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Gackyoween and Jotado get gay™, and we have the usual awkward pauses and awful line delivery that’s expected for the English dub of an anime from 2000.

i feel like the characters that i don’t like are characters who do bad things and just never get proper comeuppance. 

komaeda essentially causes the first murder in sdr2, has a pretty harmful way of thinking (hope can only be caused by talent, talentless/normal people are worthless and shouldn’t be near talented people), manipulated fukawa throughout drae because he said he could keep togami safe if she followed his EXACT plan, and threatened to blow up a fucking school because his friends were depressed (newsflash asshole don’t do that).

yet, komaeda is given a happy ending and still has the same harmful thought process. he still believes in hope only being caused by talent, despair will lead to a great hope, and nothing changes. he’s still the exact same. he just got a happy ending while having an awful ova try to excuse any potential character development at the last second.

oleander, despite me liking him for other reasons, is also a victim of this. he gets off scot-free of kidapping twenty kids and making them sneeze their brains out. before you say loboto did this, oleander is still the leader of the mission and had loboto do that. we do learn about his sad past, but twenty kids were still kidnapped, strapped down, and forced to sneeze out their brains like that’s just really fucked up.

the narrative still has us forgive oleander because raz helps him with his traumatic experiences, but that doesn’t really add up for me. any trace of him being an “evil general” is eliminated in pitror, and no one really seems to take him seriously despite, you know, him trying to take over the fucking world like two days ago. it’s just an awkwardness for oleander’s character that’s like “oh just view him as a weird uncle! forget he did all that shit!” but for me, i can’t because it’s so blatant that two days ago, he tried to kill everyone, but now, he’s singing a pop song and then dicks around in a merman suit.

i’m sure oleander will get some form of retribution for his actions in pn2 (unlike komaeda who had like five years to learn in this hell franchise called dangan ronpa since he had a personal manga, an ova, two video games, and two animes to learn). i still like oleander has a character, but seeing him in pitror act as if he didn’t just try to take over the fucking world is a bit jarring. komaeda can go fuck himself.

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Could you write Haru awkwardly asking Sousuke out on a date?

This is really fluffy. Gah. I’m kind of on a souharu high at the moment.

Nanase is strangely pensive tonight, walking with his gaze focused firmly in front of him.  This isn’t unusual, of course, as Haru has never been the most animated of people, but there’s something about his air that seems distinctly off.

Then again, it’s not as if Sousuke has somehow become a master of reading Nanase Haruka.  Even with their begrudging acquaintance transforming into a surprisingly pleasant friendship, he doesn’t delude himself that he’s slowly becoming the next Makoto Tachibana.  Nanase still confuses the hell out of him.

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