make sure we’d start the day on the right foot.’’ @fosterxmisfits


Buck 22 - Achy Breaky 2 (Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)

Literally the worst song I’ve heard this year. It’s so bad I had to share it.

Why does this exist? Why? Seriously though… WHY!?


Playboicarti - Mercedez (Prod. Father)