awful awful colouring i know


This week on Things that Surprise No One, Leslie’s sketches keep getting messier and messier

So it’s been a long long long loooong while huh… well no matter I fixed my tablet again and of course the first thing I did was I had to draw a gift for my Amazing and Brilliant friend @welcometothebakaparade and it’s of our favourite character Chowder from @ngoziu ‘s wonderful web comic @omgcheckplease I did this ‘quickly’ so there’s SOOO many things wrong but I’m pleased enough to let it sit otherwise I’d be revising this for hourrrs and I should be revising biology….


We’re always this close.
                         Almost.  A l m o s tWe’re a freakshow.

Jae giving us all a look in his “I SmileTeaser  ♡

so i got really bored and decided to colour in this beautiful and amazing picture!


- Why am I your teacher?

Because it was decided by fate when I first met you, Teacher. I meet people I don’t know every day while doing quick-delivery. They all have nothing to do with me and I have no interest in them either. But you, Teacher, said that you’d like to hear my performance more. You observed what kind of a kid I am and asked how I was living. You also performed with me. That day my soul was born again..

Arya x Aegon Week || Day 1

- My Lady, it’s been weeks since the battle and the Lady Arya won’t let me wash the cloak.
- Let her have it. It brings her comfort.

To keirra13 Happy Birthday! Sorry it is late :) and sorry it’s not great <3