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just found my new fave imagines blog-- relationship hcs with sf sans and us sans??


You’re my favorite new follower I HEART YOU!!!! HEART!!!! Here’s some awful low-quality best-i-can-produce-but-still-not-good-enough trash:

SF Sans:

- Cooks for you every day, every meal, unless you’re going out to eat or cooking together. He’s an excellent cook. I’ve said that, twice in past answers, I believe, he really is, he’s becoming a decent chef, too. Weakest spot is fish, but he’s getting there.

- Pays CAREFUL attention to you for ANY signs that you’re not getting enough nutrition. Has done research on the dietary needs of humans and how they fulfill those dietary needs. He slowly learned about your specific needs and preferences while keeping you unconscious of what he was doing. Have a chronic vitamin D deficiency? Body doesn’t absorb minerals well? Have a disease that keeps you from getting the proper proteins to do what they want? Don’t worry, he’s got something for that. Again, specializes in medicinal food. He’s healing you with every bite of food you take, and without triggering any allergies, cause he’s cool like that.

- Will openly hate something until you express your interest towards it. He will then proceed to delve as deep into that thing as he possibly can in order to share the experience with you and impress you. No matter how cringy the interest. He will stay up in the dead and quiet hours of the night watching the grossest romance movie with you, or a poorly written horror movie. If you express any interest AT ALL, if you said birdemic was funny cause it was so bad, he will watch the movie until he can quote the entire thing by memory and draw every scene. He will make your room themed to your favorite thing. Watch him. Will not do it with politics, as he’s p liberal, so be careful if you’re a conservative cause unless you express your discontent with his aggressiveness in trying to teach you his beliefs, he’ll push you.


- If that doesn’t get you, he’s EXTREMELY AFFECTIONATE AND CARING and is not afraid to show that to you. If he feels like you need one hug? He will instead cuddle you for 30 minutes and shower you with praise. He will say the cheesiest shit with a straight face. His words are kind of awkward, though. He will try to get you to cry happy tears but all you’ll be doing is laughing because sometimes he says the stupidest shit, even when trying to be sweet. Just let him live.

- There is a possibility that he’ll get grumpy out of nowhere, and seconds later he’ll get angry and shout that he’s obviously been deprived of kisses and that if you don’t come over there right now and smooch him, right on the nose, he’s gonna cry, and you’re not gonna like it, and everyone will have a bad day. He is 100% not joking. Demanding.

- Will straight up dump you if you don’t like his dog. He’s not up for that kind of relationship, and neither are you. I promise. The cuttlefish he can understand cause it’s unconventional, but he won’t get rid of her.


- Extremely supportive, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Got a religion? He wasn’t aware, but you mentioned it to him five seconds ago and he’s already officially converted. Job bothers you? He just quit. He’ll get a new one. Will support your hopes and dreams and aspirations, your goals, he is totally with you all the way. He can tell the difference between you needing support and you being manipulative and abusive, he won’t take your shit.

- For that reason, a relationship between US and SF Sans would never work.

- This man. He is ready to marry you. At all times. He wouldn’t have proposed the relationship or accepted your advances if he wasn’t absolutely in for a long term serious relationship. He has not only thought about it, but he has multiple proposals planned out at set intervals to be performed if he feels you’re ready and he hasn’t made a mistake.

- Definitely not himself when he’s tired or stressed. Watch for when he crosses the line, he will tell you about the line, and you will feel him approach it, and you will know when it is crossed. If he tells you he needs to “get out of the river” and you’re talking about something, go let him cool down.

- He’s very romantic but also the goofiest piece of shit you will ever meet. He’s a fuckin dork man. Not as goofy as UT or MT Sans tho, hooo boy.

- Definite yes for kids and pets. 

- While public with your relationship, he’s different in public than he is at home. A bigger change than you would think. He’s a better depiction of when you first met him when he’s dealing with people who aren’t close.

US Sans:

- Will likely cheat within the first 6 months, especially if he isn’t satisfied.

- Might slip weird shit into your food. If it smells or looks even slightly different, do not eat. If you just fought? Could be poison. Not to kill you, but to do something for a while. Maybe a neurotoxin, if you’re human. Confront him about it and he’ll tell you why he did it, he won’t hide it from you. It might be to relax you, but he doesn’t fucking know that 1. Certain plants can harm humans, and 2. You don’t lace people’s food with anything. You don’t mess with it what the fuck dude.

- Actually cares about you, but is emotionally constipated and can’t deal with them, chooses not to deal with them. He’s distant and cold one day and overly clingy and obsessively sweet the next. It’s hard to know when he’ll express himself in a healthy way and when he won’t even try.

- Doesn’t. Know. Where. To. Cross. The fuckin. Line.

- He should never care for you too much. Don’t let him care too little, either. Make sure you have an escape, and that you don’t need to escape in the first place, unless unforeseen problems pop up.

- Doesn’t tell you shit, lack of communication and affection, hardly puts anything into the relationship. Treats it like a fling. Expects you to put into the relationship, twice the amount he should be putting in.

- Manipulative, has the potential to be abusive.

- Will support your dreams and goals, and has everything you need to achieve them. If your dream is for him to grow up and finally become a working part of your life, you’re in for a disappointment.

- Pets and kids are a headache to bring up, there are so many different conversations he will have with you on these subjects. He wants to be a free man but he also wants children. He’s not too good with toddlers, and you can’t have both. Pets are painful to think about. Keep him as low maintenance as possible.

- If you get past the first 3 years, congratulations. He’ll start to be a normal person and actually deal with his own shit enough to give you what you need and to have a fulfilling relationship with you. After this point it becomes physically impossible for him to cheat on you whatsoever.

- Gets angry and irritable easily.

- While he may be manipulative and get angry, it will all be verbal, so it might fuck with your head. He’s not going to hit you or throw your shit around. If you point it out to him, because he doesn’t mean to be, he’ll do his best to stop. He will need your help though.

- You will have to explain to him that people do shit for each other when they’re in relationships. and then he will proceed to serenade the SHIT out of you. All the fucking time. Seduce you. Boy will treasure you if you stick with him far. You’ll change him I guarantee.

- Some nights he will cry looking at you because he knows he doesn’t deserve you, especially cause he’s a piece of shit, but you’re still there anyway, and it’s tearing him to bits.

- Always up for anything if you’re up for it.


So you already started [shooting the fourth season of The Americans], you know where it’s going? We have an idea of what’s gonna happen, but yeah, day to day it’s still surprising us. (x)

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I followed you bc your art is red and I stuck around bc your really sweet and have a quality blog (plus your art is still rad)

aw shucks! thank you. im developing a new art style i think, i cant wait to show all of you my ideas. i love you. thank you for sticking around.


Hey everyone! So last week I’ve hit 4k followers which has always been my goal since I started making graphics since 4 is my lucky number (and also the number of death apparently?? thanks for the info, Kyra). Thank you all so much for following me, I might not show my appreciation a lot but every like and reblog on my edits or comment and kudos on my fic really does mean a lot to me <333

Also a quick shoutout to some amazing people that I’ve met last year and with whom I’ve become friends, whether it’s here or on twitter, I love you all and I wish we’ll stay friends this year or for some that I’ll get to talk and know them a little better ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

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‘Vertical’ project. 

True story- seriously, I was about 12, I looked up and a body fell past the window. (He was fine, by the way. Well, apart from being unbelievably drunk, and someone having punched his front teeth out… but I digress.)

First time using collage in a project, first time using Photoshop and InDesign for editing. Still ambivalent about outcome.

Print quality is awful because the fear and suspicion with which I regard the printer is surpassed only by its evident loathing of me. .