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Request: Can you do an Isaac imagine where you always leave your window open so he can sleep with you and one night you to get into a really bad fight and you close the window and he knows he messed up bad? Thanks

gif cred - fyeahdanielsharman

A/N: I tried to give this one a more happy ending than the last Isaac imagine. Okay, a lot more happy. ;)


Where he usually lay, creating a warm bubble of warmth as he tangled himself beneath the white sheets, was a cold and empty patch of mattress. If she buried her face in his feathery pillow where his scent lingered, she would breathe in his cologne, and it would almost be like he was there. 

It was around ten, not that she was paying attention, and by this time at night the town would go still, lights would flicker off, and Isaac Lahey would sneak into her window wearing a big and dopey grin, but this time he didn’t. They would sleep beside each other every night, but it was never anything more than that, him bundled around her, or vise versa, a source of comfort for the two who didn’t feel like they had anybody else.

She couldn’t sleep, so she sat up abruptly and rubbed at her eyes, walking over to her mirror and staring at the disheveled figure that blinked in the reflection. She was wearing a lacy white tank top and navy blue sleep shorts, her hair in a tangled pony, and usually bright eyes were instead sporting dark purple circles. She yawned and reached for a knit quilt which she took with her as she sat on the ledge beside her window, head tilted onto the cool glass, blanket over her knees. She breathed fog onto the window, and rubbed it away so she could stare blankly out into the starry night sky. Though she tried with all her might not to think about it, to think about him, she couldn’t help it.

“I’ll see you later?” she smiled, nudging Isaac.

His smile wavered and melted away, “actually, no.”

“Oh,” she said with surprise, “how come?”

Isaac stared at her, his next words low and soft, “because I don’t want to, and because it’s never going to happen again.”

And thus a fight had broken out between the two, one that both didn’t last long, or make any sense to her. He’d snapped, one moment himself, the next moment not, and she wanted to know how she went wrong, or if she’d hurt him. Usually by this time she’d be sleeping, and Isaac would’ve pulled her right into his chest, his arms snugly around her as if she were the only thing keeping him alive, and she would drift off into him with a smile on her lips. The longing that churned in her stomach made her sink forward into her knees with a long sigh. 

“Did I do something out of line?” she reasoned.

He was getting more angered now, his jaw pulsating, “no, it was my mistake to come at all.”

“But…I thought-”

“Thought what? Get over it, okay? Those nights meant nothing.”

It was so dark out by now that all the lights were blinked out except the sparkling ones in the sky. For a minute, she pulled open her window, letting the cool breeze from outside woosh across her face and send goosebumps to her skin. A part of her felt like if she opened that window, Isaac would appear, and it would all go back to normal. She blinked her eyes closed, remembering their last night together, which had been only a few weeks ago, weeks that felt so far away.

“Hey,” his lips twitched faintly.

They were rolled to their sides, facing each other, so close their noses almost touched. Isaac wore his jeans but had tossed his shirt to the floor, making it difficult for her to keep her eyes glued to his face. His honey colored curls toppled across his forehead, his blue eyes bright.

“Hey,” she smiled.

“Why are you awake?”

“Couldn’t sleep. You?”


“How come?”

“I guess I was just, thinking.”

“About what?”


She snapped out of her daze, blinking down at the two bright lights that appeared in the folds of darkness. They were eyes, golden ones. She took in a sharp breath and slammed the window closed, clicking the lock shut and bounding back to her bed, diving beneath the sheets in hopes he hadn’t seen her. A rustling came from outside, and then face appeared at the window, a rasp of knuckles at the glass, but she didn’t move, her eyes slammed shut as she feigned sleep. There were a couple seconds of silence, and then-


His voice was soft, broken sounding, and unmistakably Isaac Lahey’s. Just the way her name sounded coming off his lips almost sent her spiraling.

 “Please,” he tried again, a plea.

Her hands trembled and she tried with little luck to drown his voice out.

“I know you’re awake,” he said quietly, “I can hear the way you’re breathing.” He paused, voice breaking, “please, let me in, please.”

It wasn’t enough for her to open the window, but it was enough that she sat up, blinking at the boy outside. She could barely make him out, but was sure those golden wolf eyes could see her in crystal clear view. She turned her lamp on and faced Isaac, who’s eyes had lost their familiar glow, a heavy lack of sleep visible from his face and tousled curls.

“I messed up,” he said, his head bent in shame.

“Yeah, you did,” she tried to keep her voice steady.

“Please, let me explain.”

“You already did,” she snapped, mocking him, “it was a mistake.”

“No, no,” he shook his head, bringing a palm up to her window when she moved to her blinds. His eyes resumed their bright blue color, and it was a human hand that was pressed to her glass. She walked slowly to him, sinking down to the floorboards and hating herself for caving so easily. She raised her hand to the glass, pressing it against Isaac’s, and he bent forward so that his forehead could be against hers.

“Please,” he said again, blue eyes boring into her.


She let him in, the tall boy struggling, as usual, to fit himself through. He stepped into her room, wearing black jeans and a navy shirt, eyes flickering around as if to see if she’d changed anything from the last time. He took in a deep breath, like he wanted to breathe in something familiar, to breathe her in, and for the first time, she saw clearly the purple markings that circled around his neck.

“What hap-” she began.

“I needed to see you,” he cut her off, “to say I’m sorry.”

She blinked at him with a cold expression.

“I just couldn’t stay away any longer. My dad, he found out I was sneaking out, and if he’d known I was coming to see you, he could’ve done something awful,” Isaac stumbled. “I had to keep you away so he wouldn’t find you, o-or hurt you.”

“But instead he hurt you,” she breathed, looking at the bruises on his flesh.

“It’s worth it,” he mumbled, “if you’re safe.”

“But I’m not,” she said, “not without you.”

“What do you mean?” his eyebrows arched, lips bending.

“I mean the nightmares have started again, since you left,” she whispered.

His eyes flickered sadly over her face, “mine too.”

She frowned and reached for his hand, trailing her fingertips lightly over his palms. His heart hammered obnoxiously in his chest, and he took in a sharp breath, “I can’t stay.” He pulled his hand back into his chest, distancing himself from her because he knew the smallest of touches would be enough for him to never leave.

“You can,” she said, “stay.”

“No, if I got home and my dad found out,” he began.

“Then don’t go home,” she stated, the answer so simple to her.


“Stay,” she said again.

He stared at her, silence enveloping them as he searched for the right words to say, but finding none. She stood, closing the distance between their bodies and bringing her hand to Isaac’s sculpted cheekbones. When he tried to turn from her, she pressed her fingertips into him lightly.

“Don’t,” she begged. “Don’t do that thing where you push me away.”

“I can’t,” he looked down at her. “I can’t hurt you.”

“You won’t,” she ran her fingers along his jaw, “okay?”

He just stared at her, “how come you care so much?” His voice had dropped lower, like he was sensing something for the first time, like he was seeing her differently.

“Isaac, what were you gonna say that night, when you couldn’t sleep?” she averted the question and the tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach, “you never told me.”

“Neither did you,” he said.

Her hand dropped, and she shifted a little with discomfort.

“Was it nightmares keeping you up?” he asked.

“No, you know I don’t get them when-”

“When I’m there,” he finished.

She nodded.

“So what then?”

His words were soft and dangerous, like his next actions relied entirely upon her answer. She turned and began to pace with agitation, eyes glued to the dark floorboards, loose strands of heir toppling over her cheeks as she took in shallow breaths. 

“Hey, hey,” Isaac steadied her, hands coming firmly to either side of her shoulder, “look at me.”

And she did. Her eyes flickered over those searing eyes, and gold locks, and full lips that drove her crazy. She took in a deep breath, Isaac’s dark cologne wafting into her lungs and making her dizzy.

“Will you stay?” she asked.

He brushed back her hair and ran his slender fingertips gently up to grip her face. He had to bend down to reach her, his forehead gently touching hers, breath cool and voice alluring when he answered, “as soon as you tell me, honestly.”

She stared at him, heart racing as his blue eyes devoured her, “come on sweetheart, I just need one word,” he said. “One word and I’m all yours,” he promised. “What was keeping you up?”


And then his lips were on hers, and they became a tangled mess of body parts, her arms slinking around his neck, fingers tangled in his honey colored curls, Isaac’s hands grabbing roughly at her waist, the two going stumbling across the bedroom. She went falling to the bed, Isaac closing in over her as his lips attached hungrily back against her own, his hands crawling beneath her shirt and sending electricity through her bare skin. He nudged more forcefully into her mouth, hunger growing when she sighed and made that noise of contempt against him. His lips found her neck, and he pinned her waist down so she couldn’t wriggle as his mouth danced across her sensitive skin, tongue pressing slow into her and leaving purple marks. She tilted her head up, feeling his soft hair and hot breath against her and making Isaac go mad when she said his name the way she did. His slender fingertips went sliding down her stomach, sending shivers that made her arch her back beneath him.

He pulled hastily away, blue eyes boring into her, “you don’t know how many nights I lay here thinking about this, thinking about all the things I wanted to do to you,” he said huskily.

“So do them,” she dared.

And this time they didn’t sleep.

Having a celebrity boyfriend has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages are namely missing out on special occasions like your birthday, but even so, Jimin still manages to take his time to call, messages and Facetime you throughout the day to greet you and ask about your day. Unfortunately, this year, Jimin won’t be next to you when you wake up on your special day because they’re currently in LA for another KCON event. 

You woke up to the sound of your alarm blaring throughout the room, you groaned, switching it off. You frowned at the thought of not having Jimin wake you up instead but quickly replaced it with a smile at the thought of him calling in 3 - 2 - 1 *RIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG* You smirked as your phone started ringing indicating someone was facetiming you. 

You pressed accept and Jimin’s face whose currently getting makeup appears on the screen. “Happy Birthday, beautiful” Jimin greeted you with a big smile on his face. 

“Aw, thank you baby” You replied back suddenly feeling shy. 

His phone was snatched off his hands when suddenly, a grinning V appeared on the screen, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)” he exclaimed cheerfully. 

“Thanks boo!” You giggled. Everyone took turn greeting you and you just felt blessed to have friends like them and for a moment you completely forgot that they’re 12734987529 miles away from you. 

Eventually, Jimin’s face, once again appeared on your screen. “Well, that was quick” Jimin sarcastically said, you laughed and thought of Jin who had quite a bunch of things to say. 

“I miss you babe, I wish you were here next to me” You said, letting the sadness of your voice be known as you lay back down on your bed feeling comfortable. 

Jimin sighed, “I know baby and I miss you too. I’ll be back in a week and today’s your special day! Go have some fun with your friends but not too much fun okay?” The playful tone on his was evident, you closed your eyes and just thought of the things that you both would do today instead. 

Eventually, you fell asleep on call and woke up again around noon. Like an instinct, you checked your phone and saw that he messaged, “You fell asleep on call, jagi. I didn’t wanna wake you up! Have fun today baby! Happy Birthday again and I love you so much!” you smiled and got into shower to start your day. 

You went to your family’s place and ate lunch there, met up with a couple of friends and just had fun with them. You were enjoying a peaceful walk by the sea, the sun setting down and all it was just a perfect moment perhaps, which was rudely interrupted when your phone buzzed in your back pocket. 

Kookie sent you a video with the caption, “Jimin was feeling down before the show because he couldnt be with you today. So, Yoongi gave him a match box and told him to light one and pretend that he’s gonna blow the candles with you. It was hilarious and gross omg you guys r goals bye luv u and happy birthday!” 

You laughed at his messaged and played the video, Jimin held a matchstick and mouthed, “Happy Birthday baby” and blew it off with a smile. You can also hear Jin yelling in the background to get ready as they were to get on stage in 5. It was cute and funny and you just can’t help but blush a the thought of Jimin blowing a candle. 

You sent him a message, “You’re such a dork and I love you so much. Facetime when you’re free okay?” you hit the send button and continued walking, feeling low-key excited for the Facetime later on.

// CL 

Every time I watch This is us I’m a blubbering mess. Even though I itch to watch it every week, I also dread the water works. DAMN Jack OWNED THIS EPISODE!
This episode was everything!
From the whole hallucinating Jack and his interaction with Randall.
The push-up scene ended me. I was reaching down the bottom of my tissue box.
Those push-ups had my ovaries on fire!
Apart from the hubby with the body bit my womb ached for the daddy bit. Wow this is embarrassing but what the hell!
Jack just one upped his game.
I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop…there HAS to be some flaw.
Goddamn it.
definitely gonna watch this show all over again after the season finale!
I gotta hand it to Milo Ventimiglia he has Jack spot on. Every emotion. Everything.
I’m in awe. Every time I watch this show I’m awestruck. The writers are brilliant!!!

Are you mine? 

Summary: Dean and the reader struggle with how they feel about each other. After a case suddenly Dean realizes how he really feels about the reader and does everything he can to show her. 

Word count: 3013

Song Pairing: R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys:

Author’s note: I really can’t believe there wasn’t a dean gif where he says, “Mine”. Enjoy the smut, but also be prepared to get hit by some fluff/ good old winchester self hatred. Tell me what you think:)

There is no one that drives you crazier than Dean Winchester. Maybe it was how each time he touched you his fingers stayed a little longer than they should’ve, or maybe it was how he’d look at you and lick his lips taunting you of what could be, or maybe it was how his gaze always lingered. You wanted nothing more than to be his, and only his but you didn’t know how to go about it.

You were sitting in Sam’s bed, he was sitting against the headboard reading while you laid on your back. You sighed, “Sammy I swear I’m going to kill your brother so he can stop being the death of me”. Sam was your best friend and you told him everything so he of course knew about your love for Dean.  He laughed, “ Okay so you’re brave enough to kill him but not brave enough to tell him how you feel?”. You sat up and gave him the death glare, and he put his hands up to show he was just playing around.

Turning to him you spoke, “It’s not that easy Sammy, I’m just- I mean he’s just- ugh it would-”. He grabbed a pillow and threw it at you shutting you up. Instinctively you then jumped at him and he of course easily overtook you. You were straddling him as he grabbed both your wrists, “Listen (y/n) I know my brother okay? So I know it would work, trust me okay? And if it doesn’t work you can kick my ass”.

You couldn’t help but start to laugh, until there was a knock on the door and it suddenly opened. Of course it was Dean who walked halfway into the room and then questionably looked at you both. To you and Sam it of course wasn’t weird, but to Dean he saw you straddling his brother in a bed. There was an awkward silence before he rushed to fill it, “Well if you two are done I think we have a case”.

When you tried to get up Sam playfully pushed you which ended up in you falling and Dean catching you. You knew he wasn’t that upset because when you looked up to him he winked. Once again Dean was fucking with your heart and you felt your insides exploding. Sam got up from the bed and acted like a teen girl freaking out mouthing, “Oh my god” for a quick second before running to catch up with his brother.

When you caught up with them they were sitting at a table in the bunkers kitchen. Before picking a seat Dean patted the one next to him, and you smiled and sat down. He pulled his laptop next to you and while he began talking his other hand found your upper thigh and rested there. You’d completely missed everything he’d said obviously too distracted by where his hand was, “Hello (y/n)? Did you get that?”.

Snapping out of it you replied, “Sorry one more time?”. He laughed and when he did his grip on your upper thigh tightened and you thought you’d faint. Sam began, “Okay so we think there’s a vampire who’s taking girls and enslaving them in blood dens, care to be bait?”. It seemed like a simple enough case so you agreed.

The next night you got dressed up and prepared yourself to go to the club where the vampire was picking up women. You were wearing a red dress and heels, with a black smokey eye and straightened hair. When you entered the bar sam whispered in your ear, “It’s only been a half an hour and I can see Dean drooling, thank me later for this”. You rolled your eyes at his confidence in you but thanked him anyways.

The boys went to the other side of the bar to keep an eye on you but also far enough away for the vampire to not be suspicious. You could see Dean perfectly if you sat facing forward and he was biting his lip. You had to keep yourself focused so you sat sideways looking at the rest of the bar.

A couple seats down there was a very attractive man with blonde hair and light eyes. He caught you looking and winked. You pushed a piece of stray hair behind your ear and tried to seductively bite your lip. Your attention was drawn back to the bartender as he handed you a shot of tequila. He answered your confused look, “It’s from the blonde haired man down the bar, says his name is Luca”.

Smiling you turned to face Luca and raised the shot glass to him before shooting it down. He took it as an invitation to walk over to you and he took the seat next to you. Looking you up and down he spoke, “Lord now I remember why red is my favorite color”.

You laughed in your head, okay he has to be the vamp I mean could he be more obvious? To make it worse he had a British accent, and if you were going to be honest you were a sucker for accents. You smiled, “Well it is a really passionate color”. He grinned again and you could see how perfect his teeth seemed, too perfect.

He got closer to you, “So love you seem too perfect to be here alone, is there anyone I should be worrying about?”.  You put your hand on his thigh as you smiled and shook your head no. When your hand got higher up his thigh you said, “No I’m here all alone, in fact I’m actually a little lonely”. He was falling right into your trap and this time he bit his lip, probably thinking to himself how easy this would be.

Bringing himself closer to you he whispered into your ear, “I can fix that, why don’t you come back to mine?”. You felt his hot breath against your neck as his lips remained dangerously close to your neck and for a second forgot that this was a case. Biting your lip you replied, “Aw but how do I know to trust you?”.

This time he laughed aloud, “Don’t worry love, my bark is worse than my bite”. This was all too easy. You got up and spoke, “But what if I like your bite?”. He muttered fuck to himself and you felt accomplished. It was so good to be able to play someone else instead of being played with like Dean did to you. As you got up again you saw Dean across the bar, his eyes were glued to you and he quickly downed his own shot. He looked extremely angry, but you thought it was because he might just want to kill the vamp.

Taking Luca’s hand you followed him out of the bar, but he lead you to the alley behind it. You played the innocent victim, “Luca I thought you said we were going back to yours?”. He smiled but pushed you against the wall. He began kissing your neck and when his eyes met yours again they were black, “Awe don’t tell me you’re scared love, I thought you wanted my bite”.

You tried to push him off you but one arm was against the wall while the other was against your neck, he had your body trapped. Suddenly he was yanked from you and thrown to the ground. You looked up and saw that it was Dean. Before Luca could react Dean picked him up and threw him against the wall and began wailing on him. You’d never seen Dean use that much force before, and you saw his fists were bloody. Sam was there too and he’d thrown Dean a machete.

In one swift motion Dean cut the vamps head off and in a second Luca was dead. You were taken back by how quick this had all happened, had Sam been there the whole time, why didn’t he help fight the vamp? When it was done Dean wiped the blood from the corner of his jaw where the vamp had punched him and then grabbed your hand.

I go crazy ‘cause here isn’t where I wanna be, and satisfaction feels like a distant memory

Dean was dragging you through the bar and out through the front until you reached the impala. He opened his door and went to get in until you said, “Dean what’s going on?”. He looked at you again and there was something different in his eyes. He spoke up, “Listen princess I can’t take it any longer we’re going back to the bunker”. Did he just princess you? You got into the impala anyways.

Dean drove faster than you’d ever seen and you wondered why. His hand rested on your thigh which confused you even more, especially when he’d look at the road and then you. You didn’t know what to say so you just let the radio play.

When you finally got to the bunker he took your hand pulling you again, but this time you stopped. You demandingly said, “Dean tell me what the fuck is happening!”. You stood with your arms crossed wondering what the fuck had gotten into him. He just walked closer and closer to you until his face was inches away from yours. He looked from your eyes to your lips, until he’d finally seemed to make up his mind.

   And I can’t help myself all I wanna hear her say is are you mine?

He grabbed your face with both hands and his lips met yours. You were shocked but then melted into the kiss. His lips tasted of whiskey and his stubble tickled your face, but you loved it. When the kiss was broken you both were left panting and he was just looking into your eyes. Finally he gave you an answer, “I’m done playing around (y/n) after tonight I can’t take it, maybe it’s just me but-”.

He looked nervous, as if you had the power to crush his world depending on what you’d say. You breathed in and out, “Dean I don’t just want to fuck around with you, I have feelings for you okay? And I can never tell how you feel!”. He still looked pained by all of this and he weakly said, “Come on princess I need to hear you say it”. His eyes frantically searched yours for an answer.

You summoned all your courage, “Fine Dean, fuck it, are you just fucking with me or are you mine?”. You were scared that he was just toying with you, that he liked flirting with you but that was it. Was it possible that you were just another girl to him, something to conquer? Except he was smiling.

He looked so relieved, “Fuck (y/n) finally, of course you’re mine”. He kissed you again, this time more desperately, his hands roaming all over you trying to find something to hold to keep him stable. You felt like everything was suddenly worth it, and you hated how right Sammy was. Then you realized that Sammy probably helped set up tonight and that’s why he stayed at the bar instead of coming back with you guys.

   I guess what I’m trying to say is I need the deep end keep imagining meeting, wished away entire lifetimes

He picked you up and took you to his bedroom and suddenly this was all so real. He saw that you looked nervous, “Come on princess you’re mine okay? I swear I couldn’t stand watching that British idiot flirt with you, I wanted to kill him, no one touches what’s mine”. You pushed him up against the wall and it was the first time you’d ever surprised him.

You were kissing him frantically tugging at this clothes until his hands stopped you. He put his hand under your chin and brought your head up, “You don’t need to rush this, I’m not going anywhere okay? I’m sorry I waited so long, played with you, I just didn’t know if you’d want me back”.

How on earth could Dean Winchester be insecure, he was the most perfect man you’d ever known. You smiled at him, “Dean I want you, I’ve always wanted you, I just never thought you’d want me”. This flipped on a switch in him and suddenly he took you in his arms and brought you onto his bed. He laid you on your back as he hovered over you.

   Unfair we’re not somewhere misbehaving for days,  great escape lost track of time and space

He propped himself up on one elbow while his other hand slowly traced down your body. He began kissing you again, almost as if that was how he could claim you as only his. You got lost in eachother and now you were straddling him as his back rested against the bed’s headboard.

Dean’s hands rested on your hips, “ God princess, we’re both so stupid aren’t we?”. He was right, why had you both waited so long, spent so much time hiding your feelings. You shook your head, “ I guess we both thought that we weren’t good enough, I mean-”. He kissed you again stopping your sentence and you felt his grip on your hips tighten.

He looked so vulnerable, “Well I’d never thought I’d have something that made me so happy, but then I found you. And I’ll die before I let someone come close to taking you away again”. That was it, you couldn’t hold yourself back any longer and neither could he. It was time to finally let your bodies speak.

Both of you nearly ripped of each others clothes, sending them flying all over the room. Dean kissed your neck while his hands massaged your breasts and before you knew it you’d let out a moan. Then being the bastard that he is he moved his mouth to your left nipple and began to suck. You cursed him, “Fuck Dean I thought you weren’t going to fuck with me anymore”.

   And the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

He looked up at you grinning, “ Sorry princess it’s just hard not to when you sound like that”. You rolled your eyes and decided you wanted to fuck with him now. You lowered your body until your face was right above his dick.

You tried to look as innocent as you could as you slowly licked up his shaft. Moving your tongue you slowly flicked it over his tip, tasting his precum. He instinctively grabbed your head, “Okay princess, I understand now.. Fuck”. To completely toy with him you took as much of him into your mouth as you could and bobbed your head up and down. This left him moaning, finally getting your revenge.

After awhile you let him out of your mouth, making a “pop” noise with your lips as you let his dick leave your mouth. He rolled his eyes but bit his lip, “You better get your ass over here (y/n)”. You laughed as he pulled you back up to straddle him, kissing you once again.

He lifted you by your hips slowly onto his dick and as you felt him enter you, another moan escaped your lips. Looking into his eyes you noticed how blown with lust they were, encouraging you to bounce up and down. He threw his head back swearing.

   I just want to hear you say you got me baby are you mine?

Dean used his grip on your hips to help you ride him even faster. He finally spoke in between moans, “Fuck (y/n) I want to hear you say it, who’s are you?”. You wanted to answer him but suddenly he was pounding into you, matching your speed. He took one hand off your hip and used it to massage your clit. He was fucking with you, “Come on princess can’t you tell me who’s making you feel this good? Who’s are you princess, come on”.

You shook your head but found your words, “Fuck Dean, I’m yours, I’m fucking yours”. Dean was making you feel better than you ever thought you could, and you could feel your orgasm coming. Panting you said, “Dean I’m almost there”.

Somehow he managed it move his fingers faster, thrust into your harder. He loved every second of making you feel so good, “Good princess, I want you to cum, I want you to tell me who’s going to make you cum!”. You didn’t even know if you could speak, everything was so intense.

Miraculously you found your words. Your orgasm hit you violently, the only thing you could think to say was his name. Every nerve in your body seemed to explode, and all you could scream was Dean. Except Dean was right there with you, encouraging you, telling you, “That’s it (y/n), you’re fucking mine”.

I can’t help myself, are you mine tomorrow, or just mine tonight?

Dean was just as worked up as you were and you felt him lose control and explode inside you. It was the most intense thing you’d ever felt and you knew there was no going back. The flame had been ignited, and nothing could put it out.

Finally you two were left panting and he spoke for you, “Fuck princess I didn’t know I could ever feel that good, God-”. You kissed him, needing to hold onto something or else you’d lose yourself. He looked deeply into your eyes, “I love you (y/n), and I want you to always be mine”. You smiled before answering him.

You’d never thought this would ever happen, it was like it was all too good to be true. Finally you answered him, “I love you too Dean, and I always will”. Feeling tired you got off of him and instead laid next to him, his arm wrapping around your body never wanting you to leave. He kissed your head, “Fuck you’re going to ruin me aren’t you princess?”.


You woke to the soft sounds of the outside fall air, the window merely cracked caused your body to wake from the coldness. You blinked your eyes open, now realizing why you were nearly freezing. You were completely naked, and your mind began to catch up with what you did last night. Your eyes peered to the right of the rather large bed, seeing an exposed back. You took a deep breath, seeing his tousled hair from the aftermath of your night. You looked to the edge of the bed, seeing the combination of both of your clothing sprawled across the floor. You bit your lip, your eyes meeting a large hat. You blinked in confusion, wrapping the small sheet around you to tiptoed across the floor. You stopped in front of it, analyzing the hat now in your hands. You had no idea why it was in here, and you certainly didn’t remember it last night. You heard the soft stir in the bed, causing you to bite your lip again, walking quietly out of the bedroom. You looked in awe, seeing the pristine house in daylight, it was utterly gorgeous. Your fingers traced the wall, slowly your feet took you to the kitchen where it all started.
“Good morning”
You turned quickly, seeing Jefferson with only a pillow covering his body.
“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realize if I took-” you stammered, seeing he had a scarf tied to his neck. “Why-…the scarf?”
“I’m just-” He swallowed out, looking nervous “I’m just cold is all. Would you like some tea-coffee maybe?”
“Coffee sounds great. You kinda wore me out last night.” You laughed out, sitting to the nearest stool.
Jefferson walked quickly to the bedroom, returning back with briefs on.
He smiled to you, making his way around the counter.
“So a big tea drinker?” You smiled to him, causing him to laugh out at what to him seemed like irony.
“Yes I am.” He grinned, placing a mug before you.
“Your house. It’s beautiful.” You took a sip, your eyes still traveling the walls.
“I could-…show you more?” Jefferson looked to you timidly
“I would like that.” You grinned to him, taking another sip.

Sam x Reader - Why are you looking at me like that?
Imagine: Sam seeing you after years but you not having any memory of him because he had Castiel erase it.

“I don’t know man, I just think I should sit this out…” Sam said, looking down.

As soon he read the interrogation information, his eyes darted straight to your familiar name, breath hitching in his throat.

“No man, I’m not going in there alone, why are you so weird about this?” Dean asked, oblivious to the fact that this was your house they were parked in front of, and Sam obviously not ready to tell him.

He took in a large breath of air opening the impala door, him and his brother making their way to your door.

Dean raised his fist and knocked twice, ready to knock again when you had opened the door.

Sam looked to Dean, seeing his shocked expression. Now understanding why Sam had wanted to stay in the car.

“Can I help you?” You asked politely, making a strange face at the seemly awe-struck men in dark suits, one very tall one, very attractive too, you added and the shorter one, both still looking at you weird.

-flash back-

“Sam…I love you…” You said, you knew, your were losing blood fast. But he needed to hear this just in case you didn’t make it. Which was likely.

“Don’t say that, damn it, I’m not losing you, you’re okay..” He cried holding you closer in the back seat of the impala. “Dean, hurry please!” He yelled up to Dean and he sped up.


You opened your eyes to see you were in a hospital bed, Sam and Castiel standing at the foot of your bed, whispering to each other.

Sam asked Castiel a question again, Cas shaking his head walking to you, placing his hand onto your forehead, you quickly fall asleep, feeling as though something was being pulled from your mind.

-End Of Flash Back-

“Um, Yes. My name is Dean and this is my partner Sam, we have some questions to ask about your neighbor Mrs. Evelyn.” The shorter man, Dean said, shaking his head.

“Yeah, sure thing.” You said moving the side, gesturing for them to come in.

You all sat in your cramped living room, the men across from you.

“Did you know, of any enemies of the victim?” Dean had asked, and you looked at him confused, and still feeling the other man, Sam’s eyes staring at you.

“She killed herself, didn’t she?” You asked, snooping too deep for Deans liking, you could tell, as he sat right up in his seat looking to his partner to help out.

But Sam kept staring at you, passion and hurt in his eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked chuckling shyly, your question causing him to coming back into focus as he cleared his throat.

“Sorry, you just, you look like someone I used to know.” He said looking down.

And it was funny he had said that, because you sensed he looked like someone you once knew but no one came to mind…

“You too actually.” You said chuckling, looking down as well.