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Anime You Probably Misjudged

Here are some titles that you probably have heard and never watched because of various factors BUT do deserve a watch! I shall justify: 

B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time - Most people look at Yamada’s cast and say: “Wow, just another harem anime with lots of large-breasted girls and a stupid boy character” and if you think that, then shame on you! I am a teenage girl, meaning I am not into the harem stories, and I wholly found this show to have some of the best comedy in anime. Most of all, this show makes fun of the genre it appears to portray, to the point of hilarity. Definitely deserves a watch. 

Red Data Girl - Most people who have heard of RDG and have decided against watching it have done so because it is not an extremely popular show, so they think it’s not good. Others may be put off by the protagonist, who is shy. Well, shame on you! RDG was a show I decided to watch just because it popped up on Netflix, and I got to say that it deserves more love. The story is a fresh take on the supernatural genre and our heroine is admirable and someone you will be rooting for the whole time. 

Spice and Wolf - The first thing people think when they look at Spice and Wolf is that this show is furry fanservice and just someone’s pervy fantasy. Shame on you! If you think by glance that Spice and Wolf is some sexed-up anime, then you are sorely mistaken because it is no where even close to that. This show follows Laurence, a merchant, and Holo, the wolf god of harvest, on their journey to the north and mainly explores medieval economics (which might not sound exciting but it is!) and their relationship. 

Maid Sama! - You throw a maid into the picture and suddenly everyone judges the show! This anime is my favorite romance to date and has the absolute most kick-ass protagonist because she is so focused on helping her family while being a straight A student, the student council president, and working at a maid cafe. She has no room for love, and rather than having the love interest fall for her because of her looks or other superficial things, he falls for her brains, determination, and strong convictions. 

Good Luck Girl! - This is an underrated anime. Most people have never heard of it, which is a crying shame because it was one of the funniest shows I have seen and has some really good art. Some people might have decided not to watch this one because the protagonist is kind of a huge bitch, but that is the point! Not every MC has to be a good person! This show will make your sides for from laughing. 

Ghost Stories - This show is one of a kind. In almost every way, it is awful. Horrible art, horrible characters, horrible story. Bad show all around EXCEPT for the dub. The story behind it is that this show was so bad that when Funimnation was asked to dub it, they were told to do it in any way they could just to make it bearable to watch, so they decided to make a gag dub, meaning that almost every line of dialogue that was in the original has been replaced by something super hilarious and raunchy. Don’t believe me? Just look it up on YouTube. The dub of ghost stories is the single most funny show I have ever watched. Period. 

Any other shows I missed??


Taste: An Iron Man Fanfiction

Relationship: Tony Stark x Reader

Rating: 18+ Please don’t read this if you’re under 18!

Summary: You and Tony have been dating for a while and he’s falling into another downward spiral. You make it your mission to get the man you love to feel better.

Warnings: Smut and Cursing. Mention of self destruction. I think that’s it.

Word Count: 1,959

Author’s Note: I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and tried to find something similar but couldn’t, so I wrote it myself. It’s mostly porn, but if you squint I guess there’s some plot.

When you had started dating Tony Stark you knew what kind of man he was.

When his past flings approached you in public and wrote lengthy emails to you explaining just how terrible he was and why you should avoid him you always politely told them to fuck off.  He himself had warned you against pursuing anything romantic with him. That hadn’t stopped you, and now here you were a few months into your relationship, madly in love with a man who couldn’t help but self destruct.

Tony Stark was a special man that few could handle.

You were aware that he had his ups and downs, more frequently downs, just like any other person. You knew that he was recklessly protective and that he would die for those he loved. You also knew that he pulled long hours in his lab and forget about the real world. However, knowing that didn’t stop you from occasionally feeling neglected.

Tony was spiraling, again. He had been in his lab for five days, living off of whatever food he had stashed down there. Every day you went down to check on him and every day he shooed you away: insisting he was fine. It was the fifth day and you’d had enough.

That’s what led you to change into a matching lingerie set that you hid under a short skirt and a button up blouse. If trying to reason with him wouldn’t get him out of his lab you’d have to motivate him in other ways. You figured that after five days without your touch he’d be starving for it, even if he didn’t know it.

You’d had his favorite Chinese food delivered, just in case he was running low on energy. He most likely hadn’t slept in days and you planned on wearing him out, but to do that he needed to have eaten something.

“Let me in, Friday, please.” You hummed, juggling the take out bags in your arms. The sound of the door clicking open resounded throughout the hall.

As you entered the lab the only sounds aside from the blaring music were low grunts of annoyance from Tony and your heels clicking. He was too wrapped up in his work to acknowledge you had entered the room. Your heart briefly hurt at that realization before you steeled yourself and continued on your mission.

“I brought your favorite.” You cooed as you sat the bags down right beside him. He merely mumbled in response, causing you to sigh.

You stepped behind him and draped yourself over him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I miss you.” You said gently as you pressed kisses to his neck.

“I’m so close to finishing this, darling.” Tony said offhandedly, causing you to sigh again.

“At least eat?” He followed your suggesting, blindly reaching out for food. By some miracle he managed to eat without even looking, it would have been impressive if you weren’t so worried.

You plopped yourself on a table to his right, just in his peripherals, as you began eating. After inhaling half of your stir fry you set the container down and leaned back, looking him over.

His posture was tense and his brow was furrowed, you knew his back had to be aching from being hunched over for so long. Your poor baby, he worked himself to the bone constantly. You worried that he’d work himself to death, something you could see happening all too easily.

As you leaned back, propping yourself up on your hands you spread your legs a little causing your skirt to ride up so he could see the red lace covering your pussy. You watched him glance at you from the corner of his eye, most likely wondering why you were still here. When he saw your spread legs he froze.

He tilted his head at you and drank you in before shaking his head. “Really, I’m almost done with this.” He said, his tone slightly strained. He looked away from you and continued to tinker with his newest project.

“That’s fine, I’ll just wait for you to finish.” You said casually as you began running one of your hands up and down your side. Your hand gently found its way to your breast, teasing over the fabric as you cupped your breast. Your fingers spread out as you squeezed it, causing you to let out a low moan as you softly grazed your nipple.

The bra you were wearing was a thin lace, one that realistically offered no support or functionality. The vibrant red somewhat showed through your white button up and the flimsy material did nothing to hide your erect nipples. Your hand snaked down to pet your clothes pussy, causing you to let out a blissedsigh as the material of your panties dragged across your clit.

You’d missed sex, every time Tony spiraled; you missed the sex. You’d service yourself as often as you could, but it wasn’t the same as his own touch. Knowing that he was here in the room with you, watching and listening was turning you on beyond belief. Your panties were already damp with your desire.

Your hand trailed back up your side, slowly unbuttoning your shirt. Your hand caressed between the valley of your breasts, you imagined it was Tony kissing his way down his body, his nose gently nuzzling between them. Your bra was now on full display, the cool air that now grazed across your beasts caused goose bumps to erupt over your skin.

“You keep it so cold in here, Tony.” You murmured, your hand now pulling down the lace of one of the cups. You let out a low whine as the cool air full on caressed your nipple. Your hand squeezed at your tender breast, your nails lightly scratching your skin as you did so. Your gently traced one of your fingers around your exposed nipple, shivering as you did so.

He turned to look at you, still trying to focus on his project, but unable to look away. “It helps keep me awake.” He said slowly. His brown eyes growing unfocused as he watched your free hand reach down to stroke your lace covered clit.

“It feels so good.” You groaned. You spread your legs more, allowing you a better position to touch yourself and allowing Tony a better view.

“Friday, turn the music off.” The billionaire mumbled. He wanted to hear every sound you made, he needed to savor this moment.

Your fingers pinched at your nipple as your other hand pulled your panties to the side, exposing your glistening cunt. Your middle finger ran up and down your slit, collecting your juices. Another moan escaped you as you looked at him, holding his gaze. He’d given up on looking at his project, though his hands were still on it. You could see how torn he was in his eyes, but he seemed paralyzed in his spot.

Your removed your hand from your pussy, bringing it to your lips as you tasted yourself. You hummed as you sucked on the digit, letting Tony know exactly what he was missing. With ease you lifted one of your legs onto the table so your foot was planted firmly, allowing you easy access to your dripping cunt.

“Mhmm, I taste so good.” You said after releasing your finger from your mouth with an audible pop.

You deftly pulled your bra down so both of your breasts were on display, the bunched up red fabric pushing them up. Your hand moved over your chest as you squeezed your breast together, catching both of your nipples at once. Your other hand moved back to your pussy, gently rubbing over your clit. You spread yourself for him as your middle finger stroked at your sensitive bud.

“I’ve been thinking about this for days.” You admitted softly, your eyes hooded with lust as you looked at your boyfriend. “I miss your touch, so much.

You added a finger into your cunt, whimpering at the feeling.

“I’ve been touching myself in the shower, but it’s just not enough. I needed to be here with you.” You added another finger, letting out a loud moan as you began to scissor your fingers inside yourself.

“I wanted you to watch me as I made myself come.” You said, your voice becoming huskier as your confidence and lust increased.

“I missed you too.” He said slowly, his voice dazed. His response was late, almost as if he was having trouble comprehending what was happening right now. He had dropped his hands from his work table, now simply sitting and staring at you in awe.

You moved your hand from your breast to swipe at your clit, causing your hips to buck slightly as you wet your hand. You slowly rubbed your wet fingers over your nipples causing you to whine. “Fuck, baby, I miss you so much.” You groaned.

You added another finger and started to do a come hither motion, your fingers stroking your g spot. Tony licked his lips, his eyes focused on your hands, watching the way you pleased yourself.

“You look so good.” He murmured, his voice was thick with lust.

You continued to play with your breasts and stroke your g spot, rocking yourself against the palm of your hand. You could feel your orgasm approaching, your eyes focused on Tony’s face as he watched you get off.

You started to frantically buck into your palm as you brought yourself closer to the edge. “Fuck, Tony.” You whimpered as your movements became more aggressive.

He looked up at you, his pupils dilated with want as he held your gaze. He loved watching your face as you came, it was something he had always loved. Something about the way your face scrunched up never ceased to give him a strange sense of peace.

You squeezed your breast as you came all over your hand, moaning his name loudly. He just stared at you in awe as he took in every spasm of your body and the way your eyes nearly rolled into the back of your head.

You lazily continued to stroke your clit with the pads of your fingers for a few moments after, simply basking in the post orgasm bliss. You brought your hand to your mouth again, licking at your fingers.

You moaned as the taste of your tart juices hit your tongue. “You want a taste?” You said coyly, offering your hand out to him.

“I want…” He mumbled, walking towards you like a zombie, his eyes only focused on your glistening fingers.

He gently took your hand and brought it to his mouth, sweetly sucking each digit clean. The taste of you in his mouth caused him to groan. “I want to taste you so bad.” He said gently, dropping to his knees before you.

His face nuzzled your inner thighs, his facial hair scratching at the sensitive skin. You let out a shaky breath, your fingers tangling through his hair.

To his surprise you gently pulled him away from your mound. Confused and hurt flitted across his features as you fixed your bra and panties. A pout finding its way onto his face when you stood up and buttoned up your shirt.

“Upstairs, my love.” You said, reaching out to gently cup his face before reaching down and grabbing his hand to lead him from his lab.

He followed you like a starved man being led into a bakery, new hunger lit up in his eyes as you two made your way upstairs. His project laying forgotten on the table back in his lab.

Yeah, Tony Stark was a handful, but you knew how to handle him.

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anonymous asked:

hi ! i read through all your fic recs and i was hoping you might have some more ? i don't read smut myself, so i really like the ones you rec ^^

omg hi, sweetpea!! but yes, i do have some new recs in my likes that i haven’t been able to add to my recs page! also, thank you for giving me another reason to procrastinate from midterm studying, much love ♡

♣︎ blazing arrows by @daddychiminie

[ jimin x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst, future smut | supernatural au ]

part one. part two. part three. to be continued.

it’s a cupid au, and i really enjoy it so far. jimin is cupid and made a mistake by hitting you with an arrow, so he comes down to fix it, and i just really enjoy the playful bantering between the reader and jimin, and it’s so cute. the grocery scene is really adorable in part two, and i laughed way too hard at the magazine incident and the cart scene, oh god, i just really want a boyfriend to do that with me after reading that. AND I DIDN’T REALIZE YOU POSTED PART THREE SO BE RIGHT BACK, GOING TO READ THAT NOW.

edit: okay i have finished reading part three, and i’m on the floor from all the feels. i have never felt anything for jimin before, but gosh darn it, this is desperately making me want a hug from him. 

♣︎ the thing about love by @zephyoongist

[ taehyung x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst | college au ]


I’M STILL SO SALTY OVER THIS, PABLO. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS. but anyway, it’s still so very beautifully written and i cry, why do you do this to me and my poor, nonexistent heart?? taehyung is such a angelic and godly human being, he doesn’t deserve this.

♣︎ why people fall in love by @zephyoongist

[ jungkook x reader | fluff | friends with benefits / fake dating au ]


because anything and everything fae writes is magical and wonderful even though she does annoy me about jungcocky all the time. i remember reading this a long time ago, and i said she wasn’t going to love him back, and then you yelled at me. good times.

♣︎ love in colors by @lushguk

[ taehyung x reader | angst, fluff | soulmate / reincarnation au ]


gosh, i love mel so much, and her writing is so so breath taking. this is one of my absolute favorites because art and taehyung? my two passions lmao. i remember throwing my bunny plushie in frustration and then apologizing to it after i read the airport scene.

♣︎ the first and last of us by @lushguk

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut, angst | childhood bestfriends au ]


let me just lay here and die from the overwhelming amount of emotions i felt after reading this. mel has completely wrecked me with this, and her writing gives such a nostalgic and melancholic feeling that left me wanting to cry a waterfall. i’m pretty sure i screamed about this scenario to her too much.

♣︎ the pistol star by @kairoseok

[ jungkook x reader feat. hoseok | angst, fluff | supernatural au ]


this is a combination of astrology and beautiful beings, and i’m so in awe over this. just the way it was written and how every detail was crafted so intricately had me reading and rereading this scenario over and over again. her writing is really quite phenomenal and unique.

♣︎ 2 assholes play cards against humanity by @cosykims

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | youtuber au ]


because i love cards against humanity and because this is hilarious and cute and i love it. and also because her photoshopping skills for yoongi’s channel is incredible. and i rec her hogwarts!bts bulletpoint scenarios too!! i think i recced them before, but i gotta do it again because they’re amazing and i’m still in love with them.

♣︎ caffeine, crimson cheeks, and cashiers by @cinnaminsvga

[ taehyung x reader | fluff | college au ]


because i love fluff and happy endings, and tae is the cutest, and i can relate to this scenario on so many levels right now. “to noodle or not to noodle, that is the question” is too real. i’m questioning myself that at this very moment. where can i shop to get a cute cashier!tae to ring me up with a date??

 ♣︎ i want to kiss you (i know it’s 2 am) by @1rapmon

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | slice of life au ]


i honestly lost track of how many times i read this scenario because it’s so amazing and shows the dynamics of their relationship so wonderfully. gosh, the dialogue is so great, and i found myself smiling the entire time whilst reading this. del my soft and radiant goddess, ily to the moon and back.

♣︎ the countdown by @dreamscript

[ taehyung x reader feat. yoongi | fluff | slice of life au ]


taehyung is overdramatic, you’re amused, and yoongi is just so done with everything. oh, and throw in a dying confession. this scenario holds such a special place in my heart, and ily, rys, the other half of #rat and all hail rysism. rys writes my favoritest scenarios that have the best mix between fluff and comedy.

♣︎ in watercolor by @annyeongs

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut | photographer au ]


i love love loooove mia, the prettiest babe in the universe!! i also love love loooove her writing and how everything she types is so poetic and lovely and makes me feel happy. in this scenario, the reader is called art by yoongi, and yoongi is actual art, but mia is the true masterpiece here.

BTS react to you being tall

A/N: I’m momentarily back from hiatus, if you havent seen my last post it’s an update about what’s going on and what will probably happen to my blog ~~~ 

I’m so jealous of your height TT I’m 5′2…. sigh. 

Thank you for requesting, sorry this took so long!


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

This boy would just boast and talk about you 24/7, He would love the fact that you were tall because it gave him a sense of confidence when he was with and around you. 

Hyung, Y/N is so tall she could be a model right? She’s already got the looks


Originally posted by maidxsama

Taehyung is pretty tall too so this would give him his own reason to baby you, i feel like he would love to baby his girlfriend no matter what so the fact that you were tall wouldn’t change much of his opinion about you.


Originally posted by lonastic

Not going to lie, Jimin would be embarrassed about this often, It’s no secret that Jimin is very self-conscious about his height and i think the fact that even you were tall would kind of bring him down, but if he really did like you he would look past it.

He would wear insoles whenever he went out with you though ~


Originally posted by syubto


You guys would be the tall hot couple, like when the both of you walked together on the street people would probably think that the both of you were models no joke. Namjoon would probably find your height sexier than cute but it’s okay because he’s still taller than you and can still baby you anytime he wants to.


Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

If hoseok were to be with someone as tall as you, I think that he would unconsciously stare a lot. Not in a rude way but like in a way where he’s at awe… He’d probably memorise every part and curve of your body because he would find it so beautiful and mesmerising as if he were staring at a piece of art.


Originally posted by cyyphr

Similar to Jimin, Yoongi would be embarassed about this at first but Yoongi doesn’t care about his height as much and so would get over this pretty quickly. In fact, after a while, he would end up loving your height because it meant that you wouldn’t need his help with things such as getting something from a tall drawer.


Originally posted by rapdaegu

When Jin first met you he would probably be baffled about your height, he would be so amused and would constantly ask you things. When the both of you got closer he would probably be more low-key about his love for your height.

You’re so tall and pretty how are you not a model yet?

                                                   -bangtan angels-

ive seen every episode of the walking dead and i can say, without a doubt, the walking dead is a fucking awful tv show in pretty much every way and i fucking hate it

Does anyone else gets unreasonably excited and emotional while reading Kvothe’s admission to the University part in notw? I’m just. Laughing and choking with relief that he got in and it’s AT LEAST the 10th time I’ve read that part.

Do you ever wish you could re-live some things for the first time again? Like, falling in love for the first time and having it reciprocated. Or watching the LOTR Trilogy in cinemas on Boxing Day for three years in a row. Or the first time I watched BTS’s ‘I Need U’ video and realised I could really relate to something in kpop. Or the first time I saw my future puppy and went, “That one. That scrappy looking brown one with the floppy ears.” I wish I could re-live so many things again because I don’t feel like I appreciated everything enough the first time round.


I’m going to tell you the most important secret of human life.
The most critical need of the human soul is to be kind.
David O. McKay // dedicated to @arrogantbullyingtoerag

anonymous asked: Who are the 4 aces on TV? I only know of Sirens, but haven’t watched it.

House - Uses the word asexual, but literally awful in every fucking way possible. Avoid at all costs 

Shadowhunters: POC ace which is rare but the show runners decided to ignore the word of god aro label which is messed up af

Sirens: I just don’t like it? It’s trope filled and almost always from the straight guy’s point of view

Skins (UK): I heard there was an asexual on this show and that her(?) partner is respectful about it when they talk about sex but that’s literally all I know or can seem to find




My mind was lacking all the nonsense and protuberant questions that usually filled any space they could discover, and I found myself utterly relaxed.
As always, I’d been hesitant to take my place on the chaise in Dr Jacksons office. To be honest, I was hesitant going into her office at all, but I’d shown my face for the second week in a row and I was beginning to fall back into the routine I’d gotten so used to. I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel entirely right about going to see her, but it was important to me that I showed up, and did everything I could to feel better within myself.

“How are you feeling?” She asked.

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Please imagine Taako having a crisis because genuinely enjoys the blue raspberry pop tarts. It’s not even like some weird magical craving, he just thinks they’re good tasting.

Lup finds him crying in the dark of his room. When she flicks the lamp on, the light catches on the shiny silver wrappers scattered around her brothers curled up form on the floor. She crouches to put a hand on his shoulder. “Taako? Are- are you ok bro?” She starts as he grabs her arms and pulls himself half off the floor to look her in the eyes. His are bloodshot. “Why, Lup, why?!? They’re an affront to every god that has ever existed! The most artificial sickeningly sweet flavor jammed inside of that awful, dry toaster pastry crust! They’re awful in every conceivable way! So why, Lup? Why do I enjoy them?! Why must I enjoy this affront to the culinary world?!?” His head falls as he begins sobbing again and Lup is shocked into stillness because she has no idea what the fuck is going on but what she does know is that whatever this is is something Barry can never find out about.

So Many Legs

Thomas Jefferson perked up when James Madison’s ringtone poured out of his phone. The weekend was just about over, and he was wondering when Madison would want to get together. Jefferson grabbed his phone off the coffee table and answered with a cheerful; “Hey, hon!”

The answer he received was not what he was expecting. A few shaky breaths, then an even shakier; “Thomas.”

Jefferson quickly glanced around for his wallet and keys; Madison did not sound good. “Hon, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Madison said, through the word was too rushed and breathless to be convincing. “Just…. There’s a centipede. In my house.”

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Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Part 2

Description:The tall CEO of the successful company image seemed to fade everyday you saw him.


Sehun X Reader

It wasn’t easy.

Not belonging anywhere.Feeling left out everywhere you go and desperately trying avoid gazes that seemed to care so little about your ghost-like presence.

It had been 2 months since your school started and it was already boring you to death.It was an important year as you were going to become an intern in a studio and your school seemed o care about your grades this year.You had always wanted to work on your own studio but never thought it would be possible.

Copying the notes from the board,you looked up at your not-so-old professor,wanting to avoid his gaze.You ha been taking Chinese lessons for a month now and you were only 13 in the class, leaving an enormous amount of talk to the students.You did not want to choose Chinese as the first choice but after hearing Sehun lived in China for quite a while and spoke good Chinese, it made you want to show him what you were capable of and hopefully,impress him.

You and Sehun’s relationship had been growing for the past month and especially after you learned about his past.After he talked to you about his thoughts,he felt so free and at ease around you.You saw him smiling in comfort as he lay on the couch with you while you both stared at the tv.You had learned that he had great cooking skills as well as dancing skills when you saw him practicing in the dance room in his workplace.You had never thought he had those moves until you saw them with your own eyes, while his body moved along with the soft music.

You had been wanting to go to the library in the corner of the street for weeks now but you had no time,school,work and your dear boyfriend keeping you busy enough.

You also started to call him boyfriend.

Sehun was always conservative but in the past month you had seen so many sides of him, you actually started to learn about a new Sehun.His moves and the way he acted managed to leave in awe every time.

You made your way towards the entrance of the library as the new assignments made their way to your head.You had too much work,revising and project to do in a week that it seemed impossible even if you did not get any sleep.You entered the library while all you were thinking about was your work.You almost jumped in surprise when you heard your notification, one after another.

It was Sehun,telling you to meet him in the address he’s given.It made you confused as you were planning to go to his apartment first and finish your work there.

After a few hours you found yourself asking for the address he’s given to you.It seemed like the place in the streets,where you and him never been together before.

You found the small place he’s been waiting,eyes searching for him as you heard loud music voices from the inside of the place.You walked closer to the door,hoping to find someone who could actually help you but instead,you saw an ocean of flashlights and a boy singing the soft song.You slowly made yourself inside the crowd,unable to believe that you had found a place like this inside a thrift store.

You shivered at the lyrics.

“I’ve been looking forward to see you , 

which ways,

 is that far away over there?

It’s like the cold wind keeps blowing “

All your worries,your thought from the class and your headache went away as you felt a pair of arms hug you from behind.You felt his warmness,his body enveloping you as you took a sigh in relief.

“Losing the way here even it takes a long time

Turning round and round as long as you find me again

In the distant future “

You felt yourself relax as his large hands found yours,held them tightly like he never wanted to let go.He saw you smile slowly as he planted kisses on your hair,every second feeling like pure bliss.

“But I still don’t cry even though it seems sad
Remain dim, smiling for you “ 

You finally turned around to see his face you had been missing so dearly.He slowly smiled at you,eyes disappearing as you hugged him once again,feeling comfy as his hoodie covered you shoulders.You stood there for some time, away from every worry you had,away from the realities of life, just you and him against the world.People surrounded both of you as the music started to play ,making you giggle against his chest as he held you closer.

He was not the cold CEO you had seen, he was your Sehun at that moment.

The giggly person who had brought so much happiness to your life and the person who held you close to himself as you felt bad that day.The person who had whispered sweet things ti your ear as you cried against his chest and also the person who made so dearly love to you.

You took his scent in as he told you how much he loved you.

You struggled to get the key in while Sehun kept kissing the back of your neck,his body hard pressing against yours.Your breath started to hitch from the overwhelming presence of Sehun’s kisses as you managed to open the door,directly closing it behind him as he pinned you against the door.

This was what happened when you tried to tease him while he was driving.

You tried to escape for second to take a breath but he held you so close and tight that you felt his bones against yours as his skin caressed yours softly,making you feel tingly inside.

“C’mere” he said as he held your waist tightly.

“I wasn’t-” you said until he sucked your neck while his hands found your breasts,paying attention to them.

“Let me make love to you” he said as you moaned deeply to his words.

He made his way to his large bed,putting you onto the sheets so lightly,touching you like you were about to break.You smiled slowly at his actions,making his cheeks red as he kissed your thighs slowly.

All you could hear was his sloppy kisses against your core and your slow moan as he made his way to kiss you again.You could feel his hot breath and unsteady heart beat against your body.

What remained of that day was hid shallow breaths as he held you and told you it was okay.

Okay to feel abandoned and discriminated,it was fine to feel a bit sad and sentimental sometimes as this was life, it will manage to find a way on its own.

Ok so hope y’all like it! I’m struggling with my Ib course so i wasn’t able to upload,sorryy for that.Also btob,SVT,SuJu,Monsta x and Block B hit me hard as well as Astro,I was not ready y’all.


If I Were To Die

Pairing - Jake x MC hinted but it’s mostly a fic about Jake and his daughter
Prompt - A father’s letters to his daughter
Warnings - Character death, military death
Word Count - 1858
A/N - This is connected to my fic His Copilot but it’s not necessary that you read it but it might help. This is just a quick little drabble I’ve been working on for the past couple days. I’m not extremely happy with it, but eh.


My Little Princess,

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anonymous asked:

It's fine to hate Armin but I'm literally seeing people blame Armin for Erwin's death, saying he should've died (as in "he chose to live"), calling Armin selfish... It's like these people forgot that ARMIN WAS UNCONSCIOUS THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME, PEOPLE. HE CAN'T CHOOSE TO LIVE WHEN HE HAS NO IDEA HE'S STILL ALIVE. If you want to blame Isayama and call it bad writing, by all means, but these morons don't even realize Armin had exactly zero say in it all.

I can’t exactly remember which day i received this ask but I think it was in reference to Isayama’s comment about Armin in February.

I agree with the mindset and I’m trying to analyze how the Armin hate was brewed since chapter 83 and chapter 84, as these two get hand in hand.

As far as I’ve seen, most people were either sad to devastated when Armin was supposed to be dead in chapter 82, but this death was sign of a good departure for him: dying without regrets and sacrificing himself so humanity can advance. Putting that with information we’ve learned till now, he could’ve even be gone with his innocence and purity intact as he thought areas like the oceans were unexplored. And that could’ve been a beautiful way to close his character development I think.

But here’s the drill: what was presented as a definitive death situation wasn’t, and Armin ~*~miraculously~*~ survived a fall of several dozen meters on top of having his body reduced to a piece of charcoal, so the drama serum would happen. And through a messy, compacted chapter development, he was the one chosen, when Levi was dead set in bringing Erwin back.

Naturally it would piss a lot of people off, regardless of your opinion of the character. Whether you hate the character archetype or hate the way he’s been recycled through, or absolutely love him to bits, this doesn’t change the fact he survived in an improbable way, at the expense of two characters who were eventually labeled as wasted potential, one dying as he was close to reach the mysteries of this world and the other who was treated as a piece of dog meat, abandoned to his fate as he was begging for help.

Because of that, people carved an assumption into their minds:

This manga is an awful manga where everyone can die, except the bland protagonists justified in every way possible at the expense of everybody, whose plot armor is stronger than Reiner’s.

That explains why some people dropped it actually. If Armin was supposed to survive for the drama to happen, it should’ve been more believable. That also explains why people are triggered whenever Isayama made blog posts like this one or when spoilers like chapter 90′s popped up. I admit I jumped on the gun like everyone when they reached the ocean because that really communicated the idea the protagonists were the only ones allowed to be happy while the rest can die and it wouldn’t matter, when Isayama insisted in his guidebook about the separation between Eren and Armin.

While people agree Armin didn’t have a say-in during the serumbowl drama, they’re kinda pissed to see Armin is the only one accomplishing his dream. But that’s the thing: when you look closer, his dream of seeing the ocean was sabotaged by the whole drama, because he believed Erwin should’ve been brought back instead of him and had to reduce Bertolt’s spine to mush to do it (when he was the one needing to puke after shooting that MP woman in the head). Also Eren ruined his most blissful moment, Eren, who was supposed to entrust Armin’s dream as he was burned to death by the Colossal Titan.

Another example in line with Armin and the ocean is Reiner and his hometown. He wanted to finish his mission as soon as possible with success so he could go back home with Bertolt, fulfilling his promise to Ymir by bringing Historia along and bringing back Annie to her dad. As a result, he got home, accomplishing nothing aside from surrender Ymir’s letter, still having no idea where Annie is and losing Bertolt in the process, leaving him completely alone for nine months. That isn’t what I call, accomplished.

Bad writing aside, Armin is certainly the most bearable of the trio as well as the most reasonable member of the SC recruits alongside Flocke, because these two upheld the credo of their legion which is “If you don’t sacrifice anything, you can’t change anything”. He’s more a victim in this than the ones who actually pushed the decision (namely Eren, Mikasa and Levi).

Journalists seem extremely uncomfortable covering the scandals of only one party, it goes against this basic instinct to attack Both Sides. But with one party in power, and that party and its president being historically awful in every conceivable way, they sometimes need to reconcile that with a few dozen op-eds on how it’s time to re-litigate dead Democratic scandals.