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Alright guys so I’ve seen something happening over and over again on posts about Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot and I am caving and making an entire post about it.

This has to do with claims that she is a Zionist and that she’s an awful human being because she served in the IDF (the Israeli Army) and yada yada.

FIRST OF ALL: Serving in the Israeli military is required of all citizens. She served for 2 years as a combat TRAINER. She was badass enough to be a combat trainer in one of the most deadly armed forces in the world (these are the people who created Krav Maga, okay?) and she did not engage in active combat. She killed no one. Her service was mandatory and after she got out, she went to law school because she is very passionate about justice and social issues. The most noteworthy thing about her views on her time in the military is that she says quite frequently that she wishes no country had the need for a military. She is very much a proponent of peace.

As for the Zionism claims… there you get into the debate of what Zionism actually means. Does it automatically mean you are anti-Palestinian, or does it simply mean you believe in the Jewish state of Israel? I’ll let you decide but…

Here is what I do know about Gal: She is an Israeli. She was born and raised there. She believes her people have a right to their homeland because they, like her, were born and raised there. I have seen NOTHING of her saying anything hateful about Palestinians. You can argue about history all you like but the important thing is actually THE PEOPLE. The moment we side with a government over people is the moment we lose. Most people alive today in that area were born and raised there and so it IS THEIR HOME, regardless of them being Israeli or Palestinian. It is home to them both. (Again, not arguing the HISTORY of the people. But the actual people who are alive there today.) The goal should not be to take sides with either government, but to hope that the people themselves can coexist peacefully and happily. That is what Gal believes in. She wants the conflict to stop and for peace to be achieved. Just because she is a proud Israeli and a proud Jew does not mean she is automatically anti-Palestinian or anything else. Personally I think it is amazing and beautiful that an Israeli Jewish woman is portraying Wonder Woman, one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. 

Other things about Gal? She is most proud of being a mother to a 4-year-old little girl named Alma. Her daughter loves princesses but Gal says Alma has told her that princesses seem weak and that they always need a prince to save them. Gal said that broke her heart because she wants her daughter to grow up knowing that women are amazing and can do anything, and so can she. So being Wonder Woman has come at the perfect time for her because her daughter is watching her every move and she says Wonder Woman embodies everything that is wonderful about women. Not only is she strong and brave and fierce… she is compassionate and kind and intelligent. Gal says she hopes women AND MEN will see Diana/Wonder Woman and understand and appreciate all the complexities of being a woman and how powerful we are just by being ourselves. She’s also a real goofball and loves to joke around and dance on set. AND she gained… wait for it… 17 lbs of muscle for the role! That is INSANE! Not to mention that I’ve never heard anyone more coherently understand the true nature of Diana the way Gal does. She understands that the best thing about Wonder Woman is how truly GOOD she is… how much she cares and believes in mankind, and yet that compassion does not undermine her strength and power. Instead it enhances it. She really GETS the character and that’s why I’m so excited to see her portrayal.

So yeah… can we please stop blindly hating on her because someone somewhere made some claim and we think it makes us smart and politically superior to believe it and support it? It doesn’t. It just makes you look like a weak-minded jerk. Do your own research. This goes for other things as well. Don’t jump on hate trains just because you want to seem cool or smart.

GAL GADOT IS AMAZING AND IS GOING TO BE AN AWESOME WONDER WOMAN! I leave you with this gif of her being adorable on set of BvS.

We keep getting these lectures about always being compassionate towards patients who are absolute dickheads, but when will society get the lecture that maybe they shouldn’t be assholes to the medical staff?

Types of Voltron Shippers
  • Type 1: I ship [blank] and only that but that doesn't mean other ships are bad, I just don't ship them and that's okay.
  • Type 2: I ship [blank] and I am open to other ships.
  • Type 3: I ship [blank] and any other ship is wrong.
  • Type 4: Shaladin ships need to die [ship] for life if you ship shaladin you are a pedo and want to rape minors
  • Type 5: If you don't ship my ship you are an awful human being that needs to rethink life
  • Type 6: I will harass cast and crew members in order to validate my ship.
  • Type 7: I will harass other creators that ship the ship I hate.
  • If you apply to types 4-7 you need to get a reality check. This is a fictional show with fictional characters. Stop. Make the VLD fandom a better place.
  • Walk that ish back.

Now that I’m a little more awake and composed, I want to say a few things in light of the Nobuhiro Watsuki scandal.

To Rurouni Kenshin fans:

  • Don’t blame yourself. It’s ok to be shocked, it’s ok to have been completely blindsided by this. This isn’t anyone’s fault, and none of us could have known about it beforehand; I know a lot of nasty, manipulative people on Tumblr like to say “Ha, I can’t believe their fans didn’t see this coming, lmaooooo” when celebrities turn out to be bad people, but don’t listen to them, because there’s no way anyone could have known about this. And considering the news only broke today, you have no reason to feel guilty for having discovered a seemingly innocent series in the past.
  • It’s ok to still like RuroKen. It’s a great story that has had a lot of impact on many people’s lives, and that can be hard to let go of. The characters might have a lot of meaning to you, and that’s ok. Again, none of this is your fault. Even if the creator of something is a terrible person, that doesn’t make the people who enjoy it terrible, especially in cases like this where- as mentioned- nobody knew what was going on.
  • It’s also ok to be unable to continue liking RuroKen. It’s ok if you can’t bring yourself to divorce the work from the creator, and it’s ok if you can’t enjoy it in good conscience. That’s perfectly reasonable Just don’t harass those who do continue to enjoy it, ok?
  • Whatever you decide to do regarding RuroKen in the future, it might take a while to recover from this news. It’s hard to process, I know, and it’s hard to know what to do or feel in a situation like this. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s ok. It’s ok to be angry, or sad, or guilty, or to feel nothing at all, and it’s ok to want to take a break from everything. Give yourself time to think this through; You don’t have to make any major decisions right away.

To people who aren’t Rurouni Kenshin fans:

  • Please don’t harass RuroKen fans. Nobody could have seen this coming, and nobody is to blame. We’re as shocked as you are. This is a fairly new development and there is literally no way someone could be a “bad person” for having gotten into a series before it was discovered that the author was an awful human being, so please don’t get angry at anyone. A lot of fans are already upset and feeling guilty as it is.
  • Yes, some people may continue liking the series, or be unsure of how to react to the news. Again, nobody knew about any of this up until now, and RuroKen is a series that has meant a lot to many people. When a series has changed your life and had a deep emotional impact on you, that’s something you can’t really let go of instantly. Liking the story does not mean someone condones Watsuki’s actions, so leave them be.
  • I’m serious, don’t go harassing fans. Everyone is already upset and having a hard time, so don’t be a dick.

there are two acceptable ways to view always sunny and that’s a) enjoying the show because they’re all irredeemable awful human beings and horrible things happen to them continuously, much like watching a hate group’s headquarters burn down in a fire, and b) complete and utter woobification because it makes 15 year old lesbians happy and grown men on reddit angry

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Hey, just passing by to tell you that, what the Fuck, Lance is 17, you're an awful human being :)

Thank you so much for getting rid of my writer’s block! Enjoy reading! :)


The Blue Paladin stared into his boyfriend’s gray eyes, feeling guilty for believing if they had confessed their relationship to the team they would be frowned upon. Lance couldn’t bear the thought of losing the respect of his loved ones. He had been bottling it all up; his desire to know the truth. And now, this was it, his chance to come clean to Shiro—his beloved Kashi.

“Kashi, baby, please tell me the truth,” Lance spoke apprehensively. “Am I too young for you?”

Shiro stared into those beautiful blue eyes in confusion, wondering what brought this strange question up. “What makes you say that, Kitten?”

“I… I don’t know. But I just think that—”

Suddenly, mid-sentence, Shiro placed his big palms over Lance’s shoulders, leaving the rest of the Blue Paladin’s words to remain unspoken. “Listen carefully; if you were ‘too young’ for me, you wouldn’t be reliable or levelheaded, but you are, Lance. You are a strong, smart and independent young man, and I love you.”

“You don’t think they’ll find it weird that we’re dating?” Lance asked, holding onto Shiro’s wrists to pull away, but it was useless, his boyfriend’s grip was firm.

“Who, the team?” Shiro asked.

“Well, yeah. But others too…”

Then, Shiro’s tight grip loosened on Lance’s shoulders, moving his hands upward to gently cup the Blue Paladin’s cheeks in his hands. “Do you love me, Lance?”

“Yes, of course! I love you so much!” the Blue Paladin genuinely replied, earning a fond smile from his lover.

“Well, then, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As long as they know that you and I both love each other just the same, everything is okay. Right?”

Lance smiled at Shiro’s reassuring words. This is what he needed to hear; that there was absolutely nothing wrong about their relationship; that it was healthy and comforting; that there was mutual understanding and respect. Because having someone like Shiro—a very patient and caring man—was difficult to find, but Lance couldn’t be happier.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed, leaning in for a kiss. “Thank you, Kashi. I love you.”

“You’re welcome, Kitten. I love you, too.”

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Hey! Nothing bad, no hate, I just wanna say I don't think I've ever seen anyone who doesn't like Snape. I like him, but maybe there were things that I saw differently. Why don't you like him??

he bullied neville (a child) to the point that his biggest fear was snape, rather than, y’know, the witch who permanently hospitalized his parents. also, he treated hermione and harry horrifically.

i don’t care if he did the ““right thing”“ in the end. he was an awful, awful human being.

Molly’s Bad Day

It had been a Bad Day. A Horrible, Awful, Never-Ending Bad Day. And Molly was quite done with everything from her obnoxious coworkers to the lorry who splashed dirty water all over her so she had to borrow a pair of too-small scrubs to the trudge back home in the rain without the brolly she had forgotten on the tube.

Yes, Molly was ready to close the book on today.

With chilled fingers, she unlocked the black door and slipped inside. Immediately, the wind and traffic faded away and warmth enveloped her. She could hear the faint sounds of Mrs Hudson’s afternoon telly program and the faint smell of chocolate and baking filled the air.

Molly trudged up the stairs, stripping off her sopping cardigan as she went and tossing it over the railing to be taken care of later. After she had put this day behind her. At the first landing, she toed her shoes off and yanked off her wet socks. Barefoot and raggled, she continued up to her flat and walked through the open door.

And stopped cold.

The entire sitting room was immaculate. Every book put away, every old coffee mug gone, and the couch pillows had even been fluffed and arranged. A fire crackled in the fireplace which had been cleaned out of old soot and experiments Sherlock had tossed inside when he “cleaned” the kitchen. The coffee table had been moved near the hearth and was laden with the most scrumptious-looking food Molly had ever seen. Her mouth watered at the sight and she inhaled deeply, savoring the delicious scents.

From the kitchen, which was as clean as the sitting room, Sherlock appeared. He wore her favourite aubergine shirt and trousers underneath the silver-grey dressing gown she had given him last Christmas. In his hands, her carried a bottle of vintage wine (swiped from Mycroft, no doubt) and a couple wine glasses.

“Welcome home, my love,” he greeted her with a tender kiss. He set down the wine and glasses on the table and then ushered her toward the bathroom. Molly went with him, dumbfounded. She didn’t think she could be any more surprised until she saw the bathroom. Candles littered every surface and a hot, bubbling bath was already drawn.

“Take your time and relax,” Sherlock purred, his hands kneading her neck. Molly closed her eyes at his touch and moaned, already feeling the stress of the day slip away. “The food will wait for a bit.” He pressed a kiss to the spot behind her ear that always made her shiver. “And so will I.”

Molly turned around and caught him around the neck before he could leave, snogging him silly. “I love you so much,” she whispered when they broke apart, her eyes teary. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

He smiled that soft, tender smile that was only for her and kissed her one more time. “It’s about time someone took care of you for a change.”

Molly melted at the tenderness in his gaze. She looked over her shoulder at the bath then back to him, running her fingers along the lapels of his dressing gown. Peering up at him through her eyelashes, she bit her lip and tried not to smile. “You know, that bath is just about big enough for two.”

Sherlock raised an eyebrow and his hold on her waist tightened ever so slightly. “Yes. Yes, I believe it is.”

The sound of his dressing gown falling to the floor was lost as Molly laughed softly, leading him backwards toward the tub.

Her Very Bad Day looked like it would have a Happy Ending after all.

,,,,,, hey bmc fandom how about we dont harrass heathers fandom just cause yall think were more pure that would be rad ,,,,,