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‘dream daddy’ is surprisingly good. i was not expecting to feel feelings and legit be interested in the story but here we are

It’s time for a reference post about chevaliers and their legendary? infamous? code of honor. Quotes pulled from TME because Gaspard and Michel never shut up about it. As Gaspard says, “the code is meant to guide us to a path of glory, not restrict our tactics.”

  • The code of the chevaliers allowed for the use of surprise and tactical ambushes, contrary to the way foolish chevaliers acted in plays for the peasants. (76)
  • “When given direct challenge by a chevalier, I will answer without hesitation. I will not retreat without order from my commanding officer, and I will not kill a lord or lady outside the heat of battle unless it is a legal execution in the name of the empire.” (139)

  • Michel had no hidden weapons – the chevaliers trained warriors, not assassins. (76) 

  • “Comte Pierre of Halamshiral is a lord of Orlais … My code prohibits his torture …. I will not torture him. I will not leave so that you may do so. If you lay a hand upon my prisoner, I will defend him with my life.” (156-7)

  • She very much doubted the code of honor about treatment of prisoners would apply to elven assassins. (133)

  • “He wasn’t a noble, Gaspard. Your code would not have applied.” (197)

If you don’t believe being asexual has any negative affect on people I was told by a psychiatrist that none of my relationships count because we didn’t have sex, and I can’t say I’m gay since I don’t want to have sex with girls.

and I was taken off my antidepressants because they may be lowering the libido I never had in the first place (plus various other reasons, but still immediately, cold turkey, which should NEVER happen unless they’re switching you to something else)

But aphobia doesn’t exist and asexuals are privileged, right?

But consider this

Steven’s PTSD getting worse due to witnessing Lars’ (whose basically his big brother now lbr) brutal death, the thought of possibly making him a zombie, and having to leave him behind on a hostile alien planet just after getting so close to him.

When matt and pidge reunite, pidge runs to her brother with open arms expecting the tearful hug she’d been imagining. But instead matt flinches away and takes a few steps back with fear in his eyes. Pidge’s eyes fill with tears as she freezes, staring at him with mixed shock and devastation.
While in the galra prison matt was subjected to mental torture to keep him from fighting back. What he was shown was his little sister being hurt and killed by his hands over, and over, and over. So he can’t think of coming near her, if this is really her.
It takes time, matt sitting on one side of the room and pidge on the other just having little talks, trying to get matt comfortable. Weeks pass and eventually matt looks up when she walks in and opens his arms, pidge hesitantly walks over to him and they collapse into each others arms, falling to the floor. Pidge is sobbing and matt is shaking, gently running his hand over her hair, finally realizing he has his sister back and he will never going to let her go again.

lesbians of the cosmos, in love……..