awful gifs but again i just had to

Every time I watch This is us I’m a blubbering mess. Even though I itch to watch it every week, I also dread the water works. DAMN Jack OWNED THIS EPISODE!
This episode was everything!
From the whole hallucinating Jack and his interaction with Randall.
The push-up scene ended me. I was reaching down the bottom of my tissue box.
Those push-ups had my ovaries on fire!
Apart from the hubby with the body bit my womb ached for the daddy bit. Wow this is embarrassing but what the hell!
Jack just one upped his game.
I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop…there HAS to be some flaw.
Goddamn it.
definitely gonna watch this show all over again after the season finale!
I gotta hand it to Milo Ventimiglia he has Jack spot on. Every emotion. Everything.
I’m in awe. Every time I watch this show I’m awestruck. The writers are brilliant!!!

You and Nick got in a huge fight on your anniversary. It had been a year. and even thought you hadn’t seen each other a lot over the past year you really did love him.

He had just told you about a movie he took that would be filming for 3 months in London, and that meant being apart again. 

You had locked yourself in your room and refused to see him. You felt awful. All you wanted was for tonight to be perfect, the two of you together and it was already ruined by this news.

You were crying while sitting on the floor when you heard Nick outside. “Hey babe, I’m sorry. I really wanted tonight to be special.” He pauses, waiting for a response. “Come on out, we can still make tonight fun. I love you, (Y/N).” You think about ignoring him, but know you’ll only hurt yourself.

You open the door to him and he wraps you in his arms. “I’m sorry. I just hate the idea of being apart again.”

“I hate it too, but this of it this way. You can come visit me in London, I know you’ve always wanted to go there.” You smile slightly and he wipes the tears from your face, “we are going to make this work. I love you, Happy Anniversary.”