awful comics

So I heard Keith’s the original silver child and I died OTL | Redbubble


I have been like this my entire life. People gush to me about how attractive someone is and I’m just like “?????”


Thanks Mom

Panic Attacks.


he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda

the first Yuuri I’ve drawn that I was ever actually happy with, and it only took me 60 pages of comics to get there

(trying to make a 4-page G-rated giveaway in time for AnimeFest… but this is a very low priority so who knows)

anyway shout out to this fictional dude for helping me feel less like a broken human

Uploads fluffy Ghirafi nonsense… at night. ;)

Despite me using Clip Studio Paint to draw comics all the time, I still don’t know the optimal setting to reduce moire effect on the screentone. :(

Dialogue comes from this otp prompt. My kink is fluffy and mutually loving relationships.